Studies with new converts outside TOTJO

20 Mar 2021 17:22 #359240 by Eleven
Recently, I have gotten several people to sit down with me for tea and coffee and have kind of an introduction to “jediism “ kind of like a Bible study kind of thing at a coffee house setting some of those who have regularly attended my gathering which I am happy and proud of.

What surprises me the most is the lack of jokes or jabs I’ve received. People are open and genuinely interested in the religion of The Force. When I started these coffee shop kind of gathering I got a lot of negative responses. I got beat up once by another religious group, got laughed at by my co workers and teased by them making light saber noises, teased by “being called Master Jedi” just some to be named over over the last decade.

But, hard work a determination has paid off and I’m happy with the progress that has been done. Still hopefully finding a local place where we can have live services and post them here.
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20 Mar 2021 19:54 #359242 by Alethea Thompson
I'm having to rebuild my chapter, but before COVID, in good weather we were meeting at parks. Maybe that's something you could consider doing, and then you can record your sessions.

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21 Mar 2021 13:02 #359249 by Carlos.Martinez3
I love this place every day and each day brings new reasons.
I can not tell you how many Modern day Jedi turn to their local community almost every day. There are a few others who do this very thing friend. Seek Jack, one of my students. He does this very thing every where he moves. There are people who do studies and games and Saber training and you name it. IF I CAN BE OF ANY HELP PLEASE feel free to contact me. Nakis is another who is currently working outside the "Temple" with outreaches and such. The whole OUTREACH idea is something that can be built all on your own and you dont even have to be Clergy to do it...

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