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The best leader is not the one who but the one who does not want. During my first message, I was driven by impulse, but ultimately it is not necessarily the best way to act. However I think that Jediism benefits from being known and shared in the world and can just like Buddhism and Taoism which resembles it, gain from being known.
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13 Aug 2020 20:45 #353825 by rugadd
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Would you recommend missionary work?


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16 Aug 2020 00:49 #353874 by JamesSand
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My job has the word "Service" right in the title.

I don't know that my ability to do my job would be enhanced by adding a "Oh, and Jediism is a thing" on the end of it.

If you want to change the world, you gotta change people, and if you wanna change people, you gotta make them think it was their idea, not try to sell them yours ;)

I wasn't always in the position I am in now, but I did things to get here, and now I get to both directly and subtly influence how hundreds of people think, and work, and approach problems every day.

The best part is, I'll rarely, if ever, see the fruits of my labour, because I am not some grand auditor that can look into those people's lives and see when they did something that was influenced by an idea that I perhaps helped to grow, or at least fertilised with my own brand of bullshit :P

All without ever using the word Jedi....

ANYWAY, I'm always up for a bit more corruption of the innocent - if you can tell me one teeny tiny simple ideal that you think is super duper important to make the world a better place, I'll see what I can do....
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16 Aug 2020 21:12 #353886 by Edan
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The first post of this thread reminds me of something that I've seen quite a bit.. people join 'something' and they get really into it but they don't know how to utilise it or affect change with it as part of their lives, so you get a kind of short pep talk or summarised manifesto encouraging action with no indication of 'how'.
It's great when someone is energised by what they're learning, but the 'what' must come with a 'how', otherwise it's just a soapbox speech.

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16 Aug 2020 22:09 #353890 by JamesSand
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but the 'what' must come with a 'how', otherwise it's just a soapbox speech.

you can't have enough politicians, my mum always used.

Probably not in that order, but the thought is there.
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17 Aug 2020 10:46 - 17 Aug 2020 10:47 #353895 by Kobos
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Just starting a discussion is not action? You effect 1000's most likely know it or not. Show your view point, your moral system, don't be a violent d bag about it in your actions and more than likely see your view point spread, might start spreading before your eyes. But it happens in the channels of everyday life. That's Jediish right there.

Just 2 cents,
Much Love,

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23 Oct 2020 12:27 #355556 by Diana W
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I have always been an observer of the world and people.
I do not actively go out and about waving my preferences and opinions like a Sword of Justice.

But I do approach those who do not have anyone else to back them up. I offer my kindness and generosity and wisdom. I offer to teach them how to defend themselves - Energetically / Psychically / Emotionally - from others who are malicious. I do not impose my beliefs on them or drag them from the path they chose. I give them what I have and hope they can gain something from it. All choices are theirs for what to do with it.

I was part of an online energy worker community about 10 years back. We had thousands of people in the group, all with individual religions, beliefs, and systems of magick and energy work. We tried the "let's save the world with what we can do" thing. It never worked out, because of our differences. Some though it was important, others did not. Most are eclectic hermits with issues of their own they needed to deal with. Some just didn't care about worldly issues.

Just because there is a common thread in a group of people doesn't mean they all come together and march upon the world to make it what THEY think it should be. We learned that the best way is to work with individuals who sincerely want change and growth. They will come to you. They always do. You cannot make them come to you.

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