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    • Can a force senstive person train themselves (Last post by Death, yet the Force)
    • It is my belief that, as soon as a person adopts the Jedi beliefs and cultures, they are a Jedi. Obviously you can't just say "yep, I agree with that. I'm a Jedi", you have to really believe it; which is what most people here do! So theoretically, if you are here, and believe in the Jedi way and are studying it, then you are a Jedi. However being taught by someone or with someone's help is always a great deal easier. That is what we have appreticeships here. I believe that the IP and the apprenticeship program are layed out as they are because they are the best all round way to learn. However, we must also respect it isn't the best way for everyone! So yes, you can teach yourself, but it may be harder. Perhaps meditate on it for a while before taking any immediate action. :)
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Senan)
    • Today I am grateful for those around me willing to create a dialogue without letting emotion get the better of them. We will work through this, but we must keep the open and honest communication.
    • A brief matter of time.. (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Huh? I thought we already had a new one , i am in year 39 now :P Mic drop :lol: Epoch Alderaan Time - EAT :dry: [image] But seriously this is something of interest to me. Ms Adder strangely expressed a desire to learn astrology of all things recently, and so we are planning on doing a course in it in a year or 2..... and I love astronomy and space stuff, plus there is lots of different calendars used by different cultures like Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Islamic cultures. And while I don't think we'd ever need our own one, it would be good if it were aligned to movement of the Moon and planets. I'm not sure if we'd need to go beyond our own system though. But if we could travel beyond our system to other systems, then I guess an argument could be raised for some 'universal universe time'!!! What about other standards, what is a foot or metre, and why use them - or what else!
    • What do you think comes after death? (Last post by Senan)
    • Death, yet the Force or There is no death; There is the Force And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life Each of these would suggest that the Force is eternal, and as I believe that I am an expression of the Force, I too am eternal. So are you. Perhaps the "I" (*cough* EGO) that I currently know and love will cease to exist, but the Force will remain. I am born of the Force and I represent the Force expressing itself in a tangible way, as do you. I don't know how it will choose to express itself next, but whatever it is I will be included in it, as will each of "you". One day long after "I" am gone, someone will remember I said this and realize that we are all part of the salad they are having for lunch. That will be a great day for me :laugh:
    • General Economics Discussion (Last post by Rickie)
    • "Laws go both ways given they also enable capitalism." Laws that are greatly influenced by political contributions. I don't know where the cut off is for a definition of wealth but the capitalist I'm referring too have hundreds of millions. They are the rule makers.
    • World Trade Center Steel (Last post by r3dleader)
    • The Oklahoma City Bombing museum and monument gets to me every time. I don't believe in psychic energy or spirits or anything like that, I just think it makes you realize your own mortality and brings out one of the most fundamental human emotions, empathy.
    • A World Without Ageism | Ashton Applewhite (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • ok she has some good points and some reassuring information for those of us who are looking at the reality of our own aging, and i dont want to detract from those, but she also really got on my nerves lol she got on my nerves more than she reassured me lol so thats what im going to respond to first is this: if someone considers you (or me) too old (or too young) for them to have sex with, that is their right none of us are entitled to sex with any particular person just because we want it and im saying this as someone in his 30s who is attending college; "too old" is a wall that i personally have to face sometimes, but its not one i or anyone else have the right to say "you need to tear down that wall and let me through" Quote: ageism is to age what racism is to race: both are socially constructed ideas that change over time and that serve a social and economic purpose. they are not about how we look, they are about what people in power want how we look to mean holy crapoly crazy-old-batman; this woman just blamed the illuminati for jokes about adult diapers! considering the goofiness of people today i feel obliged to point out that it is the "ISM" part of both ageism and racism which she describes as "socially constructed" the actual race and age parts are biologically constructed, though society may make any number of interpretations about their value or meaning and why does everything have to be an ism? why is everyone so excited about the idea that they ar ebeing victimized and oppressed? up till now i thought it was just a trend that had infected the brains of affluent millennials she does lot of stereotyping and generalizing for someone who seems to be saying "dont stereotype me" and honestly, i expect someone her age to know better lol Quote: Ageism is why teenagers get no respect... teenagers "get no respect" most definitely is not always true, but when it is true, its often because teenagers generally dont know their arses from a hole in the ground and yet still seem to think that the rest of the world should defer to their brilliant insight on whatever issue reddit or MTV happens to have spoon fed them in the most recent weeks Quote: why twenty-somethings who arent having peek lives every minute feel overwhelmed i think they are overwhelmed because life is overwhelming, especially when youre first starting out on your own Quote: why 30 yr old women freak out about getting "over the hill" ok this one is more valid/accurate than the others, but once a functional level of competence has been achieved, youth is biologically useful/valuable than oldness humans tend to venerate beauty, and -for women especially- attractiveness is a major component of social value anything which threatens our social value will "freak us out", and 30 is often perceived as a kind of threshold age where we have to accept the fact that our youth, and the beauty of our youth, are beginning to recede this is even worse for women who arent married and want to be and/or realize/decide that they want children, but havent had any, because child bearing is something that has got risks and difficulties at any age, biological and financial, and it doesnt likely get EASIER after 30 the standard that men are traditionally held to places a greater emphasis on performance and accomplishment and the the process of accomplishing things takes time while a young stud MIGHT be biologically more attractive than a randomly generated 30 something, a man who is seasoned by that process is not only more attractive in terms of his personality, but also in terms of his resources and reliability appearance is pretty important fror men too regardless of gender, people dont even notice you (as a potential sexual