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27 Jun 2007 01:04 #3552 by Frisknz
annoying yoda was created by Frisknz
:woohoo: Isnt yoda Weird?????????

I mean for 1 he mixes up his sentances and is allways ambling around like an old fart that has been on his ass for tha last 60 years.
Any feelings?

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27 Jun 2007 05:00 #3558 by Serric
Replied by Serric on topic annoying yoda
Actually, it is believed that Yoda actually speaks in what would be considered proper context.

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27 Jun 2007 05:46 #3561 by Jon
Replied by Jon on topic annoying yoda
Actually what we see is the result of what we let into our hearts. That`s why where when you see someone \"ambling around like an old fart that has been on his ass for tha last 60 years\", someone else might see him as a paradoxical figure who does not, through his stature, reveal his true power.

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28 Jun 2007 00:17 #3580 by KieranHalcyon
Replied by KieranHalcyon on topic annoying yoda
Annoying ? I think he is the most influential ( in my opinion) of the Force 'prophets' I guess is the word.

\"A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.\"

\"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?\"

\"Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.\"

\"Difficult to see. Always in motion is future.\"

\"You must unlearn what you have learned.\"

\"Great warrior? Wars not make one great.\"

That is not annoying, more zen like.

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28 Jun 2007 20:45 #3595 by Aurore Avalon Dabak
Replied by Aurore Avalon Dabak on topic annoying yoda
Jedi, and the rest of the visitors who aren't Jedi yet,

Reflect, and remember the code -

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge

The wise one Master Yoda is. Saved me the trouble you did KH by posting his words.

Bishop KC

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28 Jun 2007 22:52 #3598 by thud thorax
Replied by thud thorax on topic annoying yoda
When you delve into the languages of others, you find that the syntax or grammar is sometimes dissimilar to the subject-verb-predicate format we are familiar with in English speaking regions. German, for example uses grammar just like Yoda's, and Deutsch speaking people would not even notice anything strange about the way he speaks.

Similarly, accents are the result of approximating the usage of letters which form the word, for example: In Russian, the \"e\" letter is only used for one sound, there are about four other \"e\" sounds each represented by a different letter or modification of the letter-dots over the \"e\" or another letter added to modify the sound.

Therefore, we must remember that those from other places countries or planets may have a different way of getting the message across, but it is the message itself which is important.

And to judge someone on their physical attributes, well that's just \"species-ist\" descrimination.;)


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