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    • Preparing for a Lecture (Last post by MartaLina)
    • First of all i think its awesome that you are doing this and i find it a pity i cannot be there : One thing that i would want to share is how it is good to do the right things for others and how helping others makes the world a much better place to live in :cheer:
    • Arrowverse General discussion (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: Supergirl is linked with Arrow? Hmmmmm...... Yep. Last year they did a Supergirl/Flash crossover and then this year Supergirl was moved to The CW. It's 100% officially Arrowverse now. And Genoe, I was pretty sure Diggle was his last name. John Diggle and his brother Andy Diggle. Andy Diggle being a reference to the artist who did Green Arrow: Year One (great graphic novel btw). I'm pretty sure that Diggle even appears on their military uniforms in flashback scenes. I could be wrong though.
    • SpaceX's plan to colonize Mars (Last post by Goken)
    • I think that at first it will have to function like a colony politically. The interesting thing though is that it's a private company doing this, not a government. That makes the politics more interesting I think. I would imagine that it will fall under US rule since SpaceX is US based. Give it enough time though I think the colony will want to establish it's own political structure and become independent. Musk said that the reason he wants to send 1 million people is that he thinks that's how many people it will take to make Mars self sufficient. If Earth stopped sending ships there would need to be at least 1 million Martians to keep the society going. I get that. I think like any society it will have political problems just like we do on Earth because they will still be humans. But, I think that the first few decades might not have that. The people there will be struggling to survive, that struggle could push people to band together rather than fall apart. Or they'll all kill each other and the next crew will show up to the start of a sci-fi/horror movie. I am super excited about it though. If it wasn't going to cost $200k a person to be on early flights I'd probably try to trick my wife into going.
    • How being alone may be the key to rest (Last post by Sven One)
    • I too am continuity around multitudes if people. Whether, work, church, travels. Plus, my wife and I are a lot if times joined at the hip. So very few times I am alone completely. Before marriage I could say I wished not to be alone but, as I have got older and how fast paced life can be some days I wish I could go away to a solitary place and mediate, eat and commune with The Force alone with out anyone. I think its interests me to read I think its good because even with relationships can he attachment which we as Jedi do our best not to have because it can cause fear and doubt which is The dark side... But, I agree I mean I'll use the example of Christ few times in The Bible was he ever alone. In fact he sent his Apostles away on a ship and sent the crowds away for awhile so he could go onto of a mountain and pray.
    • Jedi ism (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • I see what u mean. That's tough. It's not easy at all to be able to "sync" to things like that. The vigil Jedi see the need needs before they enter. Mindfulness can play a King role in that.
    • To vote, or not to vote... (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Quote: I imagine people who don't currently vote might feel differently if the choice to vote or not was suddenly made for them. That's already a reality in the states, and has been the case ever since swing states were allowed to hold more sway than other states. As long as people vote, it's a proclamation that they approve the choices that's offered to them. It's a vote for the continuation of the status quo, a belief that the system works. Look at our choices, is this a healthy example of a system that is working in our benifit? There are two people running for presidency that are not allowed in the big debates, why? Because they "failed" to bring in enough attention. Why? Because they didnt have the deep pockets to get air time. As long as the "diplomatic process" currently in place in the States (and around the world) is dependent on the all mighty dollar to fuel itself, it will stay corrupted... As long as the poorer of the two remain in the shadows, who will bat an eye at a fixed election? I just dont trust the system anymore....
    • Leaders Eat Last (Leadership in Jediism) (Last post by Senan)
    • When it comes to describing a good leader, I am always reminded of a quote from an anonymous soldier that described the leadership style of U.S. Civil War General and Irish revolutionary Thomas Francis Meagher. "It was never 'go boys, go', but 'come boys, follow me'". To be an effective leader, you must be willing to set an example and do whatever it is you would ask those under your authority to do. It is important to delegate, but you must be ready to get your own hands dirty as well. As Jedi, we can set an example and we can encourage others to follow, but it is more important that we are always also doing the work ourselves.
