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    • How to create a group ?? (Last post by Gwinn)
    • Groups have to be approved and led by a knight. From what I've seen, they're formed after sufficient interest is shown, and a knight is willing to lead it. :)
    • Dilemma (Last post by Loudzoo)
    • This isn't really advice Rex and it may not ultimately be applicable in this dilemma - but in these kinds of situations this story can lend a different perspective: Quote: “From the seventh century, Buddhism flourished in Tibet, but in the ninth century, it declined as a result of a ruthless Tibetan king who aimed to destroy Buddhism in his country. Then, in the early eleventh century, Tibetan Buddhism began a regeneration. This was marked by increased travel between Tibet and India, as key Tibetans traveled to India for instruction, and many Indian masters were invited to Tibet. Foremost of these Indian masters was Lama Atisha, a well-known scholar and practitioner who was one of India’s principal teachers of mind training. Lama Aisha was invited personally by the current king to spearhead the reestablishing of Tibet’s rich Buddhist cultural and religious tradition. Initially, Atisha committed to staying in Tibet for three years, but he was so well-loved by Tibetans that he remained for a total of twelve years, finally passing away in Tibet. One Reason for Atisha’s long initial commitment was because travel from India to Tibet was not easy. You had to negotiate hot, disease-infested jungles, eighteen-thousand-foot Himalayan passes, and inhospitable tribes and bandits. The trip took months to prepare and months to complete, involving dangers and hardships we can barely imagine today. Among the party traveling to Tibet was Atisha’s personal cook, who was known as a very difficult person to get along with. And indeed, the Tibetans found him rude, crass, and unfriendly. But even worse, the cook’s terrible behavior did not merely extend to the Tibetans but even to Atisha himself. The Tibetans just could not understand why Lama Atisha would keep such an unsavory person as his cook. Wasn’t travel hard enough? However, Atisha never showed any sense of intolerance, anger, or embarrassment over his cook’s behavior. Then as now, traveling can sometimes bring out the worst in people, and the Tibetans were impressed that Atisha showed only affection for the cook. Finally, though, they couldn’t sand it, and they asked Atisha why he did not fire the man and send him back to India. Lama Atisha replied, “He is not just my cook; he is my teacher of patience.” With that one simple statement, Lama Atisha demonstrated to the Tibetans and to us the entire concept of transforming one’s inner experience through mind training.”
    • The Karaoke Thread! (Last post by Rex)
    • Quote: cannot wait , i love this thread already , shame i cannot sing haha :laugh: And that's all that is stopping you? Horrible renditions courtesy of yours truly to follow shortly
    • Mail (Last post by MadHatter)
    • Quote: If I sign up for the church, will I receive any mail from here? I would prefer not to The only email you get is what you allow under the email preferences section of your profile settings. No physical mail is sent that I am aware of unless you ask for a certificate that you have earned.
    • This Gave Me Hope (Last post by Soma)
    • Quote: I would like to start a thread similar to the grateful thread and the self-forgiveness thread. A thread where we can all share things that gave us hope today. In the face of a cruel and unfair world filled with bad people there is still always hope, you just have to open yourself up to it. So open yourself up and let that hope spill out to others. I thought this was a very inspiring story about a man named David Young... :
    • jedi Buddhist (Last post by shifu)
    • a short answer :huh: Ch`an buddhisum associated with shaolin study as with most of chinese life can be seen in this analogy, Buddhisum is the house Confucianism is the way the house is run Daoisum is the feeling within the house The body needs to be trained according to a structure the middle way, The mind needs to have a place within which to locate itsself, order, but within which you the internal can change according to the actions of the external others. The unity of body and mind leads on to the spirit, the spirit is you the internal them the external in harmony. Study of these Philosophies will give a compase heading in which to travel, aguide/teacher in your chosen model of practice will narrow the paths down on which you travel but you choose, when young take the difficult path, travel will make the path easier but no less interesting. Remember you have two teachers the external and the internal learn from both, all teachers need teachers to keep them true.
    • A new terrorist attack in France :( Pray for Franc... (Last post by Kyrin Wyldstar)
    • Pretty convenient that that video completely skipped over the creation of Israel and the Gulf war isn't it. Quote: Vox is an American news website run by Vox Media, founded by liberal columnist Ezra Klein. Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry at The Week accused the site as "partisan commentary in question-and-answer disguise" and criticized the site for having a "starting lineup was mostly made up of ideological liberals." The Federalist's David Harsanyi criticized the site's concept of "explanatory journalism" in an article titled "How Vox Makes Us Stupid", arguing that the website picked and chose what facts to use in order to only reinforce their readers' progressive liberal worldview, and that "explanatory journalism" inherently leaves out opposing viewpoints and different perspectives that should be considered. The Washington Times's Christopher J. Harpercriticized the site for reporting mistakes, including reporting inaccurate information about the Michael Brown shooting case, reporting on a nonexistant bridge between Israel and Gaza, erroneously stating that the 2014 winter solstice would be the longest night in history, and others. He wrote that for a "much-ballyhooed website aiming to make journalism better and to explain the news" it "makes a lot of mistakes.
    • Reiki Energy ~ Empathic Abilities & Jedi (Last post by Rahatha)
    • I speak only for myself, of course. But I, being one of those who believes in one Great Mystery which lies behind, and inhabits, all that is, would say that it is merely a question of what you choose to name it--God, the Force, the Tao. And, from what I've seen, you are free to call it what you will and even to believe that it exists in many parts, separate from one another, and still find welcome here. As to the different energies that you name, by my account they are all different modes and different workings of the One. I think if you stay here long enough you will hear about this idea and you may find it interesting to contemplate it for yourself. Why is it important? Joseph Campbell, in Part 2 of the Power of Myth (which I am studying as part of the initiate program here) quotes this from the Upanishads "Then he {God} realized: 'I, indeed, am this creation; for I have poured it forth from myself.' In that way he became this creation. And verily, he who knows this becomes in this creation a creator." In other words, we begin to participate, with God, in the process of creation (since we are, after all, part of God and part of his Creation.)
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Grateful for cheap hobbies to help distract me from the pain of not having food around... pizzzaaaaaaaa
    • enlightenment vs. survival (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i dont agree with this dude about too much of anything. i dont even agree with everythingin this video, but its relevant to this topic where i live, women still respond to masculine men i dont worry too much about the femenists agenda to emasculate us, i just do my best to be a good man and trust things will work out

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