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    • A Jedi Retreat/Temple (Last post by Trisskar)
    • Quote: The possible not absolute problems friend ... smiley face Sure :) You all are welcome to come stay in my Spider Shed ;) I might one day get the funds to turn it into a studio.....One day. ;) [attachment] white/glowy house in the back corner :-p
    • Show me yours and ill show u mine ? (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Spoiler: Quote: Quote: [attachment] How do you keep it so neat and tidy lol jk thanks for sharing friend. Good question, the vast majority of my library is on an sd card, I only keep ten or so books on my pdf app (ez pdf reader on google play) at a time, i am a little ocd so it helps keep my sanity in!
    • Money stories (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • Money is one of those persona,l way to close things we don't like to speak of cuz we mostly have eyes and can see mostly we are not all cut out to be in charge of it and it bothers us. Old ego you know. In life once we grow from the lost in the sauce adoleccent to the "adult" we need to be things seem strange. its getting past that that seems to be the most difficult. I could give you advice, fortune 500 advice for anything u like, that still wont help you in your every day life. In my time I have studied and learned and in doing so I offer this my man Manu, Money does one thing and one thing only, ever! Money amplifies The old farmers used to and still do say that "money makes a bad man worse or a good man better" Knowing and passing this friend, what is yours amplifying? Truly that's why we don't like money, truly in it our use we see the priorities and reasons we truly are. The idea is to amplify what you choose. Find a characteristic of yours you like and add money to it. Change your world one cent at a time lol my box is always open my man! Be well and keep seeking!!! You WILL find what your looking for, guaranteed! (I did)
    • Hypocrisy of the 'Gay Wedding Cake' Case Ruling (Last post by Leah Starspectre)
    • Quote: Quote: So, what we have here is a conflict of moral/ethical values set over against merely representational value ones. The inalienable rights of no one were breached, for the bakery did not say that the two men must not marry one another (though they perhaps would have liked to), no one's life nor liberty was compromised. if legislation makes it permissible to demand things of people that are contrary to their morals in exchange for money - and illegitimate for them to refuse -, then we have indeed exalted reciprocity over conviviality, and aspired from being merely a free-market, consumer society into an altogether mercenary one. Exactly this… It is one thing for the government to regulate free speech, as in saying that we can’t scream “FIRE” in a crowded theater because it is dangerous. It is another thing in entirety to declare what we “have ” to say. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms has the great addition that speech is free *within reason*: Section 1 of the Charter: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. Sure it makes things less black and white, but it leaves us to question and examine situations as they happen.
    • Professor J Peterson Against Political Correctness... (Last post by Adder)
    • The change in the Act seems to require "evidence that the offence was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on" which to me seems to say its not the inadvertent misuse you have to worry about, but rather the intentional misuse enough to generate evidence of those motivations. But despite that, I mean, its never been wrong to say they're, their, or your etc - as its just non-specific in regards to sex or gender. It's only been wrong to say the wrong sex or gender specific pronoun.... not to use the generic one. I'd be surprised if all of a sudden it was wrong to use the generic and suddenly it was required to avoid the generic one as well!! Having too many students and trying to teach complicated subjects together would seem to be a good actual reason to repeatedly get some individual students preference wrong. If everyone can basically come up with their own pronoun then I guess it comes down to being worse then remembering someones name, which I'm hopeless at. At least names are sorta limited to common types most of the time. The rise of 'they' and 'their' I guess? Funnily enough is the freedom of gender going to spell the beginning of the end of gender itself!! Otherwise, the can of worms of a topic... knowing gender and sex to be different things, its clear that gender seems to be shifting away from sex as where once mainstream dynamics had them overlaying pretty much completely, it seemed simple to most people - but gender fluidity means there can be not only different examples, but that it can change!! So if gender disconnects entirely from sex, then yea I guess I'd have to consider that might not eventually need gender as a concept, anymore!!! Replace with 'human', they and their. I'd guess the only reason it existed was because it is integral in many relationship dynamics, such that many like to pair combinations of behavioral sets that seem compatible in some way. Such that in the mainstream model, places of privacy were for refuge from the other team, to allow that social interplay to exist at a higher level of interaction. If the concept of teams no longer exist, then the concept of refuge needs to change.. as its just becomes individuals. Gender fluidity seem to reference those mainstream models in some way mostly anyway seemingly, but by becoming individualized would seem to do away with it as a concept and replaced with just different types of expression. But there is still the attribute of sex which can serve where required to impart refuge for those who want it, there is undeniable evidence in regards to reproductive dynamics in regards to possessiveness of mates. So I'd probably need to take a biological approach, have a look at nature etc, and IMO looking at human behaviour and history, the partnering pressures on reproduction tend to create a requirement for the choice of the male sex to be kept apart from the female sex. Of course this cannot be enforced, but as a rule it provides a legal landscape to promote lawful conduct which tends to have the desired effect most of the time. So with all that considered, and I cannot help but this segways into the highly emotional bathroom debate. If we were to end up using a standard non-gender pronoun then it makes me think the 3 bathroom types approach might be best, the mixed, male, and female. Just my personal opinion of course, and I know its an vexed topic with good points all round.
