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    • Martial art and weapon of choice? (Last post by Kohadre)
    • I am a self trained martial artist, I have never followed one set system so I'll call what I do "Way of the raging fist". As far as weapon of choice goes, hand-wraps.
    • Saber Flourish Gif (Last post by RyuJin)
    • they can also be used to release excess momentum should a strike you strike from left shoulder towards right hip, the blade gets blocked of deflected you can use the flourish to bring the blade to bear again...taking the momentum of the blade and redirecting it.... when i do flourishes i tend to use a heavy blade for the wrist strengthening...but when i spar i tend to keep the flourishes to a minimum....usually only using them in the above manner...
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Carli)
    • For acceptance from others even in times when I cannot accept myself. Thank you to those who give me hope and encouragement. Tonight I feel truly lifted by those around me.
    • May the 4th be with you. (Last post by Trisskar)
    • Quote: Not sure what the anger is for. What anger? Or are you just implying an emotion into my text without knowing my true emotion? ;) Quote: If you want the "Jedi Community" to do more good, fix it. Hahahaha :laugh: Ah Force.... :) such easy two words to say 'Fix it....' I am not angry. Or grumpy. Or negativly in any condition as it were. In fact...I am in an empty and quite house for a change and quite happy! I am Just speaking as it is. Nor did I say it was a bad thing either ;) The Jedi Community does as it does.... And all those nasty Role Players that dress up and goof around....well :) They do as they do. And a large portion of a whole lot of good and deserves a good 'tip of the old cap' as it were. May the 4th has sort of become that. Thats all I am saying :)
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Lykeios)
    • For the Thin Line of Gray I have enshrined the future but have not forgotten my past My way is clear and the waiting begun I walk softly I tread the dimly lit ways in the quiet places Yet I roar with passion when challenged My guard is strong, my will and wits keenly focused For I watch the waters and defend those I love The time is here Quietly I begin to walk On the edge of gray tides and moonlit shores Here I walk like the rolls of thunder and move with the swiftness of the kite My ego I seek to leave behind in that Never forgotten past Of which I still dream but never again Shall seek
    • IP Discussion in Chat - Friday, February 12, 2016 ... (Last post by Reliah)
    • Here is the summary of the discussion in chat. I think everything important is here. I tried to be as organized as Edan was but as you will clearly see, gave up on that after a while. :blush: Spoiler: (14:07:10) Freja_Saol-Wasse: So in regards to attachment, I sort of came to the conclusion that they are okay and it's not necessary to avoid them...instead perhaps we need to be willing to embrace attachments as they morph and change, and allow them to do so without grief or anxiety about it...thought!? (14:08:07) Lykeios: In the IP is it very important to include thoughts on how the material can be applied to our own lives? I assume it is, but I'm having trouble tying that into Lesson 1. (14:08:30) Reliah: There's an entire philosophy about non-attachment and it can be interesting to look into. Not easy to do sometimes, either. We get attached to a lot of things without even realizing it.. (14:09:36) Reliah: Lyk, when I read through a journal I like to see personal touches. It's not required, but rather than summarizing what you've watched, read, or listened to, add your own ideas or even feelings to it. (14:09:37) Lykeios: Sorry, not a very good question...but it's the first one that came to mind (14:10:53) Lykeios: Right and I make sure to include a personal touch, it's just the interpreting it for use in my own life that i find difficult on that lesson. Perhaps the next few lectures will be easier on that issue. I hope so (14:10:55) Edan: If Reliah doesn't mind me butting in here... not everyone will be applying, or even know how to apply what they've read or watched in the IP. It's part of the learning to discover it.. (14:12:56) Lykeios: Ah, another question that's a little more on the fun side: how annoying is it when we do things out of order? I can imagine it's a bit distracting 14:14:53) Lykeios: Thanks :) (14:15:01) Squint: Can I ask a Post-IP question? Directly related to its completion? (14:15:09) Edan: When we review journals we have a kind of 'guide' that we follow.. as long as it's clear what you're answering I don't think it's a problem... (14:15:25) Reliah: So, if you do skip around a lot, it will just take more time to be checked and something might be accidently passed by. If it