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    • Jedi "Bible" (Last post by Br. John)
    • The Way of Jediism
    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by tzb)
    • In the land where I awaken where sands are black as night and the sun droops down in silence, sowing beams of frosty light, when it sinks into the water it whispers to itself, to itself… Here it comes, with a roar it crashes a vision so broken and torn where the wave breaks all my thoughts learn to swim… Probably my favourite song.
    • What would be in the temple? (Last post by TheDude)
    • I like to think that a Jedi Temple would have a nice little hangout room with huge bean bag chairs for everyone to enjoy. And all the rest of that stuff people have been saying. :P
    • Humility, Ego and the Force (Last post by Kamizu)
    • A lack of confidence in your own opinion is just as dangerous. Instead of being your own person, you are the image of yourself that everyone else thinks you should be. Your self esteem takes such a bad hit that you are in danger of becoming useless to yourself and others. Opinions (not to be confused with facts) are like clothing. Some fit me better than others. Some colors, fabric, and styles work with my coloring and body type better than others. But that doesn't mean that my outfit is suitable for somebody else. Everyone is different. My opinions or beliefs are tried and tested, or are under testing, and they work for me. Sometimes (lots of times) I find they no longer work and need to adjust them (which takes time sometimes) The only time I can think of that I'll say "check out MY way of doing things!" is when I'm offering advice. If I have experience or understanding in an area beyond my own opinions, I'll offer those too. "I do it this way, but here's what's worked for others!" It won't hurt my feelings a bit if it didn't help you or if you don't want to even try it (well maybe a little bit ;) ). Maybe red just isn't your color. There's a balance that needs to be achieved I think. I understand that my beliefs are my own and I've spent a long time working on most of them. And although they are always subject to scrutiny and possibly change, I am confident in them. But that doesn't mean I think they should be law. Nor do I think that other beliefs are any less valuable (provided they aren't hurting anybody). After all, a world where everyone wore the same thing would be rather boring. I get enough of that at work ;)
    • Grey Jedi (Last post by tzb)
    • I think the sense in which TOTJO is a "grey order" is apparent as soon as one spends some time on other sites... the levels of light/dark evangelism elsewhere is not only a little overbearing, but totally unrealistic, at least to this Jedi.
    • The Sith Creed and How It Actually Helps Me? (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Check the code in the spoiler in my's of my own making blending both the sith and jedi codes into one that works for reconciles my past with my present, my darker self with my lighter self.... It's but one way of many
    • Questions that have crossed my mind about Jediism (Last post by Gisteron)
    • If the front page says a Jedi believes so and so, it doesn't actually mean that any specific ones or all Jedi in this place or any other do. This gets back to what I said about mission statements. Yes, many sites have those, but what any one given member believes on any given issue may vary and nobody is expelled for disagreeing with any part of the "official" doctrine. As for the question of moral absolutes, since this is one that never takes a month to come up all over again, you will find that most disagreement people in a cultural circle have over this is purely semantical. For instance, I reject the notion of absolute morality at any level, because I understand the word absolute to mean just that: absolute - absolved from consideration pertaining to it in any form, including any and all justificatory reasoning or any other discussion or criticism; and I happen to refuse to acknowledge any thought's absoluteness of this sort. Of course, the line you quote goes on to qualify that it means that morality is a matter of cultural context, and here the bit I'd object to is what the word morality even means. If they mean the set of ethics any society abides by, then yes, those do vary with time and culture, however we might feel about that fact in the meantime. To say that something is not strictly right or strictly wrong, however, just because somebody somewhere didn't think of it the way we did, I find is taking it too far, or seeing it too narrowly, if you will. On the other hand, saying that any given action, like physically tormenting minors for one's own delight over their cries of agony, is wrong irrespective of cultural context, doesn't in my view make it wrong "absolutely", because there actually are valid reasons why we find it so objectionable and it is not just a matter of some inherent and undebatable properties of the universe. I think what the line means to say is that people may come from different backgrounds and have different opinions on things and while we cannot be required to condone, let alone embrace all of them, we ought not presume what is on somebody else's mind before we actually attempt finding out what is... Come to think of it, that sounds very ironic indeed, seeing how it is worded in a way that is itself presuming what every Jedi believes on this issue, effectively violating the thing it is supposed to establish. Go figure :D
