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    • Aqua, V-Tog, Apprenticeship, 2016 (Last post by Adder)
    • It gets to be my pleasure to announce, on behalf of the Council, that Aqua and V-Tog have agreed to enter an apprenticeship together! Please join me in wishing them well into this next episode of their paths!! Congratulations, and may the Force be with you both :)
    • Edan`s question round: Unanswered questions of Aqu... (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: But, I'm in the middle of Tolle's Power of Now (for the third or fourth time?), and there's something odd about "looking for" anything "out of it". I find the book of mr. Tolle highly confusing. Makes it interesting, but confusing to read. Sometimes I feel that he does not tell every single part of the story, if that would be possible in the first place of course. Meditation is not answerable, because it is personal, as told before, I do not seek truth or cleverness. Just some minding to compare my own minding with. I would like to understand how people deal with themselves trough meditation globally, how their mechanics of meditation are build up could I better ask I guess. We are all different build up, somehow? Please Connor, if I may speak out freely, how do you build up your own meditation? If you meditate? :) ~ Aqua
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • In no particular order: Painkillers Modern dentistry Scandinavian cinema and tv Quaker meetings A warm bed
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Jour 38 Les étoiles du jour S'élèvent derrière les monts orientaux ; La fraîche brise printanière Chuchote au travers des étangs et des jardins L'écho d'une voix familière : « Je t'aimais, dit-elle. » Que j'eusse su … * The twin suns Rise from behind the eastern mounts : The cool springtime breeze Whispers across ponds and gardens The echo of a familar voice : “I loved you,” it says. If only I had known ... Alexandre Orion 7 février 2016
    • Reiki (Last post by Omhu Cuspor)
    • Quote: ... I have been a Reiki Master for over 15 years. ... I have a question for you, Figment. I am a Reiki Level II practitioner (Usui tradition). I have a positive affiliation with the person who attuned me to both levels I and II, and she has nudged me to consider the Level III attunement. While my "attuner" does charge a fee, I am convinced this suggestion is not motivated by money; the amount to be paid is nominal. My understanding is that the benefits of Level III are for those who want to attune others. I do not currently expect to be doing this, but down the road ... you never know. In the meantime, I am curious; do you feel there are other benefits from Reiki III attunement? I'd appreciate any guidance you can offer - thanks. -- Todd
    • Double MTHFR Mutation (Last post by Lykeios)
    • Quote: Quote: Thank you very much for all your pointers. I try to get at least a little sunlight everyday but it's apparently not enough. Still, I'll try to increase my time outdoors. I take Vit D. I also use full spectrum lights in my office and my home. They make a real big difference in my energy levels. Especially in the afternoon. Be well. :) Outdoors is best by far but isn't always easy to get out. :( Good Idea! I'll look into those! Hadn't thought about the lighting in my home.

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