is, you'll be asked and you can point us in the right direction if needed. (14:16:48) Squint: Can you talk me through what happens when the IP is sent to the Knights? Wescli has reviewed my journal and now must wait until I hit 60 days... does everyone look or does someone volunteer? I'm curious as to how that is decided. (14:16:47) Reliah: In the mean time, does anyone else have any thoughts on attachment or non-attachment for Freja? (14:16:48) Squint: Can you talk me through what happens when the IP is sent to the Knights? Wescli has reviewed my journal and now must wait until I hit 60 days... does everyone look or does someone volunteer? I'm curious as to how that is decided. (14:17:10) Reliah: Sure! (14:19:01) Reliah: What will happen now is an announcement will be made in the Knights forum that you have completed your journal. Any Knight is able to check it at that point. It's volunteer based, yes. There are no specific Knights who check journals. (14:20:04) Squint: Okay, thank you =) (14:20:20) Lykeios: Freja, to be honest, attachments are not something I think of very often. Though I probably should begin thinking in that direction. I haven't concerned myself much with attachments and don't worry too much about being attached to things. Though I am attached to my cigarettes so for health reasons (not to mention the money I'd save) I should be concerned about that in particular (14:20:20) Reliah: Is that enough or did you have more you wanted to know? (14:20:35) Squint: No, that was it, I was just curious as to what happens next. (14:20:41) Squint: I appreciate your time in answering (14:21:13) Kyrin_Wyldstar: so once the journals are approved then how is the knight apprentice relationship decided? (14:23:28) Reliah: Kyrin, normally a Knight approaches an Initiate. When they have determmined that an apprenticeship might be right for them the Knight will then ask their own training master to contact the initiate to go over a few basic things with them. After that, the training master will let someone on the council know and an announcement will be made. (14:23:51) Freja_Saol-Wasse: Okay, so another question of did everyone handle "The Field" lesson!? I took a lot from it, but at the same time can't begin to explain any of the physics of it all... (14:23:58) Edan: That's not to say though that you can't approach a knight... (14:24:31) Avalonslight: *blinks*.... So... Damion would contact someone for you Reliah? o.O did I read that right? (14:25:50) Reliah: Freja, you don't have to understand or explain the physics, just whatever you got from the lesson, personally. (14:26:09) Reliah: - If you had any new ideas, insights, etc. (14:26:29) Bareus: Talking about attachment and detachment.."Non-attachment is the secret of finding yourself, then awareness can turn inwards because you don't have anything outside to catch hold off.It is free, and in this freedom you can know your self-nature" Osho (14:27:07) Edan: Sorry to drop back here... Avalon, what would happen is the knight would build up a relationship with a potential apprentice, and then go to their own training master, who would discuss what apprenticeship entails with the potential apprentice. (14:27:34) Freja_Saol-Wasse: okay...phew...I felt like just listening to that piece blew my mind open and I had the ocean poured in...and then I drowned...metaphorically speaking of course! :-) (14:28:14) Reliah: Take your time with it.. give things time to sink in.. come back to them. :) (14:33:07) Reliah: Does anyone have any other thoughts or comments about the IP, if not questions? - Somewhere in here Kit asked about going back over the IP as it has been a while since she has done it herself. (14:35:21) Reliah: Kit, I would look over it and see if there's anything there.. such as bonus lessons, that weren't when you went though. When you become a Knight you might be checking journals and it's helpful to stay updated on it, if only for that purpose alone. (14:35:36) Reliah: It's also nice to have a refresher or to see what new things are there. :) (14:35:52) Kit: Will do. Waiting for the trails anyways haha (14:35:55) Edan: There are 'options' in lessons too... which you might not have done. *really should watch Mindwalk* (14:37:26) Airo_Faol: I have one question... What are my possibilities when I don't understand anything?:| (14:37:29) Carli: I had a question about the IP. I know there are some subtitle options available etc. for some of them, but I was wondering if there's anything in the works to make the materials available in more languages? Or maybe for knights etc. who have non-English languages to assist those trying to study it with English as a second language? (14:37:40) Lykeios: that's a question, how much do the bonuses matter? Does it weigh a Knight's decision in any way to see that the bonuses have been