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    • Should jedi train in combat? (Last post by Adder)
    • In my opinion, sword's are pretty useless as defensive weapons except against other swords, as they are not proportionate for self defense against anything less capable then a sword (unless used proportionately), and are simply ineffective against anything more capable then a sword. I think where the value of them lies is the value to exercise both areas of kinesthesia and the awareness, perception and processing related to building a capacity for self defence. Though there would probably be better things to achieve the most benefit, as each weapon has its own limitation and restrictions on proper employment. If you can develop the suitable mental gymnastics, then I reckon its easier to achieve the most benefit from the functional strength required for whatever weapon might be suitable for ones circumstances. Quote: [image]
    • Untrustworthy Blood (Last post by Prelalo)
    • I have always believed in family members to be trusted among all others, unfortunately here recently there has been cousins who has been stealing and lying. They have not only stole from me and lied to me but they also have done it to their uncles, fathers, and brothers. I would think it's peer pressure and drugs. I hate to bring the situation known, but sometimes guidance is best received from those who not related or known by mutual acquaintance. I wonder do they steal and lie from family members because if they stole and lied from somebody that they hardly know they will either have them locked up or cause them bodily harm?
    • Initiation programme (Last post by Prelalo)
    • So much insight on beliefs and disbeliefs, I really appreciate it everybody. I just finished the audio. My first part will be from I took from it, second part is brief meanings and stories behind five of the five mythologies, and third is going to be a final review and then a couple paragraphs of what I believe.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by SecondVariation)
    • Slept in today, but got up knowing it would be a day of cleaning. Vacuumed all floors, straightened up everything (obviously beyond what I had used), helped my brother clean the kitchen, spring cleaned my car, did the grocery shopping for the week, made guacamole. Generally, felt pretty good about the day and hoped that you wouldn't have much to do when you got home from girl's weekend. Told myself that I was working hard to make sure we both had a positive experience. You got home. Said there were way too many vegetables in the fridge. Got mad that I had bought two more red peppers (I didn't realize one was already there) because only I eat them. Mad that I had bought some other things too, but they were all vegetables I intend on eating this week, plus you're the one who wants to spice up our meals?? While we were doing the dinner dishes together, made a comment about how no one ever sweeps the floor (very sarcastic, 'no one does it but me'), and when I point out that I had actually done it that morning, you flip out that all I ever do is get mad at things you say and that I ignore your apologies and don't believe them. First of all, I had pointed it out in the most non-confrontational way ever, and secondly, the rest of that is completely made up. Then you get all mad and say that you're the only one who ever washes the kitchen floor and comment that it should've been done. Like, really. You wonder why our relationship is so strained. I literally spend an entire day just 'prepping for your arrival' only to get shit on about everything that I did wrong. And then I'm not allowed to feel hurt? It sucks. I get that times are hard right now, but taking out your frustrations on me really isn't going to help things.
    • Your Jedi Rituals (Last post by Archon)
    • My "ritual" is to recite the Creed when I am faced with a tough decision. The words remind me to be myself.
    • TOTJO Clergy Structure (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: 'cmwatts' added to the 'Seminarian' Key. 'Competent' added to the 'Seminarian' Key. 'J_Roz' added to the 'Seminarian' Key. 'elizabeth' added to the 'Seminarian Key.
    • The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • thank you Adder! i found this youtube a little while back, but the length of the video made me hesitate and i kind of went on to other things human beings are not capable of knowing reality this is a consequence of our basic biology which imo renders assertions about the lack of order or meaning in the universe, just as uncertain as assertions of its existence i dont even think that we are in a position to say which is more likely with any certainty [image] [image]
    • "Camping’ on Your Own Land is Now Illegal — G... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • I havent found much from "the other side" in fact, every time i have looked, i have simply found more instances of off the grid living being - seemingly at least - deliberately opposed by government from nuisance abatement teams to the "conspiracy theory" sounding but actually true "United Nations Agenda 21" and even a situation which has the hallmarks of deliberate infiltration by government agents lol i know how hokey that sounds and i admit that its certainly not the only possibility - "off the grid" attracts a wide variety of individuals, including some pretty extreme types, im sure the use of public water does make sense as a valid issue to be dealt with, but still i do get the impression that there is intentional effort by the government to oppose this lifestyle [image]
    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by sNe1a)
    • Piggy - Nine Inch Nails I actually can't provide a link because I am listening the old fashion way. CD player!! Just look it up, it is a great song. I listen to this when I am moping around in self-pity. It really helps. I just remembered that I can provide the MPEG Layer 3 Audio File. Enjoy the file. [attachment]
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • I'm grateful for Jeriko, who has never asked me to be anything other than I am.

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