Nerve damage or strange occurances

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21 Feb 2007 06:14 #87 by BoPhelRoss
Nerve damage or strange occurances was created by BoPhelRoss
Thank you for the warm welcome.

Lets get right to it shall we, I feel my larges dalema is I do not know where to begin I've tried to quite my mind through meditation, tia chi, chi-gong and various lightsaber velocities I've adapted from Tang Soo Do forms.

I believe that I need the help of an experienced master to set me on my path and to steer my away from my inner darkness.

I also have a question, Is it possible to feel the force in moments of heightened emotions

Example: (when you are watching a movie or listening to music and that stimuli triggers something inside you. and you feel that tingley hair sansation down your spine)

well with me its especially effective with any John Williams/London symphony I here that music I can close my eye's and focus on the music. Then it starts, the tingling begins on the back of my skull then flows like water down my neck, across my shoulders, and down my arms. While at the same time it flows forward over the front of my heard and down the front of my body. Then as suddenly as it begins it is gone

Now is this some trick of nerves or could it be something, more?

please anyone that has any information on this please reply

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21 Feb 2007 09:30 #89 by harvengure
Replied by harvengure on topic Nerve damage or strange occurances
I find the title of this topic interesting.... You've some sort of nerve damage?

Well, regardless. I know it's been my experience that the force is not a physical sensation, or rather not just a physical sensation. It's the force that drives us, allows us to communicate through very subtle body language.

It's that voice in your head that when you let it, gives you insight you often wonder as to what it's source was. It's what makes you happy to give to others, to assist them how you can regardless of how inconvenient it may be for you.

But that is just a small part of the force. I've also experienced during moments where I'll see a scene in a movie that doesn't so much inspire me but call to something within me where for that moment, I have clarity. The physical sensation is much as you described it. One could almost call it a shot of adrenalin but with it comes this sensation of, as I said before...clarity. Compassion as well.

I claim to be no Master, nor do I think anyone should. These are simply the thoughts of what I have experienced in my time with the force. (Though before turning to Jedi Realism, I practiced what I do now but just had no name for it.)

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