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    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • It's not just the Westboro Baptist Church. These people have uniforms, they have strategy, and they are using fear to terrorize people who are shopping at Target. They are terrorists.
    • "Camping’ on Your Own Land is Now Illegal — G... (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • To play Devil’s advocate… Let us say that you own a $200,000 home in the immediate vicinity of where people start erecting tents and piling up what appears to be garbage next door to you. You bought the land you now reside on and built your dream home. And right next to you is a group of people that are bring down the average home value in the neighborhood. I would be upset too… and want them to either abide by local ordinance or go somewhere else. I realize that for many of you home ownership is off in the future. But for me, sinking 30 years of my life into paying for something to leave to my children is a big deal. It is not a pile of tires I want to live in or a tent or a 2x4 shack. I have no issue with wanting to be off grid. I want to be off grid! And I am taking steps to do so. But I am also doing it in accordance with local ordinance and laws. I have no idea where these people are doing this at. I have no idea of the neighborhood or if they even have neighbors. I am simply saying that there is always, at least, two sides to every story. ;)
    • Live Service - Wednesday, 4th May 2016 at 19:00 UT... (Last post by tzb)
    • Hi All I'll be holding a live service tomorrow at 19:00 UTC in chat. The sermon I'll be delivering is entitled "Step Into The Light". To check when this service is in your timezone, please click here. Hope some of you can make it (note the time, earlier than normal, my apologies for that).
    • White Privilege (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: K-12 is more propaganda than learning. That. That right there is where we need to start. Smart citizens are harder to control. I have a hard time believing the education system will get anything but worse for this reason. My views have changed quite a lot since I wrote this. Funny how that can happen :)
    • TOTJO Clergy Structure (Last post by Aqua)
    • Happy to help you Edan! (The clerical promotions will be added to the document as well.) ;) * 'RavAdam' changed to 'Rav Adam'; * All relevant Journal documents of clerical nature, time and date, added. * Each Key is now set in chronologically lexicographical order. (sorted on time and date per key)
    • Should jedi train in combat? (Last post by Reacher)
    • Quote: Should a jedi train in the use of saber fighting and sword fighting? Is there any threats against the jedi order in which we must defend? Im new to being a jedi :) I think this question provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss the heart of how Temple of the Jedi Order views what it means to be ‘Jedi’. Though I openly and happily admit this is more my own interpretation of the Temple’s teachings – an Apprentice who has had ample chance to misinterpret exposure to excellent teachings and teachers. Please, do not hold the Temple of the Jedi Order responsible for my musings. I only ask that you consider them and hope you can find application and insight. To that end, I think that it is important to frame this question properly before attempting to answer it. To my mind, there are three questions here all hinging on the qualifier of ‘As Jedi’. As individuals, the merits of combat, martial arts, and threat defense – all distinct yet interconnected categories – vary with each of us. Jedi participate in all three, but not on the qualifier of that title. Let me explain that a little. From the moment I embarked on this journey at the Temple, I found concrete answers difficult to come by – save that most things are open to interpretation by the individual. For some that equates to simple evasiveness on the part of the community - that there are no defined standards to which we hold members. This topic provides a periodic source of consternation between Force sub-communities – raises questions about specific requirements of physical fitness, meditation, study, service and many others. Consensus never came easily. On that, I defer to those with more history in the community than I to set the record straight if I am wrong in these generalities. Temple of the Jedi Order may have batted some of the ideas around as well, but concluded that an academic focus worked best within its given limitations. Whether through the Initiate Program or an individual relationship with a training master, the Temple merely provides a figurative mirror into which we can all look – with an aim to improve ourselves. That mirror is through academic rigor – a currency of knowledge and ideas that we can be more certain of in the medium of the internet. Keep in mind that there is no compelling authority here. Little standard beyond the academic. No expectation of prowess in any ability except perhaps to think independently. We DO cultivate certain cultural values, but the application of those values we try to judge with very open minds. For some that equates to an unacceptable, nebulous complacency and lack of accountability. I do not see the individuality of the Temple’s interpretation of ‘Jedi’ as a weakness - I believe that this it remains our singular strength. It advocates that we present the greatest possible version of ourselves to the world, and not what something or someone else would have us be. Those recognized as Knights may not meet my personal standards of physical fitness, specific morality, or academic focus. Or perhaps they far surpass them. All that is immaterial to them striving to find purpose in their lives, immaterial to them presenting that best version of themselves to the universe, and immaterial to their recognition as Jedi. I submit that the ‘shoulds’ of a Jedi are few and simple - but not easy. Within that context and qualifier, I don’t think combat, martial arts, and threat defense are among them.
    • Untrustworthy Blood (Last post by MrBruno)
    • Take care who you can help those you can. If someone hurts you, you forgive, but do not stay too close or will maxucar. A house divided can not survive. Something very shallow to say, but meditate on what I said and you will see that I have logic in what I say. If you need some help or just vent, do not avoid sending me a PM
    • Smart Guns (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • Quote: Ignore that my phone opened up tapatalk in my pocket. Ironic, in a thread about smart guns... would they also "open" in our pockets? xD
    • The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality (Last post by Goken)
    • Every time I read about the observer effect or things like this article I have two reactions, usually right after the other. The first is "Holy cow this changes everything, my life will never be the same." The second is "That's cool and all, but how does that actually change anything on a practical level for me?" It is good to think about how our perception creates our reality but some times I feel like quantum physics is just thinking about stuff to think about it. I know that's not really it but some times it feels that way. :laugh: We can never know what the snake actually is, only what our brain tells us it is. Deep, but since I can't know why worry about it? I did really like the desktop analogy. That file on my computer desktop isn't actually a file in my computer. [image]

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