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02 Jul 2007 21:31 #3671 by SMS
love was created by SMS
How many times have we said the words ËœI love you.\" Love is recognized to be the most powerful emotion on the planet. Love is a bond, a strong bond. This bond can be shown through commitment, romance or togetherness. Love is a very social emotion, a couple in Ëœlove\" would express their emotions through holding hands or cuddling, and in this way they can show their fondness for one another.

My personal experiences of love affect me everyday, my fondness for my family. I express my love for them by giving them a call on the telephone everyday or by giving them a hug just before they go to bed. Love isn't just expressed by humans; it is part of nature. However it is part of nature for humans to Ëœlove\" their personal items more than other things, money for example.

Love can hurt people or bring people together. Love can be spoilt by adultery or stealing and as Love is such a powerful emotion the scars it leave behind are much greater, Love can be a powerful weapon. However when such things like marriage go perfectly, love is magnified. However love can make people Jealous or angry as they wish to either be part of that love or they want that love to be destroyed.

Love is generally a good thing, it binds people together, strengthens bonds and brings joy and happiness to peoples lives. Be it wife, brother, pet, plant or job, love will be part of your relationship. Like all emotions, love has a darker side, resulting in lust, hate and jealousy, this breaks bonds and damages people's emotions and hearts. Love is one of if not the strongest emotion known to man, as it affects everyone everyday.

Should Jedi Love?

Well all Star wars fans would know the answer to this, look what happened to Anakin when he wasn't allowed to love... He become filled with anger and hatred he eventually turned on everything he had loved. So we should learn from that experience, We should love one another as we are all part of the Force. However when a loved one has died we should learn not to mourn too much as Jedi Believe that the soul survives death and becomes part of the Force.


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