partner) until youve achieved a basic level of attractiveness Quote: why 40 yr olds cant get job interviews ever? anywhere? really? i think she is describing something that is real enough but i see 40 yr olds everywhere from wal-mart to wall street and i dont think that being 40 makes finding a new job insurmountable there are plenty of legit reasons why a 40 yr old wont be likely to get an interview doing jobs that are typically given to hungry, attractive 20 yr olds, including the fact that the 40 yr old more likely wants to actually be paid for their time, whereas the 20 yr old isnt worth as much, doesnt really know what they ARE worth anyway, and really wants to get their foot in the door she speaks as if people dont want to use a cane simply because they dont want to be judged, but i dont want to use a cane because i dont want to NEED to use a cane hell with the judgement of others (barring injury) a cane is what you need when youre too old to safely walk without one thats not an easy thing to accept and it doesnt have nearly as much to do with social conditioning as it does with basic honest recognition of our own deterioration i agree that society should treat all people with respect and that we should avoid making generalizations and stereotyping one another im glad she paints a picture of aging which isnt totally bleak that being said, she can rail against the social stigma of aging all she wants, but if she thinks shes going to kick start the GILF movement then she's already gone senile lol
    • Cultural Sensitivity/Appropriation and Anger (Last post by Parnerium)
    • Quote: Quote: Cultural appropriation is a very serious topic. It is, however, often misdiagnosed. serious how? can you demonstrate a harm more significant than "i find it distasteful" or "i dont like it"? Not speaking for Steamboat, but I thought about this question a bit. Say somebody hears about "Native American sweat lodges" and thinks its a fine idea. They figure "Hey, I'm human. People who came up with sweat lodges are human. So I can do a sweat lodge, even though I have no connection to the culture that created it." So they call themselves a "guru" and build a sweat lodge. They then tell everybody to come to their genuine sweat lodge for spiritual awakening. Then a bunch of people die because, it turns out, this person didn't actually know what they were doing. Why did those people think a sweat lodge would help them spiritually? Because this guy said so, for sure. But also probably because they have deep associations between "sweat lodge" and "wise Indian elders going on spirit journeys and being one with the land or whatever." This also made me think about how commonly consumable Americans find any element of Native American cultures that are fairly widely known. People are willing to pay a buttload of money to have a sweat lodge experience, meanwhile, Cree members themselves are being told they can't have a private sweat lodge in their own backyard. I find discussions on cultural appropriation very complex (and feel like these complexities are often glossed over in favor of catchy one-liners like "we're a culture, not a costume" and the ensuing argument). But these are some of the things I think about when trying to figure it all out.
    • The Avengers and Phil Coulson endorse Hillary. (Last post by Goken)
    • Honestly, I don't care at all about who they are or aren't endorsing and I'm still not sure I believe them that voting actually matters all that much (thank you electoral college system). But I did enjoy this ad a lot simply for Mark Ruffalo's reactions at the end. "What? I never agreed to that." "No, guys. They should just vote because it's important." :laugh: He's great. :laugh:
    • The Block (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • Carlos Temple secret : work a break in the process as often as possible. Helps for good form, sanity and focus!
    • What would happen if humans disappeared? (Last post by Hrafn)
    • Quote: In my opinion, the planet (and / or entire sector) will be barren once humans are gone. I am not so sure of that, unless we upload our consciousness in a computer (Transcendence style) and turn the entire planet in a machine, life (even bacteria or fungi) will adapt to our absence and will go on starting a new evolutionary path. Moreover, even if we "computerise" all the surface area of the planet and sterilise it natural events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and meteorite impact will occur. This events bring complex chemicals, heat and so on and can make the life cycle start again in the same way it started in the beginning. So I don't think the end of humankind will be the end of life in out system. Quote: Earth is already a relatively old planet in terms of the development of life. Most other planets in the universe are considerably younger in this respect (which is now a theory for why we haven't been able to detect other intelligence - there simply hasn't been enough time for it to evolve on other planets yet). Slooow down Cyan ahahah The theory your are quoting exists (is by Dimitar Sasselov if I remember correctly) but is just an hypothesis with very little support to it. We have discovered around 2100 exoplanets (number of exoplanet confirmed in 2015, but there are other 700 candidates). Around 350 of them are Earth-like planets or supearths. I'll do not take into account exomoons. Of these 350 exoplanets we have calculated the age of less than 10 and every result is around 3.5 Gyr or so. The Earth, in comparison, is 4.5 Gyr old (1 Gyr = 1 billion years). If every one of these planet have earth-like life on it probably there is just some multicellular organism and nothing more and your theory would be true. We have to notice, by the way, that we have the age of less than 10 planets and looking at the results I suppose is really unlikely not to find a planet (or many) older than the Earth. Anyway, no one know at the moment, we can be the oldest or the youngest planet, we don't have enough data to establish that. Quote: And this might sound arrogant: will it matter if there's life on Earth if there are no intelligent, self-aware beings? Who will be able to reflect on it? Not arrogant, maybe just playing the devil's advocate and it's a good thing. We weren't intelligent life forms. We were monkeys. And before being monkey we were unicellular organism. So yes, I think it really matters because some other life form can evolve, become self-aware and reflect on these things. If what you say is true then 4'499'800'000 years of 4'500'000'000 would have no sense; but is because of that gigantic number of years that we are here today, so I think they matter.
    • Marijuana and its use (Last post by Sephiroth_deus)
    • I have nothing to add regarding whether one should or should not use marijuana that hasn't been said here and on a million other message boards. However I was wondering about people's experiences with its use and how it effected one's meditations and/or spiritual connectivity (IE does it make this or that meditative exercise easier? Harder? If you feel the Force on a day to day basis does its use inhibit or improve that connection?). My personal understanding and experiences with such things (meditation/spiritual awareness) is extremely limited and I would be interested in reading other people's experiences and insights regarding such things and how they combine with marijuana.

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