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    • Techwear for Jedi (Last post by Cayce)
    • Quote: examples? Surely! The coat I recently purchased above is a good one to start with. Jacket: MiaMelon - Provocateur Jacket. * Windproof. * Waterproof. * Breathable fabric. * Designed to be rugged, last a very long time, and protect the wearer from all elements while staying comfortable. Shirt: Aero Short Sleeve Crewe * Naturally keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. * Absorbs and releases vapour to prevent overheating and clamminess. * Extra protection against the sun's harmful rays, naturally. * Naturally anti-bacterial, it can be worn for days without washing. Underwear: ExOfficio Women's & Socks: Smartwool PhD Run Ultra * Quick Drying — wash them in the sink and they’ll be dry by morning. * Moisture Wicking — helps keep your skin dry. * Breathable — helps stop you from getting all sweaty down there. * Odor Blocking — helps prevent getting all stinky. * Lightweight — less weight on your body, or in a travel bag is a good thing. * Comfortable — ideally, you shouldn’t even know you’re wearing underwear. As you can see, it all follows the same theme of being comfortable, rugged, and adapting to any environment you may be in. Strikes me as a Jedi-like outfit (at least from fiction), where we are lead to believe the robes and supplies they carry with them arm them for any sort of situation that they may be placed in.
    • The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • I see. It takes courage to admit this. It takes wisdom to see that it's not ONLY a women problem. It's a people problem. It is sad to see hate in any form. Can we deliver the opposite? Is it possible to build, not only female but male too, instead of breaking things down. Me and my wife remove the man and woman words as often and see the heart or the person. We ALL have some sort of coping mechanism. The day we as humans stop hurting humans will be a great day, till then friends take care of each other. The ones that are closest. My own opinion, sad things make me,sad but they also allow me to hold my own closer and appreciate them better. Thanks Akkarin for this one!
    • Today I felt lonely... (Last post by Almeida)
    • And then, I decided I couldn't just let myself feeling it. Loneliness brings emptiness, emptiness brings sadness, sadness brings anger and we all know it leads us to the Dark Side. I decided to close my eyes and clean my head. I leaned backwards, with my head leaning on my window safety net. There, with eyes closed, I opened up my hearing, and listened to everything that was to be listened to. I listened to the sound of cars coming and going, I listened to people having fun or just living their lives, I listened to the sound of the wind. When I was just thinking that the wind brings air, the air that I breath and the same air that everyone else breathes, one of my cats jumped on the window, and laid there, right beside my head. Breathing exactly the same air, showing me I was not alone. Then, I felt some raindrops on my face. The drops that evaporated into air and became clouds and were now falling. Once were part of something bigger, bathing people on rivers, waterfalls, in the ocean. They were transformed over and over and over again, until they were but a single drop of rain that fell in my face and was absorbed by my skin. Now, that very small part of the biggest of the oceans, were inside me, part of me. By means of that single drop, I was connected to everyone who had bathed in those waters. By the wind that was blowing into my face, I was connected to everyone who was breathing the same air. By the Force inside and outside, I am connected to every single thing in the Universe. And I didn't feel lonely anymore.
    • Heaven, Hell, Re-incarnation? (Last post by magmon)
    • I think this has devolved a lot into criticism and semantics. Let Khaos do what works for him, and do what works for you. Arguing with him is not the point. It doesn't matter if he's cremated or not, though those are his wishes. Please. I am of the belief that "return to the force" and "reincarnation" are nice words for saying we will be broken down to our base components and recycled into a new life form. And I think that is beautiful. I don't know what the conscious mind is, but I do not believe mine will live on after my physical body dies. And that's okay with me. Oblivion is nothing to fear, but to me, to be embraced. We think too much. This life is stressful. Oblivion is eternal serenity. For the record, I too want to be cremated. Though, by the same token, I'm an organ donor because I believe that what happens to my body after I am no longer using it is irrelevant to me.
