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    • I think people are falling for it (Last post by Lightstrider)
    • Quote: I'm more or less aligned with those here who are skeptical of most conspiracy theories. For example, claims that the Freemasons are a sanctuary of evil with the intent to take over the world have existed for much of America's history - yet no such scheme has been implemented, and there's no credible evidence that it's happening now. Similarly, an imminent takeover by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Bilderbergers has been alleged since at least the 1960's, but we do not see them clearly at work in the most impactful events affecting our lives, even today. Well the Rothschilds are easy to see why they come up in all the conspiracy stuff. Basically they might be only ones able to finance and have the influence to coordinate such massive crazy conspiracy but who knows. The Rockefellers definitely influenced American education in a very negative way, in my opinion - here's a lengthy history. The Bilderberg group just sceams conspiracy no matter how you look at it... There's also just so many quotes from the horses mouth from all the big geopolitical players that when you just look at what they say, what their groups write about, the ties between all the corporations owned by them, the agenda runs contrary to many people's values and ideas since it appears to be rampant with greed and lust for power. I think either way the earth is going to have a world government, I don't think these people should be the ones secretly creating it without the public's input which is exactly what they are doing. But I understand their reasoning because you just look at what goes on in the world most people are too rooted in their traditions and cultures in such a way that they war with each other over them regardless of outside influence. These guys use really dirty tricks too as Yabu mentioned media manipulation, subliminal messages, advanced technology, and also they create and foment crisis, conduct false flags operations, it's all real. It may not be real to the extent of one massive group controlling everything, and as far as some conspiracy guys take it - but the American hegemony wants their world order, Europe wants theirs, Russia wants theirs, China wants theirs, now the Islamic State wants theirs, but also the corporate and business conglomerates want theirs too it's very simple.
    • a new toy for fitness (Last post by Almeida)
    • Will I be too repetitive if I complain again that we don't have these things in Brazil? And even though it costs only $40, with shipping, it will be over $50, that is the limit for taxing (70% of taxing) of imported things. But where did you find it?
    • What code do you prefer? (Last post by Almeida)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: Quote: Quote: The "no code" is perfect for Buddhist monks and other people that are cut from human contact since early age, but it doesn't really work for people who live in the real world. Believe me, it DOES, brother! :) It all depends on the person :) I just can't see how one can live without loving and caring for someone. Even Obi-Wan, the Jedi Master he was, loved, and was even willing to leave the Jedi order to live this love. The code isn't asking for you not to love or feel emotion.. When I read "there is no emotion", that's how I understand. Yet, I'm just at the beginning of my journey here, so I'll probably come to terms with it in time. For now, I prefer the "yet" version of the code.
    • Thoughts of a simple man (Last post by MikeBudo)
    • Greetings Each Bows When asked, “Why do you always insist on taking the hardest route.” A good reply would be “Why do you assume that there are more than one Path To the warrior there is only one Way – the path of the warrior. The Way is not the easy road. It is not the one that most people choose because they see a choice – the easy way or the hard way. The warrior does not look at his life in those terms. The average person looks at life in terms of what is best for him or her personally. The warrior looks at life in terms of what is right. To the warrior, there are not many choices to choose from; there is only right and wrong. Warriors are dedicated to what is right, so they do not see two roads, but only the right Path. And they do not consider whether that Way is easy or hard, only whether or not it is right. The Way may not be easy for the warrior, but the choice of roads always is. Everything we do in life involves a choice! The same applies that everything we do not do also involves a choice. We structure our life from birth to death with things we choose to do and other things we choose not to do. There is a huge difference, however, between choosing not to do something and choosing to do nothing! Doing nothing but wishing things seems however to be a popular course of action. We all are creators of our present situation by the choices we have made whether we have chosen to do something, not to do something or to do nothing. Recognizing that we live in a world of our own creation means to take responsibility for our choices and their consequences. Yet responsibility is also not on the popular hit list. We are in control of our response and the values we decide to place on events in our lives.
