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Space , the final frontier -

For those fellow sci-fi fans, we know the intro. We can quote it verbatim. My 5 year old can as well. One day we were watching the episode where Kirk and Spock and Bones land on a planet like earth except it was Roman style rule. ( it’s a good one) Kirk found himself watching Spock n Bones fight gladiators during a tv airing of what was supposed to be Spock’s n Bones execution. My boy said “dad- their mission is to explore not to fight or kill- “ got me thinking ...
Our doctorin and code and teachings Maxims are like the intro - the creed. How often we live and remind our selfs te more often we can remind ourself during the bad times - our stand.
Just an encouraging word to all y’all in the Temple - take some time to study your fav part of the doctorines. Make it a matter of heart , so when ya need it - it will be right there.
Force be with y’all!

What’s your fav part - your go to idea - for your every day Jedi Trek ?
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