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    • Professor J Peterson Against Political Correctness... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • heres a transcript of the video Spoiler: host: ... blah blah blah, dr peterson is with me now because this debate has been simmering around the U of T about political correctness and some people are saying "we dont need to be being referred to by that certain pronoun of "him" or "her" -- but, whats the solution?" peterson: well the solution at the moment is mandated use of whatever pronoun someone demands to be referred to by." host: can they suggest anything? peterson: as far as i can tell they can, and im not trying to be alarmist about this but whats happened since the legislation was introduced is that theres been an explosion in gender identity categories. for example in new york now there are thirty-one protected gender identity categories and, as far as i can tell, there is nothing in the legislation that stops there from being a requirement for people to use a different pronoun for every one of those categories host so as a professor when you get a class does do people have to have a sign [like a name tag] on them to indicate which one they are/what they prefer? peterson well the practicalities of this are obviously one of the impediments to -- or one of the reasons for the legislation being improperly formatted, in my opinion i believe that when people were first considering drafting this they thought maybe there would be two-point-one genders, something like that you know, so there'd be "he", "she" and some alternative term which we havent settled on host its sort of like years ago when we had miss, mrs, and then people said "well we want ms." except theres only one ms so its just three categories, what youre telling us now is that there could be forty, there could be more peterson well theres fifty -eight on facebook host so what is the administration at the university saying to you when you say "well this just is unworkable" ? peterson they sent me two letters, one of which was a warning and one of which was a more serious warning stating that the fact that i was having even this discussion was probably illegal under the ontario human rights code - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I MADE THE VIDEO ABOUT, because i thought it probably WAS illegal so i do believe that under current ontario law, perhaps even the discussion that we're having right now is illegal. host well they arent running in here to arrest so us so we're fine for now peterson yes we are fine for now, but the university took that seriously enough to warn me but i also should say that on friday i went and talked to the dean - because they asked me to stop talking about it - i went and talked to the dean and i suggested that we deal with this like civilized human beings and have a public debate that the university would host on the issue, and they have agreed to do that. host so theyre gonna have a public debate and students and others can attend and people can say "well whats the solution"? peterson well i dont know if the public will be invited to attend but we are going to have it broadcast on youtube - livecast on youtube i think its going to be restricted to the university community but we are going to have a debate about it host so its not really just you then and the university, what is happening is that the university is saying "we have provincial law now which dictate certain actions on our behalf" peterson well i think that they ar every concerned about that yes - they actually thanked me, the dean of the faculty of arts and sciences david cameron actually thanked me for bringing this to the attention of the university community host yeah hes not a stupid man peterson no hes not, by, by no means host right so hes sensitive to this but theyre referencing provincial law, so when was the law changed? approximately peterson bill c-16 is the law at the federal level and it just passed second reading and this is law in five provinces already and is about to become national law and i also should point out that it makes discussion around pronoun use and around gender identity subject to the provisions of hate-speech - its not good host well it sounds like "fahrenheit 451" or something peterson yes, it does im posting this because not everyone can watch the videos and plenty who can just arent going to, but if its printed for you maybe that will make the difference to just read it and get an idea of the direction peterson made his original video because he interpreted the language of the bill to make it a crime of hate speech to even talk about gender identity and pronoun usage in a way that migh ofeend someone or "make them feel uncomfortable" and he explains that in detail in the first video iirc so his position is that 1) its stupid to make it a crime to have differing opinions and 2) its problematic for university professors (for example) to be restricted by "feelings" when talking about issues as fundamental to life as gender a person might not like what they hear but that doesnt mean it is wrong and in the business of education people need to be able to speak honestly about facts and issues, even if some finds it offensive to their feelings
    • Define "Real" (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • What is real? As defined by our friend Webster, a simple definition would be actually existing or happening: not imaginary; not fake, false, or artificial; important and deserving to be regarded or treated in a serious way. The full definition is long, and covers a myriad of additional things that could be real or ways to use the word. Okay, boring… :P Real, as in the way I believe it is used most often in the communication of ideas, is being able to be experienced. Can I recognize it with some level of perception? See, taste, smell, hear and feel. Can I observe its effects on the world around me? So is courage, love and integrity real? I can feel each of them when they occur… I can see their effects on others and the world around me… well, they seem real to me. At least as “real” as air, gravity or the Force. But, I probably believe many things are real that others may not. That’s okay with me. I don’t need someone else’s experience to validate my own. Nor do I require that others believe in things they can’t see or maybe haven’t experienced. And even if they have experienced them they can still choose to believe those things are real. At least not real as I believe them to be. Just as grass does not need people to believe in it to exist; I don’t think any of these things needs people’s belief in how real they are to be real and play a role in each of our lives. No matter what others may label them. I guess that’s really all I have to say on the whole thing. :blink: :laugh:
    • Hypocrisy of the 'Gay Wedding Cake' Case Ruling (Last post by Goken)
    • And THAT is why I asked that question. So far it felt as though you and I were on different sides of this but I now realize that we in fact agree on both of the points. The government shouldn't force businesses to do something that they don't want to do, but businesses shouldn't discriminate like that for moral reasons and just business reasons (i.e. why turn away a paying customer?) I like the bit about messing up the KKK cake so badly that they denounce your bakery and then you can brag about how the KKK hates you. Again, a brilliant marketing spin that I never would have thought of. Thank you for continuing to respond in this thread. Same to everyone else who has participated too. :woohoo:
    • This is posted in the Clergy section in my Block p... (Last post by Manu)
    • Quote: To not swing. To do nothing. Quote: It's the trying not the achieving that's important. The trip not the destination Swinging is better than not swinging. But hitting the ball is the goal, right? Of course, sometimes you don't get a hit, and that shouldn't stop you from trying. But if we constantly swing and simply feel content that we got to try, won't we diminish the drive to actually get that eventual, precious hit?
