Experiments Using The Force

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16 Jul 2007 03:54 #4128 by jidun
Experiments Using The Force was created by jidun
All, religious requirements aside I'd like to hear from people on how exactly they have used \"The Force\" to their advantage and maybe show some techniques garnered from others.

Here is a video I recently found it looks like an asian news broadcast (don't know which ethnic group of asian it is, if someone knows let us know). This is simply amazing if it is not b.s. it appears as though the broadcasters seem to be astonished.

YouTube video link

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16 Jul 2007 13:15 #4137 by Br. Shaun FDC
Replied by Br. Shaun FDC on topic Experiments Using The Force
Well, as you said, not sure of the validity of the video, but, it was fairly interesting, if not entertaining.

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18 Jul 2007 02:06 #4232 by ryutheblade
Replied by ryutheblade on topic Experiments Using The Force
the video: do i believe it can be done... yes. are there frauds out there...yes as well.

i my experiance the force has been used as more as a grounding or tuning myself to it, not manipulation of the physical, but like i said, i believe it can be done.

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18 Jul 2007 04:12 #4235 by jidun
Replied by jidun on topic Experiments Using The Force
Ryutheblade how exactly do you ground yourself with and feel the Force?

This video from Ripley's Believe it or Not (click here to view) is more impressive.

I have more info if anyone is interested....... Other than video.

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18 Jul 2007 11:34 #4246 by Jon
Replied by Jon on topic Experiments Using The Force
I don`t see the following as an experiment, but it was certainly an experience of the Force whic has helped to change my life.

For at least three weeks now I have been suffering under some quite considerable pain in my right knee. It was not possible for me to kneel down, to sit down was everything else than relaxing, and I had to gather my thoughts together when I walked down some stairs. This certainly did not help my work as geriatric nurse. What it was I don`t know because I never went to the doctors. I tried heat, massage and various recommended cremes, but nothing seemed to work.

Today I met a good friend of mine, a Lutheran Evangelical minister who puts her trust paricularly in the Holy Spirit. We talked and prayed about matters, but to be quite honest I just could not concerntrate and was happy when it had finished. When I told her this she asked why we just didn`t pray over my knee. This seemed a bit strange but at the spur of the moment I couldn`t say no. So she lay hands on my knee, spoke in Tongues and prayed to the Holy Spirit.

I never felt anything like it in my life before. It was like pulling a weed with its roots out of the earth. The pain in successive short pulls was leaving my knee, alway becoming less. It was like it was being sucked out. Until when she had finished it was gone. The rest of the day I have had no further problem.

Wonderfull! What a feeling! I think the experience during the healing was more impressive than that of being healed. Although this was not her intention, the minister also felt what I had just described.

Although my belief in the Holy Spirit has always been there and a certain daily awareness, I have delt with the Holy Spirit on a more Philosophical or Theological level. Today I felt it concretely being a part of my life. Many have probably heard such things or even seen it, but its different when it happens to you.

This was not only a meeting with the Holy Spirit but also an experience of the power of the Force. The Force pinpointed my problem, brought in movement, dealt with the problem and reinstated my health. (16.1) \&quot;Jedi..are in touch with the Living Force flowing through and around us...spiritually aware of the Force...sensitive to the Force`s energy, fluctuations, and disturbances.\&quot;

The author of the TOTJO simple and solemn oath, the liturgy book, holy days, the FAQ and the Canon Law. Ordinant of GM Mark and Master Jestor.

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18 Jul 2007 11:53 #4247 by Jon
Replied by Jon on topic Experiments Using The Force
I have to add that this happened to me a while ago. But I have also to confirm that I have not had any pains since.

The author of the TOTJO simple and solemn oath, the liturgy book, holy days, the FAQ and the Canon Law. Ordinant of GM Mark and Master Jestor.

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18 Jul 2007 15:58 #4258 by Twsoundsoff
Replied by Twsoundsoff on topic Experiments Using The Force
Jon wrote:

I have to add that this happened to me a while ago. But I have also to confirm that I have not had any pains since.


I never get tired of this miracle story. Thank you Hans...

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19 Jul 2007 08:00 #4296 by jidun
Replied by jidun on topic Experiments Using The Force
While searching the web on utilizing the force I came across this interesting article......

