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    • Today I felt lonely... (Last post by MrBruno)
    • I feel it every day, life is sometimes very hard, even masi when people around us has problems and together with our and everything becomes a snowball. What I learned about sadness and depression Almeida, it is that happiness is like a playful little girl, sometimes she runs in front of you to wait there the front to watch the sunset; sadness is a sweet and shy girl, she'd rather be with him because she feels safe with you. So have sad and happy days, sometimes we are surrounded by many people and we feel alone, but it happens, just remember that happiness is there the road. :lol: Força ai amigo, estamos juntos!
    • Strenght (Last post by Cabur Senaar)
    • Strength is fine, but I think it is more about resilience. Can you resist getting knocked down? Can you recover when you do? Years of t'ai chi will tell you that there are plenty of ways to not get knocked down, but I digress. To be an effective Jedi, I think one must cultivate resilience. Does having poor resilience make you a failure? That's not mine to say, but I know it makes life in general much more difficult.
    • Heaven, Hell, Re-incarnation? (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Quote: Quote: there is no telling that it is actually going to happen, likely though it may be and reasonable though it is to assume that indeed it will. Assume nothing. Every assumption is a conclusion. Every conclusion is an end, a death, if you will. All things move and evolve, including thought. Yea, don't go full woo-woo on me, sir... A conclusion is a proposition reached from given premises. An assumption is a proposition accepted (tentatively) without premises to inescapably lead to it. They are literally the exact opposite of each other!
    • How did you know when you were a Jedi? (Last post by Streen)
    • Quote: Quote: As the title says.... How did you know when you'd gone from non Jedi to Jedi? That is kind of a Loaded question :-p lol The quick and easy answer would be the moment I started realizing that the Fictional Movies and Stories had alot of Beliefs that I adhered to. So...15 years old? 16.... After that there was alot of up and down's due to the up and down's of the community. "Oh we adhere closely to fiction!" and "We don't give a rats Arse about the fiction!" and "Well we are REAL Jedi" and "We just do what we can to better improve ourselves" and.....well all the arguments go on and im sure most of you already know them so.... ;) 2014 when I took my Knighting Trials at the Gathering was about when I settled down and realized that I don't really care what the community says. I am Kitsu Tails, Also known as Trisskar. I am a Jedi Mom and im proud of it. :) Yes! To Kitsu Tails, you listen! (I'm not kidding, listen to her) She knows the trials of the Jedi community. She knows, as I do, that one is a Jedi when you KNOW you are.
    • The Force as described by a physicist? (Last post by Gisteron)
    • What, again? Alright, let's get on with it then... Quote: there is a very real possibility that science is going to wipe us off the face of the earth No, there isn't. No part of either the body of knowledge gained through science nor any part of the philosophy of science would motivate that. Now, the former may enable it in a very literal sense, in that it gives us potentially catastrophical tools, but whoever ends up using them to that end will be doing so on no scientific grounds. Quote: scientifically speaking, there is no real reason not to Agreed. There is no real reason not to, that includes that there is no scientific reason either. Quote: all things being equal, THAT I FEEL LIKE IT is as good a reason to "drop the bomb" as any, and more and more entities have access to "the bomb" than ever in our history And what if I don't feel like it? Will access to the bomb mean that I will wish to drop it all the more? See, I'm granting you that science can give us the bomb, but it can't give us reasons to drop it - or not to drop it. Quote: i dont know that i accept the idea that a model of understanding reality which may very well result in the obliteration of the entire species is the only, or the best of all potential models I don't know if it is the best possible either, but it is the best of all those currently available. But of course, science is not a very solid model at any rate. Its defining criterion is reliability, so if you find any reliable means to know things that are not currently part of science, they will become part of it that very instant. Ironically however your criticism will still apply, because regardless of how you go about knowing things, you will not end up with a real reason not to wipe everybody out, because motivations are subject to the individual whereas facts are subject to the collective and that is not a mere gap but a proper discontinuity. Quote: science is a baby from an evolutionary perspective, and still quite juvenile in terms of the history of human civilization And a thirty-year-old has only been adult for ten, maybe twelve years. So therefore her adulthood is by all means prepubescent. Look, I'm not saying science is flawless. There is a lot it lacks in. You however make it seem as though that is so bad that we should drop science in favour of something better rather than just watch out for its limitations. I'll join your side the instance you can present something that has achieved half the good in the past 30000 years that science has in the past 300 and if that isn't quite generous enough, I will allow the thing you suggest to also produce any and all kinds of evil along the way. Quote: ... "mythology" and "religion" offer models of understanding reality which are much older, and which are equally "true" and very possibly much more functional for the maximal survival of the species, and the psychological well being of the individual I'm no psychologist, so please correct me if I'm wrong in saying that there is little psychologically healthy about thinking of yourself as vermin deserving a fate worse than death nor in having continued relationships with invisible