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09 Feb 2021 14:36 #358465 by Carlos.Martinez3
There comes times in my real path when I start paying attention to things in my own studdies. Its like saying whats in my cart rigth now is gunna be my current focus. This is how I myself learn. I prime myself often or I set the mood. Not every one learns like me and I DEFFINATLY dont learn like others here but what I can tell you IS THIS... MY communication part of my path has suuuuuuuuucked. This is where I AM persoanally working on almost every day now. So, I said all that to say this, IF we have had communication problems recently, its becasue IM working on them. So I ask as a human and as am Leader here, I am going to ask to grant me a bit of grace till I get it right, I WANT TO COMMUNICATE better and I am making an effort to do so. ITS evident. Please understand I AINT PERFECT by any means but I do ask for grace and compassion at this time. IM trying. Promise. ITS IN THE CART.

One of the most important questions we can ask ourself often is ...IS IT ME?

So here we are.
If for any time you dont undertand what I say by ALL means dont hesitate to ask me to ask again, its ok , I need the help.
If im not being clear in anything, stop the bus and ask me direclty to make it clear.
If theres somthing you dont understand LET ME KNOW this is why we are here and its one of the reasons I stay here...
Im no scholar but I can read and do. Please understand that most of what I know I have learned later in life and honesty from the expericance side of things not the explinations. Thats ok too. Understanding comes from both sides often or so im told. Maybe if those who have the need understand me them we can make a way toward this gap.
I learned to read at 18. This isnt a diss or anything but to say that my list of information actually started 10 years ago is more accurate. I didnt grow up reading the classics or even the paper. So a lot of things Ive learned are from experiancing things ONE on ONE with real people. At the hand shake. This is where hypotheticals amaze me. I have a hard time giving hypothetical ideas their due. Its a constant practice, so for now please understand im making myself vunerable a bit but thats how I truthfully learn in real life.

Im not afraid to be made fun of more than im affraid of not being understood.
So take your liberty

IF your serious feel free to contact me direclty or here either way, IM ALL EARS...

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20 Feb 2021 12:52 #358745 by Streen
No one's perfect ;) But it's humble of you to admit it.

I noticed of course that your English isn't great, but it's okay. English is a tough language. It's confusing to me too, as a writer and a person who has spoken the language his whole life.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, it's cool. You're getting better. :)

There is a fine line between insight and insanity.
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08 Mar 2021 19:30 #359064 by ZealotX
I love you, buddy. I think you're doing just fine.
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03 Apr 2021 00:06 #359395 by Metacaum
Since recently entering the Temple for study, your sermons have been touching and impactful to me. I have applied your jewels of wisdom in my life to great benefit. I thank you for servant leadership, unique insights, and original writing style. The Force is with you and working through you. F=MA.
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14 Apr 2021 19:42 #359549 by Kobos
You're doing fine Carlos. Always keep the head up. There is never just one side when it comes to communication.

Much love,

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