    • Who is God to you? (Last post by Leah Starspectre)
    • Quote: @leah well, I have always been taught it isn't about you its about Jesus. Would this change or challenge my faith in Christ? Nope, not at all. Jesus Christ I will always have in my heart. The church structure no. I grow tired of hearing people say how much they love God yet, they bash each other and are at times the most hypocritical group of people myself included in this I have done it as well. Espically, when someone leaves church. But, when they're in church they loved them so...obviously not! And I hate to bash others but, it makes me think. Is leaving as horrible as I think? Or, is it a mind over matter deal. That's what I'm suggesting. No matter where you are, you will have your love for Christ with you, so it should be a no-brainer. Although inspired by God, any church you go to was built by Man, and so, is subject to Man's failings and weaknesses (like petty behaviour and misinterpretations of the Word) If you feel like a church isn't embracing the ideals that you believe in, like tolerance and compassion, you're not at fault for wanting to leave. You can leave them to their cattiness and gossip and either find a new fellowship or worship on your own terms. We were given free will for a reason. ;)
    • Coursera: The Science of Meditation (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Quote: I went to check it out, saw there was still time... Im in as well... :) Quote: Ow shoot , i just signed up for this one Introduction to Psychology , but the courses at Coursera keep repeating so i will sign up the next round Maybe next time for me... :) I did the "Intro to Philosophy" a while back... Ah that is possibly the same course edit: ( no it is not haha i misread loll ) , they like to rename the courses there for some reason , the meditation one was called different before , anyways good luck , i ll get the next round :)
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by MartaLina)
    • for so many things , for my mother still being here, for my daughter , for my friends , for the Temple , for online courses , for French lessons but most and for all for having the strenght to bend and not to break :cheer:
    • Should jedi stay out of politcal office (Last post by JamesSand)
    • I would say it depends on the office - Many places are (semi) democratic - The Official is elected, and acts on behalf of a group. I do not see that as a problem - It is a duty, and carried out correctly is very in tune with the Jedi Path. On the other hand, having executive power can lead to corruption, a Jedi must be aware of this (as alluded to by Atticus) and consider intentions, and outcomes, and consult advisors as required. Many systems do (or should?) have some sort of Veto arrangement to prevent any individual going off on their own and making wild edicts. Should a Jedi be in the Senate? Definitely. Should a Jedi be Caesar? Probably not. (inb4 Silas: Yes, Jedi should rule - They're the only ones sensible and mindful enough to make the right decisions for the right reasons. ;) )
    • Questions for Christians of the site (Last post by rrhodes67)
    • I've thought of these questions myself. I don't know where I stand on the issue of Christianity. I believe in the message of the J man, like love your neighbor, don't be a dick, etc. I also believe in the possibility of God, which is what I believe the force is. But I can't commit to Christianity, because I don't believe the bible is literal, I don't and can't discriminate against gays, I don't believe someone being gay is sinful. I have trouble with those areas of the story that defy science, or physics. Things like raising the dead, the resurrection, the miracles, and the virgin birth. I do believe miracles happen, but not in the literal way the Bible described them. I had someone tell me once, that if I had enough faith in God, my spine would knit back together, my leg muscles would expand and it would be as if I'd never been paralyzed. Now that to me just goes beyond the realm of common sense and believability and into the area of fantasy. So I don't know if I could ever be a Christian, even though I was raised in a Christian home, because I can't believe in all the stuff that goes with it. I am however interested in what I've seen called Christian Mysticism.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Goken)
    • It really bugs me when within an hour of each other I have to deal with a customer who is mad that we're making it too difficult to access her money from out side of the US (we're a small bank mind you) and get an email detailing the increase in fraudulent activity today, some of which is coming from foreign countries! Seriously folks, I do not want to make your life difficult, it makes my life difficult too, but there are lots of bad people out there that we have to protect ourselves and you from. THEY are making things difficult. I would love to live in a world where you can call me and tell me that you moved to a middle eastern country but left all of your money here and I could not only believe you but I could send it to you immediately. Sadly though, that is the exact opposite of the world we live in.

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