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02 Jul 2007 21:41 #3672 by SMS
Understanding of death was created by SMS
Wrote this ages ago... enjoy...

\"People only believe in life after death as they are afraid of dying.\"

Death is the ultimate test of anyone's faith. Everyone wonders what will happen to them when they die, Will they go up to Heaven or will there be simply nothing? It is a question people tend to fear, the thought of never being able to see the ones they love again, never being able to say those dreaded words, 'Goodbye,' such thoughts can make anyone lose sleep. These thoughts take people out of their comfort zones; this is probably a big reason why people have faith, the comfort of a force like God or the Force.
People fear the 'unknown,' Where is it? What is it? When is it? The Unknown seems too scary to people, as there is so many options about what it could be. The unknown is nameless, people can only relate to it as Heaven or Hell. However as Jedi we believe that we become part of the energy that surrounds the Universe. People fear that they will feel pain when they die or suffer from it after they die. From a Christian viewpoint there is the choice of Heaven or Hell, the human nature is very complicated but what we can see that people can be very cruel and unfair. People will say that they really want to go to heaven let still commit 'sin.' We all know humans aren't perfect so that gives us more reason to become peaceful and not do injustice to the world.
People fear in letting go, attachment, physically and mentally, we never want to loose our loved ones or our favourite object, whatever it may be. People fear memories and experiences will be lost through the event of death. Many people get attached to material items and therefore hate the thought of losing them, again it has become part of the human nature and this relates back to my previous point, people in general don't known if these memories or items will be there after death. However as Jedi we know from the teachings that;

'Jedi must let go of obsessive attachment, both material and personal. The obsession over possessions creates the fear of loosing those possessions, which can lead to the Dark Side.'

So why do people have these thoughts and emotions? Some have no control of their emotions; through society they have refused to consider the meaning or understanding of death, over time these create mental barriers with huge holes in so when ever 'death' happens in their life they are unprepared and that is what saddens people so much, (of course this doesn't count for all people). However through meditation and contemplation we can come to learn, understand and ever appreciate the event of death, as through our faith we know that those who have died will be at peace. We should cherish this knowledge we have and the faith we have in it. The code states 'there is not death; there is the Force' These two don't make sense alone but together it means there is life after death and no one truly dies. Just because they lose there physical side doesn't mean they lose their spirit. Loved ones who have died will always be in your hearts and in there they can live forever.
Through my personal experience I have come to understand and learn from death, my friend died a terrible accident, for a very long time I never accepted it but recently through faith and with the help of friends I have come to see her death clearly and understand it. The teachings shows us that;

'Jedi believe that the soul survives death. Jedi do not mourn those who pass. There will always be some mourning, which is only natural. But Jedi avoid the extremes of mourning that can be so debilitating. We trust the Force to take care of our departed loved ones.'

This trust creates a bond that through time will let us understand the Force at greater length.
The belief of Yin and Yang shows us that death is part of the necessary balance it life, without death there would be over population and the earth would fall into destruction and without life there can be no death. It is just one of those things were people have to understand that death is necessary. Even through death should we all remember that 'time heals all wounds,' rejoice someone's life rather than grieve it, as we always know they will be with us forever.

Fear of death
If you hold on to this fear you cannot fully live.
Remember every day that one day you and everyone you know will die;
not for sorrows sake, but to remind you that now is all you might have.
Pity those who fear death because they do not realize that the Peace
and Happiness of death is hidden from us so that we can indure this life.
quoted to me by Mr Phelan (remember our first chat ever John?)

Thank you for reading. I would also like to thanks Karen and KC Avalon for helping me write this.


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