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    • How did you know when you were a Jedi? (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Quote: As the title says.... How did you know when you'd gone from non Jedi to Jedi? That is kind of a Loaded question :-p lol The quick and easy answer would be the moment I started realizing that the Fictional Movies and Stories had alot of Beliefs that I adhered to. So...15 years old? 16.... After that there was alot of up and down's due to the up and down's of the community. "Oh we adhere closely to fiction!" and "We don't give a rats Arse about the fiction!" and "Well we are REAL Jedi" and "We just do what we can to better improve ourselves" and.....well all the arguments go on and im sure most of you already know them so.... ;) 2014 when I took my Knighting Trials at the Gathering was about when I settled down and realized that I don't really care what the community says. I am Kitsu Tails, Also known as Trisskar. I am a Jedi Mom and im proud of it. :)
    • The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: I personally don't think that men get enough focus. I know it's easy to focus on the women. But I think we're putting a lot of pressure on men with the current media focus. If you find a similar article to this expressing the problems men have and you are more than welcome to post it :)
    • Physical temple (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Quote: Why not donate to the TOTJO instead? Donations are (I would think) a much higher priority being that the site needs money to stay running, rather than a physical temple that much fewer members will have the luxury to visit... Truth. Donations to the community is a far more worthy cause. I try and inform folks that there are many Jedi that could use the help more so than a physical temple. Gatherings themselves need alot of help and if folks cant even make it to a do we expect them to make it to a temple? A gathering averages about $4,000 a year. (Community Wide / Not sure what it is for TOTJO's gatherings) $150 per person (Although that pricing has been going up) Aaand I can't find the thread that discussed TOTJO's Expenses but I know it was nearing a $500 mark per year....Jestor or Br. John would know more? I think...I know from my own web experience that it is pricey to keep a place like this up and running. And then of course there are the individual communities and Jedi such as Rosalynns Jedi Community Action group. Or those that Run for Charity. As Jedi. What we do is far more important than where we go. :)
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • All my apprentices ... every last one of them ... and theirs too .... ... and some that aren't mine, but still ! ... and some who aren't quite apprentices yet, but still ! ;) Stars in the chilly clear mid-winter night ....
    • Heaven, Hell, Re-incarnation? (Last post by Liwa Nim)
    • Thank you for the ocean analogy Proteus :) When this topic comes up, I like to throw a curve ball and respond with, "Where were you before you were born?" All I know of death is what I can observe. The animate becomes inanimate, and then it is broken down into its base elements which are distributed throughout the environment. As to what becomes of meta-cognition (which is what we usually think of as "the self") I have no idea because I don't really even know what it is right now haha. I loved Proteus's analogy because it shows how things work. The same natural Forces that act on the tides also act on everything else. That's why it's said by wise dead Asians that if you understand the nature of one thing fully, you understand the nature of all things. Because all things are moved by the same Force. What's more important to me than what "I" become after I die, is what "I" am right Now.
    • A Message (Last post by Streen)
    • Quote: Quote: You can't organize a system designed to mean a different thing to each individual. Yet here we stand, lol... :lol:... I'm glad you said that, Jestor. A system without rules in general. A way with many paths. 6h057> Jediism might be a religion, but the Jedi online have existed for at least 20 years, and all of us have always had our own interpretation of what being a Jedi is, what the Force is, and what we're supposed to be doing. That's what makes being a Jedi so great. You have complete freedom to do and think whatever you wish, while still holding onto the common ground that the Force is with us.
