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    • Techwear for Jedi (Last post by Almeida)
    • Whenever I hear about tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other things like that, I feel so thankful I was born in a country where no natural disasters occur.
    • The Force as described by a physicist? (Last post by BionicPianoMan)
    • I can agree with you to a certain extent. You speak of faith, do you not? Neither science nor a divine being can tell me whether or not the Force exists, yet I know that it does. Faith being a part of that. One doesn't need science or a divine being to tell us whether or not something exists. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Does "evil" exist? (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • ive said before that i dont like the word "evil" - there are a lot of associations with the word that arent necessarily appropriate in almost every instance where the word is otherwise useful but the word refers to a state of being - or to a set, or subset of states of being, which are easily recognizable for their selfishness and sense of contempt or disgust towards others this blend of negative emotional states is very dangerous to the rest of the world, whatever you want to call it now, this kid expresses a lot of pain, much of it self pity but even so, at the level of recognising the suffering of another human i can empathize with him, to a point but he also denies his own responsibility, placing blame on everyone but himself (he even says "im the perfect guy or the perfect gentleman, something along those lines) and he assumes for himself not only the innate right to have been granted all the things that he desired, as if he had already earned them simply by wanting them, but also the authority to decide who deserves punishment as a result of his not having them and he consciously enjoys - really kind of REVELS IN - the thought of getting his opportunity to inflict that punishment
    • We need you! (Last post by Jestor)
    • It is now in Sermons... Give it a bit to appear... Idk who can change things in articles besides Akkarin and Alex... Sorry if I stepped on toes....
    • "Jesus" was a Jedi (Last post by Lykeios)
    • Quote: Quote: Yeshua Ha' Mashiach or Yeshu Ben Yosef was a Jedi. :evil: por que He was. i've always believed this, and i may expound otra vez más tarde. Thank you. I cannot accept this. However, gracias. What I mean is...I do not personally believe Jesus was a Jedi. However, people can believe that if they'd like to. Totally up to the individual. What do you think Khaos?
    • Jedi/Meditation Altar (Last post by Kamizu)
    • I really wish I had burned in the dark part of the emblem in this current project rather than panting but the finished product looks a little different in my head than it is turning out to be lol. This wood burns differently than I'm use to... But here's the plaques from last donation project I did
    • Is anything not a metaphor? (Last post by Adder)
    • Perhaps a metaphor should be seen as a 'function' of distinct things. In which case nothing is a metaphor except the function for which it's structure defines it as a metaphor. Then it would be better to say anything can be part of, or used in, or serve as a metaphor. So the more diverse the attributes held to any particular label (which are attributed to within that labels category of attributes), I guess the more widely it can be used functionally as a metaphor instead of its pure purpose as a label of its attributable parts!? :silly: So perhaps a deeper metaphor has levels of metaphorical association, and a simple one is cute succinct. This could mean we could assess a metaphor for various qualities... but I'm not sure why. I think they are intended to mean something useful, to facilitate understanding and so in that regard perhaps intended to serve as only a fraction of the communication to orientate someones ignorance about something in familiar terms so further information can be provided to inform in more detail. :S A familiarization and orientation tool, like a 'handshake'!?
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Goken)
    • Why do people put so much time and energy into being internet trolls? Imagine how productive they could be if they put that much effort into work or school or volunteering or any number of other things. But instead they decide to play unfunny practical jokes, some of which could actually cause some harm. I saw a series of memes about winterizing your car that gave the worlds worst advice such as driving screws into your tires just far enough that they still stuck out to give you traction, or replacing all of your coolant with water because your car will be cold enough because of the weather. What do trolls gain from messing with people like that?
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Bareus)
    • I am grateful that i have clothes to wear, food to eat, a school to go to and friends to spend time with And then, i have the temple :) And i am really greatfull for it's existance Jediism has changed so much for me, and it has become a part of what i am, with other words, my identity I am also greatful for that
    • Theory: Why Chewbbaca Didn't Receive a Medal at th... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • racism actually i think it was this Quote: Maybe he was supposed to but they had trouble getting it on the suit or staying correctly so they just opted to not do it. I tend to think of more production reasons for stuff like that than plot reasons. :laugh: One of my minor annoying habits.
    • Question of the Day (Last post by Reliah)
    • What is your definition of a friend? What is friendship to you? please answer in your own journal

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