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    • Is belief in democracy required of a Jedi? (RELEVE... (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: What's the relevance of "truth", with market share, with democracy, with a Jedi? The economic example was just to demonstrate a situation where a majority outcome (in a market) equals correct decision (more profit) - which is the condition of success in economic terms for a decision process, or in terms of logic perhaps 'truth'. When you bought up logic by associating democracy to a logical fallacy, my understanding of logic is that they are structures of types of truth - truth in terms of logic. So my reply is not an effort to define truth, rather it was just reflecting on the association you made between logic and a process (in this instance being democracy). An example. Really, I imagine any example where the measure of the decisions success is associated to activity of the populace seems relevant and not a fallacy or actually 'incorrect' when viewed in terms of what it represents. It cannot predict the future, rather it is just a measure of the will of the people. So the people in democracy represent the entity of relevance being assessed, and therefore it's apt for decisions to be based around the people. But as mentioned, I think you are correct that as a rule popular cannot be considered as a rule to be correct, but there are examples.... finance and governance being two which come to mind - that is if the government is for the people, as a government for some other reason then the people might not get what it wants by using the people as the metric. So I guess a government by the people, for the people operates on the premise that even if it makes less then ideal decisions, it was done so by consensus under fair conditions which allow sustainable and broad ranging growth by as many people within that group/nation as possible. In that regard the power of the democratic process is limited to selecting people to run the government, rather then the process of running government - which while impossible today could be imagined in the future to be a possibility with the pervasive growth of IT, in particular the I bit of IT - we have so much more information at our hands then ever before it opens lots of opportunities. What does democracy have to do with Jedi.... is a good question! Personally, I think it's an approach to connect to as many people as possible so to maximize learning, growth and understanding between as many people as possible.
    • Defining Jedi and Sith (Last post by Rex)
    • At first, it seemed like "Sith" was just a vague adjective for whatever wasn't the highest caliber ideological Jedi material; but then, the internets told me otherwise. I briefly skimmed quite a few of these little pockets of Sith to try and answer a few newly burning questions: 1) What defines Sith thought 2) Does Sith-dom necessarily have to be the converse of Jedi thought 3) What is the relationship of Jedi to Sith Before you go any further and accuse me of villifying either side (or those sorta straddling the fence *cough* Khaos *cough*), I am not making any moral calls, and am leaving ethics out of this discussion. 1) The man most quoted (either directly or accidentally plagiarised) by a mile was Nietzsche. If that name doesn't ring a few bells, try "Will to Power", "God is Dead", or "Ubermensch." His Rex's Condensed VersionTM beliefs were that self-actualization to control the masses is the natural order (btw exhistential nihilism). Sith take quite a few pages from his books, often publicising the "God is dead and we killed him" to sum it up tidily. They deify utility instead, but toss a sprinkle of Ayn Rand in and serve themselves rather than necessarily the public interest (Also Nietzschian). Every practice and technique is a method of empowering one's self and channelling it into controlling the world around you. For their name's sake, they use the SithTM Lucasfilms, but now Disney code which is purely a dialectic to the respective Jedi counterpart. Dear Sith readers, please correct me and I will eventually update this. 2) No, just because canon says so doesn't make it true in the Temple of the Jedi Order. Besides, only Sith deal in absolutes. The two are different sides of the same coin, seeing self-empowerment as an intermediary goal. However, they vastly separate from there, as Jedi are rather doctrinally foofy (yes, I purposefully used that word) and Sith are naturally fractured but unified by the pursuit of power for its own sake. 3) *Cue frumpy council responses* You can make yourself believe you can be both wholly Sith and Jedi, but the two really aren't apples and oranges so much as apples and whatever is the least like an apple, but remains edible. I personally don't agree with all of the Jedi teachings, but respect them and understand their value, so this is slightly self-condemnatory. You can pick and choose between the two, as I would argue most people unconsciously do, and end up somewhere in between, not fully either. Regardless, I think that my research has actually deepened my understanding of the purpose of the temple. In the end, I don't think any actual sith will (or should) be booted from this community, since universalism tends to be a heavy influence on Jediism. I hope that this endeavor of mine could almost help to unify the Sith (despite the inherent disinclination to organize in a functional hierarcy) at least for the benefit of comparison and contrast. Please respond and critique References: Sith Academy: The Path of Power (The Nine Echelons)
    • Is offending a group of people always bad? (Last post by Entropist)
    • Quote: Quote: You're guilty as charged and off-topic by practice of deflection with questions. Here is what questions look like: * What was I charged with? * Who charged me? * Where is their evidence that I committed what I was charged with? * What part of the quoted post was no part of a direct and on-topic response to your respective remark or question? * What part of anything you said was not a blatant lie about my obligation towards you or about something I said? * What argument of yours have I not addressed in detail? * What argument of mine have you addressed at all? Quote: ... accusing one's opponent of "just asking questions" is a common derailment tactic and a way of poisoning the well. I hope the off-topic opportunity to learn about logical discussions is giving you some benefit because the replies are really undermining your position, and supported by the resource.
    • Why silence is often the best response to a verbal... (Last post by Entropist)
    • Quote: So you think that engaging in dialogue - which due to high emotion, would undoubtedly create even further tension - is a better solution? No. That is not a situation where reasonable discussion could be achieved. Later, when an aggressive person had calmed, sure, but not during their tirade. A loaded question is begged in the first sentence of this reply. Further tension cannot be said to be undoubtedly created, only when a retaliation is made to the verbal attack that is unjustified. Dialogue is paramount to mediation, and to synthesis a solution. During a verbal attack, there is only good reason to make efforts to de-escalate. Similarly, there is only good reason to think and meditate on these means.
    • International Jedi Day - May 25th! (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • I just want to remind people that the holiday existed so they could celebrate in their own way, not take over the forum. I suggest we keep it to one thread (and I was intending to keep it in this one, honestly).
    • Very new to the Order and am wondering (Last post by Dagon)
    • Thank you all for your responses. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to pass on your knowledge. I know I still have a lot to learn but thankfully you all clearly have no problem giving help and thankfully I've learned enough humility already to ask for it. Dagon
    • The thread of self-forgiveness (Last post by Kit)
    • Oh! I forgot about this thread! Thank you I needed this today I forgive myself for sacrificing one need for a more important need. And for lacking the strength to handle them both.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • Threatened to steal my boss' sweatshirt after he loaned it to me. It smelled like his cologne, which made me giddy. Someone somewhere is watching the TV show of my life and saying "well look at that, it took her 39 1/2 years, but Snowy finally learned to flirt without it having to mean something else too".
    • Virginia request (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • I am being taken willingly to the beach for my birthday. I will be in Virginia area any one there? out of curiosity

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