    • I think people are falling for it (Last post by Omhu Cuspor)
    • Quote: The thing is it always bothers me whenever I try asking questions. Whenever someone questions the official story, you see the media and the people have this "How dare you question your government?" mentality? I thought it was good to ask questions but apparently now that seems to be looked down upon. I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. Personally, given what we've seen since the turn of the century, I am disturbed more by people who dare not question their leadership more than I am by those who do question. I wasn't always like this, but can remember exactly what triggered the shift. In the months following 9/11, Colin Powell presented a well-known speech to the United Nations, presenting the U.S. administration's evidence that Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction. Not long thereafter, an article from The Guardian , the respected news outlet from the U.K., fell into my hands. It heavily quoted a Cambridge professor who thought he recognized the text from which Powell was reading, and so started delving into his archives. He found the original document; it was the thesis of a graduate student focused on the situation in Iraq, written in 1991 - ten years earlier, when Bush the senior was preparing for Desert Storm. When the professor compared the thesis to the text of Powell's speech, he found even the misspellings and grammatical errors were the same. Powell has asserted that the document he was reading was current intelligence. That's when I knew things were not as they were being communicated to us. I see an awful lot from the conspiracy-theory community which strikes me as either unsupported or, sometimes, outright lunacy, but those we chide as part of the tin-hat crowd at least have their instincts well-tuned to the idea we are often being fooled. I encourage you to keep asking questions. Lots of people won't pay attention, but some will. Of those, some will oppose your point of view, and - when they are civil and thoughtful - it pays to consider what they say, as none of us is always right. The majority consensus, though, at least in this period, is IMHO most often wrong.
    • a new toy for fitness (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: I'd like to know what kind of bag that is, I don't see a stand at all. Am I blind? it has a water filled bladder on the bottom....despite its weight it's still not enough to keep the bag in place when i give it a solid some point i'm probably going to get a 100lb heavy bag and last 100lb bag was destroyed by 3 years of punches and kicks...
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Edan)
    • I hate feeling like this. Just had to remind myself I really could go into a shop and buy milk because I suddenly had strong social anxiety. But saying that....
    • The Force as described by a physicist? (Last post by Gisteron)
    • The limits of science lie where the limits of reality do. We can know things outside of that by other means, but inside those aforementioned bounds of reality all these means are incorporated deeply into science and neither anything more than it is required nor is anything less sufficient for within that realm.
    • Musings of a Madman (Last post by Gisteron)
    • So I did google speed of light slowing down, found a number of popular science magazines talking about slowing down light through refractive media and a few creationist websites. Now one of those isn't talking about the natural constant c and the other is talking anti-science by principle. While the speed of light is defined as constant, there is nothing technically wrong with viewing the speed of light as a variable and other things as constant in its stead; it's just incredibly inconvenient seeing how almost all of physics would have to be discarded and written anew. But anyone and everyone is welcome to go ahead and try that and I'm sure the first one to succeed will go home with a Nobel Prize that day. On another note, gravity is not a repulsive but an attractive force and dark energy is not the same as negative mass. When astronomers or physicists speak of dark matter or energy they mean such that does not register on spectrometers, not one that is in any way twisted or the opposite of their conventional counter-parts. And speaking of gravity, when we say force we don't mean some magical thing that affects things either, but rather the time derivative of momentum. Now, in classical mechanics that would mean the product of velocity and mass time derivative added to the product of mass and acceleration. However, light does not have mass, so the mechanical momentum can't be it. Instead we know - from relativity - that it's energy is the product of its velocity and momentum. At the risk of losing you here or making a whole bunch of mistakes or both, I shall not go ahead and deduce that from Maxwell's equations. Anyway, the energy of a unit of light I shall henceforth call photon is proportional to its frequency and as with any wave, the speed is the product of wavelength and frequency, so we end up with the momentum being inversely proportional to the wavelength and I shall henceforth call the scale factor Planck's constant. Of course what we have now is the magnitude of a momentum that does not depend at all on time and doesn't involve speed. So therefore the time derivative of that magnitude is zero and the photon's speed doesn't change, eventhough a force - gravity - is present. But of course momentum being a vector quantity it has not only a magnitude but also a direction, so that must be what the force is acting upon and this is what we observe: In the vicinity of a gravity well light bends towards the well. It changes direction but retains speed.

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