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    • Cultural Sensitivity/Appropriation and Anger (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: One of the concepts of cultural appropriation is that there is a lasting, generational impact of appropriation or mistreatment that happened in the past. That certain groups are disadvantaged as far as cultural exchanges go because of events in history. native americans are not disadvantaged as a result of the fact that some college girl wears head dresses to a keg party somewhere or that new agers host sweat lodges with drum circles, and i think it is not useful to confuse or conflate one with/for the other im not really informed enough to give specific recommendations as to how to improve the plight of native peoples, but the kinds of problems that i recognize as disadvantages are problems of economy, infrastucture, education, health care, and access to "upward economic mobility" therefore, the kinds of recommendations that i would give in order to address the advantages that native peoples face would be along the lines of community building, by actually helping to improve infrastructural efficiency and access to quality education, health care, and incentives and investments for entrepreneurship i mean, i dont really even know if those are the kinds things that natives need help with or would want it from the rest of society but to me, addressing disadvantage doesnt have anything at all to do with telling everyone else they arent allowed to wear this or do that, rather its about actually being there in someones community, and identifying the actual needs of the people, and finding a way to meet those needs directly the college keg party costumes, hipster peace pipes, and new age drum circles, are all totally irrelevant to that an event which happens a mile/hundred miles/thousand miles away might be distasteful, and i dont doubt that many natives find it offensive nor do i mean to say it isnt fair for them to find it so, but these things really are not causing actual harm to natives or anyone else and it might be that natives wouldnt be so worried about it if they felt that their local economies and communities were really healthy and thriving i.e. if the real problems were being addressed in effective ways Quote: I find that article relevant because it can be seen as fallout from that historical appropriation you're talking about. Native Americans are still being barred from practicing cultural traditions in parts of the country. in the example you posted the natives were being barred by other native americans so i dont know what im supposed to say but my belief is that no one has the right to bar anyone else from practicing their religion or exploring their spirituality i fully support every persons (native american, africans, midgets, albinos, liberals, rednecks, EVERY PERSON'S) right to engage in whatever religious practice that they feel drawn towards or that they believe will enhance their life i would encourage them to be disciplined and thorough in learning about whatever ideas and practices they adopt, but i understand that being disciplined and thorough are learned traits and not everyone has learned them Quote: Meanwhile, those cultural traditions are being "shared" amongst people who have no connection to those cultures. i first started martial arts when i was like 6 yrs old and previously in my life i have trained in taekwondo, aikido, krav maga, and muay thai currently i am training in brazilian jiu jitsu and sanshou/sanda other than the martial arts, i have no cultural connection to korea, japan, israel, thailand, brazil, or china ive also done meditation from numerous cultures, as well as yoga, lucid dreaming, mandalas, bungee jumping, archery, paper mache, and spear fishing i love all kinds of music and eat food from everywhere, im not even going to try to name all the cultures which have contributed to my diet and my artistic pleasures, its impossible i have benefited greatly from exposure and participation in the activities of other cultures (and im betting that you have too) and because of how much these things have improved my life, i encourage everyone from every culture to investigate and explore everything that fascinates and inspires you, because in my personal experience, that exploration can help you develop you into a cultured and mature person Quote: And the justification is usually "I'm not hurting anybody." Maybe, in an indirect way, they are because they're contributing to the trivialization, commodification, and/or Christianization that is still ongoing and that impacts Good Christian Cree Communities™ who are deciding whether they want to allow a sweat lodge. in an indirect way, electricity and computers have allowed crooks to embezzle funds and defraud the public, but electricity and computers are not the culprit of these actions, the people who did them are whether i trivialize or venerate sweat lodges or medicine wheels will literally have zero bearing on whether the Cree of Mr Mianscum's community will harass him about his sweat lodge that is not an issue of cultural appropriation, it is an issue of one group of people telling someone that they dont want him to practice the religious custom that he wants to practice, and not only do i personally support his right to practice what he wants, but so does american law, which guarantees every citizen the right to practice his or her religious beliefs (within reason: you cant just say its your religious custom to eat babies) wherever the religious rights of natives (or anyone else) are being violated, the law is being broken and whoever the violator is, they are in the wrong everyone has got the right to practice whatever religious custom they wish you can be offended if you like but poor taste, naiveté, even outright stupidity, are not crimes in and of themselves and this is for good reason where there is a con job going on, my complaint is not that the con is using some or other cultural practice, my complaint is that they are conning people thats how i see it