Using the Force or How to Be an Effectual Quixotic Jedi (or Sith)
By Frater Elvex (2006)

The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.
—Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

This is the strong force of all forces, overcoming every subtle and penetrating every solid thing.
—Hermes Trismegistus, The Emerald Tablet (Tabula Smaragdina)

During my MMM, I had a few moments wherewhen, having experienced some difficulty meditating or otherwise concentrating on this, that, or neither, my inner dialog would return a familiar reprimand from my childhood: \&quot;Control, control; you must learn control!\&quot; Yep: Master Yoda. Certainly, Lucas' Jedi mythos is rife with common themes and archetypes, many of them recognized in the occult. So I thought, if Lucas' mythos is based more or less on \&quot;real\&quot; magic, then why not use it as a system of real magic in lieu of, say, a Hermetic system, or Hoodoo, or whatever? This document is my first attempt at doing just that.

I have not gone much into the colorful details of the Jedi mythos—the people, places, events, and such—but rather kept to the mechanics of the Force as a model of magic. I hope you find it useful, thoughtful, or at least mildly amusing.

And may the—well, you know.

Frater Elvex
July 2006
What Does the Force Have in Common with Magic?

Magic may be understood as making something happen by supernatural means; a violation of natural cause-and-effect. Why supernatural? Because by their (un)nature, magical acts elude scientific explanation. If science can explain something, then it becomes simply natural as it is absorbed into the set of \&quot;known\&quot; causes-and-effects along with acceleration, gravity, et cetera (which belong, it might be etymologically worth noting, to physics). Perhaps some day everything we presently call magic will be divided between understood phenomena and misunderstood observations, or perhaps there will continue a third option, some way of \&quot;effecting\&quot; change beyond so-called natural causes. In any case...

Many attempts have been made to describe and explain magic in terms of spiritual medium, psychic energy, subtle bodies, astral light, et cetera. There may actually exist some magical analog to physical energy, or it may just be metaphor for something we cannot otherwise explain (for the reasons just given). (It is this author's suspicion that magic has more to do with information than energy, but insofar as energy and in-formation form a continuum, it is difficult to discuss one without calling or at least implying the other.) In any case, to talk about it at all, we have to name it...

A force is simply a cause of change, and change is simply the difference between two states. If something still then moves, it does so because a force was exerted on it. If something moving changes course, some force is \&quot;behind\&quot; the change in direction. This is all well understood, documented, and demonstrable under the \&quot;laws\&quot; of physical science, and is the very stuff of cause-and-effect. The idea of a Force-with-a-capital-F is essentially a religious one (more about that, later), but in terms of practical magic, we may employ it as a label for that which causes effects beyond the known forces of acceleration, gravity, et cetera1. Id est, magic.

But more than calling a rose by some other name, we can look to the expression of the Force within the Star Wars psychospace as a model of practical, empty-handed (except for the occasional lightsaber) magic. But before we do that...
Some Words about Will

The (in)famous adept, Aleister Crowley, defined magic (spelled with a 'k' at its end, to distinguish it from performance magic) as \&quot;the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in Conformity with Will.\&quot;2 So what is will, and what does it have to do with force which as we have defined it, is the agent of change?

Water moves \&quot;down\&quot;3 because it is absolutely subject to forces beyond its control. Indeed, except for moments of pathetic fallacy, we never blame water for misbehaving, because we recognize that it does not behave at all; it only ever re-\&quot;acts\&quot; to how it is pushed and pulled this way and that by forces.

By contrast, a salmon that struggles upstream in order to spawn displays some kind of will-power. It has some desire, some purpose, somewhere to be, some job to do. It acts against the forces in its environment, and has developed some degree of control over them, such as a body shape appropriate to moving elegantly about in the water. Now, you might argue that when the salmon jumps up in its fight against the current, it is only re-acting to instinctual mating programming which is itself a sort of (psychological) force called emotion (so called for its motivational properties—it gets things moving), and I suspect you are correct, but that does not change the fact that the salmon enjoys some degree of freedom over its environment, that is not afforded to the inanimate (means \&quot;non-living\&quot;, not having an animus or spirit, breath of life) objects that make up that environment (which, however, are blessed with freedom from having to worry about spawning, acquiring lunch, et cetera), and that liberty has much to do with control of forces.

