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    • Have you killed a human ?? (Last post by Murasaki)
    • Quote: I hate to say it but I agree with Murusaki .... I have never met an American that i liked. I have a lot of American friends because I build astromech and MSE droids, but they are on the same page as me, its the ones that think because they are born in the US they are higher then anyone else on the planet are the ones I like to take down big time. I have run in to so many US military here in Japan that think you as a non-American should fear them and show them respect, and all have ended up pinned to the ground with my boot across their necks. They think they are the only military trained in Japan ... pfff ...I am not Anti-American ... I am Anti-Moron!
    • How do you Train? (Last post by Reacher)
    • That would depend on the nature of the training. True 'training' is generally more task-based - teaching people a skill they expect to apply for a known reason. Compare that to education, which teaches concepts through study for an application not yet known. I have done both, though in the military we generally lean toward training. Within the training realm, there are also many useful methods that depend upon your purpose. When attempting to build capacity (the numbers) at a certain skill or job, it makes sense to use the train-the-trainer (T3) model. This generally involves experts training an initial pool of candidates to a high degree. The second cycle of the training would see the best of the first pool used to augment the experts as assistant trainers. Then a third cycle of training would see the first pool as the primary trainers, the second pool as the assistants, and the initial experts as observers. Rinse and repeat, growing larger over time. This method is useful to grow numbers and to help an organization sustain itself - teach a man how to fish and all that. Beyond T3, there are other useful conceptual training models. One of these is Crawl-Walk-Run. This concept takes a series of known responsibilities and assigns them and all the real-world difficulty that comes with them to the Run phase. Working back from Run, the Crawl phase is a foundational training experience on those same responsibilities - only simple enough that someone with zero experience can execute it safely and within a certain challenge threshold. Trainers endanger their audience if the Crawl phase is too challenging, or risk losing training effectiveness. The Walk phase is designed to bridge the gap between Crawl and Run once the training audience performs well in the Crawl phase. Again, training that is too challenging is not ideal, but nor is training which is too easy. Generally speaking, we try to assume an 80/20 success/fail balance to keep folks interested and working...but that also depends on your audience, the amount of time you have, and the level of proficiency you're looking to achieve. Sometimes perfection is the enemy of good enough. Other times we own the mantra, "Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong." Another method you can find a lot within a mentor-mentee relationship is to require them to teach something. I often find that I learn much more through teaching on a subject than merely as a student. It forces the protégé to actually THINK about what they've learned, and demands that they give dimension to their own understanding prior to questioning from those they teach. Sometimes a person can be a lazy student, but an excellent teacher. Maximize this type of person's focus on teaching and they can learn quite a bit. The Socratic method of teaching is a dialogue between a teacher and a student, where the teacher takes the student down a line of questioning to spur their understanding of a topic. Sometimes asking the right question reinforces a concept far more than just extolling the answer. Additionally, this method usually sees instant credibility with the student because HE is the one who did the exploring. Little is taken solely on good faith, with this method. These are just a few training concepts I have used in the past - there are many more that are every bit as valid. I hope these gave you a few ideas, and if you would like to hear anything more specific, please send a PM or ask me to explain things here in the forum! Thanks for reading!
    • Brexit and the UK (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • Read an article today stating a Germany official is slightly concerned for the fiture of the EU because of Brexit. Those of you outside of the U.K., is there a concern in your belief?
    • Favourite Yoga Poses (Last post by Adder)
    • I have a fair bit of trouble doing seated poses now, because of psoriasis on my legs, but I do like to bash out a salutation to sun now and then - otherwise sleeping abdominal stretch, spine twist, cat pose, tiger pose and the moon pose to relax - yoga is not meant to be relaxing right!? :ohmy:
    • Yoga Camp (Last post by Edan)
    • Yoga Camp - Day 24 - 'I Am In Control'
    • Political Revolution (Last post by tzb)
    • To get to peace we must rage? To be good socialists we must support the careers of bands in the employ of Warner and Sony? Bernie Sanders is certainly socialist by the standards of mainstream American politics. By UK standards I'd say he still comes in rather farther right than our current right-wing government. Revolutions are rarely peaceful, sadly. Ideological transitions can occur in peaceful ways, but they're rarely sexy enough to warrant lots of exclamation marks and defiant songs.
    • Movie Time!!! (Last post by Rosalyn J)
    • Monty Python and the Holy Grail at 18:00 utc today. About 1 hr from now. PM me if you want to watch
    • The Round Table: School of Life (Last post by Rosalyn J)
    • Hiya, I notice that the School of Life thread is pretty popular! I'd like to take some time to discuss some of the nuggets from there in this thread. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join. We can start with the most recent one:
    • Reflections (Last post by Atticus)
    • Best wishes on your new adventure. What are you studying?
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Atticus)
    • Grateful for a cold beer on a hot day, for an unexpected but welcome break in my schedule tomorrow, and for Marta Lina's GIFs.
    • Are You A Patriot? (Last post by Adder)
    • Patriotism v Nationalism - interesting consideration. I feel like the former is the values around which the country has its laws and culture orientated over time (and therefore inherently internal) while nationalism is the comparison of those things against other nations, basically. So nationalism then perhaps might be when patriotism interacts with international law, or more practically patriotism does not need to be exclusive from other sets of culture and law, while nationalism might tend to as part of its nature to identify itself as a separate nation. Case in point, a lot of the patriotism in Reacher's linked video could easily be held by many other nation's as the same values - and to hold them doesn't make a person 'American' because of that fact. While nationalism is probably differentiated by including those uniquely national elements which specifically can contrast that nation from others. So in my mind, being patriotic can bring people together beyond national boundaries if the values are shared, but being nationalistic not so much. Though they can be mixed up easily. Just my thoughts on it, as an Aussie!!!

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