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    • Understanding "Wisdom" (Last post by MartaLina)
    • I always imaged Wisdom to the ability to use knowledge at the right time in the right context. Like worldly wisdom than would be knowledge of worldly things, with the ability to use them at the right moment. Wisdom in the matters of the heart are then maybe the ability to use ones knowledge of these emotions at the right time and place provided that one is honest about these of course? Wisdom also relies on the choice you make , it can be wise to run away from things , it can be wise to meet them head on. But if a problem presents itself , you can turn it into a problem or a challenge. Every time I think I am closer to becoming a little wiser I discover a lot more things that are not that wise tho ...
    • Original Jediism material vs. outside material (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • I absolutely believe that this Temple can benefit from the use of it's own materials written by it's own members. I also believe that "Initiate" should be taken more into account for the "Initiate Program" In my personal opinion a good portion of the program, as it stands, is more Apprentice like material than Initiate. But...That's just me. I feel the outside materials provided should be optional alongside other materials in which said Apprentice can choose from in accordance to discussion with his or her instructor. I would also like to point out that. The "Sermons" section is ripe with worthy material to use in the training overall without the need to scramble in "Desperation" as I have seen tossed about within this thread. "Organization" might be a better term ;) And no. I absolutely would advice against the idea of requiring payment for studies here. A notion that goes completely against the grain of what Jedi is and only further adds to the recent trends of Exclusion and Division that has been going on in the community of late. We should be encouraging a healthy growth of stability in our path. After many here are quick to disregard the past for the now. And yet we lean on past Philosophers that has nothing to do with the Jedi Path to begin with. Wise words or not. But again...Thats just my honest thoughts on the matter :)
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by MartaLina)
    • I was on the dark side of the moon There was no light for me nothing to hold on too nothing for me to hope I did not feel lonely I did not feel blind I never felt abandoned My eyes were not filled with growing selfpity Fought many battles on my ow strenght untill someone tried to poke my eyes out I was on the dark side of the moon there was no light for me But seeing deep into my soul I saw a flikker of hope growing The hand that tried to damage me got cut of by a greater Force a Force of Love i never imagined A love given to us all to use to help others , to be there I am there for u , here on the dark side of the moon He is there for u ..forever and ever and ever He loves u more than words i only have words Marta Lina
    • Vegetarianism (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Quote: My girlfriend has been a vegetarian for over 8 years and I was a avid meat eater. That has since then toned down quite a bit. Eating meat substitutes and if I eat meat, I make sure it comes from a place where the animals have had a big farm to run around in and other good living conditions. Everything is good in moderation and I believe that no matter what we eat, we have to make sure to be responsible and it's from a reliable source. Same here , biological and responsible , i am also concerned where my milk products are coming from these days , we need to be more aware of what we eat. I eat meat maybe twice a week. Also i am very carefull with aditivs as i have some allergy problems.
    • Add Chomsky to the Initiate Program (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • I meant to add my $0.02 earlier and forgot. My thought is that there may be a place for Chomsky, but I don't think it's in the IP. The IP is supposed to familiarize people with what we're about and to prepare them for the possibility of continuing their training on the Jedi path as we do it here. I don't really think Chomsky does that for everyone.
    • Pacifism. (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: I don't see why it has to come down to one extreme or the other. We fight when we need to, we kill when we have to, and we train to have the capability to do so and the wisdom to know when it is or is not necessary Perhaps pacifism is a difference somewhere in that determination to certain types of action or inaction. I've always imagined the best warriors hated war, because I thought it would be a prerequisite to being wise in its conduct. I keep typing pacificism but I swear I've nothing against the Indian, Atlantics, Arctics and Antarctics among us :silly:

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