done? (14:38:42) Reliah: Ario, can I ask you to elaborate a little bit? Is it a language issue or a comprehension issue? Because those would be different answers, I think.. (14:39:32) Edan: With completion it makes no difference Lyke... if you complete all the compulsory lessons then you will become an initiate with or without bonuses. But your responses to them may influence a future master. (14:39:35) Airo_Faol: Well. My main language is German. And my english isn't very great to understand anything. Let's call it language difficulties. (14:39:59) Lykeios: Thanks Edan :) (14:40:19) Reliah: Carli, I think most of the IP material could be found online in various languages. Let me look at something really quick. If I'm quiet, don't worry - I will be back! (14:41:50) Edan: I think we have some material in other languages somewhere... and if one couldn't be found then we would discuss other options.. lessons that could be done instead of what is in the IP. It would be done on a case by case basis though so you would have to talk to a knight. (14:42:01) Edan: I definitely have some texts in French (14:42:43) Carli: That makes sense. Thank you, Edan! (14:42:51) Kit: Maybe you can take a look online for the books for sale already in your language? (14:43:07) Kit: I wouldn't be surprised if Campbell has been translated (14:43:15) Reliah: What I was looking at are the little flags in the top left corner of the page. They translate some of the TotJO links, but it doesn't look as if the IP is one of them at the moment. I know they're working on getting more done, though. (14:43:44) Carli: Ahh. Thanks for the added info, Reliah! I did wonder about those. (14:44:49) Edan: I think this is the Alan Watts book in German​sion-Ich-Against-...keywords=alan+wat​ts (14:44:59) Airo_Faol: If there is a way to get the material in German or any member is able to translate it into an easier language, let me know please... (14:45:40) Reliah: Like Edan said, if there is a language issue feel free to speak to a Knight. They can either assist you in finding the lesson in your language, or let you know something else you can do in place of it. (14:48:21) Joe: Oh, if someone need help with any translations from german to english and vice versa, i am your man! (14:53:21) Squint: How many Initiates are currently waiting for a Teaching Master? (14:53:50) Cabur_Senaar: So, everyone feels confident they understand Watts? (14:54:09) Joe: I even AM Watts. :D (14:54:29) Avalonslight: lol cabur (14:54:35) Brick: Well cabur, I'm not at watts yet so can't really comment (14:55:27) Kyrin_Wyldstar: do you have some insights for us cabur? lol (14:55:45) Carli: I've heard it's a little challenging. I'd love to hear any tips for when I get to Watts. :P (14:55:48) Kit: I refuse to acknowledge Watts exists XD (14:56:17) Kit: He and Krishnamurti can go have a party somewhere else ;) (14:56:19) Brick: Im with carli (14:56:31) Squint: I loved Krishnamurti (14:56:41) Brick: Tho will probably be with kit once I've studied him lol (14:56:49) Kyrin_Wyldstar: krishnamurti is a mess to be sure! (14:57:18) Freja_Saol-Wasse: Watts was challenging to an extent...but he helped me think of things in a different light... (14:57:21) Kyrin_Wyldstar: I didnt find watts that hard to follow... (14:57:34) Squint: Wow, I had no idea that was a prevalent opinion. Krishnamurti really opened my mind. (14:57:37) Kyrin_Wyldstar: yea he had some very interesting stuff to say (14:57:43) Kit: I had to take a highlighter to hit up the key points because I kept forgetting what he said by the end of the chapter (14:57:51) Kit: He just talks in circles - Somewhere Squint asked how many Initiates are waiting for training masters. (14:58:01) Reliah: Squint, there are a few waiting. The number doesn't matter as much as finding a Knight you can connect with, though. Edan gets due credit for this answer as well. (14:58:02) Kit: I like his ideas but he could say it in SO many less words (14:58:06) Edan: There's a Watts book in the library called 'The Joyous Cosmology' which I think is a much better introduction to Watts (14:58:12) Carli: I've had some textbooks like that, Kit. Though it sounds like you found a good way to work with him despite the challenge! :) (14:58:31) Squint: Reliah: I appreciate it, these are more curiosities. I have begun talking with potential Teaching Masters. (14:58:33) Kyrin_Wyldstar: the meditations watts did was a lot of circling. I didnt quite get why they did that (14:58:50) Kit: He's very poetic, they both are and I enjoy listening to them but I don't enjoy trying to study them haha (14:59:45) Carli: Edan, thanks for mentioning that. I've been wondering about some of the books in the library, which ones to try sinking my teeth into soon. (14:59:56) homb-ray: i have herd it sed there is power in circles so perhaps talking in circles