    • Hollywood Starting To Take Sci-Fi/Fantasy More Ser... (Last post by ZenJo)
    • I was curious as to everyone's thoughts on the upcoming Sci-Fi/Fantasy films that we are going to be treated to in 2015, 2016, and 2017. I have noticed that the Sci-Fi genre is actually gaining more mainstream success as of late and I am excited to see if Hollywood keeps this up and finally treats Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans with more respect. I haven't been to the movies much lately because there really hasn't been much worth seeing in my opinion. Ridley Scott's "The Martian" though was a great movie in my opinion and gives me hope for the future of the genre. Here is a list of some upcoming films in production and why I am excited to finally have a reason to go the movies (besides the popcorn). 1.) SW - The Force Awakens. I think it goes without saying that we all want to see this. Regardless of the "spoilers" some on the internet think they have stumbled upon. For those who doubt J.J. Abrams' abilities, go watch "Super 8" and "Star Trek - Into Darkness". He produced "Cloverfield" which I have mixed feelings about, but still, he is a good director in my opinion. Just be eternally thankful that Michael Bay is not going to touch SW (fingers crossed), that would be, needless to say, a nightmare. 2.) Alien - Pardise Lost (Prometheus 2). Ok, for those who thought Prometheus was confusing because Ridley Scott created more questions than answers, you will hopefully be getting those answers in this sequel/prequel. The Alien series is one I have enjoyed and when I first heard in 2012 that Ridley Scott wanted to tell the backstory I was super excited. Prometheus sets up a premise that an alien race seeded Earth through a genetic engineering sustance which caused the evolutionary cycle to begin millions of years ago. And then for some unknown reason the alien race wanted to destroy Earth and they created the Xenomorph as type of biological weapon. The sequel promises to take us to the Engineer homeworld where we will get our many questions answered (hopefully). Giorgio Tsoukalos (aka "Ancient Aliens Meme Guy") is probably in love with the Prometheus concept. 3.) Avatar 2. Ok, I know I'm not alone in being excited about this one. James Cameron really nailed the first movie. Avatar was the kind of movie that a half hour into it I already knew I was going to buy it on Blue Ray and see the sequel. I love the philosphy behind the world of Pandora and their religion. Also I love the sociological and political undertones of this movie. I don't usually say that about movies but the concepts here are outstanding. You have the story of the military trying to colonize Pandora and harvest its resouces with complete disregard of the native people. Sound familiar? Its a story that resonates with people because it has been told in our history many times. And I admit, I also loved Avatar because of my nostalgia for Fern Gully, lol. 4.) The Hunger Games - Mockingjay: Part 2. I'm planning to see this one in theatres even though I saw the other movies on DVD or Netflix only. I mostly just want to see the series wrapped up and watch it purely for entertainment value. Even though Hollywood tends to botch movies based on books and true Hunger Games fans are critical of some elements of the films, I think the movies series has done a good job of entertaining the fans. I don't want to spoil anything for people who haven't watched or read the other books and films, but how awesome was Lenny Kravitz in the movies?! He was a great choice for the Cinna role. 5.) Alien 5. This one is not coming out until 2017. If you hate the Alien series, you are probably hoping this movie is the final nail in the coffin. Or if you are like me and love the dark, H.R. Giger inspired film sets and monsters, this is going to be a fun trip to the movies. Here is why this film is important: Both Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn are returning for this one. And Neill Blomkamp will be directing which should be interesting. He's the one that did "Distric 9" and "Elysium". Those two films are questionable but he has great potential. 6.) SW - Episodes 8 and 9. Not sure of the release date on these yet. Hopefully Episode 7 will make me want to see the last two. Like i said before though, I have good feelings about this one despite the many potential things that could go wrong. I'm sure there are some I'm missing, feel free to offer your thoughts. Even though its a more of a horror film, "Crimson Peak" looks really cool. It will be in theatres Thursday. Also looking forward to Spectre to get my James Bond fix. I left off the Marvel Comics films bc they are hit or miss and lately have been miss. There is also a Ghostbusters reboot but that really more of a comedy. I've heard talk of another Indiana Jones movie which I think might be a mistake to try to do at this point. And the Independence Day sequel is also a mistake waiting to happen, in my opinion. But basically I am excited to maybe get my money's worth at the movies again. What to you all think?
