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    • Is belief in democracy required of a Jedi? (RELEVE... (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Quote: Quote: The hypocrisy of saying every voice is heard, but saying the majority over-value the minority, undermines your misunderstanding of democracy. If there are ten people in a burning building, and 6 of them want to leave, how valid is that minority voice? That's not the problem with democracy. The problem with democracy is that there are interests involved which often rely on influencing the discernment of the 'majority'. Let's use your example, Mitchell : there are 10 people in a burning building. Only 6 of them quite like it there and really think that everyone else should too. Well, they are the majority, they 'vote' and everyone has to stay ... everyone gets cooked. Democracy is about counting votes, but it would best also be about the reasoning ability of the ones getting to express that counted vote. Reason doesn't have to be the enemy of Justice, but she often gets distracted by the buffet. When elements of a system that depend on people not knowing enough to make rational choices, then there really isn't a choice. It is pretty easy to mislead people by tiring them out grasping for the golden ring, terrifying them by omni-media telling them that everyone is being killed, and then make discourse unintelligible and/or uninteresting whilst then providing them reality telly and game shows as an alternative. That way, 'one' (though that one is 'many') can count on counting votes cast by a hypnotised mass and not have to worry about too much opposition by a cultivated minority.
    • Why Christianity? (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: In order for someone to claim one religion over any other (or no religion at all), they have to make a decision that it is in fact better than the others- even if they decide not to explore other beliefs to reach their conclusion. That is a false statement, Alethea. Do you have any idea how many people don't actively participate in the choosing of their religion? That alone makes your already-biased question less useful.
    • American Dream (Last post by a67)
    • Yeah sorry everyone for my long period x-zone but I do my best like everyone. :ohmy: Ok, here I need some advice on some links I am about to share with you.
    • Helper Syndrome (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • Pastor, that's lovely may I use this idea? There are some who feel like " thin... stretched, like butter scrapped across to much bread..." as Tolkien put it and many of us quote. It is up to us each individually some days as to the who what why when and how. Some have a greater balance while some still have a need for. Experience and trial and error often make a grand teacher. Some are teachers some are students some will teach most will learn. Be cautious friend where you place your balance and effort, from one who has and am currently now, you can make your Jedi ism in any direction you choose.! That's the best part I think!
    • Jedi Parenting (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • I plan on teaching my son the 7 Army Values plus Objectivity. Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless Service Honor Integrity Personal Courage I want him exposed to different belief systems so that he can find his own answer though. Forcing him to be my religion (Christian) or walking the same path I do (Jedi) is not the right way to instill sincerity of belief in the things he does. To me, you can only live by a system if you have sincerity of it in your heart. And unless you reach that understanding on your own, it's merely something you do and you hope you gain the sincerity later.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Miss_Leah)
    • When the fire alarm goes off, GET THE FRAK OUT OF THE BUILDING!!! A fire alarm doesn't mean gaze out your window at all the people outside and fire trucks pulling up. Nor does it mean chilling on your balcony enjoying the view. Yes, it's annoying when you have to haul arse outside when you're getting ready for bed, then wait outside until the "All Clear" is called. But you know what's more annoying? BURNING. Evacuating a building when a fire alarm goes off shouldn't be optional. Common sense, people.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • Just realized there are 6 days until I have been on TotJO for 6 months. I have changed so much since January. Almost all of the reactive anger I had when I showed up here is gone. I am no longer self-destructing with no hope for the future. In fact, I made plans for 10-15 years from now just yesterday without even thinking about it... before this, I wasn't going to live past my daughter turning 18. I haven't thought about that in months. I don't know who or what I would be without this place... almost certainly stuck in the same pain I had been in for another year until time ran out. I know we aren't to my 6 month anniversary yet, but thank you (all) in advance.
    • A cashless society and chip Implants (Last post by Yabuturtle)
    • I never understood why they always refer to the Bible when it comes to end times. It's really more than just "bible prophecy" The Bible is not the first or the only ones to predict end times after all. Besides this is an extremely dangerous idea. You already have governments that are beyond corrupt and they are trying to push it. Nevermind the fact that with electronics or even the money we use isn't even sound money anyway because it's not backed by anything valuable. Really the money we use is no more valuable than monoploy money and it only has value because the government says so. Even though they all keep their own hoards of gold and silver. Having chips will be eventually forced and they will try to coerce them into doing it. First off with all this tracking technology we have, they have talked about installing that onto chips. That they would know exactly where you are with the chip. So you end having Big Brother watch you all the time. Not to mention they are going to take the money out of that chip if they say you owe so much money to them, they can just take it out without you even noticing it. Plus if you even though of protesting, what makes you think they don't have certain codes in order to disable your chip, meaning you couldn't buy food or rent a hotel or do anything. And how do we know there isn't something on those chips that will be used to harm you. As in using electricity to stop your heart or damage your organs if they think you are a threat or you even think of opposing the status quo. I can promise you that chip implants will be extremely dangerous, especially with all the things the US or England or most government have done in the past. You are giving them away too much power if you allow that to happen. Then there really will be a "Galactic Empire" on Earth if it's not stopped.