Moving up the evolutionary ladder a few rungs, humans seem to possess more control over their actions and environments than do salmon, and we also seem to enjoy more freedom of will (for what it's worth, it seems the more freedom of will something has, the less predictable is its behavior). I suspect there is a significant connection there, and although entire volumes have been written in the debate of how to properly define will and how free it really ever is, I will proceed under this simple assumption: When we make a decision to do this instead of that, we are exercising our will, more or less free from the forces that influence our decision and those that oppose our execution of it into action.
Using the Force

In the Star Wars roleplaying game, there are three basic Force skills that produce all myriad of Jedi powers: control, sense, and alter. First is the ability to control oneself in order to make possible the ways of the Force. Most occult programs begin with exercising control over body and mind, often emphasizing attunement with the Way Things Work. Such harmony may lead naturally into sense, the ability to feel the Force beyond oneself. Here we may find feats of divination and so-called extrasensory perception. Once the Jedi has developed sufficient rapport (to borrow some parlance from NLP) with the Force, they may begin to alter entity-events beyond their \&quot;natural\&quot; control.

Here are the Force powers from the Star Wars roleplaying game (2nd edition revised), with my own descriptions of how they might correspond to a galaxy much, much nearer. I propose emphasizing these Force skills and powers over the traditional magics of conjuration, evocation, invocation, divination, et cetera, for the would-be Jedi or Sith.

Most of the powers in this section should be more or less known by those who have practiced occult discipline. These often involve some type of trance (the ability to maintain one's will against resistance can be thought of as a trance of the will).

* Absorb/Dissipate Energy. Think of firewalkers.
* Accelerate Healing
* Control Pain
* Emptiness. Good ol' no-mind. Void. Et cetera.
* Hibernation Trance
* Reduce Injury
* Remain Conscious. Useful during moments of extreme gnosis or boring sex.
* Resist Stun


* Life Detection. The ability to feel there is life nearby. Also the ability to read whether one of those lives is sensitive to the Force (\&quot;gifted for the work,\&quot; as we say in hoodoo).
* Life Sense. The ability to read the location and/or condition of a specific life, exempli gratia, where is grandma and how is she faring?
* Magnify Senses. Recognized by NLP practitioners galaxy—er, world—wide.
* Receptive Telepathy. Ever know what someone is thinking without them telling you so?
* Sense Force. Feeling power spots and the like.


Actio in distans. Spooky.

* Injure/Kill. The most common example I can think of here is a curse or evil eye, but combined with the following power, it is conceivable that immediate, situational damage could be inflicted.
* Telekinesis. That's mind bullets, Kyle. There are many public stories of psychokinetic feats and tutorials for learning them.

Control + Sense

* Lightsaber Combat. Expert martial artists are notorious for extraordinary feats. The GoDan test of ninjutstu is the first that comes to my mind, but there are countless others.
* Projective Telepathy. Ever project onto that person across the bar, the notion that they should pay attention to you? Yeah, like that.

Control + Alter

The laying on of hands... psychic surgery... the ability to stop bleeding with a simple touch... all (un)common examples of Force powers right here in our own galaxy.

* Accelerate Another's Healing
* Control Another's Pain
* Return Another to Consciousness
* Transfer Force

Control + Sense + Alter

* Affect Mind. \&quot;These are not the droids you're looking for.\&quot; Known as \&quot;pacing and leading\&quot; in NLP.

Some Words about Morality

Like its physical namesake, the Force appears to be amoral; the good and bad of it are determined by how it is used and what it is used for. And like Western ceremonial magic, the Force has its left-hand path: the Dark Side. Now, most chaos magicians I know consider their mojo above or beyond morality; right and wrong refer simply to the constituents of successful magic, and are usually determined on the merits of success alone. However, as I mentioned earlier, the idea of a (the!) Force-with-a-capital-F is a essentially religious, id est, it is a supernatural Big Picture. Big Pictures tend to give their viewers senses of purpose, and senses of purpose often lead to ideas of morality. Combining ideas from Western ceremonial magic and Star Wars, we might map the moral landscape of the Force thusly:

Dark -- -- Light

As with Western ceremonial magic, high refers to that which brings knowledge and illumination, while low produces more material results.

Throughout the Star Wars films there are many hints to what separates the \&quot;light\&quot; (which is never actually called that) and dark sides, but no explicit definitions. However, the difference appears akin to the same found in many human (sub)cultures: altruism versus selfishness. So, exempli gratia, we can recall Yoda instructing, \&quot;A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack,\&quot; vis-à-vis Palpatine blasting Windu with blue lightning while yelling, \&quot;Power! Unlimited power!\&quot;

The light and dark sides of the Force can also be compared to inhibitory and excitatory modes of gnosis. Yoda teaches Luke that he will know the \&quot;good\&quot; side from the \&quot;bad\&quot; when he is \&quot;calm, at peace, passive,\&quot; a sentiment which is also felt in the Jedi Code:

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

By contrast, the Sith find their powers through their passions. Anyone who has ever loved or hated someone might know how that feels.