    • Star Wars Patches (Last post by Kamizu)
    • Quote: Yes. I am hoping to order some TOJO ones as soon as possible, but linked store said it was down till next week. Which is fine, I am not in a big rush. The patches are something I collect, but given how big VII is going to be I thought that it might cool to break them out and show them off a bit. I have most of the common patches and some of the rarer and celebration patches. Mostly I am looking for anything that you can't just buy off the rack, guess I should have said. I am willing to swap or trade or buy or whatever for them. Yeah I'm out of town. Figured I'd close shop while I couldn't ship orders out ;) it'll be open again by Friday. Otherwise I only have a pin (Christmas with Yoda on it saying "Silent Knight" :D ) but no Star Wars patches. Only the TOTJO ones. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
    • ID Cards (Last post by McNulty)
    • I like the look. I'd remove the blank for names of Apprentices. I'm an ordained Dudeist priest, and my ID card is a nice conversation starter. I think this is something the Order should look into. I also like the Rank being listed, but since this is just a "what if" conversation, why split hairs? ;) [image]
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by McNulty)
    • Quote: On-line dating profiles are so... stupid. I feel like I'm making a resume'. *pinches the bridge of her nose* I think Seinfeld said first dates were basically just like job interviews. The analogy works. :P
    • What Is Your "Champion" Cause? (Last post by magmon)
    • Personally, I very much enjoy Humblebundle. I get some indie games, supporting the little guy, and some money goes to various charities. Is it a bit of a cop out? Yes. But I find it soothing to not have to choose between hundreds of charities and allow a bit of money to go to everybody in need.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Grateful for individuals who's actions make being a Jedi challenging, ever so reminding me to be a better man than I was yesterday....
    • Can war ever be 'just' (Last post by Rickie)
    • During the Vietnam War the term "fighting for peace is like sex is for virginity." Makes sense doesn't it. ;)
    • Land of Tomorrow (Last post by ETSubmariner)
    • What about a 'universal library' in which there's a book for every topic under every sun that ever was or ever will be, every thought that anyone ever had or will? Such a library would then contain books about what happens precisely in the future, moment by moment. Also, a book of every unsolved misery inflicted on one creature to another. A book on every dictator who was currently just a tiny child. What would a reader do with such data? What about the Librarian of such a library? What kind of creature would that be? What if you see that Librarian one day on the sidewalk, but you notice the Librarian is watching you? Would you ever want to meet such a creature?
    • A Simple Question (Last post by ETSubmariner)
    • Quote: What is the Force? I am new to the Temple, and starting the IP. That said, I came to the Temple to find illumination about the two things I have been thinking about relating to the universe as a thing itself, a real object exhibiting many refined forms. I am considering whether my idea of the Force (to use the popular term) is that the Force is the universe itself, or is an exhibit of the universe in a more complex form. I feel that it is the former, but I am inquiring and curious. To understand my thought, I'll tell you what physics used to be concerned with; real objects, and objects are defined as that which have shape. Note that math, properly relegated to its role simply as a tool, has overtaken the beauty and science that physics used to be. Odd concepts are being proposed as real objects without any physical evidence at all. In a universe with the proper kind of scientific basis, following the scientific method particularly, I come to one single object that exists. That single object, real as we consider a rock real, has two essences: push and pull. Those two essences show me an object that is intertwined and taut. That single object's motion on itself creates the 'matter' we popularly label as matter (that rock again). As the object pushes and pulls on its own shape, the tighter the intertwined essences become, you start to find density in the form of subatomic, atomic, elements, molecular, macro, as well as organics. I consider the Force as that single object, and nothing in this universe is not of that object. In such a scenario, there would be nothing but the Force. In this case, the Force is always (with) you. However, what of consciousness? I tend towards a Mr. Julian Jaynes and his idea that consciousness (not as in just being awake) is a recent result in our history--a complex resonance of organics that exists only momentarily and intermittently. Can humans be not conscious at any time? Absolutely. I am still considering whether or not the Force might be that pervading complexity, uniform to all parts of the universe, not a consciousness itself separate from other things, but thee consciousness that we tune into with the transceiver that our brains are actually mechanically about. I can even model the universe with two short, equal length stands of yarn. That is science as physics used to be before mathematicians took over. Math has its use, needed, but I am mindful that math itself is never a real object. To do science, you need an object. And you must define the object as that which has shape. There's no math needed to put that science on display, and we can then watch that object describe all the other physical observations we have already seen (evidence) and used to create the world we now live upon (practical application, like the Internet as well as plows and pens).

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