    • To vote, or not to vote... (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • Voting is important whether people believe it or not. It’s how we make change. Drudgingly slow, painful, often backwards, but still change. And with each change it is important to learn from it and vote to improve on what we have learned so that we can hopefully build a brighter tomorrow. Even when your two choices are between two equally repugnant steaming piles of refuse. I’m just going to try and pick the one that I feel will destroy the country the least. And maybe, just maybe, we might survive this next presidency to rebuild the rampant carnage of their term in office which ever one wins. :P LOL :silly: :woohoo: :laugh: .... :whistle: ... :blink: ... :pinch: ... :sick:
    • World Trade Center Steel (Last post by Jaxz)
    • Quote: It is for that reason that I refused to go to the Holocaust museum in D.C. when I visited. That's one of those things that even thinking about it starts to affect me like that so being around something like that I don't think I could handle. It's moments like that that I really feel like I can "feel the Force" as it were. I just wish it was easier to create something that could channel positive emotions with that same intensity. Interesting that you mention the Holocaust Museum. When. I was in my senior year of High School, our Senior Class trip was to go to D.C. While there, we went to the Holocaust Museum. I don't remember all of it, but what I do remember is turning down a hallway. I was dimly lit by ambient blue lighting and the shadows were heavy and deep. There was a railing on either side so that no one could walk besides you. As you walked down the hallway, the only thing besides you were piles and piles of shoes. Just shoes. All different styles, in colors from brown to black to red. Most were adult size, but some were small, others tiny. You couldn't ignore these memories. They were everywhere and the space almost called for you to take your time and walk slowly. You could feel something there. It was a silent call, a pull, a tug. Something begging to be remembered, not forgotten and tossed away like so many piles of shoes. The Force can fill our lives with peace, joy, love, and harmony if we recognize it and let it in. However, it will also root us in our past, as the Force knows no time. It wants us to remember, to feel, and to know. In that hallway, the Force was heavy with the presence of the victims of the worst humanity, and perhaps existence, has to offer. But it was not a negative energy. It did not push you down. Certainly, there was a great grief and sadness. That was natural for anyone. But greater than that was the pull from the Force. It called to remember. It called that there was hope. It called and said "You are greater than this. Remember that." From our darkest hours, we can have hope, and light a fire. There is no Death, there is the Force.
    • Questions for Christians of the site (Last post by Goken)
    • Just some background. When I was born my father was in a Baptist bible college to become a minister or whatever Baptists call them. My lack of knowledge as to what they're called should tell you how long that lasted. I am not super familiar with any specifics of the Bible and it doesn't interest me all that much so I haven't actually read it. I no longer really consider myself a Christian really. On to the question. As to questions 2 and 3 regarding harm coming to children and God letting bad things happen in the world. I don't remember where I read this but a character in a book said something that I think makes a lot of sense to me. I'm not saying that I agree with it 100%, but I get where it's coming from and agree about as much as I feel I can no longer being a Christian. Thinking on an individual scale it does seem that letting anyone come to harm is not something that a benevolent god worth worshiping completely would do. However, any super-powerful deity doesn't look at us as individuals. It's got a whole species of us to deal with (plus, you know, the rest of the Universe) so it looks at things from a compete species standpoint. In that perspective (one that exists outside of space and time) things that are absolutely horrible to individuals is a scraped knee to the species as a whole Think of God like a parent and the human race as one child (as opposed to 9 billion children). If God protected us from every bad thing that happened we'd never learn. Instead, God lets us fall down, scrape our knee, and pick ourselves back up. I can see where this explanation sucks on a "So God doesn't care about us as individuals?" stand point, but it's the best explanation I've heard so far.
    • Can a force senstive person train themselves (Last post by RyuJin)
    • a person can train them self to do anything, however this usually involves loads of trial and error...having the benefit of someone else's guidance saves on time but also can rob us of the experience gained by failing if the guide doesn't allow us to make mistakes and fail...
