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    • Lightsaber Combat Training - the way of the Warrio... (Last post by jake_sato)
    • Quote: Quote: Lightsabers are used in choreography and routine. Kata work. For training but not for real self defense? The skill you gain can be used with a more effective self defense weapons? Very much - you can apply these forms to Sword fighting in various degrees as well as different martial arts - Take form 2 Makashi - very very similar to fencing.
    • Question of the Day (Last post by Reliah)
    • Do you have a favorite visual artist? If so, who, and can you post an example of their work? (Please consider the TotJO rules when doing so.) Please answer in your own journal.
    • Robes and Sabers (Last post by Trisskar)
    • Quote: how can I make my own lightsaber without buying one from Ultrasabers or some other place of the sort? :cheer: :-p
    • Looking at the Present Moment as a loved one (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: That's an interesting article. However, I don't believe in Time. Allow me to explain. Spoiler: The Present Moment, right NOW, is fleeting. Past, Present, and Future can be separated by such small fractions of seconds that they essentially blend together into unrecognizable points. What is the difference between right NOW as you read this, and right NOW as you read that. Time is so illusive that the more you try to grasp onto the Present, the faster it slips away. I used to believe that Now was all there was. But in our minds we remember the past, and we imagine the future. What makes them less real? Less important? It is my personal belief that we should exist in all three phases of Time, not grasping onto any of them, but allowing them all to remain with us. I find it much more liberating than trying to hold onto something that is constantly and infinitely changing. Ah, a kindred soul... I too do not believe in time, except as a "measuring device".... I understand what an "hour" is, so, I relate it to others, but seldom does my "time fly/drag"... Whenever I made my last wall post, somehow, I slipped, lol... It has been a looong time (ha) since that's happened.... You talk about "past, now, future", I also agree here, I just say it differently.... :) When we talk about "now" generally in this environment, we usually mean "this instant/second/moment", but, longer "nows" of "this period in history, the current timeframe versus a previous timeframe", and so on, also exsist, I like to think... Thinking of my "now" as a piece of thread, next to other pieces of thread (other people's "nows"), and with a beginning and end, i can't see, is my "now".... The string exists, I can observe it, and that's all I can know... Anyway, I hope that made sense, lol...
    • Star Wars book suggestions (Last post by Zenchi)
    • I'm always quick to recommend books like the "Power of Now" or the "Master Key System", but yeah our library is pretty awesome...
    • Jedi Self-Sufficiency thread (Last post by Aspen Evenstaad)
    • Awesome! I'm so excited to learn about this group. I too am an apartment dweller, but my dream is to live self-sufficiently in a cabin in the woods... Likely will end up somewhere in between, but it's great to learn from others with similar interests!
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Lightstrider)
    • In the shuffling madness Of the locomotive breath, Runs the all, time loser, Headlong to his death. He feels the piston scraping Steam breaking on his brow Old Charlie stole the handle and The train it won't stop going No way to slow down. - Jethro Tull
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Squint)
    • I woke up early and actually exercised! 10x Wall Extension 10x Cat-Camels 10x Scapular Shrugs 10x Push-ups 20x Leg lifts
    • Team D - 100 days of discipline (Last post by Squint)
    • Wise words, Alexandre Orion, thank you! I got up super early this morning for some reason, I'm going to use it to be productive. Day 40 - Complete!

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