Thid is rediculous

14 Jul 2007 11:36 #4072 by Daniel L.
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I might be hitting some hard points on this one but to me the force is just another name for God, Allah, Jesus and any other single formed religion.Ever one fight over how is right and wrong but we really fight for just a name...
as i Jedi feel like im the 3ed person trying to get the 2 other sides to see that it doesn't matter what you have faith in just as long as you have faith...
Now about that video the thing he didnt mention is that Christians and Catholic both ran around in what ever color robes with Steel swords yelling IN THE NAME OF GOD!!!
the difference is that we dont kill in the name In fact we first learn to heal before we learn to fight.
So let them be.

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14 Jul 2007 12:07 #4074 by Jon
Replied by Jon on topic Thid is rediculous
Thats a great point about many Christians having killed others \"IN THE NAME OF GOD!!!\" and that we as Jedi do not think that way. Certainly healing is our peroggative.

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14 Jul 2007 20:58 #4091 by DAN
Replied by DAN on topic Thid is rediculous
but besides jedi what other religion can you say didn't kill in the name of god.

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