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    • A brief matter of time.. (Last post by Kyrin Wyldstar)
    • I personally follow a Celtic tree calendar based off the Ogham alphabet. It is a 13 month lunar calendar and i use it to track seasons and lunar and solar cycles. However in real life i still use the good old gregorian calendar like everyone else and would see no reason to change that standard. Nothing wrong with following multiple calendars for yourself personally as long as we also have an agreed upon standard that we can all use to keep on the same page!
    • Youtube heroes (Last post by Kyrin Wyldstar)
    • Hmm, i dont see any issues with it. How is that any different than the moderation of any other site on the internet. This board for example. This board has moderators tasked with much of the same duties as these "youtube heros" and it runs along just fine within the terms of use set forth by the owners of the board.
    • Leaders Eat Last (Leadership in Jediism) (Last post by JamesSand)
    • Can't see the vid. Tsst. Sometimes I'm a good leader. :) Sometimes I'm a shocking leader. :dry: I am consistently an appalling follower :whistle: Sometimes I'm "purposely" a bad leader. It is sometimes (and I hate this, but I gotta pay bills) political in a workplace to be less effective. It is "Tall poppies" culture - If you (and your team) succeed too often and too much, others will work against you (Occassional success is fine :cheer: ) If your colleagues think you're outstripping them, or your boss thinks you're gunning for their job, it can lead to some fairly unpleasant frictions. *shrug* I don't know what your experience is, but in my limited interaction with Military people (Limited folks, Don't anyone take this personally) whatever passes for leadership in their training is fairly crap. As for certain methods of motivating folk - It's sort of cheating innit? You can easily manipulate staff with smiles, remembering names of family and pets, compliments, good reporting, favourable tasks - It makes the pawns people want to work for you. Everyone is mercenary these days though, maybe you forget to ask about their birthday, maybe they make a mistake and earn a bad report - Then *poof*, their loyalty is gone as quick as if you'd stopped paying them. As for Jediism - There is *some* overlap between things I do as a Leader and things I do as a Jedi. Generally the more subtle things. Perhaps I'll think on it, and see if the two need to come into better alignment.
    • A World Without Ageism | Ashton Applewhite (Last post by JamesSand)
    • Quote: hell with the judgement of others (barring injury) a cane is what you need when youre too old to safely walk without one I use a cane in my private life, but don't bring it to work - Gotta keep up the appearances of being head-gorilla to these damn kids who are waiting for a sign of weakness to take me out behind the shed and put a bullet in me. (Fair enough, I'm not old, I'm injured* - but I suspect the logic is the same. Keeping up appearances in a competitive atmosphere. *A consequence of being old enough to have collected injuries :P) Quote: while a young stud MIGHT be biologically more attractive than a randomly generated 30 something, a man who is seasoned by that process is not only more attractive in terms of his personality, but also in terms of his resources and reliability It's easier to get rich young now (Probably? I didn't) - So there may be some disconnect being "Getting older" and "acheiving success" All these 22 year old football stars running around with their millions, ruining women for the rest of us :laugh: I don't know if I want to say "I'm not Ageist because I was raised by my grandmother and I have respect (generally) for experience" or "I have a different experience of Ageism because my country has better infrastructure to support the aging and keep them living with dignity and contributing to the community*" or "I've got my head so far up my arse I can't see the ageism for the trees" *Questionable. The retirement age/access to Superannuation age is set so that if you make it at all, you'll be struggling to "enjoy" it - If you've got a manual working job/trade, you'll be pretty wrecked by your late 60s. And yes, I can understand it would be difficult for someone who gets made redundant at 60 to convince an employer to take them on. They cost more, they are potentially more of a health liability, and they're not after a "career" - Unless they have specific knowledge and skills that the employer needs, it would arguably be the lesser choice against clamouring, eager-to-please career driven 20somethings.
