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    • In Praise of Selectivity: Syncretic Jediism (Last post by Alan)
    • Adder, as always, a thoughtful and interesting post. I agree, the vajra (stylized thunderbolt) is a secondary symbol and is rich in meaning. For me the vajra is a symbol of the Eightfold Path. “The upper sets of spokes of a five spoked vajra symbolize the five wisdoms, which are: 1. The mirror-like wisdom that which reflects all sense perceptions is purified when one attains enlightenment and becomes the mirror-like wisdom. 2. The wisdom of equality that arises after all the feelings of pleasantness, unpleasantness and indifference have been purified. 3. The wisdom of individual analysis that arises when the factor of discrimination, which distinguishes one object from another is purified. It enables one to benefit each sentient being according to his or her needs and disposition. 4. The wisdom of accomplishing activity that arises when the basic ability to perform acts according to particular circumstances is purified. 5. The wisdom of the sphere of reality that arises when consciousness is purified and becomes the mind that is the seed of the wisdom truth body of a Buddha.” Source: (edited by Alan) These five traditional interpretations of the vajra as secondary symbol provide the means to determine one primary symbol in Buddhism: purity. The source of the need for purity is related to other Buddhist symbols, for example, the lotus flower that emerges from the dark and muddy bottom of the lake to rise to the surface as a beautiful white flower. Unlike the monotheisms mentioned above, in Buddhism there is no fall from perfection or exile from paradise as the result of primordial disobedience of the original human couple, but rather, impurity is the result of desire, which is a related primary symbol. Wisdom and purity, desire and illusion are interrelated primary symbols. And these can be distilled further in the concept of anatman (no self) as well as related Buddhist cosmological symbols. Splitting hairs: the primary symbol of balance you mentioned seems to me more appropriate to Daoism than Buddhism, but I don’t know that for sure. The Force is (as a symbol found in the narrative mythology of Lucas fictional universe) presented dramatically as a kind of magnetic (gravitational, molecular, etc.) power that the initiate or adept can access. Its secondary symbolism is that the force is a kind of substance, a real thing, an actual power that exists and permeates the universe and is found infused throughout all things. As a primary symbol it represents the interrelatedness/interconnectedness of everything in the cosmos. The primary symbol of the oneness of reality is symbolized as a kind of accessible and manipulatable power. Knowing what it is is wisdom. Only the wise can wield it beneficently and this returns us full circle to mythic Jedi who embody the ethical lessons of knowing and using the Force.
    • TOTJO Heritage (Last post by Aqua)
    • Thank you, Edan. Please take your time you need, I do not want to give you stress for writing response to my questions. :blush:
    • Discussion Groups in Chat? (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: It is... but that is for specifically IP related material. Ah. I see the difference now. I think it would be a lot of fun to have a big group discussion in chat about a specific topic. I'd join, so long as some where held when I wasn't at work. (like I am right now. ;) :whistle: )
    • Making of a Jedi Warrior (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • it says "taekwondo" but these are a fast and effective exercises to make your side kick better regardless of what system it is
    • Pacifism. (Last post by Rickie)
    • I've always feel calm in a storm when I am prepared for it. :)
    • Double MTHFR Mutation (Last post by Zabeth)
    • My apologies ... Indeed your post said that your condition affects your ability to metabolize, but you didn't specify in what way. I made an assumption.
    • Light and Dark (Last post by Rickie)
    • Are my feet evil and my head good? Is the front of me light and the back of me dark. It's just all me! :woohoo: :silly: :lol: :laugh:
    • Hope in the battle for our climate (Last post by Rickie)
    • In my youth it was water, air, soil pollution. Recycling, energy conservation and using up all our natural resources. Glaciers had been melting since the start of the industrial revolution. There was a cooler period in the 70s where the glaciers stopped retreating for a few years but the die hard continued to beat the drum of global warming and they were right. Since then tremendous improvements. I remain optimistic though change is slow. China's pollution does concern me, but they will clean up eventually.
    • Let's Talk About Runes (Last post by Lykeios)
    • The runes I want to begin using are focused around the Greek Alphabet. Most of them have interpretations involving the Gods and Goddesses. I suppose they could be said to have a spirit of their own. It's tricky, however, as sometimes runes are associated with nymphs and nymphs were asked for guidance by using the runes. I suppose I could figure that the nymphs contact the spirits/deities in order to provide guidance and still cleave to your interpretation. Very interesting perception to think on.
    • Jediism in death (Last post by Lykeios)
    • I've been thinking about death a lot lately. Mortality is an interesting concept to ponder/meditate upon. When I die I'm honestly not sure if I will have a "Jedi" ritual. However, I would definitely like my Jedi friends to attend anyway. It would be really cool to find someone who is both Jedi and Hellenic Polytheist to conduct the ceremony, but we are few and far between from what I've seen. (Geez, I'm a poet there :P) I think a more important question for me is how would I react if someone I love and care for passed away. I'd like to think I'd manage alright, but knowing my history I probably wouldn't handle it well at this point. I've come a long way since finding it hard to speak at my best friend's funeral, but it doesn't make it any easier. Having faith that I'll see someone again in any next life there might be has gotten harder over the years. Finding someone in the Underworld doesn't seem likely and assuming reincarnation is a thing I shudder to think about how I'd recognize anyone. Anyway, I try to focus more on life and accomplishing my goals while I live rather than obsessing over my inevitable death.
    • To be offended as a Jedi (Last post by Luthien)
    • Quote: I wasn't going to read or reply to this thread until I saw it was made by rugadd. Serious poster, serious question. I don't know the answer to the OP question, but I think it may have to do with ego. Indeed. But, is ego an excuse to remain offended, further remaining hostile towards one's offender? Or, is it something for the individual to work out on one's own? With outside help, perhaps?
    • 10 Items or Less. (Last post by Lykeios)
    • 10 things that I am grateful for in no particular order (except 1, that's definitely number 1): 1. My girlfriend 2. My Jedi friends. 3. My non-Jedi friends. 4. Family. 5. Time apart from my girlfriend, believe it or not (absence does make the heart grow fonder in this case) 6. Music. 7. The novels of Rick Riordan. 8. Fiction writing. 9. The Gods. 10. Continued existence.

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