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    • Is offending a group of people always bad? (Last post by Entropist)
    • Quote: The past must be balanced? Doesn't this tie your actions? That's begging the question. Justice is about fairness, so if you wronged someone, you must compensate them fairly. It's a very simple concept.
    • Why silence is often the best response to a verbal... (Last post by Entropist)
    • Quote: Have you ever tried to reason with someone who is blindingly angry? Or told someone who is upset to "calm down"? No matter what you say, or how good your intentions, trying to engage with then verbally will not help. Sometimes silence (and, if appropriate, soothing physical contact) is the only way to allow emotions to settle before trying to engage a person verbally. Then, when both parties' minds are not clouded by emotion, reasonable discussion can be attempted to solve the conflict. Yes I have reasoned with people who are blindly angry very successfully, and obviously the issue at hand is some have mediation and de-escalation skills to deal with confrontation and conflict, while the skill sets are absent in others. If the word "sometimes" has to be said, the context actually begs the question when there's no specific examples to demonstrate "some of those times". De-escalation is a focus on other angry party that requires acknowledgement of the grievance. However, silence is a means of demonstrating not knowing what to do other than be silent.
    • Is belief in democracy required of a Jedi? (RELEVE... (Last post by Entropist)
    • Quote: well the reasoning has already been capitulated Falsely claiming reasoning was provided in no way demonstrates your ability to reason, only misapplying the wrong term and committing a fallacy of false cause. For example, showing another person running 10km in no way demonstrates you running 10km for the action of showing. Therefore using the wrong fallacy term fails to prove, but rather begged the question, thereby actually demonstrating the fallacy fallacy itself! ironic. Also, going off-topic does nothing to support or disprove any requisite or association of democracy with a Jedi.
    • Defining Jedi and Sith (Last post by Slebo)
    • In short, Sith are survivors. Whereas Jedi are saviors. The Sith, at best, may align him/herself with a group or tribe with the same goal. Fight, defend, and kill for one another but in the face of death, the Sith will turn thier back and run. The Jedi, at worst, may spread themselves too thin in creating peaceful solutions, compromises may be thin or resentment runs too deep as the Jedi remain impartial. However, the Jedi will gladly give thier lives to save others.
    • Jediism Day and a Vow of Silence (Last post by WralaValel)
    • In honour of Jediism Day, I have taken a conditional vow of silence (speaking only when absolutely necessary) in order to maintain a more constant state of mindfulness and to really hear myself, the Force and the others around me. If anyone wants to join me, please, feel free. I am only going to do this for today to start, but feel free to 'pause and listen' as long as you feel the need. Becoming one with the Force is what Jediism is all about, after all :0)
    • Distant Horizons (Last post by Streen)
    • Great story, Joda :) It actually hit home. There's a girl I see my other spiritual self in. Sadly it is not meant to be.
    • International Jedi Day - May 25th! (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • I just want to remind people that the holiday existed so they could celebrate in their own way, not take over the forum. I suggest we keep it to one thread (and I was intending to keep it in this one, honestly).
    • Very new to the Order and am wondering (Last post by Dagon)
    • Thank you all for your responses. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to pass on your knowledge. I know I still have a lot to learn but thankfully you all clearly have no problem giving help and thankfully I've learned enough humility already to ask for it. Dagon
    • The thread of self-forgiveness (Last post by Kit)
    • Oh! I forgot about this thread! Thank you I needed this today I forgive myself for sacrificing one need for a more important need. And for lacking the strength to handle them both.

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