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    • Who is God to you? (Last post by Sven One)
    • I think it's the fear of leaving there's nothing wrong with my church necessarily but I know that they would never support my second one. If my pastor were to look at some of the things that are posted on here and really study it and he would not make a harsh quick judgment but I guarantee you he would consider this ungodly and Magic hand of the devil. Me and my wife have had arguments about Temple of the Jedi Order before. But I'm in church I pray I participate I don't just sit on the pier and not respond there is just something pulling on me not wanting to leave but at the same time I get too tired the lack of respect the consideration they gay and lesbian community, a church can be just flat hateful that anything that's anti Bible for Anti christ. I'm just not that way anymore I used to be like that you're very hateful Christian it is either repent and give your life to Christ or burn 2011 I came to this Temple and I feel I awoke. I love Jesus I love my pastor I love my church and they love me but I know they would never accept me being a Jedi I guarantee you they probably laugh me to scorn.
    • Leaders Eat Last (Leadership in Jediism) (Last post by Adder)
    • It was interesting about the alpha. I was discussing this with Ms Adder last night, she was adamant the alpha was the most aggressive and I was sure it was the one with the most authority. While there clearly is an overlap, in practical terms our workplace relationships probably transition across a range between work and social, with the people stronger in the social leveraging that to gain authority, and people stronger in authority leveraging that to be social... seemingly. I think then, as discussed in the video, that clear roles in the hierarchy are important and also that they are accepted by all as important. So I'd say all parties need to contribute within the purview of their roles and that their roles are effectively integrated and reinforcing to the groups overall intentions in the longer term, but leadership attributes I think besides all that need to bring; 1. capability in all activities within the group (operations) 2. integration in the groups functional output (operations) 3. capability of related activities existing outside of the group (intelligence) 4. integration with required functional relationships outside of the group (liason, C2) 5. acceptance and adherence by group to participation (performance?) So I do not think a leader can force a group to work at its best, but they can certainly force a group to fail - such that I think a good leader can still be ignored and undermined under normal circumstances, and indeed under normal circumstances a good leader might not be as evidently capable if their particular capabilities are performance in abnormal circumstances. Indeed a great leader probably only becomes apparent when the group is tested to the limit and the leader shows why they are the leader. So there probably also needs to be quantifiable testing of performance to determine who can achieve those first 4 types of attributes under abnormal conditions to reinforce the 5th. Importantly that might need to be done within the scope of the work and not the social domains in the workplace - because the failure of the leader will most likely be manifest as a result of the followers using whatever mechanism is available to replace the leader.... unless its a social club!!! That said, we are all human and while we might participate in a group with a work function, it does need to be balanced to ensure the health of the members as health failings in the group participants due to work will reduce effectiveness no matter how well the group could theoretically function.
    • Questions for Christians of the site (Last post by rrhodes67)
    • I've thought of these questions myself. I don't know where I stand on the issue of Christianity. I believe in the message of the J man, like love your neighbor, don't be a dick, etc. I also believe in the possibility of God, which is what I believe the force is. But I can't commit to Christianity, because I don't believe the bible is literal, I don't and can't discriminate against gays, I don't believe someone being gay is sinful. I have trouble with those areas of the story that defy science, or physics. Things like raising the dead, the resurrection, the miracles, and the virgin birth. I do believe miracles happen, but not in the literal way the Bible described them. I had someone tell me once, that if I had enough faith in God, my spine would knit back together, my leg muscles would expand and it would be as if I'd never been paralyzed. Now that to me just goes beyond the realm of common sense and believability and into the area of fantasy. So I don't know if I could ever be a Christian, even though I was raised in a Christian home, because I can't believe in all the stuff that goes with it. I am however interested in what I've seen called Christian Mysticism.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Grateful no kids were killed during the school shooting in South Carolina earlier today.... :unsure:
    • Cultural Sensitivity/Appropriation and Anger (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: How would you feel about that? As an entity, this place is more defined. A culture by contrast seems vastly harder to define to me.... too dynamic and with porous 'borders'. We'd not want to start making boundaries around something which is no longer bounded. Whatever changes need to be made to the law will be used and tested, so what will this change really be once it becomes manifest outside of our own personal justified concerns! But what you describe happens all the time, wherever the laws and/or circumstance allow it, as I mentioned earlier it seems to be human nature to copy, mimic, borrow or steal. It's happened to me personally on more then one occasion. Heck it even happens within the same culture - where if it continues its classified as change or difference but its actual originality is only measured by its survival, not its genuine creativity - as it might have well be stolen from someone else within that culture to begin with. So it seems to come down to how well you protect what is yours, how willing and able you are to defend it.... but we are not wild animals. We now know the concept of 'ownership' is conditional upon the society itself! So what is society founded upon, probably the quality of its laws. So while culture seems to exist both within and across society these days, it seems clear that in the past the norm for a society was to have emerged within cultural boundaries - yet the most successful civilizations were the inclusive ones which allowed mixing of cultures..... depending how one defines 'success' :S But in nature the same