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    • Force Realist TV (Last post by Lleiffermawr)
    • Greetings, The first thing I learned back when I first became a Freemason, which I have brought with me in any spiritual, philosophical, or religious group I have become a part of is that one's political views, should not be focused upon specific candidates or political parties, but more on the issues themselves, and certainly we have a right to our own views, but that sometimes it is better NOT to bring them up. Not because they do not matter. But because they may matter to us TOO much. We become attached to the expectations that our personal views SHOULD be shared with others, and by that I mean that they should agree with us. When they do not agree with us, that is when the natural reaction is to become angry, and thus, lose our sense of balance. That is when disagreements turn heated. We have the joy of living in a Republic, which champions a democratic method of choice. We choose our Senators and Representatives, who in turn vote according to their own views, which they try to mimic what the majority of their constituents decide it legal. We must also remember that what is legal isn't necessarily right. There is a difference between legal and moral or ethical. Thank you for sharing this video, it has given me a lot to meditate upon tonight. And I feel you have touched on something important for all Jedi to take a look at.
    • Is offending a group of people always bad? (Last post by Entropist)
    • Quote: My issue is with causing another living entity to suffer because it is thought to make it taste better. But there is no dehumanization being done. And the only reason I wrote the people I did is because they are the ones that could implement change in their areas. :) This is exactly the crux of the discussion, however, generalising an entire ethinicity as a means of identification, erases individuality as means of dehumanisation. So yes dehumanisation by generalisation and racial prejudice is clearly committed from the start in this thread. No one is saying you, so there's no reason to identify with relevance; we are only talking about the issues of the topic. The two concepts are inappropriately and unreasonably mixed, therefore is a means of racial prejudice. As a result, the thread needs to choose to stay on the topic of offending people; or create another topic on torture, and racial prejudice. Quote: As to justice… I agreed that the idea of justice is simple. It is in the execution that degrees of difficulty are found. And I explained why that is so. And I explained why because the concept of “fair” may be universally translated but again, its execution is not universally agreed on. And that is why we are having the debate we are having now. In China, there is a group of people that believe their treatment of a life form is fair and I do not. :dry: Only good reason will support a claim. So please refer me to the post number where you explained where the practice of justice is difficult? The context is offenders that committed a wrong is clear and simple, and therefore always bad. But, if someone were to disagree that offenders are not always bad; let the reason speak to support the claim, otherwise the claim is unfounded and unsupported by reason; i.e. unreasonable
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Edan)
    • Another one... The sun was rising above the city; I sat on the rooftop of the cathedral, leaning back on my elbows, admiring the bleeding of red and orange sun into a lightening blue sky. The people down below, the few who were out, were small and difficult to make out. I had watched them only briefly when the terracotta tiles had first become my seat. There was a slight breeze rustling leaves, and a pleasant chill to the air, the smell of the morning waking up the world. Footsteps behind, then the familiar presence joined me at the edge. “This is an unusual spot for you” he noted, as he sat himself, legs dangling, over the edge of the roof. “Sometimes I need to remind myself the light is there” I replied, and it was especially beautiful this particular morning. “Pensive?” “Always.” “So tell me about it.” It didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing, there was a warmth to his words that always comforted. Minutes in his company, or hours, he always had the time, exactly the right time, to listen. “Whenever I think I have solved my issues with how I feel, I find that I in fact simply moved them about a bit.” “Well,” he replied, admiring the sun briefly, “that is because it is not a problem that has a solution, as you think.” He tensed a little, “you see, whenever we talk you go away feeling that you’re somehow a little broken still. You put those feelings to the back of your mind and you leave here for a while, you go out into the world and be one of those little people below." There was a shout below us, both looking down to see its origin, it faded, and our attentions returned. “You hold everything in, retreating into yourself so you can be ‘normal’ for just a little while. But then who you really are starts to gain strength again, slowly taking hold and for a while you own that.” Listening was hard and I found that I couldn’t look at him as he spoke, my focus honed on birds on a distant rooftop. “Look at me!” Momentarily I paused, before I broke my gaze and slowly met his eyes. “But, you let the fear of being strange beat you down again. And in the shadows you show yourself only to the little flame, before extinguishing it once the day is done.” He leaned forward and took my hand with both of his, “Be you! In all that you are, in all that you believe, seize it! And don’t be afraid."