    • Define "Real" (Last post by Adder)
    • I guess its causative footprint is a measure of how real something is, but I'd still personally consider subjective reality as distinct from objective reality just for practical reasons - even though one is the vessel for knowing and acting in the other. Using that, I'd probably define delusion as a measure of belief in contradiction between them, and perhaps insanity the measure of belief in a contradiction within one (or the other).... in terms of causality. :blink: Of course in dreams the whole concept of causality tends to go out the window half the time, but I guess that might be the point if its a maintenance type function to exercise parts of the brain which don't get much work in waking activity.
    • TOTJO Clergy Structure (Last post by Codex)
    • * 'Snowy Aftermath', removed from the 'Clergy Structure file'; * 'Codex', total document acces from 'Edan', received. ~
    • IP Team Announcements (Last post by Kit)
    • Marta and x57z12 have left the team. Thank you both for your dedicated service to the team! Current members are: Lead: Kit Gwinn avalonslight Elizabeth Lykeios r3dleader Atticus We have need for more volunteers!
    • This is posted in the Clergy section in my Block p... (Last post by Manu)
    • Quote: To not swing. To do nothing. Quote: It's the trying not the achieving that's important. The trip not the destination Swinging is better than not swinging. But hitting the ball is the goal, right? Of course, sometimes you don't get a hit, and that shouldn't stop you from trying. But if we constantly swing and simply feel content that we got to try, won't we diminish the drive to actually get that eventual, precious hit?
    • What's Your Alignment? (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: real, and fundamental to human interaction Quote: No actually those things are not real, Just like evil is not real. These are also a paradigm we made up to classify a family of thoughts and actions, nothing more. i do want to talk about this, but not here...
    • Is Hierarchy Truly the Way of the Force? (Last post by Kyrin Wyldstar)
    • Quote: Abrahamic traditions see all things as a hierarchical ist of beings, seeing God at the top, then humans, animals, and then the Earth. Many Indigenous traditions see all these things on a spectrum, making God, humans, animals and the Earth on the same level. I find that the Jedi Order follows the hierarchical list in terms of rank and wisdom, but should this be so? Does a rank truly represent one's wisdom? Even though the Force and humans have different abilities, I do not believe that one is better than the other, as is suggested by a hierarchical list. Ranks are not truly present in the universe, as all things have their strengths and weaknesses. Before I call for a Reform of some sort I would like to hear your thoughts. Of course there is hierarchy in nature but that has nothing to do with wisdom. We all must submit to authority in one form or another, that ultimate authority being The Force. We cannot escape certain destinies imposed on us by outside influences. In addition we are naturally hierarchical within our species. We submit ourselves to external authority in a hierarchical fashion because it gains us something - A job, training, education etc. Each day you must decide for yourself whether that submission remains worthwhile or not. And if it becomes something that is not, you always have the option to leave. As for calling for reform, what makes you think that it would be considered? This site is not a republic. Its leaders are not elected, they are appointed. In fact it is an empire where Jedi pursue power just as much as any other. However the power they pursue is the power of focus to gain knowledge and wisdom. And yes that can be corrupted as well. Its been said over and over that no one is better that any other on this site and yet I have seen Knights demean apprentices by calling them children or novices or young ones etc. As an apprentice with more life experience that probably 90% of this temple I find that insulting. However those sorts of comments are few and far between most of the time. So in the end you must weigh for yourself whether or not the benefit you will receive is worth the sacrifice you must make here to submit yourself. I for one continue to find it a worthy undertaking as I train under a Master that is well suited to my pursuits. He is highly intelligent and has followed a similar life path as mine so we relate very well and we have followed a natural path of learning together that challenges and engages me vs one of him just dictating what I must accomplish with no regard to where I have been. I find that highly valuable and so I continue on that path. And at some point I may decide that it no longer serves me and that is ok as well. But you will have to make those decisions for yourself. In the end you have to ask yourself "is it worth it or not"? "Do I take the risk to potentially find something great or do I walk away and always wonder what could have been"? For me to try and to fail is better than to have never tried at all.

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