    • Question of the Day (Last post by MadHatter)
    • Would you rather be extremely successful professional life and a tolerable private life. Or an extremely happy private life and a mediocre professional career? Why? Please post in your own journal
    • Aqua`s Art Gallery (Last post by Aqua)
    • A double poem in memory of the very first Dutch Jedi Meeting of TOTJO :) The Jedi water slide trough Noviomagus: In land far away, beyond the sea level lies a city, known as Noviomagus it is a place of unknown beauty where steep streets do not know flatness where people smell, the water nearby where people will hunt you forever to give you, your lost phone to take your, last little coins to sign for justice This is my birthplace, my old lost root look to buildings, look to people notice the similarities and the unknown symbols remember the kindness and the unique feeling a first meeting, a remembered memory shiny day birds are singing loud people are screaming, events are coming water sliding people, trough the streets never to be forgotten Aqua, 28-05-2016
    • Robes and Sabers (Last post by Sven One)
    • I think its something were known for really a symbol. But I have two view points. My before and after my IP studies. Before: I was but a learner (still am lol) but, I wore my jedi robe and my saber hilt on my belt everywhere literally everywhere.i believe it defined me as a jedi. I often got questions and random fandom being called "Master Jedi" to some I was crazy for believing what I did. To others I was cool and respectable for living my faith with my robes and saber even to the other religious communities. After: Once I started my studies I sorta drew away from just my beliefs of what I saw and believed in just the movie footage and basing it off that to believing that I am a Jedi within myself the robes and saber didnt define me as a Jedi or a follower of Jediism or make me more of a member of this temple. Now albeit, I still have them and I still dress up and go out once in awhile. Still get looks and high fives but I am a REAL JEDI I live it everyday. But from the IP studies and my own private studies over the last few years its become more of asking myself...why are you a jedi? Why do you believe what you believe? What defines you as a Jedi? Further thoughts Make no mistake I have no disagreements on those who wear robes and carry sabers no one Iota. I still do and I feel amazing and happy when I do. Its not to gain attention but rather that it makes me feel like a jedi. On times when I cannot I wear a hoodie sweatshirt.
    • Youtube battle over fair use, copyright, and commu... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • this is a pretty interesting bit of legal drama and community building being played out in youtube right now it will be faster to read the article in the spoiler, it will be way cooler to watch the videos and actually see the people themselves explain whats going on article from: Spoiler: One of their own was in trouble. Now YouTube creators are fighting back When Ethan Klein found out he was being sued by a fellow YouTube creator over a video he had produced for his channel, he never thought his personal legal battle would spark a backlash that raised tens of thousands of dollars and could change the way users of the video site fight lawsuits. But three days after the lawsuit was made public by Klein on May 24, YouTube creators and their fans have collected more than $130,000 to help the embattled video star and his wife (and co-star) Hila fight back against a copyright claim by another YouTube user, Matt Hosseinzadeh. And with all that money, Klein, the 30-year-old founder of h3h3productions, now has his sights set on bigger things: protecting other YouTube creators who need a legal defense but lack his own stature. As Klein tells it, the entire affair began when Hosseinzadeh sued him, alleging that a Klein video mocking Hosseinzadeh improperly used Hosseinzadeh’s content. In a video revealing the lawsuit, Klein vigorously defended himself, saying the footage he used was covered under fair use law. Klein told TIME the claim was a betrayal to users in the YouTube community, who are constantly being threatened over their work by “bullies,” usually from large corporations. Attempts to reach Hosseinzadeh through his YouTube account and on a phone number listed under his name were not successful. YouTube did not immediately return a request for comment. “For us, it’s just making a stand against it and letting people know that they can’t do that,” Klein said. As it turned out, there were many more people ready to take a stand as well. More than 5,718 people have donated $137,000 and counting to an online fundraiser another YouTube creator started to aid the Kleins in their legal battle. “They didn’t give us money because they like us,” Klein said. “They did it because they want to protect that principle—to show them that we can’t be bullied.” The enormous response provoked the Kleins to look beyond their own case. In a video Wednesday, the couple announced the money would be put in a newly created Fair Use Protection Account, or FUPA, “that will be used only for the purpose of protecting fair use and representing people big or small who are in legitimate need of protection.” The account will be placed in the trust of the law firm Morrison/Lee, and users in trouble can contact FUPA for help. “Anyone who is being bullied, big or small, basically at ours and our lawyers’ discretion, can tap into these resources to fight back,” Klein said. “We don’t want to touch a single cent of this. We want to use it as an umbrella to protect the Internet community.” He describes the new account as something like a “YouTubers’ union” in Wednesday’s video. “This is like a new chapter for fair use on YouTube,” Klein says. The Kleins have a fan base of more than two million subscribers between their two channels, and in three years have published more than 300 comedy videos, which they say bring in revenue along with almost $6,000 a month in crowd-funded donations. But the lawsuit, should they lose, could have ripple effects in the video-sharing community. “For one, it would make so many people really vulnerable,” Klein said. “The whole ecosystem on YouTube would become really unstable. It would be really scary.” YouTube user Philip DeFranco, who launched the crowd funding page, said he stepped in to prevent a “terrible precedent” from being set that he fears could silence other creators. “This is something that hits close to home,” DeFranco said. “It’s horrible for all of us. This isn’t just a channel for them to post videos. This is their livelihood.” The couple blamed the affair on what they called YouTube’s broken copyright system, saying the site’s need to legally protect itself puts its users at risk. “YouTube’s stance is to be neutral. In that neutrality, it’s always the creators who get hurt,” Klein said, adding that his channels have been “penalized” by YouTube over Hosseinzadeh’s copyright claim. “We’re going to go to court to protect 50% of its users, and it’s treating us like criminals,” he said. Klein said nearly two dozen of the biggest donations have come from fellow YouTube users, including some of whom he has insulted in past videos. He and his supporters hope FUPA will be a deterrent to future opponents. “If you go after one of us, you go after all of us,” DeFranco said. “We’re in it together.”

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