Users are likely to encounter the same issues of morality using the Force as any other system. I leave it to the reader whether to side with the Jedi or Sith on this (certainly, the latter have cooler threads).

1 Actually, present science recognizes only four real forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. Of those, the only one we have ever actually felt, says science, is electromagnetism.

2 It may be worth noting that some interpretations of Aleister's definition find it incompatible with what I previously said regarding supernatural forces, since many quite natural activities—in fact, just about all of them—can be considered as changes caused according to one's will. Indeed, Uncle Al goes on to illustrate the magic of something as mundane as writing a book: \&quot;It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge. I therefore take 'magical weapons', pen, ink, and paper; I write 'incantations'—these sentences [...]\&quot; (Magick in Theory and Practice). I suspect Al's definition had more to do with will than action (depending on where you look, the two form a continuum); that the fact the former happens at all, that we are able to pull any single event from the black hat of limitless possibility, is fundamentally magical (actually, as the Schwa Corporation and William Ross Ashby have stated and demonstrated, the possibilities aren't endless, but what's a little hyperbole among friends? We still have not located the so-called seat of consciousness to everyone's or even the majority's satisfaction).

3 As a wise La Habra High School psychology teacher once explained, there is no up or down from a sphere (curved space); only toward and away.

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19 Jul 2007 08:41 #4297 by Jon
Replied by Jon on topic Experiments Using The Force
Very interesting Master Jidun. Cerainly food for thought. Indeed who can truly say what is natural or not. The natural is the world which we have limited ourselves to live in. And all the rest is supernatural. How can we use, control, feel or indeed change anything which was not already there in the first place? We could not even use the Force if it was not there in the first place. The word \&quot;supernatural\&quot; seems to be very much a product of our Church institutional society, which clearly defined what is off limits. Think of the days during the witch hunt, even the little old lady who used her knowledge of herbs to heal was labeled as a dealer in the supernatural and called a witch. I would go even so far to say that to talk in catagories of natural or supernatural makes quite clear how limited that person is in matters of awareness. If the principle of labelling those away from us as supernatural and those near us as natural, what would the \&quot;angels in heaven\&quot; think of us?

As far as science stating that we have only really felt electromagnetic forces: what about the astronauts who when leaving the earth feel a great gravitational pull, and the awesome atomic forces when an atomic bomb explodes?

The author of the TOTJO simple and solemn oath, the liturgy book, holy days, the FAQ and the Canon Law. Ordinant of GM Mark and Master Jestor.

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19 Jul 2007 14:58 #4316 by jidun
Replied by jidun on topic Experiments Using The Force
Jon wrote:

Very interesting Master Jidun. Cerainly food for thought. .................As far as science stating that we have only really felt electromagnetic forces: what about the astronauts who when leaving the earth feel a great gravitational pull, and the awesome atomic forces when an atomic bomb explodes?

That is a very valid point/question those awesome forces you just mentioned definitely would have been considered supernatural in a not too distant past.

Atomic bombs are an immense force and prove small amounts of matter can transform into copious amounts of energy. We must remember Einstien's e=mc2 is a proven fact and we must realize that all things fall into these two categories matter:force (energy) so, are not our thoughts forms of energy? As it must be so then our thoughts truly are dormant forms of force and matter as the two are interchangeable. As one comes to this realization it seems easier to understand how the Force can be used, the problem or surety is..... The Force can not be forced. Much like one can not force ones self to play a musical instrument beyond ones abilities or training/understanding of such music/instrument, but there are undeniably savants, prodigies, and learned masters as there surely are in relation to what we call the Force as well.

Why is it masters of thought say to clear the mind of all thoughts? Well, I think an analogy could be found in the fact that nature abhors a vacuum which is what would necessarily be created when one truly clears their mind of thought. What do we call a point in space that has no measurable matter/energy within it or escaping from it??.... We postulate it as a \&quot;black hole\&quot; which we really don't understand completely either but, we do figure an immense amount of energy is involved as even light and time itself cannot escape it. Even the tiniest smallest amount (I dare say even less than that of a mustard seed) of this mindstuff could be immensely immeasureable as well.

Please, don't try this at home, here we only use trained....... yada..... yada.. well you know...... B)

More to come ..... if there is interest.

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