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    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Edan)
    • Not really a poem.. just more dreams from my head. The place beyond the windows is dark and cold, lights shine in the distance.. twinkling stars that blend into the constellations of the sky. The tower of this cathedral is dark also, the room behind once saw ritual.. candle, prayer and whispered desire.. but it is now silent, an impression faintly hiding in memory. He stands beside me, part of the darkness and of me, whispering those old incantations back to me.. He knows the name of my soul and says it suddenly out loud, breaking the stillness… lighting a candle resting on the sill, “this light is yours, don’t let it go out.”
    • Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons are More... (Last post by Manu)
    • First of all, I think the key here is that marihuana ought not to be criminalized, as JLSpinner said the penalty exceeds the crime. That said, it is important to remember that as a pendulum swings towards one extreme (that of vilifying marihuana), there is a tendency to "swing back" towards another extreme (sanctifying marihuana), and nowadays you have a lot of people going into marihuana use under the guise of "medical wonder" with no regard to the potential risks. A recent study (cannot remember where I read it) found that marihuana use can permanently change a structure in the brain that increases dopamine (the pleasure/happiness hormone) and thus we care less about what happens in the world. Just something to think about.
    • solitude or the masses? (Last post by Manu)
    • I wonder... if sollitude is so great, why participate in an online forum? :laugh: We are all interdependent, we need each other. Can we survive in sollitude? Sure, especially if you've been wise enough to learn to be self-reliant. But surviving isn't thriving, and while it is important to have time with yourself, it is equally as important to have time with others. The question in the topic title itself is a false dichotomy. You never have to choose between sollitude 24/7 or the massess 24/7. Life involves a balance of both.
    • Church of Jediism - Blocked by... (Last post by Manu)
    • Quote: This kind of thing is reckless. Whoever is maintaining this website should shut it down and let the matter drop. If someone wants to make a pamphlet type of thing to hand out to individuals who specifically ask for individual Jedis' opinions on the CoJ, then it can be offered to them. Otherwise I think this is fairly reckless and awfully close to the same kind crap Christians do to smear the ministries of other Christians. I get it, someone out there wants to warn others so they don't fall into the same kind of trap that Scientologists fall into. The difference is that Scientologists pay thousands of dollars to get training for their faith whereas CoJ is charging five quid. Could it be a scheme? Sure, but it would be a rather ill-conceived scheme on account that someone is paying for all that stuff CoJ has up and running (their website domain is registered and current, but I don't know who owns it). Five quid/person/lesson pretty much covers keeping the lights on. The spirit of the exposé is well-intentioned, but I agree with you that the execution is reckless: it is unnecessarily sensationalist (the whole page reads as one of those landing pages for a "life changing diet revolution" you encounter online). However, there is merit to warning others about the possibility of exploiting a religion for personal gain, especially since Jedi sites attract lots of young people.
    • Aqua`s Art Gallery (Last post by Aqua)
    • Clock of the moving solstice birds: Sleep wake up now, make your meal now go downstairs now, watch tv now.. a huge clock with to many hours what should I do my hour clock? night comes soon, new chance comes bird movement always in the sky bird can fly, bird can swim walk under water, so much fun what will bird do? Aqua, 14-2-2016
    • Jedi Ethnicity (Last post by Squint)
    • Quote: Quote: I appreciate your view point, also it should be noted that the USAF is the most progressive when it comes to this specific issue. However, this is a widely experienced behavior. Literally just the front page of a google search: I can assure you it is still very prevalent, I was literally removed from a project because there was a hint-hint nudge-nudge agreement between our CEO and a General when they found out their PM (me) was not religious. Its not like they'd ever print that on a letter head but this stuff happens on the daily, I can assure you the IG knows it exists and unless there is mass conversions to Christianity there just isn't a whole lot they will do. There will always be individual commands that act outside the realms they should act within. On everything; not just religion. And that's not the whole of the military. All of the branches have been progressing. But again, there will always be individual commands that act out. That does not make it a military wide policy. Ava, Thank you for pointing that out, which is really my point. Like I said in my first post, this is not Government sponsored. That being said, at one point or another, when enough people do these things and not get challenged a critical mass can form. I'm merely pointing out that things aren't so perfect yet that people won't be targeted institutionally. We already see how this is true with presidential candidates lobbying to ban all Muslims from entering the country. This is exactly what I'm talking about. In short: I don't think its institutionalized but it can become institutionalized.

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