    • Interesting volunteering orientated questions (ope... (Last post by Vusuki)
    • Hi there everyone, Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first evening of volunteer training course. Part of what made it so enjoyable was the questions and discussions between the volunteers springing from those questions about vulnerability and helping people. And so I wanted to share the questions with you here (and some of the answers we came up with) :) I'll put the answers in spoilers so that if you'd like you can give the questions a shot yourselves (and I'd reccomend doing so because that'll be more enriching for you). Please share your answers here as well for other people to see, :) Questions 1) What makes someone vulnerable? 2) What is the opposite of vulnerability? 3) What makes someone the opposite of vulnerable? This following spoiler contains the answer we agreed on in case you'd like some assistance? Spoiler: Resilient? (If you've another idea or word let us know in your answer. 4) How do we help/support people / What's our role? Answers, Spoiler: These are simply the key words that we came up with but fairly wide ranging 1) What makes some vulnerable? Spoiler: Lack of knowledge Lack of family or friends Bad life choices Bad judgement Bad fortune Loss of partner or situation Negative Spiral Disability addiction Out of comfort wone (too far outside of) Loneliness Abuse/Events/Environnement Own behaviour Lack of purpose, status, self-worth Of these, I'd like to highlight the three words that sum this all up for me: Loss, Lack, and Attitude 2) What's the opposite of vulnerability? Spoiler: Resilience 3) What makes someone the opposite of vulnerable? Spoiler: Or resilient? Spoiler: Confidence Self-worth Bouncing Back Experience Perspective Strategies Pattern-changing Survival Thinking differently Thriving Learning Inner Strength Resolution Opportunities Multiple ressources Solution focus (as opposed to problem focus) Role+Status Acceptance Probelm-solving skills Being flexible / vulnerable People / Relationships Making mistakes Life + Pain Action Owning it 4) How do we help/support people / What's our role? Spoiler: We did this as a table of what to do and what not to do, so... YES NO Create Relationship /Trust Counselling (we're not professional or here truly for that) Fresh pair of eyes/ears Bringing your own issues Safe space Pity/ Sympathy Encouraging Advice Assessment AND not negative judgement Signposting Pyschotherapy Open-mindfulness Accepting Focusing on Positive Past/Future Bonundaries Meeting them as an equal So there you go! I hope you enjoyed thinking about that, and I look forward to reading what you write! :D Have a nice day folks
    • Leaders Eat Last (Leadership in Jediism) (Last post by JamesSand)
    • Spoiler: Quote: The Air Force WANTS leaders. But it can't quantify leadership. It CAN quantify management. "Flawlessly executed more than 300 Widgets, Promote Now!" Sure, you've produced 300 widgets, but your people may or may not be miserable, may or may not be growing, may or may not be inspired to follow in your footsteps. So the Air Force rewards management. You can say "Produced 300 Widgets", you can't say "Well, we didn't catch that Global Hawk, but my people are enhanced! All part of the strategy - Promote Managers, leave Leaders in the ranks to keep everything going. Falls down when the Leaders crack the emotions for lack of recognition, or seeing jerks "get ahead", so they go their own way (or go rogue and stop being leaders and start working against the system). Happens in plenty of workplaces. I'm sure somewhere, higher managers are doing seminars on "recognising leaders" :huh:
    • Gratitude for the Kindness of Others (Last post by Lykeios)
    • I'm probably not as grateful as I should be. I try to be grateful as much as possible, but sometimes I just don't think about all the kind things people do for me every day. I don't think intention matters so much. I feel that if an act benefits someone else it is kind. An example would be my ex doing nice things for me. I say she is being kind and she insists she is just being practical and logical. She doesn't do things for me out of kindness alone. Nevertheless I feel the things she does for me are kind and thank her for them.
