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    • [Science] - Free will could all be an illusion (Last post by Adder)
    • I tend to view free will as becoming more manifest as we entertain abstract ideas, such that; [attachment] Here 'free will' and 'feelings' together represent 'arousal', and 'emotions' and 'passions' together represent 'affect'. The psychology definitions as stated in wikipedia as "is the physiological and psychological state of being awake" and "is the experience of feeling or emotion", respectively. That is when using my own working definitions for feeling, emotion and passion though... So I think it depends on how and where our 'focus' is, or perhaps better, how our focus is contorted to relate to its awareness versus react to it.
    • What does May the Fourth mean to you (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Quote: It's funny, May the Fourth is a day when all my non-Jedi friends have more fun with it. I wake up to all kinds of pictures and memes and posts on my FB. I guess for me, every day is Jedi Day; it's the non-Jedi who need a special day for it. :D Same here ... :laugh:
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Adi)
    • Grateful that some people in government are willing to take a strong stance in protecting the people of my home state from discrimination and hate.
    • White Privilege (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: .... i respect your right to your opinion, and i thank you for your cordiality. we are not going to agree, thats ok you are justifying racism, and i think that you do it because of resentment that you feel, and i think that you justify that resentment primarily as a result of your life experiences, and that's your right you may not believe this, and i may not express it well, but i am genuinely regretful that you have had those experiences, and i hope that, in time, you can reconcile your pain and i hope that we both get to see society improve
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Goken)
    • I am a white, cis gendered, straight man. I know that people who share those traits have done terrible things. I know that people who share those traits continue to do terrible things. I know that there are benefits for me for also having those traits. I also know that I did not asked to be those things. I did not ask for those benefits. I do not know how to not have them. If I could give them up so that others could have them I would. I am also tired of it. I am tired of the people who share those traits doing terrible things. I am tired of getting benefits denied to others. But you know what else I'm tired of? Being blamed for it. I know it happens. I know it's bad. I know it needs fixed. I know all of that. But you can not continue to blame me for it. I'm not comparing white, cis gendered, straight man guilt trips to the actual oppression of those who don't share those characteristics but I am still tired of it. You cannot continue to try to make me feel guilty for things that I didn't do. What do you want? Do you want an apology on behalf of all white, cis gendered, straight men everywhere? Well I'm sorry. I'm sorry that Donald Trump exists and is currently our Republican front runner. I'm sorry that there are bad people out there who look like me. I mean that, I truly do. But that's not my fault and I am getting tired of people expecting me to feel like it is. I am not denying the issues, just that I personally caused them. If you can prove to me that I, personally, have oppressed you, personally, then please do so that I may learn the error of my ways. To those who say that you're not blaming me personally maybe I'm not talking to you, maybe I am. I have been told, to my face, that the mere fact that I have a penis oppresses women. Literally. That was a fun day. I am sorry for what happens but I am not sorry for being me.
    • "Camping’ on Your Own Land is Now Illegal — G... (Last post by Lightstrider)
    • I agree that in many cases it could be seen that we are being regulated and taxed out of our pursuits to happiness, there is a lot of overreach in many areas of otherwise sensible regulation. Not being able to collect rainwater is ridiculous, but at the same time that rain water is also what feeds the local natural environment. The 'off the grid' topic has become very vast and can mean a lot of things and with that it has become a popularized fantasy like the 'prepper' topic. While I am interested in, learn about and apply various practices of both as a means to make life more efficient, environmentally sustainable, secure and for a hobby I realize I'm still part of the whole. There's nothing wrong with wanting to live a more low cost, low maintanence, rural-like lifestyle being more self-reliant and independent. Why would the county want to stop renewing permits? Well, the county land use administrator explained that the permits were meant to be temporary. Buying land is interesting, of course it's awesome to think that a parcel is yours but really, legally and practically you buy the responsibility to be that area's caretaker or steward. The wild west-like days of homesteading are over, you can go out to places like where I live in northern CA where building codes and zoning regulations are pretty much unenforced but it doesn't mean that sooner or later the various county, state or federal agencies won't ever come to your neighborhood. Having been to and worked on many different parcels in my area, some that follow the regulations, some that at least try to and are conscious of what they do, and of course those that just don't care, each has their own vibe and you can feel the difference when you're there. Obviously those that are in compliance are the most ideal, they look nice, they're safe, responsible but unforunately it can be very, very, expensive and take a lot of time to get into complete compliance. It can take months for a government official to come do inspections to grant a single permit for say a septic system, road, foundation, clearing, etc. So, if only we could see how these 800 people have setup, what they're doing about water, with their garbage and waste, where they put their RVs, how and what kind of 'small houses' or camp style homes they're building and inhabiting. I've lived out on a parcel for many months at a time with up to 10-20 people being there at a time and even with less than 5 I know that all the water use, garbage and waste output, consumption of firewood and the desire to have more spaces adds up very, very fast. Getting off the grid just sounds cool, but truly it's more expensive than being on the grid in most cases, but that depends on what you need. Getting off the grid implies getting off the power grid, which means you're either using generators, solar, wind, or hydroelectric sources. My 3000w Honda gas generator was $2,000, gas can get and is often expensive expecially when it is up to 3-4$/gal, as a main power source I'd have to change oil every 10 days which adds up in cost but also produces waste that I have to deal with and basically just store up safely or take somewhere where they just burn it which isn't very nice. I've worked with 25-60kw diesel generators which cost anywhere from $20,000-$50,000, they burn so much diesel, require gallons of oil a week producing gallons of dirty oil a week, use coolant and other fluids, filters, exhaust a lot more crap, and can be an extreme fire or contamination hazard because you need to set it up with a containment tank under it and also contain your fuel storage cause they always leak and make a mess. A solar power setup with panels, battery bank, inverter comparable to my 3000w Honda costs close to $20,000. Wind and hydroeletctric I don't know much about just that they'd require the right environment. So unless you've got the money to fork out for solar, you're still on the grid and while it's nice to be in control of your power it comes with responsibilities. Getting off the grid implies getting off the public water, sewer and garbage collection grid, which means you're either pulling water from a local river, stream, lake or underground, and your either containing, burying, or burning your garbage and waste. Just because a river or stream runs through the parcel you are responsible for does not make it yours to do as you please. You have to collect and create storage so that you're not taking in the dry season, which should be documented and registered so you know your own consumption and how you're affecting the natural wildlife, environment and others who are using it. You can dig a well but that can get expensive too so it's done properly, and common sense says that you should be aware of how much you're using and the bigger picture of where it's coming from. I've seen some nasty septic systems where people just connect and bury 50gal plastic drums that eventually clog, fill up, leak and create a disgusting mess. Of course there is the classic dig a huge hole and build an outhouse, which you can throw lime or whatever on it, burn it but thinking long term these methods are not only just gross, but come with health and environmental hazards. Sure it might be off the grid but really the process having a septic system and getting it pumped and treated was created for sound reasons. Garbage is the same thing pretty much, everyone would have their own mini-landfills. You can compost a lot of things including your sewage but with this you also must know what you're doing and it should be done properly to be effective. Getting off the grid implies getting off the financial grid, which implies having to produce or offer something yourself so that you can acquire what you need and want to live. I applaud not using the fractional reserve system because the money you let them hold they can loan out a comparatively exponential amount and collect interest on money they don't even have and this process alone is pretty much at the core to many worldwide problems considering that free profit off the interest could solve world hunger, be used to develope sustainable technology and practices, but it's all wasted on mansions, cars, jets, corruption in politics, corporate hegemony and plunder. Being on the grid has it's cons too. Although we can praise our public water and utility systems all day for just the fact that we can have water and sewer systems on demand, it's pretty bad. The various chemicals they put into the water from fluoride compounds that can eat through concrete and basically lobotomize you but supposedly help your teeth and chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals, but also the chemicals and substances that are washed and flushed into that system that can't necessarily be filtered like pharamceutical and cleaning supplies. Then what about the old plumbing systems that are made of lead or other metals that end up in the water, and the mass treatment facilities and how they deal with and 'reuse' waste water? Then the power grids and infrastructure that in many places is vulnerable to failure and requires constant maintanence and increase in cost. The waste generated from nuclear energy alone is just mind boggling how it can be rationalized. It's really a no-brainer why people would want to get off the grid. Landfills, shipping garbage out into the ocean, enough said. The sad fact is that for some people going off the grid seems to be the only option, and the legal battles with the government is something that will be occuring more frequently because unforunately the politicians are in the pockets of energy, banking, industrial corporations and the established global nobility so are the judges of the courts, and no longer represent the people. We have some serious problems on this planet, we always have and always will I suppose, but whenever the majority becomes conscious of problems only then will it force change but until then the collective conscious has been hijacked by false environmental movements and agendas about so called sustainability, climate change, emerging viruses backed by scientific misconduct and fear mongering, sensationalized exaggerations causing people to just give more to the same who are responsible for many of the problems to begin with who have no intention to do anything about unless there is profit, instead of actually taking their own responsibilty for what they are consuming and producing.
    • 2015-2016 Sermon Schedule (Last post by Rosalyn J)
    • WE DID IT!!! May is all FILLED!!! Thank you all for coming through. You are all truly amazing. I'll have June's Calander posted by the 15th of May Thanks again!!!
    • Untrustworthy Blood (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • My own personal goal in life is to build...seeing as my lessons and study have taken me so very far at this present moment, I realize not every one came with me. You must be you! Are you the one who will lead by example, speech? Will you lead will you follow? Will you give em time and effort? If so why? These are questions for your very own heart. When we see those around us...please excuse the terms...act out.. we ourselves know some form of discipline and way. It is our choice, regardless of who it is to act by what we choose. I hope your family is not making it more difficult for you . I find when my values are challenged I seek help of my trusted "guild." In cases like this I ask my people for help. Do you have those you trust who you can count on? I recommend finding some. It can only help. Theres nothing you can do about blood its...blood, but I am cautious who I let around my family and heart. Be strong friend, you are in a place where you are not ALONE!

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