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We all wish to follow the ways of the Force and be a Jedi. But what does this truly mean in regards to day to day life? What does being a Jedi and placing your faith in the Will of the Force truly entail? As I am wrapping up Lesson 5 I realized not only was it a refresher in the teachings and Maxims but it was also a moment of reflection and self awareness through the Force. In this moment I deduced several "markers" of living a life that is in tune with the Force, as well as the emotions and concepts that seem to be the root of being a true Jedi. These are only some of the markers that I have had revealed through meditation, self reflection, and reactions to Jedi behavior displayed in society.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall -Seeing the Self and The Self in Others

The first step for any Jedi is to know the self. This is why it is one of the first lessons in the IP. Without truly knowing and accepting oneself the actions, emotions, and perceptions are derived from the Ego. I have listened to Alan Watts' The Book (i have it saved on my phone)and other collections of lectures over and over so that I may look inward and see the reflection of the person I am for what it truly is. This includes my personal flaws so that I may recognize them and overcome them. All Jedi face this mountain of a task. However a Jedi does not judge themselves due to the flaws for it contains 2 consequences. The first is a rooted sense of insecurity and failure which forms a mental and physical obstacle in which to overcome before every goal. If you judge yourself instead of accept yourself it becomes "I can't" or "I couldnt". The second consequence is that it makes one tend to compare to others which is folly. One is not the same as another for we are the many individual leaves that make up the tree of life. By knowing yourself and accepting yourself it generates passivity as well as serenity which allows the Jedi to see without bias or Ego and may perform in harmony and synergy with the rest of the Force. By knowing yourself you understand the perceptions of others easier. It allows you to devote compassion, serenity, and if necessary justice without regards to the Ego. This devotion is a demonstration of a Jedi in tune with the Force and makes their actions morally righteous. This recognition of the self also let's a Jedi keep their Ego and any sense of superiority in check, for in the Force all lives are equal in beauty and importance. Knowing the self allows one to empathize and be aware of their own shortcomings forming compassion. Compassion and synergy towards the Cosmic and Living Force are the instruments of illuminating power a Jedi displays through their day to day life.

Lancelot Had Dents in His ArmorToo -Acting as a Jedi

Through personal reflection we know that we ourselves are not perfect. By acknowledging the Ego and acting contradictory to it, we better ourselves from the mistakes that have been made. By enacting the teachings and especially the Maxims we improve ourselves and by way of cause and effect or influence improve the interconnections within the Force.This demonstrates the marker of personal growth and achievement. This reminded me of the Maxim Nobility: to act with honor and moral fiber. A quote came to mind from the movie The Kingsman : Secret Service. It was said "True nobility lies not in being superior to your peers, but in being superior to your former self." This struck a chord with me. Many of us Jedi have had turning points in our lives that forever altered our perceptions and destinies. For many, including myself, this turning point actually became the motivation or cause of being a Jedi. If I may digress to a personal story, I had my daughter out of wedlock, but her mother and I did care for eachother and decided to try and make a family. We were still teens, and after 3-4 years we hit a rough patch in our relationship. Both of us were unhappy and I through focus and enablement of the Ego, thought I could find happiness elsewhere. So I left the mother of my child to pursue infatuation with my own Ego. It broke her heart and she showed me pictures of us kissing and smiling and stated that I was a fool for not believing that we did indeed love eachother. I moved out, took out a loan and got a fast new car and hit up my old buddies. Within seven hours of obtaining the new car I got into a head on collision. I had truly hit rock bottom within 24 hours of leaving my fiance. But without hesitation or mockery or vengeance my fiance was at my side as I was fortunate enough to survive the wreck and not hurt the other person either. She selflessly catered to my instant fear and selfishness in clinging to the woman whose heart I just broke. She picked me up helped me move on and through being first hand witness to pure compassion,love,and motive realized I had dangerously flirted with what we consider the dark side. A week after the wreck I was looking for a sense of faith that what had occurred had only done so due to my Ego and failure to be understanding and compassionate. I came across the Path of the Jedi and the Ways of the Force (of course I had already loved Star wars but hadn't realized that the Jediism was legitimate faith instead of nerdy indulgement). It has been 4 years since then. I have recognized my errors and overcome the Ego that has driven them. Through faith in the Force and much reflection and meditation I have overcome the flaws that had led me down the wrong path. The woman whose heart I broke while nearly destroying myself is now my wife and both of us discuss the amazing life we have created for eachother. I am devoted to her and love her regardless of disagreements or conflicting perceptions. We recognize that we have truly found selfless love and sacrifice. Through the experience that culminated in the witnessing of pure sacrifice and utterly profound faith and trust in the Force had been recieved. I had become nobler than my former self allowing a state of clarity that allowed me to spot and recognize my Ego and accept it in an effort to better understand myself as well as the perceptions of others. When a Jedi accomplishes this, their actions take the role of Pure Motive, Honesty, Nobility, Justice, and Faith. By being made aware of my former self and the inflation of Ego that had occurred I corrected my path and have recieved in return a complete trust in the Will of the Force.

Luminous Beings Are We - Believing and Trusting in the Force

When the first two markers have been acknowledged as a personal achievement a Jedi then becomes fully devout and trusting in the Will of the Force. A passive serenity is instilled in the Jedi for they know all is as the Force wills it and that their perceptions and abilities are to be used as a guiding light and influence to those who are in need. This gives a Jedi an aura of strength compassion and faith that is incapable of being diminished or tainted. A Jedi that demonstrates their complete faith as well as the virtues and Maxims in society allows others to behold the wonders of the Force and strive for the example given. This creates not only an opportunity for others to find their path in the ways of the Jedi but also a series of connections that are at its root harmonious with life and their own personal faith or perceptions. Laying your faith within the Force allows a Jedi to effortlessly act free of the Ego and perform any teaching, virtue, and Maxim that is required to benefit the synergy between the Living Force and the Cosmic Force.

