What is the wisest thing you have heard?

13 Oct 2021 13:29 #363327 by Streen
“The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydayness of his own life. To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.”

― Walker Percy

The truth is always greater than the words we use to describe it.

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13 Oct 2021 16:16 #363336 by Brenna
Everything is only as important as you make it.

Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet

Part of the seduction of most religions is the idea that if you just say the right things and believe really hard, your salvation will be at hand.

With Jediism. No one is coming to save you. You have to get off your ass and do it yourself - Me

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14 Oct 2021 21:13 #363351 by rugadd
Irrational people are still capable of action, and thus can not be ignored.


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17 Oct 2021 11:33 - 17 Oct 2021 11:34 #363404 by Lykeios Little Raven
Not to be flippant at all, but some of the wisest things I’ve ever heard have been small, simple sayings, expressions, or aphorisms. These are usually given me by a grandparent, parent, or other similar figure whether family or not.

“Don’t oversalt your meat/soup/whatever-you’re-cooking-for-dinner.” Seriously. Again, not being flippant or dismissive here. The recommendation to not oversalt one’s food is wise. I’ll tell you why. First of all, most obviously, food that is too salty is distasteful and by putting too much salt on or in a meal could result in waste if no one will eat it. Second, it encourages you to focus your attention on the moment, on only what you are doing. To avoid putting too much salt you must not be too preoccupied with other things. You have to add a little, mix up the food, taste test, and repeat if needed. It takes patience and caution. Third, it can be applied to almost anything else in life. Essentially, “don’t oversalt your food” means “moderation.” This applies to pepper and other spices, alcohol and other drugs, how much you speak, when you speak, etc. Wise words. Thanks, grandma! Thanks, mom! ;)

If I come up with more I will share!

“Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.” -Zhuangzi

“Though, as the crusade presses on, I find myself altogether incapable of staying here in saftey while others shed their blood for such a noble and just cause. For surely must the Almighty be with us even in the sundering of our nation. Our fight is for freedom, for liberty, and for all the principles upon which that aforementioned nation was built.” - Patrick “Madman of Galway” O'Dell
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