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    • WHATS INSIDE... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • A GIANT WASP'S NEST!?!? B) ok so the inside of a wasps nest isnt THAT cool (it is KINDA cool though) but the idea of the show and the kids reactions were fun
    • A Childhood memory (Last post by Prelalo)
    • When I was younger there wasn't a day that I didn't get dirty, I was able test my limitations, what creek beds I could jump across, how fast I could run through a wooded area before I would run into a tree, how long I could hold my breath. I remember one occasion during physical education in school a fellow classmate had vomited, while the students and the gym teacher were waiting on the janitor I decided to get the broom and clean up the mess after a couple minutes of laughter and gross comments the most miraculous thing happened, one student grabbed the dustpan and another grabbed a trash can. That was the first time I was ever proud of myself and it was all because I just wanted to play with my fellow classmates.
    • White Privilege (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: Quote: legal citizens, everyone should "start at the line" Should is the important part of that sentence though. One would have a difficult time proving that we all do. Quote: ...but i see the "white privilege" as just another face of racism, bigotry, and a threat to actual racial equality, and that is the position i take It is, to an extent. One that I do grow weary of, but that doesn't mean that "white privilege" doesn't actually exist. Just that those talking about it need to be careful not to blame all white people for it's existence. But to pretend that it doesn't exist is foolish. 1: yeah, we dont my gripe is that complaining that some of us do is not the same as working to bring the others up its like literally if you have an actual running race and some people have to start behind other people, dont move the line backwards and make the run harder for everyone, take the ones who are behind, and move them forward 2: Quote: and every scrap of being correct about anything convinces them they are correct about everything, and they become unable to see the world in any terms other than the strict ideological lines of "us" and "them" which they have drawn 3: since i mention ideological lines, i have to take care not to draw them myself, and so acknowledge that there are a lot of people who are new to civil rights and for them this is the introduction - this is the idea that fired their awareness to pay attention to inequality, and they really do mean well and want to make positive change the message that i want to get across is that all bigotry is socially destructive when people are to be judged at all, it has to be for their individual characteristics, and even these have to be understood from within their own personal contexts ----- EDIT i often post, and then as i read my post i either notice a mistake or i realize an idea that i forgot to mention, or that just belongs, and then i go and do an edit sometimes when i do this, i notice a "thank you" to the original post, which happened here, and i always wonder if the person feels tricked lol no trickery was intended!
    • Should jedi train in combat? (Last post by Kohadre)
    • Ah, another combat thread :silly: As many other's have stated, having a developed and disciplined mind will often outweigh the need for or individual capability of martial arts / combat skills. Most conflicts in life cannot be solved through physical confrontation, and instead require careful mental thought and consideration. As many of us are also aware, there are severe civil and legal penalties attached to causing physical injury as a result of violent confrontation. I have trained in many martial arts over the years which include kickboxing, tae kwon do, karate, wrestling, boxing, and akido - among others. When people ask me which one I think is the best to train in for the event of a street fight, I reply "none of them". Having been in many street fights, I will tell you that if you try to pull some fancy maneuver or attack, you are more than likely going to get hurt as these types of fights are hyper-paced and do not allow time to execute anything more than a simple jab or block. And you better hope that your opponent doesn't have a knife in their pocket or a group of buddies that are going to come to his aid. Even skilled martial artists have difficulty defending against multiple opponents, and the good ones strongly advise against taking on such a challenge. The more adept you become at training your mind in diplomacy, the less necessary physical conflict becomes. This isn't a blanket rule, and in some cases a confrontation simply can't be avoided - but these situations are very far and few between. Very few conflicts start without provocation. The chances are you did something to insult/offend/threaten another individual, whether you believe it is founded or unfounded doesn't matter at this point. The best way to end a conflict before it gets to the point fighting is necessary, is to have a little humility, apologize for your part of the problem, listen to the other persons concerns, and keep yourself calm as to not further escalate the situation. Our doctrine reinforces all of these points, and even encourages Jedi to be equally proficient in both mental and physical discipline so as to be mature and capable when (not if) they are called into a future conflict.
    • Brigit Goddess (Last post by MadHatter)
    • The Celtic dities are often mixed and go by many names. Here are a few links that might be of use:
    • My thoughts on this months reflection (Last post by MadHatter)
    • Ego Yet Humility This months reflection is ego yet humility. The first thing to do when reflecting on this to define the terms. Using the Merriam Webster dictionary we define ego as “ the opinion you have of yourself or self esteem” and humility is defined as “ the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people : the quality or state of being humble”. Having defined these terms let us reflect on what the phrase means as a whole and how it applies to us as Jedi in particular. So looking at this phrase we can see that we can have ego but must temper it with humility. We can have high self esteem and a positive view of ourselves/our abilities without thinking that this makes us better as a person then other people. We can realize that we might be better AT something then others but that does not make us better then those without out talent. Its is a matter of balancing these two concepts so that one does not overwhelm the other. But why should we care if one over shines the other? Let us look at the dangers of this. If we have an over abundance of ego or in other words are egotistical we can try to take on more then we can chew and end up folding under the strain at the worst moments. Further it can lead to our discounting ideas and opinions from people we consider less then ourselves just because we are too proud to see the value of them. This forces us to learn the hard way. So what about the other side of the coin? What about having too much humility? What are the risks of that? If we are too humble then we might undervalue our thoughts, emotions, time, and well being. We might give too much of ourselves because we do not value our person enough to say no when we are over taxed. We might not speak up with a good idea because we don’t think its important enough. In short we might allow our own needs to be constantly put beneath others and risk becoming bitter and withdrawn. How does this apply to us particularly as Jedi? Well the entire code speaks to balance and lack of extremes be they good or bad. Too much of anything no matter how great it seems can be a bad thing. I personally love chocolate but too much is going to make you sick. So too can too much humility or ego poison the mind and spirit clouding perspective and making objective views next to impossible. Finally the most important reason to keep a balance is that we as Jedi are to recognize the sanctity of all life. So we cannot over value ourselves nor undervalue ourselves because all holds value in the connectivity of the living Force. Remember the true meat of a coin is not in the head nor in the tails but the metal between the two. So we see that the truly best perspectives are not in over abundance of ego nor humility but in a middle way between the two. To close let us look at a quote from the late Bruce Lee: “ Man should use his ego not be used by it or blinded by it”. This pretty much sums up how we should seek to view humility and ego. Tools to be used but dangerous if we are used by them.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • I want someone to physically come to my house and punch me in the face if I ever consider being in a romantic relationship again. What a load of crap.

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