Dancing with Life

02 Nov 2020 22:34 #355869 by rugadd
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Well, I decided it's all crap or its all great. If I was the Universe, the One and Only, I would want to be having fun with it.

So All Great it is.

So now I dance when I make a sandwich. I silly walk down the street. I sing out of key while working. I look up (clean)jokes and see if I can fit them into conversations. I listen to music that makes me want to MOVE and then I MOVE.

Do you dance with life? If so, how?

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03 Nov 2020 02:24 - 03 Nov 2020 02:26 #355876 by Adder
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To bounce of the other thread, I think 'thinking' is inherently spatial. To be fully in a space through movement. Perhaps to respect the space through movement. To explore new spaces through movement.
I applied that to thinking by applying spatial concepts to all things. The best real world example to me was/is aerospace operational arts. It translated nicely across domains, for body it was aerobatics, for planning it was navigation, for health n wealth it was systems management, for psychology it was human factors, etc etc. These then got carried into a new dimension with the application of meditation and visualisation, being the same principles but applied more deeply and at new deeper domains.

TLDR; I like to think of moving in terms of orbital mechanics. Starting points are gravity wells, and ending points are gravity wells. This means most of my movements are best experienced through circular trajectories, and non-circular ones are still considered circular as quite flat arcs.... at worse requiring the gravity well to be a non spherical coordinate space such that it give the appearance of linear movement :D

STLDR: before I was a space cadet LOL, my head was in the clouds for most of the time :silly:

Dancing then? The wind over the wings, the gravity at your heels, the slosh of the fuel in the tank.
To me that is dancing, it is feeling the dynamics but also understanding them so you don't trip over the cat.
Immersion leaves abandon and becomes a question of sensitivity; resulting in mindful embodiment of form and space among time. Ballet is the closest physical example probably but lots of modern art represents the same concepts... its just to me it has more capability to have that depth of complexity to immerse myself in it more.

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03 Nov 2020 14:46 #355881 by Carlos.Martinez3
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I dance.
I can dance my ass off.
I have.
I can.
I won’t hesitate to do it again.

Growing up, dancing with my sister and my cousins and family first, Dancing took a quick change for me before it became sensual, it was social. I have never met anyone who danced freely to be a bummer. I’m sure they are out there somewhere but when they dance, things can change. For me, dancing is as a Art, another way of expression. There are some ways from dancing I have yet to learn, but I can keep a beat as good as anyone. Dancing is good medicine. I learned this from One who Danced to heal others. The heart Of that one person was waaaaay different than anyone’s I have met in real life. For me, it was a good thing just sitting in the shadow of great people. There is a dance that can be done that can give hope. Think about that for a bit. Every culture has some type of “dance” of joys- hopes- fears- and in real life - I’ve found several. Dance is a great representation of personal balance and what the possibilities ARE. I could talk about dancing for days - I have and I will.
I can.
I will.
Won’t hesitate to do it again...

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