things happen, survival itself, and in the same way in human abstraction it is ideas which will either survive or die. Ideas become practices, and practices become absorbed into cultures, and cultures become mixed with other cultures. What is important perhaps in survival is both the continued details but capacity for existence/demonstration/practice according to that detail. If something is private, then it should be kept private and no concern would be noted for inaccurate appropriation because its unrelated and you wouldn't benefit from it anyway since its private. If something is public, then I think it becomes or should be more in line with intellectual property law, but it will then be in the details. It will not stop interpretations and variations - how can it? But I do not know law, and how it applies to 'culture'!? I do know that cultures have been mixing for as long as anyone can figure, and in a globalized society the frontier of culture is not so much demographic anymore. Once something is expressed within a culture the only thing's restricting its replication is the desire for it to do so, and the legal system is meant to provide protections to avoid theft of things which can be clearly defined as possessions. So I think it's a legal question, and any consideration needs to be done in the broader context of the impact of any changes in the law to all other activity. So yea, it also has to be practical, but in the short term its probably good to remember that someone might be copying someone who copied someone who copied someone who copied someone who belongs to the culture you think has been appropriated... and that is a normal part of human cultures itself!? I think we need to be more realistic about deliberate theft or abuse to authenticity and not generalities. To me what needs to be protected is not so much the contemporary representations existence but the claim to historical authenticity - and that this be the main thing protected by law and most especially used by those originating cultures to stand out above the pretenders. No-one else should be able to claim historical authenticity other then the proven direct descendants.... perhaps even with a requirement for uninterrupted practice (under the provision they had the capacity to do so, and the desire). While its fun to define oneself by certain things it becomes another thing entirely when you claim ownership and limit the capacity of someone else to do the same, but that is what laws are for... what defines our society, how we define ourselves and how we relate with our fellow human being - hopefully in the least discriminatory way possible.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Goken)
    • It really bugs me when within an hour of each other I have to deal with a customer who is mad that we're making it too difficult to access her money from out side of the US (we're a small bank mind you) and get an email detailing the increase in fraudulent activity today, some of which is coming from foreign countries! Seriously folks, I do not want to make your life difficult, it makes my life difficult too, but there are lots of bad people out there that we have to protect ourselves and you from. THEY are making things difficult. I would love to live in a world where you can call me and tell me that you moved to a middle eastern country but left all of your money here and I could not only believe you but I could send it to you immediately. Sadly though, that is the exact opposite of the world we live in.
    • Think... (Last post by Jack.Troutman)
    • Day 11 Usefulness of Nothing The thirty spokes of a carriage wheel Uniting at the nave Are made useful by the hole in the center Where nothing exists. Vessels of molded earth Are useful by reason of their hollowness. Doors and windows Are useful by being cut out. A house is useful because of its emptiness. Thus we use what is not To make use of what is. From the Tao Te Ching
    • To vote, or not to vote... (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • Voting is important whether people believe it or not. It’s how we make change. Drudgingly slow, painful, often backwards, but still change. And with each change it is important to learn from it and vote to improve on what we have learned so that we can hopefully build a brighter tomorrow. Even when your two choices are between two equally repugnant steaming piles of refuse. I’m just going to try and pick the one that I feel will destroy the country the least. And maybe, just maybe, we might survive this next presidency to rebuild the rampant carnage of their term in office which ever one wins. :P LOL :silly: :woohoo: :laugh: .... :whistle: ... :blink: ... :pinch: ... :sick:
    • World Trade Center Steel (Last post by Jaxz)
    • Quote: It is for that reason that I refused to go to the Holocaust museum in D.C. when I visited. That's one of those things that even thinking about it starts to affect me like that so being around something like that I don't think I could handle. It's moments like that that I really feel like I can "feel the Force" as it were. I just wish it was easier to create something that could channel positive emotions with that same intensity. Interesting that you mention the Holocaust Museum. When. I was in my senior year of High School, our Senior Class trip was to go to D.C. While there, we went to the Holocaust Museum. I don't remember all of it, but what I do remember is turning down a hallway. I was dimly lit by ambient blue lighting and the shadows were heavy and deep. There was a railing on either side so that no one could walk besides you. As you walked down the hallway, the only thing besides you were piles and piles of shoes. Just shoes. All different styles, in colors from brown to black to red. Most were adult size, but some were small, others tiny. You couldn't ignore these memories. They were everywhere and the space almost called for you to take your time and walk slowly. You could feel something there. It was a silent call, a pull, a tug. Something begging to be remembered, not forgotten and tossed away like so many piles of shoes. The Force can fill our lives with peace, joy, love, and harmony if we recognize it and let it in. However, it will also root us in our past, as the Force knows no time. It wants us to remember, to feel, and to know. In that hallway, the Force was heavy with the presence of the victims of the worst humanity, and perhaps existence, has to offer. But it was not a negative energy. It did not push you down. Certainly, there was a great grief and sadness. That was natural for anyone. But greater than that was the pull from the Force. It called to remember. It called that there was hope. It called and said "You are greater than this. Remember that." From our darkest hours, we can have hope, and light a fire. There is no Death, there is the Force.
