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    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Ah ! "Mindfulness" at its finest .... :whistle: ... such as, when having a leisurely muse over something when getting ready to shave ... ... thinking, actually, about "Mindfulness" (go figure) ... :unsure: ... and realising the I've just scraped off a big swath of shaving froth ... ... with my toothbrush ! :blink: :pinch: :blush: :cheer: This is more of an "anecdote" really than a rant, but I had a good chuff over it ... ;)
    • Monthly Council Reports Transparency (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: Quote: So we are all bitching now Nobody is bitching. Read the posts again then from personal insults to even recommending someone to leave the Temple sure sounds like bitching to me , even aside from cultural differences Let it go, Marta. If I can, you can. (I mean that as nonaggressively and in as friendly a way as possible.) loll i am trying believe me and i know there is no try but do , but still :laugh:
    • How to Find Out If Your Penis Is a Normal Size (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Wait...what's a penis :laugh: 'appiness is I recommend that everyone be required to take human sexuality in school...not the extremely watered down crap they call "sex education"....the average vaginal depth is 4.5 -5 inches, so if you're packing at least that much you're plenty for pretty much any woman...the average erect male is 5.5-6 inches, while average flaccid is 1.5-2 iches...that can change over time as gravity does its now you know ;) I took human sexuality in was one of my favorite classes....
    • Team C - 100 days of discipline (Last post by MartaLina)
    • We are moving my daughter into a temp spot so i am excused from going to the gym from my trainer ( lol) eating could go better tho , next to my diet i gobbled 2 chocolate bars down i had bought for my daughter hm hmm so ..i am not counting this day :silly:
    • A Question about Love (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • It helps to let go of needing to put a label on everything. Just be. It can be quite an exercise in self-centered folly to hope for anyone to change their own labels just for you though. If you really love someone, love them for exactly what they are now and don't ask them to change.
    • Why Not... (Last post by Manu)
    • There are many "flavors" of Christianity as far as I can tell. Anyone who wants to live his/her life similar to what we know about Jesus is A-OK in my book. :) But many Christians I know still uphold the idea that their religion is the only right one and everyone else is wrong, and I'd rather not get associated with that.
    • Love vs Attachment (Last post by JamesSand)
    • Quote: being cynical is not the same as being wise Fake it 'til you make it They're also not mutually exclusive. I am cynical in many ways, Perhaps it is genetic, or perhaps it's something I developed from experience. As per the OP Quote: subscribe to the idea of minimizing attachment to free the self from unnecessary physical and emotional burdens. - That applies to me, but that's something I've come too after many emotional attachments (people and things) have in the long run been a burden. Your mileage may vary, and I don't think you can read a book, or "buy" someone else's wisdom on the subject. If someone asks for mine, I give it (and occasionally people find value or comfort in it), but I am not prepared to label it as the solution to life the universe and everything.
    • Waging Peace (Last post by Adder)
    • With International Peace Day coming up on Sept 21, it could be a good time to consider 'how to make peace'!? She talks about 'negative peace' being a condition of peace, perhaps a type of effort, defined by the absence of conflict. So then 'positive peace' effort gets divided into 8 distinct work areas, the 'Pillars of Peace'; [image] Seems pretty normal to us in the West, but perhaps they are actually quite vital!! I guess the theory is the Pillars of Peace reduce the chance of conflict developing, and while negative peace is the main metric of peace, its probably not the most useful focus to create and maintain peace. Sure the ability to control (read; stop) conflict is vital for restoring the condition of peace when violence starts, but perhaps there is more to peacekeeping then the promise of a strong armed response. I"m sure no-one wants to live in a Police or nanny state, but I've always considered Jedi to be peacekeepers... at least in belief if not conduct. For more discussion, here is a conference playlist titled the Future of Peace from earlier this year;
    • Potential : Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: On to the consciousness thing. I for one do not know that he is referring to the hard problem of consciousness when he says that we - and I quote "can't account for it at all" (emphasis present in original tone). To me, this sounds a lot like he is saying that we have no account at all for consciousness and the article you link to says otherwise. Speaking of that article, I'm not positive that "Why is it conscious?" is a question "we can still meaningfully ask" "even after we have explained the functional, dynamical, and structural properties of the conscious mind". It is not self-evident to me that there is anything more to it. But regardless, by saying that we have no account at all for consciousness, I am left to believe that Dr. Peterson means that we basically know almost nothing substantive about this and because of his credentials I think he probably knows better and could, nay, should have worded it in a less obviously false way. At best one could argue that it was not intentional, not scripted, but then that's not my responsibility. I am left to respond to what he said, not what he meant. It's a psychology lecture, not a neuroscience lecture! He likes to go into depth but this format doesn't allow it... so he is stacking abbreviated concepts to keep it short. His topic seems to be an alternate way to understand reality (by looking at looking at it), and he makes the point we don't have universal knowledge, and that the very experience of consciousness, awareness, sentience itself falls within that domain of ignorance. I really cannot see that his point is to indicate the degree of maturation in neuroscience, and so I think its unrelated to the video to blame him for not doing so. Same thing with his use of materialism. I think he is just talking about perception, how it can limit us if we don't actively improve it. Personally, I tend to view it as a tensor field initially, and then ascribe structure by defining 3 types of gauges. That is how I like to perceive feelings, and on top of that as thought becomes more abstract I populate it with a more complex structure which ends up at a decision making matrix modelled around virtue ethics of self, deontology of society with a final pass of higher order effort to consequentialism. I think his point is having a relationship with perception, we can redefine our experience of it. He compares that to the normal approach of being indoctrinated into using scientific knowledge to unnecessarily limit out potential in that field of perception.
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Edan)
    • You do not need me You do not need me Though I know you cling on And hope I might lead the way For you; and even though I walk behind, Over your shoulder you look to see If I am still in your shadow. You do not need me Though I know you call me Whenever it gets tougher For you; and alone silently pray That I might be the solution To take all that suffering away. You do not need me And I know you give me credit For all the times you made it Yourself; I didn’t actually do It for you, only helped you find The strength to bear it.

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