28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!!

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Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 20 May 2010 21:33 #30795

  • Sarus
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Well I am finally back! Got my internet hooked up, woot!
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Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 20 May 2010 22:14 #30797

  • Jestor
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Sarus wrote:
Well I am finally back! Got my internet hooked up, woot!

Great, nice to see you back!!.....
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Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 21 May 2010 18:33 #30818

Glad you are back!

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Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 23 May 2010 15:40 #30871

  • Aetius
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I am a member of the Pure Land Rite. :)

Re:28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 23 May 2010 21:58 #30873

  • Sarus
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Welcome welcome to all! Thanks for showin up ;)

Another post incoming, on the Pure Land Rite. be there in a sec.
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Re: 28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 12 Jan 2012 18:19 #47600

Hello to all. Of the best known religions Buddhism is the one I identify with most but I have never felt completely at one with all aspects of it and it's various schools of thought. After only a few days as a member of TOTJO and having only dipped my toe in the initiates program I already know I have finally found the right path for me. I would like to declare myself a member of the Pure Land Rite and look forward to learning more from this community.

Re: 28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 23 Jan 2012 11:02 #48328

  • Leena
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After much reflection, I am a member of the Pure Land Rite, AKA Jediism Special Interest Group. Smile.
"In times of change the learners will inherit the earth, while the knowers will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. ” Eric Hoffer

Re: 28 April 2010 Pure Land Roll call!!! 23 Jan 2012 20:05 #48350

You can add my name to the Pure Land rolls as well.
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