Growth and anew

23 Jan 2022 19:06 #365662 by Tragamite
Growth and anew was created by Tragamite
Greetings everyone, I wanted to convey my gratitude for the welcome I have received upon returning here. I have been looking at Jediism as a religion or spirituality since 2004 as I served in the US Army in Iraq. I didn't really pursue any Jedi religious groups until 2009-11ish since then though I have been in contact with over a dozen variants of Jediist groups. This one sparked my interest into starting the IP though I didn't complete it. I am looking forward to completing my training and becoming a guiding light everywhere.

Thank you all and I look forward to being a part of all this light.
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24 Jan 2022 16:46 #365684 by rugadd
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Welcome!I hopeyou like discussing things at length. Very popular around here.


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