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    • Suicide (Last post by KDave)
    • I have had personal experience with deep depression and attempted suicide. The trials of life sure make ending it an attractive solution. I think it all comes down to your Will. Do you have the Will to fight on? or the Will to let go of your troubles? or the Will to say 'I'm not done yet'? We all must face our battles. Win or lose, we must learn from these battles. Accept what has happened, then LET IT GO. I believe that our spirit can't rest if we die uneasy. We need to find peace of mind and acceptance of ourselves in order to move on after death. Our spirit can't rest if we 'had to end it.' Some believe that we reincarnate if we die with acceptance and peace: We get to do it again, hopefully, better the next time. My experience is: I only wanted to kill myself because I didn't seek peace of mind, understanding, and acceptance. Now that I am on the Jedi path, suicide isn't needed anymore. I can now accept, learn, and LET IT GO. With the Force, there is no suicide. May the force be with you
    • To vote, or not to vote... (Last post by Br. John)
    • Quote: For those who share this idea I give you this. I am currently making an attempt, an actual attempt to locate the "yahoos" in my state who are pushing the legality of off gridders. It's a real fight and the moment the moment they are located they will be asked to re think or they will not get my support nor the support of those who think like me. We are many. That's that now, if toy feel like your vote won't count, I encourage every Jedi who feels this way to find ways to solve the problem. Currently I live in Illinois, a small town, no matter the vote the big city will over deem our vote making it feel... invalid. Solution. We are asking for re zoning and re arrangement of votes to make our smaller and the sourounding counties have a value more vocal. But it has to start some where. So the process starts. No fair saying well my vote don't count and you don't do nothing about it. But that's my opinion and think I get two and you know they both stink! Are you talking about gerrymandering? This is the best explanation of gerrymandering you will ever see
    • Think... (Last post by Jack.Troutman)
    • Day 7 Origin of Things Like the river in the valley, The spirit is never dried up. Sometimes I call it the Mother-Deep. The motion of the Mother-Deep I regard as the origin of Heaven and Earth. Forever it endures, Moving without design. From the Tao Te Ching
    • Making of a Jedi Warrior (Last post by Khaos)
    • Bjj has been doing the same thing in many cases. The way we roll in the dojo, or in visiting another dojo is not like doing so in a tournament. The rules do not allow spine locks, neck cranks, or reaping the leg if you are wearing a gi. However, all of that is still taught and trained. Same with Judo. Competition usually hits the lowest common denominator in what is allowed, and in some ways I get it. In BJJ, there has been a rise of submission only events that allow anything to be used and those are a lot more attack oriented, and in my opinion fun. Technically, in 2016 there is no such thing as BJJ as it was in the early 90s when the UFC came out. Its as I call it(coined by Jeff Glover) "Mixed grappling arts" because yes, you see Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, etc, all incorporated in these days. Then, there is always the Vale Tudo aspect of BJJ, which, you can still find the older guys that did it and will teach you some wicked stuff if you are willing to listen, suffer(always), and put in the mat time. Most of them are willing to share if you seem like a person willing to put in the mat time. The information is still readily available for those intrepid martial artists who seek to keep improving their game.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Avalonslight)
    • 2.5 more weeks. Just hold your hostility for me 2.5 more weeks. Then you'll never have to deal with me again. I promise. I won't bother you ever again if you can hold back your hatred and hostility for me for 2.5 more weeks... *sighs*
    • The Avengers and Phil Coulson endorse Hillary. (Last post by Merin Kyo Den)
    • Quote: I'm not sure they "endorse Hillary" so much as "Suggest that Trump is a bit more of a risk" (I don't have a horse in this race. I'm sure they're both as awful as anyone else in politics) This has always baffled me. How exactly is Trump more of a risk than someone that's participated in the destabilization of the middle east for 8+years now, voted for CISPA, NDAA, The extension of the patriot act, so on and so forth? I'm sure if you asked the families of the weeding party where we drone bombed 70+ people, many of them children, who was more of a risk, you might get a different reply. Trump is more of a risk in that he's an unknown. He's never held any office, never been responsible for policy, and was in fact pretty chummy with the Clintons until a little before this election cycle. We really can't say with any certainty what Trump will do, but we can say what Clinton will do, just ask Libya.
    • Love your suffering.......... (Last post by Manu)
    • Thank you for this post. I can certainly relate. At some point in life you discover that you can either ask in sorrow "why me?", or take a deep breath, raise your head, let out a slight smile and say "ok, this is where the fun begins!".
    • Do you judge? (Last post by JamesSand)
    • Quote: What do you think we are essentially doing right now? Instantly communicating with people who are continents away in some instances. You can blame the words, or take ownership and responsibility and get better at using them. Oh sweet Khaos, I do so love you.
    • Duolingo (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Quote: I really love this app despite the fact that it makes you look other places for the details on the grammar. 45% fluent in Portuguese here. Username: raxicorico. Thats why i combine it with my french classes in the evening , there is no way i can learn a language without talking and practising with other people , grammar is a weak point to , i really need someone to explain it to me :)

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