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    • Knights of Awakening: Jedi Safe Spaces (Charles Mc... (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • Quote: That which I consider nonsense does not usually inspire such ire in me. Things only bother me, if there is indeed something to be bothered about. Now, I could project it back on the source of it, easy enough, but then I am simply denying the opportunity to understand why I reacted in such a way. Ah, yes, I've been thinking about this since I first posted my reaction. Is it accurate to say I give no weight to what McBride says if I took the time to write a three and a half paragraph response? Yeah, it bothers me as many opinions I strongly disagree with do, but McBride isn't the sole problem. He's merely the focal point for which I can address my response to an opinion I've heard voiced more than once. So I guess it's not true that I don't give any weight to McBride. I clearly care a great deal about the issue of safe spaces and what McBride articulated a viewpoint I strongly disagree with.
    • Dilemma (Last post by Edan)
    • I'll ask you a question... regardless of your behaviour on the internet, how would you feel if someone released sensitive information on you, information perhaps completely irrelevant to your attendance here, for example? If I were in your place, I would deal with their behaviour on my site, and only that, using whatever rules your site has set up to deal with people who cause problems for other members... everything else, wouldn't be my business, and I'd leave it be.
    • On the Nature of Crime vs War - An Open Discussion... (Last post by Kyrin Wyldstar)
    • Dude, We don’t see as much outright armed conflict in the world because the nature of war is changing today just as much as it had changed in this nations infancy when lines of men firing at each other was replaced with armies using cover and fire and maneuver tactics or Viet Nam where Guerilla warfare tactics were very successfully used. The face of war is just changing. I appreciate your position and I commend your values. But have you really thought about your stance? What exactly is “World Peace”? How do you define it? Is it by the size of the armies involved? Is it just a state of conflict between nations? What happens when we finally achieve this state of “World Peace” you think is coming? Do we just slap our hands together as if to clean them and say “Well that’s done”. What is there to keep that state of peace in place? How do you make people or nations or societies maintain that peace? We may be in a decline right now as you say, but I think that mankind exists in a cyclic nature and our state of “Peace” is no exception. I think we are a low point in that cycle but it will cycle up again like the ebb and flow of a tide but it will not continue downward indefinitely. Do you know how many dictator nations are in existence today? If you scroll down through this list of regimes you will find military and civilian dictatorship after dictatorship. What happens when some of these nations like North Korea or Iran gains nuclear capability. Do you think that North Korea does not want South Korea back or that Iran does not want to wipe the state of Israel off the face off the earth? Iran is one of the biggest sponsors of domestic terrorism in history and Obama just gave them nuclear freedom and a billion some odd dollars to develop it with. Do you think for one second that once they get that they will not hesitate to give it to terrorists to use against their enemies? If you do believe that you are incredibly naive I think. Let’s get away from political conflict for a moment. What if there is an environmental disaster? A meteor strikes the earth or global warming causes massive droughts, leading to massive population migrations and the potential for violent conflict over the fight for resources. What happens when we venture into space and there are disputes over other worlds or entire populations come under oppression from corporations bent on making a profit? I know some of these may seem farfetched but these possibilities do exist. The point is that human emotion cannot be so easily set aside. Greed and hate and power, even the will to survive are all powerful driving forces in our psyche and men and women will fight. It is just in our nature. Because of that we must always maintain a vigilance and we as a nation must always maintain a strong military presence. As I state in my signature. Live for peace but prepare for war. It is the most practical way to live I think. To me if even one man takes up arms against another we are not in a state of “World Peace”. If one child goes hungry or one mother can’t get clean water for her children or a nation of people are denied basic freedoms like speech because they are under the thumb of a dictator we are not in a state of “World Peace”. The term is a buzzword and it is an illusion. There is no such thing and there can be no such thing because it is a state of perfection that we will never achieve in this reality. Without conflict there can be no definition of peace to define it by. It’s a catch 22. We can strive for a “Better Peace” but never a perfect peace. Our reality is defined by conflict and suffering just as much as it is by Peace and Joy. We can never get rid of any of them completely. To bring things back down to a more practical state, I’m glad you could honestly answer my questions about Israel and Afghanistan. Many would have avoided that and I appreciate your forthrightness. I don’t agree with your positions but I would defend your right to have them to the death. That’s what is so great about America. We are not a perfect nation and yes we do make mistakes but we enjoy the freedom to discuss issues like this openly and honestly and I for one am thankful for that. In the end I don’t feel that our actions were in any way responsible for the rise of ISIS any more than those of the United Nations or Saudi Arabia itself. These groups made decisions that they felt were in the best interests of their nations and their allies. It was at this point that Organizations like ISIS had a choice. The choice to either choose terror or diplomacy to fight what they felt were unjust actions. Unfortunately they chose terror. That was not our fault, it was their choice. And as I stated above if even one man chooses terror or violence over diplomacy and compromise to resolve any conflict we are not in a state of World Peace. As long as that is the case I feel no remorse in deploying any means available up to and including deadly force to resolve that situation. That means individually or by military intervention. In the end, enacting that sort of action will save more lives than doing nothing or trying to negotiate with them. Brutal force can only be defeated by a greater force.
