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    • Voting for a Jediism section on there. (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: Link didn't work for me. I had not logged in, so that might be it. should be public....SHOULD...mind....let me know if Br. Johns works or not. Yup, it did w/o being logged in so I must not know how to copy and paste :lol:
    • Physical temple (Last post by Adder)
    • step 1, get rich step 2. travel around looking for that ideal location step 3. design/build facility to supplement locations attributes step 4. run out of money, sell and repeat :silly: How to make something affordable in the long run means some capacity to generate revenue, and as a NFP that revenue can go into the running costs AFAIK. I guess that means either products or services outwards, or donations. The later is not really reliable and the former requires a Jedi economy of effort which might only appeal to some. Folk like Bill Gates donate large chunks of money to specialty education providers so perhaps that is the best sort of service to provide. I've always liked the idea of a ship, making location less relevant because it can move (and cost more), like the book ship for example; But it would need to be customized to be a spiritual environment, not a cruise liner full of books :S
    • I think people are falling for it (Last post by Yabuturtle)
    • Quote: I don't dismiss conspiracy theorists outright, there's always a lot of shady stuff going on, in fact I've been attacked for being a 9/11 "truther" (how wanting to seek out the truth became a bad thing is beyond me), I just understand from my own experience that one needs to be careful how deep one peers into the rabbit-hole before one falls in. 9/11 traumatized me to a degree where I spent over a decade an absolute wreck of anxiety and fear of my own government. Even now that I have overcome the obsession of digging through information (and misinformation) trying desperately to learn a whole picture of "the truth", I still have bouts of anxiety. Meditation and focus on the grander scale of life over the millennia and eons before and after human existence have helped me to gain some perspective, and calm those inner obsessions. I don't want any single person on this planet to have to suffer, and knowing that it happens at the hands of manipulators who use entire nations like chess pieces is hard enough, but then you add misinformation campaigns into the mix and it becomes nearly impossible to tell fact from fiction. So instead I tend to focus on truth, and the truth is that there have always been places and times where sinister schemes were carried out by people with power, and there likely always will be. And if it ever seems like "they" are winning (again falling into us vs. them thinking) it's only a swing of the pendulum; it always swings back around. When people do "evil" things (so to speak), it is because they are ignorant of their own true nature, and there will always be ignorance. The thing is it always bothers me whenever I try asking questions. Whenever someone questions the official story, you see the media and the people have this "How dare you question your government?" mentality? I thought it was good to ask questions but apparently now that seems to be looked down upon. And really world domination isn't really much of a stretch considering almost every major empire in history has attempted to do that in the past. And also it's rather practical to fabricate some things. I mean that's old trick civilizations used before. You create a problem, than you step up with a "solution" to the problem you created and so people will look toward you and do pretty much anything to have this solution, even if it means giving up your freedoms. People will wonder why haven't they forced everyone in submission, but the thing is force really isn't that effective. For one thing, there's way more civilians than military folk and when you use force, the people fight back and eventually take back what was stolen from them. But tricking the people into being disarmed and giving up their freedoms is more effective and practical even if it takes longer. Freedoms can never be taken away unless the people willingly give them away. And as for information, that's a strategy they like to use is to overload the people with so much information and sometime put out half truths out there so people won't know what's true or false though.
    • What are you reading right now? (Last post by Almeida)
    • Quote: Just finished The Alchemist. Read it in two nights. Have to say it was one of the greatest fiction books I've ever read. It's unlike most others; the author never flushes anything out in detail. The story is very simple, written like a child's fable. But it's such a wonderful story with many elements that could be applied to Jediism. Is it the Paulo Coelho one? The translator saved the job, since the English version is better than the Portuguese one, with the absurd quantity of grammar mistakes he commits.
