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    • vegetarian/vegan health (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: I don't think being a carbatarian is healthy. I don't really like salad, but I do like most vegetables I just don't know how to cook them. I'm trying to teach myself to cook now. I am vegetarian :blush: Whatever you try to cook if you boil vegetables too long it will go from tasty to nasty and liquid! (sprouts) If you pick something that taste bad, and you add something tasty to it.. it will become tasty.. Like Sauerkraut, but as a oven dish for example! :side: Combine not only common food in your diet, try forgotten vegetables too, like the Pattypan for example..! The way you add things to boil is highly important, just try things out.. If you do not have enough knowledge of this diet type however you can become ill easily.. PS. I do not like salad too.. :laugh:
    • TOTJO Clergy Structure (Last post by Aqua)
    • I believe that the Journals with personal reflections are more important than promotions, it is also a requirement to move into the Clergy as a Licensed Minister and beond, because of that I would like to request to not change the chronologically lexicographical order of the (former) Clergy members inside the document to be based on promotions. The sorting in the document at this moment, is based on journals and not on promotions. I would also like to suggest to check the document for your own name, to see if I missed something... :blush: I am happy to change things as many times as needed, so do not hold back to contact me! As it looks right now, everything is added and up to date until the opposite is proven! :) ~ Aqua ~ *** Added an additional Key to the document: 'Resigned'. It is represented with a light orange color. And is used to display resigned Licensed Ministers and above. * Carlos.martinez3 moved to the 'Minister' key; * All relevant promotions of rank-, administrative-, office-, and mentions of clerical nature, added; * All relevant resignations of rank-, administrative-, office-, and mentions of clerical nature, added; * 'Connor L.', including additional clerical promotions, resignations, and mentions, added to the 'Resigned' Key.
    • Robes and Sabers (Last post by Miss_Leah)
    • Quote: Quote: The saber is in my opinion not a symbol. As a Jedi, I'm a "peacebringer", and as a pecebringer I have no use of weapons... With respect, I think you're missing the point of "symbolism". Whether or not the "sword" is a weapon, it's symbology goes beyond it's mundane function.... As an aside, the colt revolver is dubbed the "peacemaker" ;) While the sword in modern culture has been eclipsed as an weapon, it's symbolic power remains within many of the world's cultures. Why? In Tibetan Buddhism, the knife (I know, it's not a sword) represents cutting through samsara to the truth of being... I submit that Symbolism is the question, not whether you need a sword or robe for their mundane function... I agree - the kirpan is a very powerful symbol in the Sikh faith and are often carried around in day-to-day life. I remember there was even a big issue here in Ottawa about allowing Sikhs in public service (such as bus drivers) wearing their kirpans at work. Canada is pretty strict about weapons in public in general... BUT in the end, it was decided (by City Hall? Parliament? I can't remember, it was quite a while ago, lol) that they would, in fact, he allowed to carry the kirpan as it was an important symbol of their faith - like a cross on a chain for Christians, a yarmulke for Jews, or a hijab for Muslims. Personally, I think that a saber hilt is a fantastic way to carry a piece of your faith with you. I may do it myself once I feel i've earned it, ha ha! For now, though I wear a Rebel Alliance pendant just as a little reminder (and because it's the only thing I have on hand). I plan of getting a TotJO pendant as an IP graduation gift for myself though :)
    • Is belief in democracy required of a Jedi? (RELEVE... (Last post by Entropist)
    • Quote: Makes me think it wouldn't be too difficult to go from a meritocracy to a geniocracy - like to test the candidates more, and more appropriately for the job. Though we don't want then too predictable. I guess we each have our little bubbles of speciality and we each assess the candidate in that area to make a judgement. It assumes they don't share either a strength or weakness in that particular area - but nothing is perfect. If everyone did that, then the paper thin spin merchants would never get up!!! Nice observation. Keeping a high standard prevents corruption from opportunists attracted to power.
    • American Dream (Last post by Arkayik)
    • Over-simplification of a complex issue is the hallmark of conspiracy theorists and when you change the scope you get distortions of the view. I'm not saying there is no reason to be concerned about excesses within the current world monetary system. I'm merely pointing out that it's easy to be freaked out about something with which you're not familiar with the nuts and bolts... Get a better perspective on the credit system and how it operates and the historical basis of where we are. Do not allow over-simplification to skew your perspective, but arrive at your own determination based upon your understanding and investigation... Oh, and what is the question?
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Edan)
    • I want it back... every day that I don't wear it I feel like there's a piece of my chest missing... like a lock missing a key. I know I left nothing behind but I still can't find the damn thing. I thought I could just let it go but I can't... it is part of me.
    • Favorite Art (Last post by Edan)
    • An apt piece for how I'm feeling right now. "Beware the weight of the world" by Jeffrey Smith [image]
    • Defining Jedi and Sith (Last post by peace)
    • People think and believe they are one or the other simply by labeling themselves as one or if they have a membership for a site that is one or the either. A sith is more of someone who wants power and is unaware of their actions and surroundings by reacting most of the time. A Jedi wants to help and guide others in any way they can, but is aware of their own actions and surroundings, but responds as well as reacts. The main difference between both is that a Jedi knows whats the good from the bad and the right from the wrong.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Aqua)
    • I am thankful to be able to close my window when it starts to rain. :blush:
    • Aqua`s Art Gallery (Last post by Aqua)
    • Ink dance: Under my own ink, lies my paper sheet flat and wide, waiting for me under the ink the paper remains white after a dance of viber and liquid time to dry, and to join feel drops from the spring cloud over my paper, dancing with ink slowly flowing out, over my desk straight towards the ground.. Aqua, 29-05-2016
    • Why Christianity? (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • Quote: That is a false statement, Alethea. Do you have any idea how many people don't actively participate in the choosing of their religion? That alone makes your already-biased question less useful. So you believe that free will is not a thing? Everything we do is a choice. If you choose to live in a religion because you are forced to do so, then you still choose to do so. You choose based on a fear for how your life will be without that religion in your life. Yes, they do choose to stay in whatever religion they are part of. They can choose to not live in that religion. So for them, it is in their best interests to refrain from living in another religion. Thus- it is the best option for them.
    • Helper Syndrome (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • Pastor, that's lovely may I use this idea? There are some who feel like " thin... stretched, like butter scrapped across to much bread..." as Tolkien put it and many of us quote. It is up to us each individually some days as to the who what why when and how. Some have a greater balance while some still have a need for. Experience and trial and error often make a grand teacher. Some are teachers some are students some will teach most will learn. Be cautious friend where you place your balance and effort, from one who has and am currently now, you can make your Jedi ism in any direction you choose.! That's the best part I think!

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