    • Meditation (Last post by tzb)
    • It varies, between 1-90 minutes :D On average around 15-20 minutes a day. But even just a few mindful breaths on those frantically busy days can work wonders.
    • Tai chi chuan for begginers (Last post by shifu)
    • The video of Taiji is an example in point there are some fundimental errors in following taiji first principles, if you follow the classic chinese medical model then these errors will lead to blocked qi at best the western medical model will lead to knee pain and patela misalinement long term painfull knees are not muck fun and the replacements are not that good .
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by tzb)
    • Grateful for the learning and, moreso, the realisations during the course of my discussions at the gathering yesterday. Grateful for the opportunity to grow in every area of my life, especially those where I believed I was "pretty much there".
    • How to create a group ?? (Last post by tzb)
    • A good way to gauge/demonstrate that interest and to find out if a Knight is one of those interested is to start a forum thread on the topic in question :)
    • Any pipe smokers here? (Last post by Jedi Druid)
    • I know it's a few months past since the last post here, but still wanted to add my two cents. I have nearly a dozen pipes of different ilks, but my favorite is a half-bent meerschaum with no design. I tend to smoke a little hot and the meerschaum seems to stay a little cooler. My favorite tobacco is a house blend from Just For Him in Springfield, Missouri that I have shipped to my house when I need it; it's called Treebeard from their Middle Earth Pipeweed blends (the also have, Old Toby, Ruins of Isengaard, Shortcut to Mushrooms, and Longbottom Leaf). It's delicious with some sweet vanillas in the mouth, little bite, and a bit of a nutty scent in its "room smell". Haven't found one yet to compare! Will upload some pics when I get a chance...
    • Mail (Last post by MadHatter)
    • Quote: If I sign up for the church, will I receive any mail from here? I would prefer not to The only email you get is what you allow under the email preferences section of your profile settings. No physical mail is sent that I am aware of unless you ask for a certificate that you have earned.
    • This Gave Me Hope (Last post by Soma)
    • Quote: I would like to start a thread similar to the grateful thread and the self-forgiveness thread. A thread where we can all share things that gave us hope today. In the face of a cruel and unfair world filled with bad people there is still always hope, you just have to open yourself up to it. So open yourself up and let that hope spill out to others. I thought this was a very inspiring story about a man named David Young... :
    • jedi Buddhist (Last post by shifu)
    • a short answer :huh: Ch`an buddhisum associated with shaolin study as with most of chinese life can be seen in this analogy, Buddhisum is the house Confucianism is the way the house is run Daoisum is the feeling within the house The body needs to be trained according to a structure the middle way, The mind needs to have a place within which to locate itsself, order, but within which you the internal can change according to the actions of the external others. The unity of body and mind leads on to the spirit, the spirit is you the internal them the external in harmony. Study of these Philosophies will give a compase heading in which to travel, aguide/teacher in your chosen model of practice will narrow the paths down on which you travel but you choose, when young take the difficult path, travel will make the path easier but no less interesting. Remember you have two teachers the external and the internal learn from both, all teachers need teachers to keep them true.

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