Is there a Jedi bible equivalent ?

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Jacen ´´Liner´´ Carrick wrote: Oh... , if you accept, I would like to express my apologies, it was no my intention to be rude or anything like that. I was just a little shocked about the answer. Thanks for your replies, they were very helpful, I didn´t realize that some people followed a Jedi Path separated from fiction.

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Alethea Thompson wrote: 1) This was from 2014, so if you were talking to the OP, I'm sure they have their answer by now.

2) Why do so many people promote that stupid fictional book (the Jedi Path) as though it can actually teach you about Real Life Jedi?

JLSpinner wrote: You will also find a lot of Jedi who try to stay separated from the fiction.

Hm... well, we are called Jedi for a reason. But I can certainly see why some would want to separate from the fiction. It can be very difficult explaining to others that we don't think Luke Skywalker was a real person.

Still, I kind of liked The Jedi Path, though I think in-universe it was supposed to only be an introductory text for Younglings. Something more substantial would probably be the Great Jedi Holocron (found in the Library). I don't think I ever finished reading it, and I don't agree with all the essays contained in it, but it is a pretty good compilation of Jedi philosophy, if anybody is looking for something like that. Not fiction-based, though I do think some of the essays reference Star Wars. Maybe I should get back to reading it...

EDIT: Wow, have I miscalculated the dates of this thread. Apologies.

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