    • For the love of analog (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Never had the reflexes for it myself Oh sorry to hear. I don't know how bad it is for you, but for non-DJ's that is why electronic music is so useful, because you can just manually beat mix existing songs (in unique ways) which have all the good stuff and not worry about actually fiddling with knobs or scratching to master the output so much :silly: I was never a DJ, I just liked making tracks dance :woohoo:
    • The Force as described by a physicist? (Last post by Adder)
    • It's just the wrong instrument for the job, unless the congregation are all scientists who interpret life in those terms - then its ideal perhaps!! What is needed at a funeral, who is it for. Those are the questions which probably define the nature of the funeral. I wonder though if the belief of the person who passes dictates the experience of passing - in which case thermodynamics might provide some connection to all things... or they might prefer to carry a physical 'body' over to some new realm of continued existence etc. The Tibetan Book of the Dead talks about this, and how the Monk can spend many day's guiding the deceased through that particular process (according to their beliefs). So maybe a funeral should be designed to support the belief of the person dying more!! I guess those who truly loved the deceased would want that more then something to make them feel better in their own suffering. :blink:
    • Coping with Pain and Stress (Last post by Adder)
    • Yea generally speaking telling someone to suck it up and not whinge is most usually useless, but it does work for low level pain and stress so the capacity must exist in some form. For those with practise in it then it might extend to greater pain and stress as a viable option. But being someone with a chronic condition of pain who has spent a bit of time exploring spirituality, its often not as easy as that - since pain is designed to grab your attention the worse the pain the more attention it demands!!! So how to develop mentally mediated solutions!!!!!!!!!!! That I guess is the million dollar question. I do though think there is a big difference between physical pain, and the mental suffering such as anxiety, stress and depression. Often the mental suffering is a mixture of exhaustion and dissolution of ones sense of personal agency through absence of free time or abuse etc. Those things seem to be more about fixing the causative agents more then anything, or if they are not completely overwhelming simply growing a thicker skin over time (which is not necessarily an ideal solution). I tend to take the first option in those cases, and will just pack my bags and move along if life is not being reasonable. So that leaves my experience with physical pain, which has been much tougher for me. I still persist with it, and have used some Eastern contemplative traditions, that they seem to teach things in a specific order to generate outcomes; Preperatory exercises to develop; 1. calmness to learn focus, and 2. the doctrine of 'emptiness'. Path, using the focus to achieve; 3. developing insight to practise dealing with holding complexity within cognition, 4. moving those skills to visualizing energy circuits in the body and synchronizing them with physical action, and 5. visualizing oneself in the form of ones guru or a diety as a 'whole body' (perhaps Force body!). Outcomes, in the context of suffering; 6. Applying the path to the emptiness doctrine to disassociate ones corporeal experience in more tangible terms. So in this way a capacity to experience a detachment would be said to be empowered but it would be more like having greater control over that corporeal experience. The other benefit in a general context is it could allow the cognitive or spiritual powers to be refined, related or released depending on where the practitioner is. Unfortunately the worse the pain, seemingly the longer it might take so I don't go around recommending the path just in case so much effort did not generate the desired outcomes - but for me I was interested in it before I got the condition causing the pain so it was like an allied application of my spiritual path.
    • What Is Your "Champion" Cause? (Last post by Bareus)
    • I am engaged in some charity organisations and i sometimes participate in local events, last month i for example donated some things to refugees I feel like i that have much and i can give to others I try to spread love and light as often as i can basically
    • Consular, Guardian or Sentinel? (Last post by Bareus)
    • Quote: I would fall under a Consular and Sentinel hybrid. Being a fusion of a Jedi healer/seer and a Jedi shadow/watchman. I agree with you To Find Balance Is To Find Peace
    • Heaven, Hell, Re-incarnation? (Last post by Khaos)
    • Actually, to be clear, everything I mentioned are facts. After I die, I will be cremated. This is my wifes wish also. Our ashes will be placed together. As it is stated in our will. Our planet is finite, so is our star. Sure, there my beliefs, but there are also facts. Anything else would be mere speculation.

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