    • SW + politics = silly (Last post by Brenna)
    • Brilliant! Someones gone to a lot of trouble with these :) "im not going to show you my petticoat" :D :pinch: :P
    • Mental Tutaminis (Last post by Jayzn)
    • Great to put a name to what I'm currently working on. I often find myself focusing on the past to the point that it sometimes hinders me. It's probably my perception of the past more so than the actual events, but I feel like they block me from achieving my potential. Being able to practice something that would allow me to redirect it to something else would be ideal, but is often difficult. Right now I am attempting to redirect it into various meditations. Acceptance and absorbing those feelings is the most difficult. I have tried in the past and have found it to work, but eventually it begins to fester again. My take on this is that Tutaminis is not something to do just once, or whenever a problem (external or internal, but probably more so for the internal) is that it should be practiced constantly and be something I am constantly aware of.
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Azimut Par mégarde tu pris ma main Encore Que je ne prisse aucun Sens, Autant moins que je n'en eus … En langage inouï épais d'entendement Tu confirmas ton passage Outre-empyrée ; Ainsi, t'entourai-je de mes bras, Nous Lançâmes-nous vers les Constellations De par-deçà … Par une curiosité déterminée Nous fûmes conduits Sur mondes perçus en remembrances Naguère des moments tragiques et tendres : Par-là et par-ça nous traversâmes des mers, Goûtâmes des fruits des îles, Bûmes de leurs lait nourricier, Dormîmes sous leurs coupoles Dessinées en différentes Constellations De l'au-deçà ... Le Monde vivant est l'Être Quelque peu que l'on y soit attentif, Que l'on le connaisse, Que l'on le touche, que l'on ne fasse pas de Carte Pour l'étouffer sous y-celle Image – Aussi ne l'encellule-t-on point Dans l'infinie de l'espace … Par Complicité, tu serras ma main Encore Que tu ne reconnusses guère l'imprévu Exprimé par l'inouï Épais d'entendement : La voûte tourbillonne, répertoriant Toutes les Images en d'autres tableaux, Portraits d'autres personnages dont La tragédie confond la Remembrance tendre car Fidèle est le Mythe En-deçà et au-deçà … Valeureusement, je pris ta Main Encore Que le voyage fût convenu En mille-et-Une langages inouïs épais d'entendement ; Ayant enfin Sens, aussi en prîmes-un – Nous fîmes transbordement – m'entouras-tu de tes bras, Nous Lançâmes-nous vers le Monde De toutes les Constellations. Alexandre Orion 13 Octobre 2015
    • Quel est l'importance de l'intuition chez un Jedi?... (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Thanks Adder for your answer, very rich in terms of thought. I apologize about my translation, I think in French and try to rephrase in English after. Tell me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be saying some things I think for a long time: That instinct is linked to will, emotions and to act. And that intuition is rather related perceptions of our mind, and that inter-acts with the reasoning, memory and term awarness. Is this is what one must understand from some parts of your comments Adder? Yes I think that is an accurate reading of those parts. A very interesting topic, I'll be reading more of all this, thanks again!!

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