friends well into adulthood. At least a part of this is true of almost every religion and cultural mythology I ever heard of. Neither mythology nor religion do offer models of understanding reality that are anywhere near as "true" as those offered by science by almost all definitions of truth that are not begging the question. As for their functionality for the maximal survival of the species I shall say this: Back in the day science and religion coexisted, at least as far as the latter would allow the former. Two of the ideas that were around in that day were that smallpox is a plague and that the Jews were a plague. Smallpox made people suffer to death. Jews didn't. Science left the Jews alone and took their labs to smallpox. Religion took their prayers to smallpox and their swords to the Jews. By the 1980's smallpox was eradicated. The Jews are still around to this day. They were never a threat, seldom fought back and no good would've come from wiping them out, and yet even at that religion failed. Quote: objective material reality is not the EXPERIENCED HUMAN REALITY which we live, so there is a limit to what knowledge of material objects, external to the self, can do for us Correct. And those limits are far. They are further than the limits of the alternative you suggest which keeps telling us to quit investigating even our full-caps experienced human reality. Quote: this is not to suggest that i am sitting here typing a message to the internet on my smartphone, in my air conditioned apartment, to say that i am ANTI science No, of course not; who would possibly think such a preposterous thing after in every thread science comes up you go out of your way to declare it inferior to superstition. Quote: i have a great fascination with scientific discovery and i dont hesitate to say that it benefits us in inumerable ways i just like to promote an appreciation of ALL forms of useful, beneficial knowledge and wisdom, and that includes areas and subject which many consider to be unscientific No, it actually really doesn't include those. If it did, you could by now have named one piece of knowledge that was at all reliable, let alone useful or beneficial, that did not come from science. But you can't, because science is not by recognition but by definition the only thing that can generate any such knowledge - at least when it comes to actual reality.
    • a new toy for fitness (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: people dont realize how demanding it is to throw combinations at a fighting pace - its tough it's been so long that i had forgotten how demanding it could be....luckily my first try with it i went easy....just did the 1 minute session...40 lights 35 hits...
    • Techwear for Jedi (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: Yes! I am a big fan of this idea. Betabrand used to carry more of this, but not as much now. It was often very expensive. I have a decent edc set that goes everywhere with me. Multitool, flaslights, knife, cordage, space blanket, poncho, etc. I've been thinking about an augmented set for my car. Bigger tools, first aid, stuff I could throw on in a pinch, perhaps in something like this. It often comes back to money, but I think about this often. I tell you, I search for "cop clothes" (just for window shopping), as I have access to some of their magazines, and that stuff reminds me of the 5.11 brand of clothing...
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Cayce)
    • I've been interested in becoming a certified Yoga instructor / teacher for some time now, but the cost of Certification is insane. Most places in my area charge $2,500 to $3,000. I so hate how certifications have turned into cash grabs. Ugh.
    • A Message (Last post by 6h057)
    • Agreed. I think that for any real religious order to work, it needs to be a group of philosophers/scholars that can comfortably agree to disagree. I don't like any system that props up anyone's right to pontificate to others as if they are somehow more in tune with the mystical or have God speaking in their ear. However I have a tendency to approach life a little dudeist and inject as much Slack as is appropriate.
    • The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • I see. It takes courage to admit this. It takes wisdom to see that it's not ONLY a women problem. It's a people problem. It is sad to see hate in any form. Can we deliver the opposite? Is it possible to build, not only female but male too, instead of breaking things down. Me and my wife remove the man and woman words as often and see the heart or the person. We ALL have some sort of coping mechanism. The day we as humans stop hurting humans will be a great day, till then friends take care of each other. The ones that are closest. My own opinion, sad things make me,sad but they also allow me to hold my own closer and appreciate them better. Thanks Akkarin for this one!
    • Physical temple (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Quote: Why not donate to the TOTJO instead? Donations are (I would think) a much higher priority being that the site needs money to stay running, rather than a physical temple that much fewer members will have the luxury to visit... Truth. Donations to the community is a far more worthy cause. I try and inform folks that there are many Jedi that could use the help more so than a physical temple. Gatherings themselves need alot of help and if folks cant even make it to a do we expect them to make it to a temple? A gathering averages about $4,000 a year. (Community Wide / Not sure what it is for TOTJO's gatherings) $150 per person (Although that pricing has been going up) Aaand I can't find the thread that discussed TOTJO's Expenses but I know it was nearing a $500 mark per year....Jestor or Br. John would know more? I think...I know from my own web experience that it is pricey to keep a place like this up and running. And then of course there are the individual communities and Jedi such as Rosalynns Jedi Community Action group. Or those that Run for Charity. As Jedi. What we do is far more important than where we go. :)

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