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    • Questions for Christians of the site (Last post by Lykeios)
    • Quote: 1. Do you believe that it is a choice to go to heaven or hell? If you believe it's a choice how can it be when its made with a threat over one's head. To me, it feels like love me or suffer and that is not a choice in my eyes. I am not a Christian any longer but I wanted to answer these questions anyway. It really doesn't seem like much of a choice when you put it that way. I suppose people might say that you can always choose suffering. Quote: 2. How do you get past the things that caused the death of children in the bible? Such as the flooding of earth, the death of the firstborn, the rain of fire upon sodom and its sister city, the setting of a bear upon youths for mocking a prophet? If you say you feel they are parables how do you separate parable from literal? I guess it really depends on how you feel about God. God is supposed to be an all-powerful omniscient being. Maybe he/she knows things we don't know about those children. Maybe they all went to heaven after being killed. Maybe God doesn't need an excuse to kill his own creation. Quote: 3. How do you get past Gods nonintervention in things like world hunger, rape, the murder of the innocent, etc? I know I could not walk past someone being beaten in the street and not act. Never mind if I could end the act with a thought. No amount of us having free will can justify claiming to love someone but watching them suffer terribly when you can stop it with no risks to yourself. ( in my eyes that is.) God is beyond our ability to comprehend. Perhaps his love looks different from what we would call love. Perhaps free will really is more important than ending suffering. Apparently God wanted us to have free will, clearly that was important to him/her. Quote: 4. What do you feel about actions such as the hardening of Pharos heart? This seems to not only contradict free will but means that the people of Egypt suffered because God made Pharo say no. Perhaps there are special circumstances where free will can be suspended temporarily. Seems to me a lot of things in the Bible happened because God was making a point. To me it doesn't matter anyway because there is no proof of the Egyptian Captivity. There was no point at which a massive number of Hebrews were slaves in Egypt and then were freed. I had many reasons for leaving Christianity. Initially it was mostly about the hypocrisy I saw in fellow Christians and the way I was treated by them. Now that I've been away from the faith for longer I find that I also have many problems with the Bible too. There are inaccuracies and contradictions that I just can't get past. Probably my biggest concern over the Bible as it is presented today is the discrepancy between the way the Old Testament God behaves and the way the New Testament God behaves. To me the Old Testament and New Testament describe two completely different deities. This makes sense considering that the Old Testament was written mostly by Hebrews and the New Testament was written mostly by Greeks. The Old Testament God is wrathful, jealous, and violent. The New Testament God is compassionate, forgiving, and charitable. Either God had a serious personality change or we're talking about two different Gods here. I honestly don't know why Christians don't just throw out the Old Testament completely. The Old Testament has some seriously screwed up stories in it which make God look horrible. Also, Jesus allegedly said that he had come to fulfill the "law." Once the law was fulfilled and Jesus had been sacrificed to save all mankind from Hell why is the law even relevant? All it takes to get to heaven according to the New Testament is faith in and acceptance of the Christ. I'm sure there are many other problems with the Bible, but I haven't read it in a very long time and see no reason to do so now. I also don't feel like I need to go looking for more reasons to stay clear of Christianity. I made my choice years ago and am happy with my current beliefs. Good questions, Hatter.
    • Think... (Last post by Jack.Troutman)
    • Day 10 Concerning Wealth It is advisable to refrain from Pursuing riches. Continual handling and sharpening Wears away the most durable things. If the house is full of jewels, Who will protect it? Wealth is a burden That needs too much care. To stop when good work is done Is the way of Heaven. From the Tao Te Ching
    • Gratitude for the Kindness of Others (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • The act of kindness I find is never concerned on importance of ours for in the kindness when it find the need the importance is met. To me personally, intention is a very possible thing to create or destroy. I like personally to balance it out...if.. possible. My parenting skills do not belong to my parents nor were they past but as a better example I am leaving I leave a healthy, visible, effort to keep contact and some forms of relationship with my own family. Some times, it just doesn't work... but the exams is to try. My personal take and family motto is near the idea that manners and kindness matter. That's what we attempt to practice daily. Just imagine a whole house of people great full and kind instead of grouchy n cruel. Some day who knows. Mean time, some acts of kindness are all some people ever see. Don't stop. It's like some times I don't understand things but I don't have to. And that kinda changes things a bit for me.
