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    • TOTJO Clergy Structure (Last post by Aqua)
    • * 'Atticus' moved to the 'Minister' key; * All relevant promotions of rank-, administrative-, office-, and mentions of clerical nature, added. ~ Aqua
    • My 3-year-old brother doing telekinesis (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: I have reported Gisteron countless times, and I find him arrogant and rude ..... but calling him a 'piece of sh*t' is just stooping to his level. No offence there, Gisteron. While Gisteron is not flawless, he seldom resorts to personal attacks.... If he had, then everyone would be on the same level... ;) The thing he does most, is just hammers home wanting 'proof', and seldom can see how he is acting... But, this is true of many of us, and is not his burden alone... If he is guilty of anything, I have found in my years (wow, already?) of knowing him, is 'lack of emapthy' on how he comes across in conversations, not worrying if his words sting... Like a few others, he thinks that if you are offended, thats on you... But, saying "your breath smells like ass" and "dude, your breath smells" accomplish the same thing, and the latter SHOULD not be taken as an insult, as it only relays an opinion.... He (Gisteron) could have a better delivery, in my opinion, but, I'll reprimand him about it when A) its a direct, personal attack, or B) I am perfect... :)
    • Team C - 100 days of discipline (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Day 2 What i want to add is that i try to block out what some people write on the internetz , that goes from childish rants to condesending replies to that , to people who i dont see getting involved but who whine about those who do?? They might not have the social skills yet but i would rather know what they have to say than to deal with some peoples arrogant silence , and how exactly do you feel "connected" more? I always thought the whole idea of connectivity is to accept eachother as we are even if we dont agree ? Ah well , get the picture May the Force be with you ALL ( not just the ones who say what we want to hear ;) ) * wishes she was not so good with people sometimes loll *
    • Jedi do not smoke. (Last post by MartaLina)
    • I think you are really brave , what really helped me too is to avoid alcohol as much as i could which was surprisingly easy to do, the two were closely knit together , i also did everything i did before , so when friends went outside to smoke i went with them , which was a challenge at first , but it felt sooo good to refuse the cigarettes offered :) Good luck friend i have great faith in you :cheer:
    • Action !! (Last post by Ryder)
    • If anybody could take it seriously, I suppose it could be ceremonial. :)
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i guess "safe space" doesnt count if youre 13? :whistle: some of your standards are backwards AF!; i erased a comment about the slack cut for isis, but im leaving this: as a college freshman he will host a peace rally, half way through he will have to ask all his jedi friends to leave, so that he may heal from the trauma of todays events lol :P im sure i'll be butt hurt about it and say "dude, i was on your side the whole time, why you punishing me ??"
    • Meditation (Last post by Bradyn2468)
    • So since joining the Temple I have, as I am sure most have, began meditating more often. Through reading about it and experimenting with both the position and technique I have found that personally the Sieza position combined with breathing exercises works best for me. Through this I continue to learn more about myself and I can feel myself becoming calmer and more patient. As a matter of interest I would like to know now: How do YOU meditate? Thank you and MTFBWY.
    • Controlling anger (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • For me, controlling anger is like trying to shoot seagulls with a squirt gun... Personally , my anger is fine where it is. If its time to be angry then let it out. Most of the time we have problems with when anger shows up when its not supposed to. Who invited the Hulk to a Pick nick? lol Then what. Anger has a place in everything. It will consume if you allow it. Rather than control my anger...something a part of me and something have learned I need, I have learned to control my self. Better yet ive learned when and where things are needed. Ive learned this best thru... trial and error. Simply Trial and error. The best thing about anger I have learned is that its a stumbling block or...a brick in a greater idea. Its all in your focus and your own ideas. how do I control it, by controlling my self. Meditation to de fuse the good old fashioned green envy at the moment of contact but mostly just remembering my family is watching and so is the World, how much better if I can control my tempers and feelings and exibit ... what I practice and study, right in motion. Feel free to pm me if you have questions friend. We all have different ways of dealing with things and ourselves. I learned by doing and in doing I have learned how to calm my own anger and feelings. Do I recommend it, uhh yea! Will every one get it, sadly no. But that's ok too!
    • If you had one week left to live... (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • I think every one has a list of things mentally they would like to do before we pass, mine is no different. A lot of them are accomplishments more so I wouldn't have time for feeding on whole country for a year or rid a city of the current power grid... but if I were given a week ... That's Easy, I wouldn't tell any one and I ... doing now. I wouldn't change a thing, for me its the come home late and im tired so....foot rub heaven or shoulders sore touch of love or that days' wake up and its 6 30...and im tired... my focus is way different but those are my heavens, my daily heavens, the time when I get to release and connect. If I had a week to live I wouldn't waist it, ide continue to make more time...with my choice of people, the ones currently here! I would live in what I have built. Its a hard thing to pen and an even bolder statement but it is totally possible. if I had a week I would turn to those present and with them . Thanks for the idea Rosalyn J! ps. I have been ready for death for quite a many years now. This idea rarely frightens me and only the Terms are in question and, if I do it right I won't have to worry about that part its pretty much a 50 50 shot I can or wont be in control of it.

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