The Wuji and the Force?

22 Feb 2018 02:09 - 22 Feb 2018 02:10 #316317 by Carlos.Martinez3
Carlos.Martinez3 replied the topic: The Wuji and the Force?
@ candice
chpt 39 ness can be found in harmony
The sky attains one-ness and becomes clear.
The Earth attains one-ness and becomes calm.
The spirit attains one-ness and receives mystical powers.
The fountains attain oneness and become full.
Creatures attain one-ness and reproduce.
Rulers attain one-ness and reign sovereign.
They are who and what, due to the virtue of one-ness...if virtue were not.
The sky would fall of pieces;
The earth would burst into bits.
Spirits would cease from being
The fountains would become dry
Creatures would become extinct.
Rulers would stumble and fall.
Humility is a root which greatness can spring.
The high must be made on the foundation of low.
The sage views the parts with compassion and sees the whole humility is the gem that glitters
The sage is shaped by the Tao as rugged and common as stone
Truly much honor means no honor.

Hope this helps
Enjoy ! And feel free to use this read !
Assoc. Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
Build, not tear down.
Nosce te ipsum / Cerca trova
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22 Feb 2018 05:48 #316329 by ནའдհдཀ༑ནკ
ནའдհдཀ༑ནკ replied the topic: The Wuji and the Force?
As I interpret the Force, the living force is what we perceive as the light and dark. Light being a focus of what we perceive as good or a perseverance of life, while the dark as evil or a domination of life. The universal force is what I would claim to be wuji. The universal force is everything and mostly unimaginable for us to comprehend. "The force" comprises both the living and universal, not necessarily light and dark. Light and dark are how we interpret things as is the natural method of our existence. We have to interpret things in order for us to move about in this realm and live this so called life. Just as we interpret the force as something we can relate to, such as water, flowing, adapting and fluid, we interpret light and dark as aspects of the force to rationalization what we see as good and evil. This is the same concept of heaven and hell and what one does to go to each. Do good and you go to heaven and do evil and you go to hell. But if you look at the force as heaven and hell where exactly is the everything, nothing, or wuji? Is it earth, the universe or what? It would be something we can't easily comprehend imo.

May the force serve you well.
I am one with the force, the force is with me.

Peter Schow

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22 Feb 2018 10:24 #316331 by Prthu
Prthu replied the topic: The Wuji and the Force?
According to ancient world view of the force, the force has an inferior nature and superior nature. We as living entities are called marginal because although our essential nature is spiritual or superior we are temporarily dwelling in the inferior nature of the force or matter. Our temporary body is made of inferior nature or matter therefore is subjected to creation, transformation and destruction however our superior nature is not annihilated when the body is destroyed. The inferior nature is always subjected to duality of light and dark, cold and heat, birth and death an so on but the superior nature is defined as absolute and never changing, always the same, indestructible, and everlasting. A Jedi is aware of the transmigration of the soul from one body to another. According to karmic arrangements one get a certain type of body however for a Jedi what truly matter is the service of the force or supreme consciousness.

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22 Feb 2018 12:59 #316336 by Streen
Streen replied the topic: The Wuji and the Force?
As I understand it, Taoists follow the Middle Path, never going to one extreme or another, never fully dark and never fully light.

As for the Force, I don't believe in a light and dark side. People certainly have them, but the Force is one all-encompassing nature of the universe. It doesn't take sides. It doesn't even have sides.

The Force is what we make of it.

"The sage does little,
but leaves nothing undone."
—Lao Tzu

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