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    • Original Jediism material vs. outside material (Last post by Goken)
    • There seems to have been several discussions recently about getting more material from within Jediism as opposed to using outside material for training and other purposes. In trying to determine my own opinions on the matter I asked myself a few questions that I want to pose to the group. Is it something that you see as a need or just a want? Should internally created material replace outside material or be taught along side it? Who would create said internal material? Would they go out of their way to specifically make it or should it come organically? Should the community as a whole get a say in what internal material to use or leave it up to the council or the clergy? Is there an issue with the material currently being used other than it not saying Jediism?
    • Add Chomsky to the Initiate Program (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: Quote: One thing that we have to remember when we talk about changing the IP is that it is not the end of the training. It's barely training. It's more like a personality quiz with some training thrown in. It's designed to make a Novice think about a few things and helps Knights look for future Apprentices. Granted, I haven't gone through all of my apprenticeship at this point, but I feel like that's where the real training mostly takes place. True, and I'm still redoing it and trying to see if there's anything that should be added. I think it becomes necessary to modify the IP when we notice something's amiss or new things come to light. It should be checked periodically and improved whenever possible. When people, like myself, first come to totjo we're like who the heck is joseph campbell? why is everyone talking about this hero thing? And then we can say go see the IP. What's this creed thing? Go see the IP. We did it with Watts, Campbell, etc. Perhaps there are others we missed... Right, and that's a lot of stuff to take in. Do you watch the wall when new people start Campbell? Watts? There's loads of "Woah, I feel like my brain just melted." There's even more in those people's journals. The IP is meant as in Introduction. It introduces Novices to the base elements of TOTJO Jediism and introduces those Novices to the Knights. Adding more to it might become counter productive. It could start to become discouraging. It takes some people a year or more to finish it as it is. If you really want other people to learn about a given topic that isn't in the IP you can always start a discussion about it. One aimed at just discussing that topic, not it's inclusion in the IP. People will have an opportunity to research and discuss without making it required learning.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Edan)
    • The path I'm on is frustrating me, when I can take the next turn off.
    • Blasphemy! (Last post by MartaLina)
    • There is only one captain for me and that is ....Blasphemy :P
    • Jediism... Religion, Chioce or Philosophy.... (Last post by JLSpinner)
    • I had a conversation the other day trying to describe my view of the force. It ended with my friend classifying my belief as a monotheic paganism. At first I gave him a strange look but he wasn't too far off the mark. The force is nature. And I do seek to connect with it, be guided by it, and to use it. For me Jediism ediism is a religion.
    • A path before/alongside jediism? (Last post by Figment)
    • For me Jediism is more of a lifestyle and philosophy than a religion. I consider myself a Pagan, more specifically a Greek Pagan, but I do "borrow" things from other faiths and practices that best suit me and where I want to go in life. Jedi code and philosophy work well with my Pagan beliefs. Honestly I can't think of a faith where Jediism would contradict any religion's core beliefs, I think it would enhance your spiritual practices more than take away from them.
    • Reiki (Last post by EmKat)
    • I have my Reiki I and my Celtic Reiki I attunements, and I only use them on myself. For me, the techniques taught seem to be about channelling the Force in a way that makes sense to the practitioner. If Reiki doesn't make sense to you, don't use it, but don't piss in the proverbial cornflakes of those who do find understanding and connection through it. However, it is perfectly fair to challenge people who cause harm using Reiki as an excuse. If someone claims Reiki is a miracle cure, or that it has an ancient, pure lineage, then question them. I want to be in tune with the Force, and Reiki training gave me a way to do that though I used different language at the time. I work shamanically, so it makes sense to me.
    • Jedi Code Meditation (Last post by EmKat)
    • I haven't been able to comment on this until today, but thank you tzb for this meditation. I've been doing it every few days, and it helped me decide to explore Jediism.
    • Edan`s question round: Unanswered questions of Aqu... (Last post by Whyte Horse)
    • Quote: Thank you for your time to respond and to find research about my question! I do not want to have a heart attack again, but that is actually not my trouble point I try to explain. I am searching to understand how to change my meditation learning and doing, dependent to the situation I am in. I do not have stress, it is just that I do not always feel comfortable in the way I do meditation, mainly because meditation needs to flow with the situation to be of use in changing the situation. Not sure how I should manage to do that, so that is one of the reasons I asked these questions if I may speak out free. ~ Aqua Oh, well then you probably need to do meditation while active. It's a skill that you first learn in a controlled environment and then get good enough to do it in an uncontrolled environment. I got quite good at this in Thailand because we would have the monks come to the school every Wed and we, as teachers, had to monitor the students while trying to meditate. Also on Tuesdays they did some catholic prayer. same-same but different. So the first time I did the meditation I just really go into it and let the other teachers monitor for me. The next time I meditated but opened my eyes periodically to see the students. Eventually I could just walk around and meditate and then life becomes one big meditation whenever you need it.

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