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    • Edan`s question round: Unanswered questions of Aqu... (Last post by Whyte Horse)
    • Quote: Thank you for your time to respond and to find research about my question! I do not want to have a heart attack again, but that is actually not my trouble point I try to explain. I am searching to understand how to change my meditation learning and doing, dependent to the situation I am in. I do not have stress, it is just that I do not always feel comfortable in the way I do meditation, mainly because meditation needs to flow with the situation to be of use in changing the situation. Not sure how I should manage to do that, so that is one of the reasons I asked these questions if I may speak out free. ~ Aqua Oh, well then you probably need to do meditation while active. It's a skill that you first learn in a controlled environment and then get good enough to do it in an uncontrolled environment. I got quite good at this in Thailand because we would have the monks come to the school every Wed and we, as teachers, had to monitor the students while trying to meditate. Also on Tuesdays they did some catholic prayer. same-same but different. So the first time I did the meditation I just really go into it and let the other teachers monitor for me. The next time I meditated but opened my eyes periodically to see the students. Eventually I could just walk around and meditate and then life becomes one big meditation whenever you need it.
    • Add Chomsky to the Initiate Program (Last post by Whyte Horse)
    • I'd like to see Chomsky added to the IP in a way similar to how Joseph Campbell is there. Although Chomsky would take a lifetime to study, it could be reduced down to a few key videos that have the most relevance to Jediism. I'm bringing this up because I frequently find myself citing him in discussions with other Jedis. For example: [video] Or maybe: [video]
    • How Groundhog Day changed my life (Last post by Jestor)
    • Ugh, just read an article, but can't find it, but this is close: Quote: Stephen: They [director Harold Ramis and writer Danny Rubin] used, I think, the list of Kübler-Ross, the seven stages of death and dying, a very popular book in the 70s. These [include] recognition, denial, depression, anger, acceptance. They used that as a framework, but Harold Ramis, who’s also a Buddhist, said that in Buddhism they say that it takes 10,000 years for a soul to evolve to the next level. The original article I read, said it a bit differently, but that was the gist... I've spent several hours looking, lol.... Sorry for the let down....
    • Reiki (Last post by Figment)
    • Quote: Quote: ... I have been a Reiki Master for over 15 years. ... My understanding is that the benefits of Level III are for those who want to attune others. I do not currently expect to be doing this, but down the road ... you never know. In the meantime, I am curious; do you feel there are other benefits from Reiki III attunement? I'd appreciate any guidance you can offer - thanks. -- Todd Hi Todd, I would say that if you aren't expecting to teach anytime soon, I would wait. There are a couple of benefits, for instance you will notice energy and be open to more energy than in level II. That being said, if you are the type of person who is already sensitive to subtle energy changes, it will not do much for you. The master symbol can be useful, but to be honest, I normally just use my Reiki II symbols when doing healings or energy work. If you really are interested in the experience, perhaps something can be worked out with your Master, like a trade or a discount. You also have the option to talk to other practitioners and see what others charge. Sometimes there are Reiki shares where you could meet another person who could attune you for a much lower price. Hopefully this answer your question, feel free to msg me any time.
    • Aqua`s Art Gallery (Last post by Aqua)
    • My new signature, with the text: ,,Discipulus de V'' Means ''Student/companion of V''. Discipulus is the male latin word for student. I hope I wrote it correctly, not 100% sure, but I like the Idea though! Worked this out after I wrote the poem.. :blush: Force shine with you all, ~ Aqua [image]
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • In no particular order: Painkillers Modern dentistry Scandinavian cinema and tv Quaker meetings A warm bed
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Jour 38 Les étoiles du jour S'élèvent derrière les monts orientaux ; La fraîche brise printanière Chuchote au travers des étangs et des jardins L'écho d'une voix familière : « Je t'aimais, dit-elle. » Que j'eusse su … * The twin suns Rise from behind the eastern mounts : The cool springtime breeze Whispers across ponds and gardens The echo of a familar voice : “I loved you,” it says. If only I had known ... Alexandre Orion 7 février 2016

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