    • Group Assignment - The School Of Life (Last post by Atticus)
    • I'm interested in examining the seeming barriers between science and religion, so the idea that astrophysics can work toward the same purposes as religion appealed to me. Contemplation of the infinite nature of the universe provides us with perspective. The piddly stuff doesn't seem to matter so much when you consider the sheer unfathomable expanse of the cosmos. That incomprehensible scale also lends itself to contemplation of just what a miracle is any life at all, much less the numerous and varied lives with which we coexist. "[T]he galaxies are, miraculously, the conduits to helping us develop into slightly wiser, more conscious, more mindful and generous humans on our painfully isolated, fragile blue dot."
    • Cultural Sensitivity/Appropriation and Anger (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • about this the problem here (in my opinion, obviously) is not that white people hosted or participated in a sweat lodge (actually they probably weret ALL white, just rich and gullible) the problem is that there was this self help guru was setting up an event that was way more dangerous than he understood or was competent to moderate he had women shaving their heads, he was dressing himself up as god and his employees as angels of death, and he sent people out to secluded places in the desert for days without food or water a quote form another site "Witnesses say Ray encouraged people who were passing out, hallucinating, and vomiting—symptoms of extreme heat stroke—to fight the discomfort and stay in the lodge as long as possible. Those seeking a true spiritual awakening, he told them, needed “to surrender to death to survive it.” so youve got this cult leader who is irresponsible and maybe ego-maniacal yeah, of course bad things happened! but if you remove the appropriation element from the scenario, bad things would still have happen eventually, they just would have happened differently, because this guy was a bad leader he was dangerous, ignorant, and irresponsible, and thats where the harm came from if you remove the irresponsibility from the scenario, the bad things wouldnt have happened at all as for the people who went to this retreat they had read his book and believed his message im willing to bet theres near to a dozen people logged in here at TOTJO within the last two days who read The Secret and loved it, and would have jumped at the opportunity to go to one of this guys seminars all those folks wanted was to feel like their life was meaningful. if they were doing it wrong its because they literally didnt know how to do it right i believe it is their (and all of our) basic human right to explore that question, and to try to figure it out but its a process of trial and error, and if it leads some of us to experimenting with beliefs and practices that originate with cultures other than our own then fine, good, lets go for it! the thing isnt to tell someone "no you cant do that because your skin is wrong" the thing is to tell people "be sincere and diligent and responsible in what you do, and who you trust"
    • A World Without Ageism | Ashton Applewhite (Last post by V-Tog)
    • She packed quite a lot in there! I really thought it was interesting what she said about fictional portrayals of the elderly - only ever a passive character or the old crone. There seems to me to be another category as well - that of the wise old sage. As Adder mentioned, Yoda would be an example, as would Ben Kenobi, Dumbledore, Gandalf, Socrates of 'The Peaceful Warrior', etc etc. Either old people are zombies or they are Zen Masters who have all their sh*t together, right? When do you ever see a portrayal of an older person as a real person - that is to say, an angst-ridden, complex human being... Although, I don't yet know what it's like to be 'old', so maybe I'm wrong in assuming that they don't all have everything sussed out... :laugh: I'll come back to you on that in 39 years time when I will hit that magical 65+ catagory of ceasing to exist as a non-old person (which was another really excellent point, about the box-ticking...I can't believe how easily that particular bit of bonkerosity slips under our radar!) But, yup, in the spirit of doing as she suggested and owning up to being ageist, I am frequently ageist (although hopefully not intentionally so). I have a bad habit of mentally blaming older people's mistakes, along with aspects of their behaviour that I don't like, on the rather harsh idea 'they're going senile', which is clearly disrespectful in that it strips them (as I perceive them) of their agency and their ability to make their own choices. And even if people are losing their mental cognition, it's not something to be thought of in that way - it's not their fault, and it could happen to any of us. Unfortunately that attitude - of frustration towards those with reduced cognitive skills - is one that seems to be very prevalent in society. Returning to a personal perspective, there are countless other ways in which I'm sometimes ageist, but I wont list them! However, the idea of internalized ageism is an interesting one - I certainly sometimes quite savagely tell myself that I'm both too old or too young in differing situations and company! And it was a little scary when she suggested that perhaps, right now, we are all learning and internalizing (and perpetuating) the very messages that will make us feel worthless when we are older - a perfect example of the importance of this topic for all of us, no matter how young we might be... Thank you so much for sharing this, Alex! :)
    • ADD HEALING REQUESTS HERE!! (Last post by Rickie)
    • Quote: My mother got admitted to hospital in a rush today , i hope she pulls through :( she could need all the love and light she can get What brought her in? My best thoughts coming your way.
