The "Refresh"

13 Jun 2018 02:58 #322886 by Nakis
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No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you will eventually begin to burn out. Things you used to enjoy now feel like a burden, you get angrier easier, you just get frustrated or spiteful. It happens for everything and everyone until you learn to manage it. Even positive things can have this issue.

So, my question to you all is: "How do you recognize your burnout, how do you recover from it, and how do you slow it's progress in the future?"

For me, I notice I get extremely snippy about mundane conversations, get easily irritated by others, and generally become a total butt online when I get burnt out on something. I also can feel my brain almost try to turn away from the thing that I'm getting burnt out on and when I'm not dealing with it I obsess. I usually have to disconnect for awhile to heal and stay far away from it, but in order to slow it's progress I shift facets. So, when I was in Amtgard, I switched from a combat focus to an administrative focus to a crafting focus, and kind of cycled things in an out to slow burn out. I eventually stopped Amtgard because I burnt out in dealing with people. I learned to recognize that I do not fit well within Amtgard and will not return to avoid being toxic again.

So, how about you guys? How do you heal from the grind of things?

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13 Jun 2018 03:24 - 13 Jun 2018 03:25 #322887 by Adder
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For me I think it goes back to the way I focus. If I'm doing something I'm really engrossed in, then my reaction is a bit like trying to take a bowl from an eating dog, you might get growled at inadvertently :D
And along those lines, when its a broader external demand which has defined ones life as the focus of their energies, it's probably the same sort of edgy angst and short fuse.... but more drawn out and persistent.
Almost like an invisible wall which needs to be guarded of ones precious energy reserves. Plus, the more it goes on the more, the more entrenched it becomes in habit, and subsequently even might exert effort into defining where that wall is as if it were part of ones character - basically becoming that which we fought against as a result of immersion in an attritive environment. Until we are able to have the freedom to avoid that, my approach is to focus on efficiency and refinements as the method to the view of self awareness. Distraction alone can work in the short term, but it can be counter-productive in the longer term IMO.

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13 Jun 2018 03:42 - 13 Jun 2018 03:45 #322889 by Carlos.Martinez3
Carlos.Martinez3 replied the topic: The "Refresh"
Compassion fatigue
I often battle this myself.
Identification helps me when I am in it . Then I begin my way thru it. Most time if I become - unbalanced - i take notice and re set my course - remind myself of my focus and re focus my present. I’ve got a number of ways - songs to remind me - time always - walk abouts - re focus re remind me - or the ever favorite of mine - give - when I’m sad or down or off... I just give - give time give attention - serve - for me helping and serving others seems to re focus me easly.
Some times even out of whack or when things are out of my controll I ask after identification- what can I make with this... how can I show inside - outside. Then things take a slight or even drastic change for Me as far as my choices to act. It’s tough but good character is worth creating . Great character is worth passing . Happy seeking and thanks so much for the question. My in box is always open

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14 Jun 2018 14:00 #322979 by Streen
Streen replied the topic: The "Refresh"
This is why the Middle Path is so important. A concept mainly promoted in Taoism.

In other words, if you find yourself getting burned out on something you like, you're focusing on it too much. Balance is crucial. Don't go to extremes. A path down the middle of Yin and Yang is the only way to avoid these extremes, these "burnouts". If you go to one extreme, it inevitably leads to the other extreme.

Extreme hunger leads to extreme eating. Extreme activity leads to extreme fatigue. Etc.

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14 Jun 2018 14:49 #322987 by MadHatter
MadHatter replied the topic: The "Refresh"
My burn out is a clear progression of feelings. First I am irritable and less tolerant of minor annoyances or deviation from by schedules. Then my desire to eat a garbage diet kicks into overdrive. I used to smoke, once I quit I filled that stress relief with food. So its borderline an addictive habit for me. After that, I stop wanting to do anything, can't sleep and just feel hopeless.

How do I prevent burn out? Taking me days, sticking with my diet, my yoga, and meditation schedules.

How do I heal if I cant prevent the problem? Take a couple of me days for meditation and reading. In extreme cases, I use a umm "ritual" for lack of a better term that I call a yin and yang weekend. One day I will do super aggressive activities like spending a few hours at the range, work my saber and weights until I'm spent, eat a ton of meat and have some scotch. The next say its softer things like a bath using scented products in the water, making sure I oil my hair and beard, drinking tea and listening to softer music while I read,eating a vegetable-based diet this day etc. The two extremes act as a purge for me and gets me back to a more even keel.

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14 Jun 2018 15:22 #322992 by thomaswfaulkner
thomaswfaulkner replied the topic: The "Refresh"
I was reading somewhere (and I'm not sure where it was exactly) that it helps to shift our linguistics on how we interpret how we help from providing empathy to exuding our compassion. We can tire from the empathy that we provide to others, but if we love someone with the effect that it does not have to be reciprocated back to us, then it is much less of a burden on our suchness. It spoke about it in a more beautiful way...too beautiful to derail this thread with, but I thought it was neat. :)

But for me, it comes with the idea that we have to come back "home." That big exhale, that final out breath we take when we finish something is a comforting feeling. When we help, we forget to come back to our center to rest. I know when I first started out in the mental health field, I would take all of my client's failures to heart as a flaw in my delivery of services. I would carry home all of their issues and stew on them. What could I have done different? Could I have worded something another way?

I think these are good questions to ask ourselves to ensure that we are doing the most we can for the people we serve, but it shouldn't carry us away.

I wouldn't say burnout is caring too much, but losing touch with that balance to return home and water the roots of your own being. There is a certain taboo against doing things for ourselves, but I encourage people to put off caring for others until they can provide that love for themselves, too. I know that I will not provide effective rehab to my clients if my body, mind, and spirit are not nourished.

It helps to come home, the ethereal home, and reflect on all the processes stirring around. Treating each one with peace, love, and understanding insomuch that you can learn from them. Our bodies are relatively good at knowing how to providing comfort and healing to ourselves if we can just watch, listen, and learn from it.

And I think the best way to slow it down is to continue to practice and cultivate compassion and understanding for you and the beings around you. Life can just hit you sometimes, it when it hits, it can hit us HARD, being ready helps us to recompose ourselves, but faith, love, and kindness will help us work through it.

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