    • Can a force senstive person train themselves (Last post by RyuJin)
    • a person can train them self to do anything, however this usually involves loads of trial and error...having the benefit of someone else's guidance saves on time but also can rob us of the experience gained by failing if the guide doesn't allow us to make mistakes and fail...
    • Interesting volunteering orientated questions (ope... (Last post by Vusuki)
    • Hi there everyone, Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first evening of volunteer training course. Part of what made it so enjoyable was the questions and discussions between the volunteers springing from those questions about vulnerability and helping people. And so I wanted to share the questions with you here (and some of the answers we came up with) :) I'll put the answers in spoilers so that if you'd like you can give the questions a shot yourselves (and I'd reccomend doing so because that'll be more enriching for you). Please share your answers here as well for other people to see, :) Questions 1) What makes someone vulnerable? 2) What is the opposite of vulnerability? 3) What makes someone the opposite of vulnerable? This following spoiler contains the answer we agreed on in case you'd like some assistance? Spoiler: Resilient? (If you've another idea or word let us know in your answer. 4) How do we help/support people / What's our role? Answers, Spoiler: These are simply the key words that we came up with but fairly wide ranging 1) What makes some vulnerable? Spoiler: Lack of knowledge Lack of family or friends Bad life choices Bad judgement Bad fortune Loss of partner or situation Negative Spiral Disability addiction Out of comfort wone (too far outside of) Loneliness Abuse/Events/Environnement Own behaviour Lack of purpose, status, self-worth Of these, I'd like to highlight the three words that sum this all up for me: Loss, Lack, and Attitude 2) What's the opposite of vulnerability? Spoiler: Resilience 3) What makes someone the opposite of vulnerable? Spoiler: Or resilient? Spoiler: Confidence Self-worth Bouncing Back Experience Perspective Strategies Pattern-changing Survival Thinking differently Thriving Learning Inner Strength Resolution Opportunities Multiple ressources Solution focus (as opposed to problem focus) Role+Status Acceptance Probelm-solving skills Being flexible / vulnerable People / Relationships Making mistakes Life + Pain Action Owning it 4) How do we help/support people / What's our role? Spoiler: We did this as a table of what to do and what not to do, so... YES NO Create Relationship /Trust Counselling (we're not professional or here truly for that) Fresh pair of eyes/ears Bringing your own issues Safe space Pity/ Sympathy Encouraging Advice Assessment AND not negative judgement Signposting Pyschotherapy Open-mindfulness Accepting Focusing on Positive Past/Future Bonundaries Meeting them as an equal So there you go! I hope you enjoyed thinking about that, and I look forward to reading what you write! :D Have a nice day folks
    • Gratitude for the Kindness of Others (Last post by Lykeios)
    • I'm probably not as grateful as I should be. I try to be grateful as much as possible, but sometimes I just don't think about all the kind things people do for me every day. I don't think intention matters so much. I feel that if an act benefits someone else it is kind. An example would be my ex doing nice things for me. I say she is being kind and she insists she is just being practical and logical. She doesn't do things for me out of kindness alone. Nevertheless I feel the things she does for me are kind and thank her for them.
    • Group Assignment - The School Of Life (Last post by Atticus)
    • I'm interested in examining the seeming barriers between science and religion, so the idea that astrophysics can work toward the same purposes as religion appealed to me. Contemplation of the infinite nature of the universe provides us with perspective. The piddly stuff doesn't seem to matter so much when you consider the sheer unfathomable expanse of the cosmos. That incomprehensible scale also lends itself to contemplation of just what a miracle is any life at all, much less the numerous and varied lives with which we coexist. "[T]he galaxies are, miraculously, the conduits to helping us develop into slightly wiser, more conscious, more mindful and generous humans on our painfully isolated, fragile blue dot."

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