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    • Original Jediism material vs. outside material (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • Quote: To consider an active exploration of our own growth to be "desperation" is telling. Of what, exactly? If you're going to make passive aggressive accusations, I expect you to defend them. Quote: Furthermore, the common Jedi attitude of "aggressive apathy" is very disconcerting in the long term and infuriating in the short term. So change.
    • Add Chomsky to the Initiate Program (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • I meant to add my $0.02 earlier and forgot. My thought is that there may be a place for Chomsky, but I don't think it's in the IP. The IP is supposed to familiarize people with what we're about and to prepare them for the possibility of continuing their training on the Jedi path as we do it here. I don't really think Chomsky does that for everyone.
    • Pacifism. (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: I don't see why it has to come down to one extreme or the other. We fight when we need to, we kill when we have to, and we train to have the capability to do so and the wisdom to know when it is or is not necessary Perhaps pacifism is a difference somewhere in that determination to certain types of action or inaction. I've always imagined the best warriors hated war, because I thought it would be a prerequisite to being wise in its conduct. I keep typing pacificism but I swear I've nothing against the Indian, Atlantics, Arctics and Antarctics among us :silly:
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Jour 39 Ligoté à l'Image de la Liberté, Avec tant d'autres de ses esclaves, Je tire sur la chaîne, ses maillots Forts et épais, du fer forgés Par le feu et des milliers de Morts Abattus pour bâtir son Image Mise à la place laissée par nos tyrans … Je regarde mes mains grippant Fermement les maillots lourds Et soupir de fatigue, Épuisé du port de ce poids. Là, inscrit sur chaque anneau pondéreux, À peine perceptible Où personne ne les voit, Figure ces mots : « Je suis …  » « Je veux …  » « Je mérite …  » « J'ai besoin de …  » Me levant la tête, Je mire le visage de l'Image de la Liberté, Cette mère marbrée que je ne connais guère ; Elle prit la place au nombril du Monde, Où moi, je suis devenu tyran ! * Fettered to the Image of Liberty, With so many other of her slaves, I pull on the chain, its links Strong and thick, of iron forged By fire and thousands of Dead Butchered to build her Image Put in the place left by our tyrants … I look my hands gripping Firmly the heavy links And sigh from fatigue, Exhausted from carrying this weight. There, inscribed on each ponderous ring, Barely visible Where no one sees them, Figure these words : “I am ...” “I want ...” “I deserve ...” “I need ...” Raising my head, I look into the face of the Image of Liberty, This marbled mother that I hardly know ; She took the place at the World Navel, Where I, myself, have become the tyrant ! Alexandre Orion 8-9 février 2016
    • A path before/alongside jediism? (Last post by Aspen Evenstaad)
    • The closest I have to a religion is some sort of conglomeration between the teachings/scholarship of Carl Jung and the writings of a few philosophers - Gottfried Leibniz (monadology), Rene Descartes (taken with a grain of salt), Nietzsche (some of the basic ideas, though not necessarily the writings themselves). I feel a deep connection and appreciation with nature, which I feel connects me to the "religions" of many groups of "native" peoples around the globe. I have lately been exposed to and studying along the lines of the Taoist tradition - Qi Gong, etc. - but I do not consider this a religious endeavor. Mostly, I feel this is encompassed in Jungian psychology. Jung has all of the essentials there - the hero's journey, the anima/animus, confrontation with the "dark side", the spiritual mentor -- all on a journey to find one's own higher self. This is what resonates for me.
    • Jedi History Interactive Video Lecture (Last post by Opie Macleod)
    • The history of our community is something I find interesting. So I like exploring it and this is something I have hosted a few times now through Google Hangouts On Air. This time we will be exploring the old Jedi Temple website (also known as Temple of the Jedi). Originally created by John Olorin in the late 1990's. Which was a very active and promising Jedi Site that fell to .... Jedi Unity?!? Dun Dun Dunnnn!! How did that happen? We shall explore and seek to find out. If you'd like to join me (and other Jedi) for this live interactive Video Lecture (which will include a chance to explore the long lost Jedi Temple website and a Q&A segment) you can tune in using one of the links below. If you can't make it or discover this post after the lecture date, no worries, it will be on YouTube for viewing later on. Lecture Date: Thursday, February 11th, 2016. Lecture Time: 6:00pm Pacific - 9:00pm Eastern - 0200 UTC. Lecture Place: Google Hangouts On Air Links: (will not be available until after 02-11-16)

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