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    • Jedi do not smoke. (Last post by den385)
    • No, I did not. And yes, I still think that smoking ain't Jedi way. But so are many of my weaknesses that I do not work on. Resources are limited, we have to choose direction of development. I do not smoke, but I'm in bad physical shape. That's not Jedi way too, imo. I can do better and that'd be fun! P.S. If he vapes without nicotine, example is invalid! B)
    • Picture in signature? (Last post by Aqua)
    • If you need some extra hands on your sig, do not hesitate to ask! :) You can also stretch out your signature yourself using paint, or trying to build it up using a new image! Or using the same image, but with a different text layout so that everything will match.. Many ways to do it! ;)
    • Weight Check-In Thread (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Stopped smoking 8 march , and i gained 3 kiloos and i hate it , started 100 day challenge to avoid , fat, suger, white starch
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Grateful that i saw Skylar again , she is my itty bitty stray cat ,she is really small and adorable and when i dont see her for a few days i really worry so i was happy to see her last night , sitting next to the empty food tray ,...waiting (judging lollzz haha) "where is my food "??
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by tzb)
    • Despite promising to keep things amicable and friendly, my ex has evidently deleted and blocked me on Facebook. This means I just lost about half of the photos of my children's life. Why can't people just be honest? :(
    • Knights of Awakening: Jedi Safe Spaces (Charles Mc... (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: I think that's the difference between me and people who care about unimportant garbage like identity politics. I don't think anyone is more or less qualified to talk about any issue due to circumstances beyond their control. A Jedi who believes in the "Jedi believe" part of the doctrine! I thought you guys had gone extinct ?! :blink:
    • TOTJO Clergy Structure (Last post by Aqua)
    • * 'Ratcliffe' mentions of clerical nature, added; (Seminary completion + date) * All notices, matching: 'Notice: Completed Clercial Training,', changed to: 'Notice: completed Seminary,'; * All notices, matching: 'Notice: Completed Seminary,', changed to: 'Notice: completed Seminary,'. ~ Aqua
    • Music Share (Last post by Cayce)
    • Wow, such a heartfelt thank you for those submissions! The songs gave me chills. :cheer: I've recently discovered an artist by the name of Emancipator, who has some of the best instrumental and atmospheric music I've heard, and it's wonderful to meditate / study to.
    • Free Artwork Services (Last post by Cayce)
    • Not a formal request, though I do have one that I'll be working on soon for a member here, and I'll post it with their permission! I finally got around to cleaning up my feedback guide, and wanted to post a proper version here that others can use. Last time I used a file hosting service, and the link is dead. This will be embedded, and attached to the post. [image] * Increased DPI of background. * Removed artificating / pixelation. * Increased overall size / clarity. [attachment]
    • The Imperishable Gem (Last post by Bareus)
    • Like waves in the ocean Like gusts of wind in the air Your emotions rise, and sink again Watch them rise, and watch them sink Ride the waves, and glide the gusts Be mindful of their currents, and when they arise Know their way, and their impermanence Accept their existance And just breathe
    • Evolution of Things, and division (Last post by Tellahane)
    • Quote: In contrast, to rally behind a few proverbial 'forefathers' as gospel and choosing to isolate based on that reason alone is starting to make inroads into cult type behaviour IMO. Very much a point in this discussion, as one of the recent private....discussions...I've been in has been about that exact thing. Whether Jediism as defined by those who have been doing it for many years and are...for lack of I'm sure a very much better phrase used..."Stuck in their ways", vs some of the variations of interpretations and thoughts and ways to look at things now. I also tend to see, among newer Jedi the call to be more like in the fiction and participate in demonstrations, rallies, or even politics, and the more long term Jedi tend to be a bit more...calm... Among those groups tend to be those who like to complicate the crap out of things, and those who just want to keep things simple, and every one of those ..."sub groups" for lack of a better term may think they are doing things the way they should be done. With not really any real general consensus on what is the right way. Is every way the right way? surely there are wrong ways, but this was kind of a discussion of line drawing, mostly because while no one wants to draw lines, surely there has to be lines at some point?

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