    • Think... (Last post by Jack.Troutman)
    • Day 10 Concerning Wealth It is advisable to refrain from Pursuing riches. Continual handling and sharpening Wears away the most durable things. If the house is full of jewels, Who will protect it? Wealth is a burden That needs too much care. To stop when good work is done Is the way of Heaven. From the Tao Te Ching
    • Group Assignment - The School Of Life (Last post by Atticus)
    • I'm interested in examining the seeming barriers between science and religion, so the idea that astrophysics can work toward the same purposes as religion appealed to me. Contemplation of the infinite nature of the universe provides us with perspective. The piddly stuff doesn't seem to matter so much when you consider the sheer unfathomable expanse of the cosmos. That incomprehensible scale also lends itself to contemplation of just what a miracle is any life at all, much less the numerous and varied lives with which we coexist. "[T]he galaxies are, miraculously, the conduits to helping us develop into slightly wiser, more conscious, more mindful and generous humans on our painfully isolated, fragile blue dot."
    • A World Without Ageism | Ashton Applewhite (Last post by V-Tog)
    • She packed quite a lot in there! I really thought it was interesting what she said about fictional portrayals of the elderly - only ever a passive character or the old crone. There seems to me to be another category as well - that of the wise old sage. As Adder mentioned, Yoda would be an example, as would Ben Kenobi, Dumbledore, Gandalf, Socrates of 'The Peaceful Warrior', etc etc. Either old people are zombies or they are Zen Masters who have all their sh*t together, right? When do you ever see a portrayal of an older person as a real person - that is to say, an angst-ridden, complex human being... Although, I don't yet know what it's like to be 'old', so maybe I'm wrong in assuming that they don't all have everything sussed out... :laugh: I'll come back to you on that in 39 years time when I will hit that magical 65+ catagory of ceasing to exist as a non-old person (which was another really excellent point, about the box-ticking...I can't believe how easily that particular bit of bonkerosity slips under our radar!) But, yup, in the spirit of doing as she suggested and owning up to being ageist, I am frequently ageist (although hopefully not intentionally so). I have a bad habit of mentally blaming older people's mistakes, along with aspects of their behaviour that I don't like, on the rather harsh idea 'they're going senile', which is clearly disrespectful in that it strips them (as I perceive them) of their agency and their ability to make their own choices. And even if people are losing their mental cognition, it's not something to be thought of in that way - it's not their fault, and it could happen to any of us. Unfortunately that attitude - of frustration towards those with reduced cognitive skills - is one that seems to be very prevalent in society. Returning to a personal perspective, there are countless other ways in which I'm sometimes ageist, but I wont list them! However, the idea of internalized ageism is an interesting one - I certainly sometimes quite savagely tell myself that I'm both too old or too young in differing situations and company! And it was a little scary when she suggested that perhaps, right now, we are all learning and internalizing (and perpetuating) the very messages that will make us feel worthless when we are older - a perfect example of the importance of this topic for all of us, no matter how young we might be... Thank you so much for sharing this, Alex! :)
    • ADD HEALING REQUESTS HERE!! (Last post by Rickie)
    • Quote: My mother got admitted to hospital in a rush today , i hope she pulls through :( she could need all the love and light she can get What brought her in? My best thoughts coming your way.
    • Why Not... (Last post by Kaval het)
    • Quote: I was raised catholic. Our church had a rather pessimistic priest, droning on and on about how we are all sinners, how damnation awaits and the only way out is ‘to eat humble pie’ (quotation marks because it is an idiom I’ve never heard before suggested to me by I resented the idea. I did nothing wrong to deserve anything like this and the whole thing just felt unfair to me. That was me at age 10. Nowadays I still strongly resent the idea of guilt forwarded from previous generations, also I understand the priest was a rather specific kind and quite poorly conveying the idea of salvation through Christ. Even still I feel the catholic church is not for me first and foremost since I oppose the strict set of rules. I don’t believe a god to be so limited they would bother telling me to visit a stack of bricks in their honor on a specific day – what do they care when I honor them as long as I do? Also I agree with snowy. Doing something good to avoid punishment or to earn some kind of afterlife bonus feels like hypocrisy to me because both motivations are entirely selfish. That’s what I like specifically about the force: It doesn’t care how I act, that doesn’t even affect my afterlife in any way. Being good is as much as a choice as being a d***. I chose to be nice because I like people around me to be happy and it makes me happy too. I sincerely agree with this statement. Never was one for religion or "bricks" so to speak, but I give you a paradox that the force goes completely around. If god is all powerful, can he create something he cannot lift? And if he can, isn't he not all powerful? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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