    • Why Not... (Last post by Kaval het)
    • Quote: I was raised catholic. Our church had a rather pessimistic priest, droning on and on about how we are all sinners, how damnation awaits and the only way out is ‘to eat humble pie’ (quotation marks because it is an idiom I’ve never heard before suggested to me by I resented the idea. I did nothing wrong to deserve anything like this and the whole thing just felt unfair to me. That was me at age 10. Nowadays I still strongly resent the idea of guilt forwarded from previous generations, also I understand the priest was a rather specific kind and quite poorly conveying the idea of salvation through Christ. Even still I feel the catholic church is not for me first and foremost since I oppose the strict set of rules. I don’t believe a god to be so limited they would bother telling me to visit a stack of bricks in their honor on a specific day – what do they care when I honor them as long as I do? Also I agree with snowy. Doing something good to avoid punishment or to earn some kind of afterlife bonus feels like hypocrisy to me because both motivations are entirely selfish. That’s what I like specifically about the force: It doesn’t care how I act, that doesn’t even affect my afterlife in any way. Being good is as much as a choice as being a d***. I chose to be nice because I like people around me to be happy and it makes me happy too. I sincerely agree with this statement. Never was one for religion or "bricks" so to speak, but I give you a paradox that the force goes completely around. If god is all powerful, can he create something he cannot lift? And if he can, isn't he not all powerful? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Leaders Eat Last (Leadership in Jediism) (Last post by Lykeios)
    • Very good video, thanks for sharing! Quote: My question is: How important is leadership to you in your path as Jedi or Jedi Adjacent? Both to be the good leader for others, and to be a good follower? Do you feel this is an important aspect that should be taught? How does it apply to your life and your path? Leadership is very important to me. I've always considered myself more of a leader than a follower but when I think about it...being a good leader can often mean being a good follower. I think leadership should definitely be taught to Jedi. We should be leaders in our communities. We should be of service to others. A good leader is worth a lot. I've had good bosses and bad bosses in my various jobs. The good bosses leaders made me want to work harder for them. The bad leaders made me dread going to work. Good leaders motivate us to do more for the group and make us feel safe as a part of the group. I liked that the speaker tied leadership into neurological chemicals. It was interesting to see the link between these chemicals and leadership. I'd never thought of it that way. I know I could do with more oxytocin in my life :D
    • Youtube heroes (Last post by MadHatter)
    • Quote: Quote: If Youtube wants to slit its own throat I will look forward to its closing Quote: Revenue Increase US$74.98 billion (2015)[1] Operating income Increase US$19.36 billion (2015)[1] Net income Increase US$16.34 billion (2015)[1] Total assets Increase US$147.46 billion (2015)[1] Total equity Increase US$120.33 billion (2015) Don't hold your breath.... How long was myspace seeing growth before it ignored its fans and was killed by that fact? Nothing is too big to fail and alternatives are being created so I hold hope that they either wise up or fold.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Edan)
    • You gotta be some kind of low life slime to steal expensive equipment from a special school :angry:
    • Religious clothes and coverings (Last post by Edan)
    • Quote: Apparently, he belongs to church of and they believe in their heads being covered at all times to block out bad emotions and energies.. Google them.... they have got themselves negative press because of this 'belief'... in my personal opinion, for no reason (the hood thing that is)... And alas, nothing can block out the bad emotions coming from within...
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • I am grateful for schools like the one I am working at this week, who don't give up on kids, or expel them when they get difficult, and do what they can to provide an education to kids who otherwise might not get one.
    • Developing tk/pk (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: im just curious if anyone has at page 7 an opinion which is at all different from the opinion they had at page 1? lol... its page 11 now, any takers? ----- Quote: I have to really watch what I say to people I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings It's like if you told some people you burnt your hand on the stove and everybody got a committee together to try to discuss. If it was possible that a stove could get hot.sometimes it's a little frustrating no its not like that at all its more like you told everyone that you could turn princes into frogs and pumpkins into stage coaches and then those of us who are familiar with frogs and pumpkins were like "uh, i dont think thats true"

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