    • How did you know when you were a Jedi? (Last post by Bareus)
    • When searching for news about buddhism on a swedish newspaper, i found jediism (through that the article described that jediis was like a mix of several philosophies) The moment i read the article i knew that was the true philosophy for me, ever since i registrated here it has become more of a way to live then just a way to think (wich it also is)
    • Physical temple (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Quote: Why not donate to the TOTJO instead? Donations are (I would think) a much higher priority being that the site needs money to stay running, rather than a physical temple that much fewer members will have the luxury to visit... Truth. Donations to the community is a far more worthy cause. I try and inform folks that there are many Jedi that could use the help more so than a physical temple. Gatherings themselves need alot of help and if folks cant even make it to a do we expect them to make it to a temple? A gathering averages about $4,000 a year. (Community Wide / Not sure what it is for TOTJO's gatherings) $150 per person (Although that pricing has been going up) Aaand I can't find the thread that discussed TOTJO's Expenses but I know it was nearing a $500 mark per year....Jestor or Br. John would know more? I think...I know from my own web experience that it is pricey to keep a place like this up and running. And then of course there are the individual communities and Jedi such as Rosalynns Jedi Community Action group. Or those that Run for Charity. As Jedi. What we do is far more important than where we go. :)
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • All my apprentices ... every last one of them ... and theirs too .... ... and some that aren't mine, but still ! ... and some who aren't quite apprentices yet, but still ! ;) Stars in the chilly clear mid-winter night ....
    • A Message (Last post by Streen)
    • Quote: Quote: You can't organize a system designed to mean a different thing to each individual. Yet here we stand, lol... :lol:... I'm glad you said that, Jestor. A system without rules in general. A way with many paths. 6h057> Jediism might be a religion, but the Jedi online have existed for at least 20 years, and all of us have always had our own interpretation of what being a Jedi is, what the Force is, and what we're supposed to be doing. That's what makes being a Jedi so great. You have complete freedom to do and think whatever you wish, while still holding onto the common ground that the Force is with us.
    • I think people are falling for it (Last post by Omhu Cuspor)
    • Quote: The thing is it always bothers me whenever I try asking questions. Whenever someone questions the official story, you see the media and the people have this "How dare you question your government?" mentality? I thought it was good to ask questions but apparently now that seems to be looked down upon. I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. Personally, given what we've seen since the turn of the century, I am disturbed more by people who dare not question their leadership more than I am by those who do question. I wasn't always like this, but can remember exactly what triggered the shift. In the months following 9/11, Colin Powell presented a well-known speech to the United Nations, presenting the U.S. administration's evidence that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction. Not long thereafter, an article from The Guardian , the respected news outlet from the U.K., fell into my hands. It heavily quoted a Cambridge professor who thought he recognized the text from which Powell was reading, and so started delving into his archives. He found the original document; it was the thesis of a graduate student focused on the situation in Iraq, written in 1991 - ten years earlier, when Bush the senior was preparing for Desert Storm. When the professor compared the thesis to the text of Powell's speech, he found even the misspellings and grammatical errors were the same. Powell has asserted that the document he was reading was current intelligence. That's when I knew things were not as they were being communicated to us. I see an awful lot from the conspiracy-theory community which strikes me as either unsupported or, sometimes, outright lunacy, but those we chide as part of the tin-hat crowd at least have their instincts well-tuned to the idea we are often being fooled. I encourage you to keep asking questions. Lots of people won't pay attention, but some will. Of those, some will oppose your point of view, and - when they are civil and thoughtful - it pays to consider what they say, as none of us is always right. The majority consensus, though, at least in this period, is IMHO most often wrong.
    • a new toy for fitness (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: I'd like to know what kind of bag that is, I don't see a stand at all. Am I blind? it has a water filled bladder on the bottom....despite its weight it's still not enough to keep the bag in place when i give it a solid some point i'm probably going to get a 100lb heavy bag and last 100lb bag was destroyed by 3 years of punches and kicks...

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