    • What's Your Alignment? (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: real, and fundamental to human interaction Quote: No actually those things are not real, Just like evil is not real. These are also a paradigm we made up to classify a family of thoughts and actions, nothing more. i do want to talk about this, but not here...
    • A Jedi Retreat/Temple (Last post by Codex)
    • Quote: Joking ...they r seriouserious about their lawn darts hu? Hehe, no idea what weird games they play there Carlos! Maybe we should give it a try? ;) Chambord is just way, way, too big.. almost scary.. :blush: I really do like the old style and that is actually the only reason I like to show Chambord. These days people do not make nice stairs anymore, I enjoy those details so much that I miss is every time I enter a 'new build' place. It makes me sad that so many buildings are industrial made. :( And it is very special to see craftsmanship too, makes me happy. :cheer:
    • Is Hierarchy Truly the Way of the Force? (Last post by Kyrin Wyldstar)
    • Quote: Abrahamic traditions see all things as a hierarchical ist of beings, seeing God at the top, then humans, animals, and then the Earth. Many Indigenous traditions see all these things on a spectrum, making God, humans, animals and the Earth on the same level. I find that the Jedi Order follows the hierarchical list in terms of rank and wisdom, but should this be so? Does a rank truly represent one's wisdom? Even though the Force and humans have different abilities, I do not believe that one is better than the other, as is suggested by a hierarchical list. Ranks are not truly present in the universe, as all things have their strengths and weaknesses. Before I call for a Reform of some sort I would like to hear your thoughts. Of course there is hierarchy in nature but that has nothing to do with wisdom. We all must submit to authority in one form or another, that ultimate authority being The Force. We cannot escape certain destinies imposed on us by outside influences. In addition we are naturally hierarchical within our species. We submit ourselves to external authority in a hierarchical fashion because it gains us something - A job, training, education etc. Each day you must decide for yourself whether that submission remains worthwhile or not. And if it becomes something that is not, you always have the option to leave. As for calling for reform, what makes you think that it would be considered? This site is not a republic. Its leaders are not elected, they are appointed. In fact it is an empire where Jedi pursue power just as much as any other. However the power they pursue is the power of focus to gain knowledge and wisdom. And yes that can be corrupted as well. Its been said over and over that no one is better that any other on this site and yet I have seen Knights demean apprentices by calling them children or novices or young ones etc. As an apprentice with more life experience that probably 90% of this temple I find that insulting. However those sorts of comments are few and far between most of the time. So in the end you must weigh for yourself whether or not the benefit you will receive is worth the sacrifice you must make here to submit yourself. I for one continue to find it a worthy undertaking as I train under a Master that is well suited to my pursuits. He is highly intelligent and has followed a similar life path as mine so we relate very well and we have followed a natural path of learning together that challenges and engages me vs one of him just dictating what I must accomplish with no regard to where I have been. I find that highly valuable and so I continue on that path. And at some point I may decide that it no longer serves me and that is ok as well. But you will have to make those decisions for yourself. In the end you have to ask yourself "is it worth it or not"? "Do I take the risk to potentially find something great or do I walk away and always wonder what could have been"? For me to try and to fail is better than to have never tried at all.
    • Codex`s Art Gallery (Last post by Codex)
    • Image of the source: Look for inspiration sources, try the new ideas return an echo, between the mountains ask and see all that there is dry from the inside seeking for more creep towards shadow, dessert with warmth return that become one with it melt all away, and you see nothing is there, except the return an echo trough time ~ , 27-10-2016
    • Walking the Walk vs Talking the Talk (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Quote: Jediism should be real and practical. The days of Faith, belief and supernatural should be over. We should believe what is real. What exactly is real? Is a dream real? Can you look at the above statement again and see anything wrong? Belief is belief, anyway you slice it...
    • The Block (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • The Try factor In every human Being lives something. Same as the connection we share together. I l never officially name it, im no fool but I will acknowledge it every chance I get. There is something that lives in us. For some its dormant and for others its blazing with constant give. Its the TRY. Im not sure what or where and I wont even begin to label things what they are and are not but in us is that try. That small spark of "I will" or the "I can". Often times in my life I find some moments so frequent that the try is sometimes automatically suggested. Well, if he's there he will figure it out. Now, I am no stranger to different mind sets and such, but to not try is I think most harmful. To not swing. To do nothing. Now trust me when I say I understand the uncarved block. I am the un carved block, but its the try that shapes me. It is the try's that make the evidence of what is needed or not needed. Its the try's that make the path what It is. When you have a doubt next time Jedi , here a encouraging word... TRY All my heart Jedi Carlos

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