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    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Grateful that my fellow Jedi know, in their hearts, that responding to the rant thread is a BAD IDEA. :evil: I'm also grateful for finding a way to add to the conversation without adding to the post count of the rant thread...
    • Jedi do not smoke. (Last post by den385)
    • Funny - zen kinda funny - how anything can be used as a tool of self-improvement. That is truly the Path Buddha lay down, the Middle Path. What is suffering if everything is just a lesson?
    • The Imperishable Gem (Last post by Bareus)
    • Like waves in the ocean Like gusts of wind in the air Your emotions rise, and sink again Watch them rise, and watch them sink Ride the waves, and glide the gusts Be mindful of their currents, and when they arise Know their way, and their impermanence Accept their existance And just breathe
    • Picture in signature? (Last post by Kit)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: It will work like the forum as tzb mentioned! Just try to play a little bit with it and you will do great!! If you have questions, feel free to pm someone to ask for further help. ;) If you have the link of a image, you can use the following bb code: (without the dots) [.url=http://link around the image here][.img] put link here [./img][./url] About bb coding (similar what you use in the normal forum edit): --> X That code is only if you want to make your image link to something other than the image (for example, my symbol in my sig links back to the explanation of it instead of the image). You can use [ img ] URL [ /img ] by itself and get the image I know, but well.. everything you do not need you can leave away! (without the dots) Option 1: ---> [.url=http://link around the image here][.img] put link here [./img][./url] Option 2: ---> [.img] put link here [./img] ----- Long version: It is just a little bit extra I guess, just in case. BB code can be used partially, and in layers till some degree. As can other types of coding too. Now I am also familiar with coded links (like pointing to a specific part of an image and then to get a link), the only problem is that you would have to use html coding to do that. But if I would start to talk about that I will make it way too complicated I guess.. I just try to say, I like to keep thing simple.. But also to be somehow useful at the same time! :blush: I thought that this small extra thingy about a total link for your image, would just be so lovely to mention.. I appreciate that you are telling me, Kit. ;) But this time it was my intention to give this extra information to Bareus.. :) ~ Aqua Haha I've learned when teaching tech that simplest to the goal is always best. And if the 'student' asks for more, that's when to offer (or if you really want to expand, give the simple answer first, then "oh! and this is also cool!" lol. If you give a man Excel, when all he needs is a calculator, you're gonna spend more time explaining why things aren't working and how to actually do it instead of simply giving him what he needs ahaha. I just didn't want Bareus to get confused is all. :) only reason I piped up
    • tzb, Moderator, Granted, 2016 (Last post by Goken)
    • Oh no, it's like having a family member whose a cop, I don't know if he'll let me slide or be even stricter on me! :ohmy: :unsure: :laugh: Seriously though, congrats! May your mod-saber be just and swift.
    • Evolution of Things, and division (Last post by Tellahane)
    • Quote: In contrast, to rally behind a few proverbial 'forefathers' as gospel and choosing to isolate based on that reason alone is starting to make inroads into cult type behaviour IMO. Very much a point in this discussion, as one of the recent private....discussions...I've been in has been about that exact thing. Whether Jediism as defined by those who have been doing it for many years and are...for lack of I'm sure a very much better phrase used..."Stuck in their ways", vs some of the variations of interpretations and thoughts and ways to look at things now. I also tend to see, among newer Jedi the call to be more like in the fiction and participate in demonstrations, rallies, or even politics, and the more long term Jedi tend to be a bit more...calm... Among those groups tend to be those who like to complicate the crap out of things, and those who just want to keep things simple, and every one of those ..."sub groups" for lack of a better term may think they are doing things the way they should be done. With not really any real general consensus on what is the right way. Is every way the right way? surely there are wrong ways, but this was kind of a discussion of line drawing, mostly because while no one wants to draw lines, surely there has to be lines at some point?
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: When people here snipe at other Jedi in the rants thread because they know they can't reply there. isnt this a snipe? :unsure:
    • Aqua`s Art Gallery (Last post by Aqua)
    • Sheep balance: Close my only eyes, jump between the mountains see the peak, covered in snow with the green hills below the cold hills filled with herds of mountain sheep adapted to cliffs, and her peaks all sheep just standing over there fluffy like wool, eating and standing on the edge, without loosing balance enjoying mountain red sunset Aqua, 29-07-2016
    • The loss of the secular state of Turkey (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Quote: Hussein, however, I am in the middle of an investigation with a few friends of mine, and we are trying to see if Saddam Hussein was innocent. Innocent in what respect? He might not have had weapons of mass destruction (although he undoubtedly used to possess them - he used poison gas repeatedly during the war against Iran but also against minorities in his own country) and he might not have worked with Al Qeada - so technically he might have been innocent of the what the US and its allies accused him of at that time. But he was a dictator who killed around 180'000 of his own people in prisons, by gassing their villages and by supporting fractions that went after them. Innocence, as everything, is somewhat relative, I suppose. But anyway, that's not the topic here!