As Johnny Cash said I'll Meet You Further On Up the Road--Carrying the Force from day to day

So as Jedi we continue to move forward. We know there are always new lessons to be learned and new experiences to bestow wisdom. We must focus on the here and now so we may see ourselves for who we are and better ourselves so that we enact our faith just as tenaciously as we enact our motives and connections as positive influences to ourselves and others. We must be forgiving in the our own shortcomings as well as those in others for a fault is merely an understanding not yet gained. We must show uncorruptable compassion especially when it is met with aggression for this is within ourselves to spread the light that is the Force as we attempt to harmonize with the synergy of others. As we harmonize the Ego is put on display as truth so that when compassion is still the outcome, a sacrifice made of utter love and morally righteousness is freely endowed upon those we connect with. In doing so we as Jedi feel ourselves One with the Force and true bliss is obtained. We have all heard the phrase "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering" And it is a warning as true as playing with fire can get you burned. But my perceptions, experiences that had me lay witness to the might of the Force, and my sincerely unbreakable faith the Force shall guide me has led me to a concept that provides the opposite end of the spectrum within one's Ego about the nature of the Force. And so I shall leave you with this:
"A willingness to see is a step to understand.
A willingness to understand is a step to compassion.
A willingness for compassion is a step to sacrifice.
A willingness to sacrifice is a step to bliss!"

For I am a Jedi the Force shall be my guide. May you find your own sense of understanding that shall concrete a permanent faith in the Force gifting you with serenity.
May the Force be with you!
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KalSterner wrote: What does being a Jedi and placing your faith in the Will of the Force truly entail?

Mm.. explaining what being is like? Compare it to explaining the colour green, whilst being alive in the middle ages. Can you explain the experience of seeing the colour green if you where alive in the middle ages? Of course you would not have thought about micro absorption of light waves that allows someone to see green, for we are hypothetically in the middle ages.. :blink: Often people in that lovely age would start to bring up examples to compare green with! But examples are not the object we want to know! :ohmy:

Lets dig a bit into it with this riddle: What would you do if you figured out that technology would take a couple of centuries to develop? Would you try to build a machine to see the colour green? Would you start to paint the colour green? Maybe trying to write a book or poem about the colour green? Or trying to discover the world for examples to help you understand the colour? Now image that people in the medieval times were old around the age of 30! If you where to be that age, and if you where to look back to your life long hunt for the colour green, still not figured it out, what would you appreciate most about that live long journey? What did it hypothetically thought you besides not having figured out the colour green? Please take a moment to think about it.

Now, image that after a little bit of thought a wizard appears out of thin air and gives you an opportunity to go back in time, to do things different, would you do it or would you refuse it? What does a perspective do if everything is one because of the Force? How does that influence you? Or would it not influence you at all? Maybe both? What does perspective do if you look at your journey? :)

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Thank you Aqua for furthering my reflections. The overall point I felt like you were trying to counsel is that even through my relfections, posts, and perceptions I am still trying to place The Force (and those who dwell within Jedi or not) as a state of being in which can be analyzed and/or perfected to a letter. Obviously the truth is anything but and that had not been the intent merely personal realization.
However, in response to your first query. I think at the twilight of my life if I were to recall the color green but couldn't, Id like to think and hope that my mind and heart would attempt to recollect emotions of the color green rather than specific examples or definitives. My spirit will hopefully attempt to either simulate the emotional response via perceptions of the color or attempt to recollect strong emotional memories that tie my perception in with the color i.e. being a teen camping in the woods with my friend for 10 years. So in response I'd like to think I would think of the color green as emotional concepts like Freedom, or Friendship or Brotherhood. While blue would make me think of vacations with the wife and kid at the ocean so Blue would turn my emotional thought process to Love, Fatherhood, and Bliss. So I would assume in the middle ages they grouped emotional response with physical characteristic. "The Black Death etc. And I believe this illicit emotional response is what becomes the value that should be appreciated.

A wizard offering a redo is a double edged sword. While the natural flow of the Force is for that which ends feeds into that which begins and vice versa. The natural order for life is to transpose from this physical state to another. Everyone has regrets and wishes they could change things in their life however through becoming a father as well as disciplining myself in the ways of the Force I realize all my choices, acctions, and perceptions (good AND bad) has led me right where I wanted to be. I am lucky compared to most I have my own family as well as a desire to connect with others through positive experiences and I have little want and no needs. I feel as if I am slowly progressing to when I am at the point where I'm ready to reflect on the greens, blues, and oranges of my life that in the end I'm at peace. When I was 11 I shattered my ankle and was in a wheelchair for 3 years. Doctors said I'd need a brace for the rest of my life, but I focused on walking on it and working it back up to where it's just as effective as the other. When I was in high school I planned to join the military but was denied due to my childhood injury. At the time I was so lost at what to do with my future as well as heartbroken. But now 8 years later I see that both the injury and the denial of joining the military put me in the exact position necessary to meet my wife and have my daugjter. I might not have if I had joined the military. So through time my perspective changed through gaining knowledge and applying it as wisdom. So I guess I'll conclude by saying perspective allows for greater understanding by being patient and perceiving the ways the Force is connected through every action. And it also allows for an emotional response that guarantees that no matter what in the end it is our emotional ties and interconnections that became the value of our lives. So perception ģives a personal relation to the journey made and the concepts of life experienced.

Lol I think I expressed my thoughts right. Lol not sure if the words matched my perception lol XP

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