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    • Milo Yianopoulos banned from Twitter-Bad precedenc... (Last post by Adder)
    • Where is the censorship though? It has nothing to do with his opinion about the movie seemingly, but rather how he is a luminary in a twitter troll net. It's their service, they make their rules, and decide how to enforce them. Twitter has no authority over this Milo person beyond his use of the service... and the rules were broken to such an extent they could not not notice. I assume they choose to not notice minor infractions to allow the service to grow. Sounds like a conspiracy theory type fantasy to conflate the two, when all its seems to say is those on one side seem to break the rules more then the other.
    • Meditation (Last post by Lancer)
    • For the last five years I have used 5-10 minutes every morning for what I call a separation meditation. I drop my seat back in my truck and crank my stereo up with the most distracting, annoying and bothersome music/sounds I have and reflect on the day ahead. Then at night, it's a bit more random. Between 15 minutes and an hour usually of pure quiet reflection but on a rare occasion a soft music (almost always inner light by Jay Chattaway). Outside in the summer, inside in the winter. While I've gotten much better at focusing with the noise distractions with my morning practices, I still have not yet learned to block the cold from my mind.
    • Knights of Awakening: Jedi Safe Spaces (Charles Mc... (Last post by Lancer)
    • I find that it leads me to a place of darkness to read all of the replies to this and see that some of the opinions and viewpoints are so strong in belief from the individual posters that we actually have Jedi and aspiring Jedi that will not or can not seem to accept points from both sides of the arguement. My belief and understanding is that Jedi are supposed to be open-minded. Please try to keep this in mind as this is an interesting and great debate. As well as an excellent read. Now, as for the video, I have my opinions on this, some things said by Charles I agreed with. Some I did not. I do not wish to offend or upset anyone but I do disagree with anyone condemning or agreeing without at least finishing listening. I for one do not believe in making ill-informed decisions or judgements. And I do not believe you can make an informed judgement without all of the information. But again, that is just my opinion and my way of looking at things. Everyone else is entitled to their own as well.
    • Philosophical Defenses for the Force; Common Groun... (Last post by Rex)
    • I honestly haven't read anything by Spinoza in a while, but at a quick glance it looks like you're using Set/Axiomatic theory to justify your conclusion. Wittgestein's semantic critique that set theory depends on progressing a pattern beyond the existential starts to unravel the Spinoza view. I agree with the idea that a distinct concept has a unique arrangement of attributes that aren't fully shared by any other distinct concepts; but should super-encompassing abstract concepts exist, then there exists several paradoces (Russell's comes to mind) that then break the abstract portion where the Force resides. I know semantic critiques are... well semantic, but it is Synthetic judgement which can be a bit tricky. Many thiests I know tend to use Spinoza (and later fans of his like Einstein) to justify the existence of God (myself included). Would you say that your belief in the Force in this light is as a personal force, or rather panthiestic?
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by MadHatter)
    • I am greatful for two things today A.) For people like TheDude who despite heated PM debate kept things civil and we reached understanding if not agreement. Its rare that people can do that and so I thank him for it. This place has shown me better people then I have met anywhere else and I am grateful for all my brothers and sisters here. B.) I am greatful that I get to see things like the Knighting of Loudzoo one of the first people to interact with me here. Its a privilege to see the growth of so many.
    • On the Nature of Crime vs War - An Open Discussion... (Last post by Rex)
    • Disregarding your authoritarian or libertarian bent, international non-state militant parties cannot be accepted in armed conflicts. Many people, when hearing that respond something like, "but how will the oppressed 3rd world people have their voices heard?" If you want a good example, look at South Sudan. That was pretty much genocide against minorities throughout the longstanding civil war until a referendum completely divorced Sudan. The UN and African Union both quickly recognized the new government, despite it's fragility. Palestine is another group that's on the verge of accepting a peaceful resolution and statehood (the variables there are hugely different).
    • Dilemma (Last post by Rex)
    • Thanks guys for the responses. Yeah, this person just keeps popping back in (and there's really no way to physically stop them), so I decided the best course of action was to hand over the evidence to the official leader of our group (even though they've been powerless to stop this person). I never would want to publicly reveal what I've seen, so I talked to the person and politely asked them to leave without mentioning the material. Loudzoo, I appreciate that proverb, if I see them as a problem or opportunity, that's what they'll be. Ultimately, as I'm not the only person affected by this, I will not act upon it, but ensure those with the proper authority are able to in good faith. Thanks TOTJO!
    • How to create a group ?? (Last post by tzb)
    • A good way to gauge/demonstrate that interest and to find out if a Knight is one of those interested is to start a forum thread on the topic in question :)
    • Any pipe smokers here? (Last post by Jedi Druid)
    • I know it's a few months past since the last post here, but still wanted to add my two cents. I have nearly a dozen pipes of different ilks, but my favorite is a half-bent meerschaum with no design. I tend to smoke a little hot and the meerschaum seems to stay a little cooler. My favorite tobacco is a house blend from Just For Him in Springfield, Missouri that I have shipped to my house when I need it; it's called Treebeard from their Middle Earth Pipeweed blends (the also have, Old Toby, Ruins of Isengaard, Shortcut to Mushrooms, and Longbottom Leaf). It's delicious with some sweet vanillas in the mouth, little bite, and a bit of a nutty scent in its "room smell". Haven't found one yet to compare! Will upload some pics when I get a chance...
    • Mail (Last post by MadHatter)
    • Quote: If I sign up for the church, will I receive any mail from here? I would prefer not to The only email you get is what you allow under the email preferences section of your profile settings. No physical mail is sent that I am aware of unless you ask for a certificate that you have earned.

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