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What thoughts come to mind during and after watching this? How might it apply to you?

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15 Nov 2020 05:33 #356182 by dwagoonie
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Sometimes I am not confident with taking measures towards my dreams. Sometimes my dreams change.

I do not measure my success with money, work, or career. I measure it by how much I have grown from where I was yesterday, a year ago, 10 years ago, from my darkest days as a teen in the 80's. I am 15 years sober from my choice of drug that we call Melancholy. (Depression can be an addiction)

A lot of what is said applies as much to crawling out of the deep well of depression as it does to dead end careers. We have bills to pay, children to care for, we feel we have no resources to rely on to help, etc.

Same with finding meaning in one's life - it DOES take sacrifice. Every inch taken that one scrapes their hands on the wall of the well is a sacrifice - (the well of depression, drug use, alcoholism, stockholm syndrome from abusive people, etc).

Strategy should be a tool in everyone's toolbox. It takes thinking ahead and planning to get from point A to point B. It takes strategy to pace yourself and keep yourself motivated towards point B, whatever that is at any given point in one's life.

A lot of what he speaks of seems to apply to just about anything in life if you look at it closely.

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16 Nov 2020 01:38 #356203 by Adder
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A narrative of mastery IMO, in the context of problem solving as a means to develop better (fairer & healthier) systems of society, which in turn represents alignment with the definition of mental health.

For the individual it seems to be about; Mastery + Reach = Achievement
In that it creates the experience of success by having a landscape of growth.

Being mastery of the basics, so one can extend out to mastery of less basic things, repeat. He explains this by talking about working out what is important ie meaningful. Not what makes you feel happy, but more along the lines of what needs you have in the present moment; ie embodiment.

Define oneself by what your mastering, not by what your not or wish you were.
Sometimes you'll just have getting out of bed mastered, so be a master at it. Then add another skill set. It adds up.
Then you won't define yourself by others, and be reactive to others.
It lets you focus on being the best you can be without applying external standards.

Which is why he supports just hierarchies of competence. So those who have developed mastery are supported, and not derided and torn down by disembodied people and group movements. But his perspective is of that within a successful system, and all systems are imperfect so.... it's not a religious dogma but in the absence of another better system it's orientating to the best current system.

Putting the 达到 in the 道德 (the dádào in the dàodé) :D

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