    • [Science] - Free will could all be an illusion (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: Thank you for that... "you have the destiny to live out your free will choices" Thats what I have said, lol... :) Edit: Imma watch that tonight... :) id be interested to "hear" your thoughts on it if you do get the chance to watch it and no worries if you dont its a great lecture imo, he always covers a lot of material in his talks, this is one of my favorites, because explains how the big five model of personality came to be, the value of introversion vs extroversion, gives an easy to understand intro to brain and nervous system function, human echolocation and the likely origins of the blind swordsman myth, and the western explanation of maya you should watch this video because he plays it in the lecture but we cant see it, its less than 2 minutes youve probably seen it or at least something like it, but its good to refresh and if you havent seen this version yet you might enjoy it
    • Aqua`s Art Gallery (Last post by Aqua)
    • Horse walk above the clouds: The empty dream journey, a time of silence fly with me, over my clouds hear the wind blowing over your wings hear the wings moving in the air journey in cloud, flight on horseback my emptiness the noble horse Pegasus wild and gentle, moving trough fields bringer of lightning, walk the sky show me your wings Aqua, 26-05-2016
    • Question of the Day (Last post by MadHatter)
    • I have received permission from Knight Reliah to post here until she is back from leave. So today's question of the day is: Do you think the world will be a better or worse place in 100 years from now? Why? Please answer in your own journal.
    • Recipes and Goals (Just a thought) (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • I made this: about an hour ago with a teeeeny tiny bit of sugar on it and it was SO FREAKIN' GOOD. And I was thinking, next time I'm going to dip it in marinara sauce. Then I'm going to have it with tuna salad in the middle. Then stuff for a taco spread out on it. Really it was good. And easy. And best of all the ingredients list is tiny (I never have anything in the house, so this is an important one). Just make sure the oil is hot enough when you drop it in... and don't burn yourself (I did because I'm a noob). I know this wasn't the point of your thread, but I had a good experience and wanted to share xD
    • Why silence is often the best response to a verbal... (Last post by Brick)
    • Quote: The irony of this entire dialogue is that perhaps the best way to resolve any differences of opinion or to prove the reasonable and logical legitimacy of claims made here would be silence from everyone going forward. :whistle: :laugh:
    • Homosexuality. (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • Another piece that was agreed upon across the community, from a document called "The Jedi Compass" - Quote: Tolerance- You do not need to agree with someone's religion, their nationality, their career choice, their dress or anything else for that matter. Tolerance is not about agreement, it is about showing respect for the freedom of a persons choices and to respect their choices, until it reaches a point in which a reasonable person would consider the individual's actions as a/an (emotionally, spiritually, financially, and/or physically) abusive threat to you or another person. You might not agree with people being homosexual, but it doesn't hurt anyone- and therefore if you don't agree with it, you must make the decision to let them be homosexual if that makes them happy (I've met Jedi that don't agree with homosexuality, but they have made the decision to not act on their disagreement with such).
    • Jediism Day and a Vow of Silence (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • For me, talking is part of my job (I'm a teacher) - and who's going to shout at my kids if not me :-) But I'd still be interesting how things turned out for you? Did you manage to do this the entire day yesterday?
    • Defining Jedi and Sith (Last post by RyuJin)
    • what is a sith? whatever they decide they are... what is a jedi? whatever they decide they are... who are you? whomever you decide you are... who am i? whomever i decide i am... your focus determines your reality...if you believe you need clearly defined parameters to identify the world around you, then only you can clearly define those parameters in a way that you fully understand. most things cannot be clearly defined in a manner that is universally blue is not the same as everyone else's blue... only in fiction do the sith follow the "rule of two" the real world most sith are either fiercely independent, or strong team players...independent ones usually only trust their own abilities to achieve their goals, the team players usually trust that their teammates abilities will aid in achieving their goals... i've been down both paths...both paths can be solitary and internal, both can be communal and is what you make of it, no matter what path you travel...

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