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    • Team E - 100 days of discipline (Last post by jake_sato)
    • Day 30 - WOW... Update: I have gained 5 lbs of lean mass! I am clam despite crashing cpu's lol and I have lengthened my meditation time to a standard of 20 minutes from 15!!!! :) Can not wait for 70 more days - with a FINE group of Jedi :D
    • A path before/alongside jediism? (Last post by Scham Ansim)
    • It's so incredibly interesting to see the variety of paths members on here have been on! Seems like we have quite a few Buddhists (not too surprising). I myself grew up with great influence from my mother, who considers herself a member of Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT). I'm not entirely sure what the religion itself is called, but it's a branch of Theosophy (somewhat similar to Universal Unitarianism). She engaged me in the teachings of that church with emphasis on Christianity, Hinduism, and Shamanism. Eventually, I fell out of that religion because I did some research on CUT and found out some things I wasn't thrilled with. Apparently it found itself in a controversy back in the 80's and 90's and was accused of being a cult. I'm also not a fan on how dogmatic some of their beliefs are. After that I sort of stumbled along with my faith. A friend eventually told me I fit the definition of a pantheist pretty well. I did some research and felt the same, so took that label on. Then I found Jediism, which still works with my beliefs quite well, possibly even better than any other labels I've held ;)
    • How many practice telekinesis? (Last post by JLSpinner)
    • I'm not gonna lie. I have tried. Multiple times. Never had success with it though. Is it possible? I don't know. Maybe that's my issue. Maybe the moment you think it won't work is when it won't.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • This brain fog... I miss knowing that what I've said is coherent. You've given me 2452345u345 mood stabilizers and medications for depression over the past 18 years... can't you give me ONE to keep me from getting lost in my own brain during a conversation?
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Jour 37 Seul sous la Nouvelle Lune Où, dans la ténèbre totale, Je patauge sur les eaux Cherchant un point d'entrée. La noirceur de ces eaux troubles N'invite guère la pêche, Mais j'y reste, À la surface, mon envie glaciale Me brûle : Dans cette obscurité, Peloter encore le visage De cette curieuse créature Qui hante mes profondeurs, De toucher sa mèche, De sentir sa peau lisse Glisser contre moi … Je barbote désespérément Sans qu'une seule goutte cède À ma descente vers le monstre Qui prit mon cœur dans la pénombre Du Dernier Quartier, Fuyant aux abîmes Où je devrais le suivre. * Alone, under the New Moon Where, in the total darkness, I wade in the waters Looking for a point of entry. The blackness of the troubled waters Does not invite fishing, But I stay there, At the surface, my glacial desire Burning : In this obscurity, To caress again the face Of this curious creature Which haunts my depths, To touch his hair, To feel his smooth skin Sliding against me … I desperately splash about And not a drop gives way To my descent toward the monster Who took my heart in the half-light Of the Waning Moon, Fleeing to the abyss Where I must follow him. Alexandre Orion 6-7 février 2016
    • Let's Talk About Runes (Last post by Kjartan)
    • I have often said that Odin hanged to give himself the insight of the runes, not to grant a gift, but to show a path. We must each sacrifice ourselves in the pursuit of that same knowledge by his example (obviously figuratively) if we are to learn what we will.[/quote] I fully concur. Even amongst the Gods and Goddesses of Asgarð, the runes were the knowledge of Oðinn alone. According to the sagas, he only taught the knowledge of the runes to one other--Freyja, and that was in exchange for the knowledge of Seiðr; which was brought forth as an insult by Loki in the Eddic lay "Lokasenna", whereas Loki used such as an insult of being a "womanly" practice.
    • The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully I've Ever S... (Last post by Omhu Cuspor)
    • This is just beautiful. Sacred, even. My eyes are damp for some reason. I was going to post an article in response that fit the title of this thread, but having watched the video completely decided the article would detract. Another day, another time ... in the meantime, thanks for sharing this. I am moved.
    • "...we are all responsible not only for ourse... (Last post by Vusuki)
    • Ren, :D That was brilliant. Lol. But understanding that everything is connected doesn't mean one realises how deeply that runs true. In addition, this idea of everything being connected can sometimes run a little in contrast with how generally we dislike to take responability for our and other's suffering.
    • [Open Forum] What is "freedom of speech?"... (Last post by Kohadre)
    • Quote: Quote: Freedom of speech means the goverment cant come and arrest or exexute you. This. But I also think people are free to spew their nonsense and are entitled to their opinion. Look at the confederate flag issue, if people want to fly that flag they can whether they just think it is cool or if it's part of their history and culture regardless of what other people think it means. But maybe since it's not physical speaking the flag doesn't count? If people are spewing nonsense it's anyone else right to debate and argue with it or just ignore it, the second you stop someone from expressing themselves you allow yourself to be stopped at some point too. Don't get me wrong though, there's a lot of utter nonsense that can be spewed such as racist rhetoric, but even then the hates peech laws and what not are kind of anti-freedom of speech. There are laws on the books for when it gets physical. It gets tricky though because some places don't want anyone to be spreading Nazi or other types of propaganda, or citicizing of governments or what have you. There are a lot of people who can be duped into believing certain things, like ISIS recruiting, that an authority might say is because of free speech. :lol: Strider, you know i'm a fan of yours, but come on. Nobody is entitled to an opinion, at least not in the sense that it should be accepted by others regardless of how accurate or audacious it may be. We go through years of mandatory education in my country for the sole purpose of ensuring that the citizen public has innacurate and dangerous views checked and corrected during years of childhood and adolescence. Those who spout innaccurate or dangerous views do, and should have backlash from the community they reside in, as it is one of the few things that keeps the social structure healthy and functional. As for who gets to decide what views are considered radical, that decision is, has been, and will continue to be made by groups of democratic communities deciding what influences and values they want projected upon themselves and their youth. Many people dont like that they cant go and do whatever they please while still maintaining an unrestrained degree of societal acceptance. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk

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