How to appreciate the new year to a tighter budjet

31 Dec 2020 15:40 #357317 by PatrickB
Hi do to the changing planet and food is more expensive . It is still not enought money to live on .I am still stuck to go to food bank . On the other I am responsible to use the grocery store . If only they trust me completely.

To the one that graduates always follows a path .

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06 Feb 2021 03:00 #358342 by Zero
COVID has hit a lot of families very hard. Businesses have shut down including the one I worked at, and smaller businesses have had to take out mountains of loans just to make payroll.
So I think we all need to become penny pinchers just to keep our heads above water.

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07 Feb 2021 23:37 #358421 by Adder
For sure, living below ones means is a great opportunity to refine how one projects 'view' onto 'environment'.

We're all so used to placing a value on everything that we dislike this and like that, discard this and grasp for that.... and it breeds a consumeristic mindset where we all tend to view the world in terms of how useful it is to making me happy. Rather than going the other way with that thought process and stepping off the cyclical drama of judgmentalism.

And of course living below ones means is also the only way to save. And also the best way to avoid being taken to the cleaners by using debt for non-productive purchases. That said, savings alone is not very productive (interest rates on deposits used to be a thing!), but is required to get access to credit (better known as taking on debt IMO)... which is useful as it is always required to get into growing your own wealth by carefully using it for market mobility ((or accessing) or creating a market) to generate wealth.

The most most useful thing about living below ones means though is it teaches efficiency in expenditure. Which is the most important habit one can have if they want to generate wealth. The more money or wealth one has the easier it is for leaks to develop and inefficiencies or wasteful practises to erode its growing potential. The tighter the ship the higher it will sit in the water, and the faster it will run given any unit of gust.

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