28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!!

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Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 20 May 2010 21:33 #30795

  • Sarus
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Well I am finally back! Got my internet hooked up, woot!
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Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 20 May 2010 22:14 #30797

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Sarus wrote:
Well I am finally back! Got my internet hooked up, woot!

Great, nice to see you back!!.....
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Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 21 May 2010 18:33 #30818

Glad you are back!

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Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 23 May 2010 15:40 #30871

  • Aetius
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I am a member of the Pure Land Rite. :)

Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 23 May 2010 21:58 #30873

  • Sarus
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Welcome welcome to all! Thanks for showin up ;)

Another post incoming, on the Pure Land Rite. be there in a sec.
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Re: 28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 12 Jan 2012 18:19 #47600

Hello to all. Of the best known religions Buddhism is the one I identify with most but I have never felt completely at one with all aspects of it and it's various schools of thought. After only a few days as a member of TOTJO and having only dipped my toe in the initiates program I already know I have finally found the right path for me. I would like to declare myself a member of the Pure Land Rite and look forward to learning more from this community.

Re: 28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 23 Jan 2012 11:02 #48328

  • Leena
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After much reflection, I am a member of the Pure Land Rite, AKA Jediism Special Interest Group. Smile.
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Re: 28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 23 Jan 2012 20:05 #48350

You can add my name to the Pure Land rolls as well.
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