feinforces the intended meaning ofthe content (15:00:02) Squint: Thank you both for being so willing to answer all of these questions. (15:00:10) homb-ray: reinforces* (15:00:11) Edan: The Joyous Cosmology is fairly short and much more straight forward than 'The Book' (15:00:35) Kyrin_Wyldstar: I think there is power in the spiral. I want one thing to build on another, not go round and round lol (15:00:39) Freja_Saol-Wasse: I agree, I found a lot of repetition in lesson 2, but it all makes you think of the Universe, the Divine Force, in different ways...It's like seeing the world through a different lens and exposing so much you didn't even realize was there (15:01:10) Carli: Maybe it would be a decent tactic to try reading that first, then, Edan, and then moving on to The Book. (15:01:21) Carli: At least if The Book was proving overwhelming. (15:01:56) Edan: Well if you want to read it you are welcome to discuss it with me (that goes for anyone else that wants to read it) (15:02:18) homb-ray: joyous cosmology ... a good place to stat u say eden i shall read that one after i finished clouds and water (15:02:22) Carli: I may just end up doing that. :) (15:07:29) Reliah: I expected for this to be about an hour long and it has been an hour. If there isn't anything else that anyone has questions on right now, but you happen to think of something later (which is what I usually do), feel free to message me, or any other Knight. That's what we're here for! I'm going to offer another huge thank you to Edan.. And to everyone who participated. :)
    • Lightsaber Combat Training - the way of the Warrio... (Last post by jake_sato)
    • Quote: Quote: Lightsabers are used in choreography and routine. Kata work. For training but not for real self defense? The skill you gain can be used with a more effective self defense weapons? Very much - you can apply these forms to Sword fighting in various degrees as well as different martial arts - Take form 2 Makashi - very very similar to fencing.
    • Question of the Day (Last post by Reliah)
    • Do you have a favorite visual artist? If so, who, and can you post an example of their work? (Please consider the TotJO rules when doing so.) Please answer in your own journal.
    • Robes and Sabers (Last post by Trisskar)
    • Quote: how can I make my own lightsaber without buying one from Ultrasabers or some other place of the sort? :cheer: :-p
    • Looking at the Present Moment as a loved one (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: That's an interesting article. However, I don't believe in Time. Allow me to explain. Spoiler: The Present Moment, right NOW, is fleeting. Past, Present, and Future can be separated by such small fractions of seconds that they essentially blend together into unrecognizable points. What is the difference between right NOW as you read this, and right NOW as you read that. Time is so illusive that the more you try to grasp onto the Present, the faster it slips away. I used to believe that Now was all there was. But in our minds we remember the past, and we imagine the future. What makes them less real? Less important? It is my personal belief that we should exist in all three phases of Time, not grasping onto any of them, but allowing them all to remain with us. I find it much more liberating than trying to hold onto something that is constantly and infinitely changing. Ah, a kindred soul... I too do not believe in time, except as a "measuring device".... I understand what an "hour" is, so, I relate it to others, but seldom does my "time fly/drag"... Whenever I made my last wall post, somehow, I slipped, lol... It has been a looong time (ha) since that's happened.... You talk about "past, now, future", I also agree here, I just say it differently.... :) When we talk about "now" generally in this environment, we usually mean "this instant/second/moment", but, longer "nows" of "this period in history, the current timeframe versus a previous timeframe", and so on, also exsist, I like to think... Thinking of my "now" as a piece of thread, next to other pieces of thread (other people's "nows"), and with a beginning and end, i can't see, is my "now".... The string exists, I can observe it, and that's all I can know... Anyway, I hope that made sense, lol...
    • Star Wars book suggestions (Last post by Zenchi)
    • I'm always quick to recommend books like the "Power of Now" or the "Master Key System", but yeah our library is pretty awesome...
    • Jedi Self-Sufficiency thread (Last post by Aspen Evenstaad)
    • Awesome! I'm so excited to learn about this group. I too am an apartment dweller, but my dream is to live self-sufficiently in a cabin in the woods... Likely will end up somewhere in between, but it's great to learn from others with similar interests!

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