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    • Smart Guns (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • Quote: Ignore that my phone opened up tapatalk in my pocket. Ironic, in a thread about smart guns... would they also "open" in our pockets? xD
    • Should jedi train in combat? (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: I suggest seeking wisdom first in whatever you pursue, Sam. No weapon can prepare you if your mind isn't prepared, and you need no weapon if it is. While there is some wisdom in this I would argue that it is a bit misleading. I can be the most patient, kind, intelligent, wise, sage like person in the world and still be attacked with a weapon, and no matter how much training I do a weapon will almost always be more useful when defending myself against an armed assailant than not having one.
    • The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality (Last post by Goken)
    • Every time I read about the observer effect or things like this article I have two reactions, usually right after the other. The first is "Holy cow this changes everything, my life will never be the same." The second is "That's cool and all, but how does that actually change anything on a practical level for me?" It is good to think about how our perception creates our reality but some times I feel like quantum physics is just thinking about stuff to think about it. I know that's not really it but some times it feels that way. :laugh: We can never know what the snake actually is, only what our brain tells us it is. Deep, but since I can't know why worry about it? I did really like the desktop analogy. That file on my computer desktop isn't actually a file in my computer. [image]
    • The Martial Art of Pat-a-Kai (Last post by Goken)
    • This was very funny, but I also really liked it and might actually utilize this when working with children. Thank you.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Kit)
    • No! I've been asking for SIX MONTHS to have someone else working here with me. SIX MONTHS! And now that I want to take ONE day off so I can celebrate my birthday it's "Well....probably not. You're the only one here...." No! LEADERSHIP has been unable to give me what I need to do my job. This isn't a fault of my own. And now you're going to keep me from enjoying a day with my family? Because you wouldn't cough up one more body? For a job that is just traffic directing anyways. I'm not mission essential. I'm not. I'm useful, but not detrimental to the workings of the squadron. You can try to convince me of my value to the squadron all you want but I've been working this job for two long unnecessary years. I let you take away the time I was going to spend with my sister for her wedding. I will walk up the chain if you don't give me a better answer than "You're one-deep in your job". Shoulda thought about that before you 'forgot' to send me the help I needed.
    • Untrustworthy Blood (Last post by KerriBear37)
    • A while back when I was younger, my mom had married a man who had several children, all of them were much older than I was. One of them had an addictive personality, and many times we had our home broken in to because he owed people money, and to this day he still owes me over $300 for money that I gave him, and who know how much he owes me from things he took from me. A rift slowly formed in the family because of this ones actions. We were all aware that he was doing drugs and stealing from all of us, yet no one wanted to confront him. Eventually one of the sisters did and he was sent to rehab. All in all, he went to rehab three separate times, and still never learned anything, never got better. Eventually it came to a head one night while I was away in a different state. He had come home full of drugs, drunk beyond belief and began rampaging, threatening physical violence. My mother had to protect his own children from him. Despite all of this happening, my step-father was always on his side. Never did anything to help the situation, never did anything to stop things like that from happening. Whenever it came down to me, my sister and my mother versus him, he always chose him. Now I can understand that he would choose his own son, but the fact remains that we all lost thousands of dollars worth of stuff, were in near constant danger from either him or his friends (or his enemies) and we're always in some kind of fight with some member of the family because we were always stuck fixing his messes. We learned that the best thing to do was distance ourselves, and we did. My mother divorced the man, and we left. Most of our things are still at that house as we just kind of up and left one day. We've all moved on, and after cutting that negativity from our lives, things have improved dramatically. I dont necessarily have any kind of advice for you, I just wanted to share this story to see if you could glean anything from it to help you make a decision about what to do. I hope it helps, and good luck! May the Force be with you!
    • Initiation programme (Last post by Prelalo)
    • So much insight on beliefs and disbeliefs, I really appreciate it everybody. I just finished the audio. My first part will be from I took from it, second part is brief meanings and stories behind five of the five mythologies, and third is going to be a final review and then a couple paragraphs of what I believe.
    • Your Jedi Rituals (Last post by Archon)
    • My "ritual" is to recite the Creed when I am faced with a tough decision. The words remind me to be myself.
    • TOTJO Clergy Structure (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: 'cmwatts' added to the 'Seminarian' Key. 'Competent' added to the 'Seminarian' Key. 'J_Roz' added to the 'Seminarian' Key. 'elizabeth' added to the 'Seminarian Key.
    • "Camping’ on Your Own Land is Now Illegal — G... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • I havent found much from "the other side" in fact, every time i have looked, i have simply found more instances of off the grid living being - seemingly at least - deliberately opposed by government from nuisance abatement teams to the "conspiracy theory" sounding but actually true "United Nations Agenda 21" and even a situation which has the hallmarks of deliberate infiltration by government agents lol i know how hokey that sounds and i admit that its certainly not the only possibility - "off the grid" attracts a wide variety of individuals, including some pretty extreme types, im sure the use of public water does make sense as a valid issue to be dealt with, but still i do get the impression that there is intentional effort by the government to oppose this lifestyle [image]
    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by sNe1a)
    • Piggy - Nine Inch Nails I actually can't provide a link because I am listening the old fashion way. CD player!! Just look it up, it is a great song. I listen to this when I am moping around in self-pity. It really helps. I just remembered that I can provide the MPEG Layer 3 Audio File. Enjoy the file. [attachment]

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