    • Jedi Knights Meaning (Last post by Proteus)
    • 3 questions I was asked, and three answers I had given. Q. 1. What is the purpose of Knighthood? 2. Why did you want to become a Knight? 3. What is the role that Knights take in the training of new members? A. 1a. What comes to mind when thinking about somebody becoming a parent for the first time? 1b. Replace the idea of the "first child" with humanity in general. 2. see #1a. 3. see #1b.
    • What's your Poketeam? (Last post by Mindas Arran)
    • Quote: I was truly curious what anyone thought about this aspect of the game - the one that brings revulsion at the thought. This thread did put forth an opinion that the team you choose could somehow be related to some aspect of your personality. So what if you choose no team... in fact are repulsed at the thought of choosing a team? I'm pretty sure that you can still play without a team, you just couldn't do any gym battles. Personally, I love the competition, so I'm glad there's teams.
    • Knights of Awakening: Jedi Safe Spaces (Charles Mc... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i want to address most of your major points but im not going to be able to respond to all of this at once Quote: OB1, I wasn't going to post in this thread anymore, but since we've established an amicable exchange of ideas I will respond once and you're welcome to respond as many times as you'd like but this will be my last response to this particular thread. im gonna start here and hopefully i can finish tomorrow Quote: There are three ideas I see presented in your argument that I wish to address: 1. I am a self-loathing white person. 2. My ideals are reverse-racist 3. That personal suffering means there is no ethno-cultural suffering or is equivalent to ethno-cultural suffering. In response to the idea that I'm a self-loathing white person. I used to be. White guilt is a real thing, but it's also not inherently bad. White guilt can help white people take the proper attitude towards understanding the struggles of people of color, but it is essential to move beyond it. That doesn't mean ignore the feeling of guilt, but to work through it. It also doesn't mean you (random white person) will never feel guilty again, but it does mean you'll get to a point where guilt transforms into patience, understanding, empathy, and a refusal to be willingly complicit in white supremacy. Left unchecked, white guilt can become unproductive because it can become egocentric and therefore completely lose any utility. I was one of those people who let it become an unproductive thing and it took a long time to get out of that unproductive phase into one of understanding. Part of that process is removing yourself from the equation. That is to say that you cannot make criticisms of white privilege and supremacy about you and your feelings. You have to learn to recognize that these criticisms are not about you personally, but at the same time you need to analyze your own assumptions and behaviors and change accordingly in response to those criticisms. Some might call it depersonalization, however I shy away from that term because there is an aspect of these criticisms that is personal (via membership in the group being criticized). This is just the basics of it, but that's the gist of the idea. i know this seems completely insensitive to many people but i feel no more personally responsible for slavery or institutional racism than i do for the dark ages or the sinking of the titanic war is not my fault, genocide is not my fault, rape, murder, the holocaust, the mass killings of the communist regimes or the 20,000 yearly human sacrifices of the Aztecs, the untouchable caste in India, female genital mutilation, the genocide in darfur all these things happened and happen because human beings (of every race) are capable of great selfishness, foolishness, and cruelty technology and economics and well basically the development of western culture have resulted in whites having a great deal of relative influence in the modern world compared to other skin tones but thats more like the luck of the draw" it certainly is not a result of any particularly special trait inherent in white skin, and i take no more credit for all of the awesome things that white people (other than me) have done than i do assume blame for the terrible things they have done my personal responsibility is to look at my society as honestly as i am able, and to use my influence as well as i am able in order to nudge culture in the direction that i think it should go i do benefit from the system, yes, but as i have said before, this is what the system is FOR, for me to benefit, and also you; all of us the problem is not that i benefit from an unfair system, but that the system is still unfair but i didnt make it unfair, and i use my voice as best as i know how in order to make it more fair, and that is all i am ever going to feel i am responsible or guilty for: what i do or fail to do with the influence that i have i would add that i certainly do feel angry (and sad) at the injustices in the world, and when i look specifically at the injustices associated with racism in america i get angry at "whites" too but i know better than to stereotype anonymous people by their race, period: what makes racism wrong is that individuals are made to suffer negative consequences as a result of factors that have nothingto do with thier personal choices beliefs or behaviors  all fair judgement(if there is such a thing) has to be relevant to the individual s behavior, and even then it needs to be understood from the context of his or her personal experience stereotyping of all kinds is in inherently unfair and will produce more injustice all of our citizens need to have access to benefits protections and opportunities of our society and that is the message to focus on, imo

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