    • Can a force senstive person train themselves (Last post by Jayden the 2nd)
    • Quote: Can a force senstive person train themselves in the ways of the force and lead to becoming a jedi through the way of holcrons and other itesm of that sort Yes a force sensitive person can train themselves because they are very intuitive. INFJ or INFP are very capable of this. (MYER.BRIGGS) I presume holocrons and other itesm refers to reading and meditation. The only obstacle to intuitive types is discipline. A Master can greatly help with this but few remain. The ego dominates this living plain. It is better to go it alone before submitting to an egotiscal guru.
    • Think... (Last post by Jack.Troutman)
    • Day 9 TE: Virtue The greatest virtue is like water; It is good to all things. It attains the most inaccessible places Without effort. Therefore it is like Tao, Which has the virtue of adapting itself. Like the heart, it is virtuous by being deep. Like speech, it is virtuous when it is quiet Like choice, it is virtuous in equanimity. Like a servant, it is trustworthy. It flows quickly sometimes, And at others it trickles. Like action, it has its seasons. And because it does not strive It has no enemies. From the Tao Te Ching
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Desolous)
    • i am grateful that my mind works as well as it does these days. that was so very not the case not so long ago.
    • What do you think comes after death? (Last post by Senan)
    • Death, yet the Force or There is no death; There is the Force And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life Each of these would suggest that the Force is eternal, and as I believe that I am an expression of the Force, I too am eternal. So are you. Perhaps the "I" (*cough* EGO) that I currently know and love will cease to exist, but the Force will remain. I am born of the Force and I represent the Force expressing itself in a tangible way, as do you. I don't know how it will choose to express itself next, but whatever it is I will be included in it, as will each of "you". One day long after "I" am gone, someone will remember I said this and realize that we are all part of the salad they are having for lunch. That will be a great day for me :laugh:
    • General Economics Discussion (Last post by Rickie)
    • "Laws go both ways given they also enable capitalism." Laws that are greatly influenced by political contributions. I don't know where the cut off is for a definition of wealth but the capitalist I'm referring too have hundreds of millions. They are the rule makers.
    • World Trade Center Steel (Last post by r3dleader)
    • The Oklahoma City Bombing museum and monument gets to me every time. I don't believe in psychic energy or spirits or anything like that, I just think it makes you realize your own mortality and brings out one of the most fundamental human emotions, empathy.
    • Cultural Sensitivity/Appropriation and Anger (Last post by Parnerium)
    • Quote: Quote: Cultural appropriation is a very serious topic. It is, however, often misdiagnosed. serious how? can you demonstrate a harm more significant than "i find it distasteful" or "i dont like it"? Not speaking for Steamboat, but I thought about this question a bit. Say somebody hears about "Native American sweat lodges" and thinks its a fine idea. They figure "Hey, I'm human. People who came up with sweat lodges are human. So I can do a sweat lodge, even though I have no connection to the culture that created it." So they call themselves a "guru" and build a sweat lodge. They then tell everybody to come to their genuine sweat lodge for spiritual awakening. Then a bunch of people die because, it turns out, this person didn't actually know what they were doing. Why did those people think a sweat lodge would help them spiritually? Because this guy said so, for sure. But also probably because they have deep associations between "sweat lodge" and "wise Indian elders going on spirit journeys and being one with the land or whatever." This also made me think about how commonly consumable Americans find any element of Native American cultures that are fairly widely known. People are willing to pay a buttload of money to have a sweat lodge experience, meanwhile, Cree members themselves are being told they can't have a private sweat lodge in their own backyard. I find discussions on cultural appropriation very complex (and feel like these complexities are often glossed over in favor of catchy one-liners like "we're a culture, not a costume" and the ensuing argument). But these are some of the things I think about when trying to figure it all out.
    • The Avengers and Phil Coulson endorse Hillary. (Last post by Goken)
    • Honestly, I don't care at all about who they are or aren't endorsing and I'm still not sure I believe them that voting actually matters all that much (thank you electoral college system). But I did enjoy this ad a lot simply for Mark Ruffalo's reactions at the end. "What? I never agreed to that." "No, guys. They should just vote because it's important." :laugh: He's great. :laugh:
    • The Block (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • Carlos Temple secret : work a break in the process as often as possible. Helps for good form, sanity and focus!

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