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19 Jun 2020 03:26 #352838 by Glenn
Replied by Glenn on topic Force Powers
I don't believe the force is something that you can have, just witnessed. I have seen some miracles. To say I caused them because I was there.... More so the force happens regardless of me, but I can be a part of these experiences. Listening to yourself and finding your own way has in my opinion put me in more of these experiences. Right place right time.

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19 Jun 2020 04:10 #352839 by forceuser
Replied by forceuser on topic Force Powers
You are so right just because you watched something happened does not mean you created it or made it happen there will always be players of a sport and people who just watch it on TV.

You've probably convinced yourself in life there is no such thing As a spark of life when a seed penetrates an egg there's actually a spark of life.

It's not just a chemical reaction only there's a physical spark of light that happens

And I'm sure you probably know when you breathe your last breath you will turn back into sand and dirt and there's nothing else.

But for a few people like myself I believe the spark of life continues.

And of course you would have to believe there is no such thing as any paranormal activity and also there is no such thing as a UFO sighting everybody on the planet is just making these things up.

It's similar to the paranormal activity when an object moves obviously someone had to make it move whether it was a person or some type of energy force or telepathy or whatever.

But of course this is definitely the wrong platform to talk about these things because everybody here thinks everything's a lie or made up or whatever.

So for everyone it's much easier just to believe We are in this nice safe matrix world and everything's going to be OK.

Just study get a good education and go find a good job.
And don't forget to be safe......

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23 Jun 2020 01:27 - 23 Jun 2020 01:29 #352958 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Force Powers
How about, a personal truth = belief ie existing within subjective reality, versus a 'truth' = existing within objective reality.

That way I think its ok to explore the ideas of it as a belief or personal truth is fine.

But saying something is true that has no evidence and contradicts other things which do have evidence, requires it's own evidence to be considered true. I mean.... sure we can't know anything is 'true' but evidence speaks to it's existence by defining some part of it. The subjective experience of mind can suffer all sorts of erroneous perception of objective reality, because that is just how it works... so all we've got to make sense out of anything is measures of accuracy of existence.

So if something cannot be measured at all with some reference to objective reality, then its better to call it a belief or a theory than a truth IMO. Then if someone tells you your belief is wrong because you've no evidence, it's like religious discrimination and should be considered inappropriate, but if someone tells you your truth is wrong because its got no evidence then it's an invitation to offer some evidence or accept that you cannot prove the truth exists outside your subjective reality. And if someone is only within your subjective reality, then it's got to be considered a belief unless it's supported by evidence otherwise it risks falling into the category of delusion.

Plenty of people of unusual beliefs, there is nothing wrong with that so long as they don't contradict overt objective reality. In fact I think it's actually healthy to explore the potentials of alternative natures of reality existing outside of science... but safe limits are safe :silly:

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27 Jul 2020 19:59 #353519 by forceuser
Replied by forceuser on topic Force Powers
I just made a quick video today on .
God and the force . if anyone would like to look at it.
It's just my personal understanding of how they're tied in with everything we do in life.

And nothing is outside the limits of let's call it the force to be able to do and physical form.

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27 Jul 2020 23:05 #353525 by Gisteron
Replied by Gisteron on topic Force Powers
How come that a video you made today (and made sure to link in a growing number of otherwise idle threads that have for the most part little to even do with its contents) you had already linked well over a month ago? :silly:

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27 Jul 2020 23:12 #353526 by forceuser
Replied by forceuser on topic Force Powers
I guess maybe I'm trying to throw some sand into the fan and see if there's anybody who gets some dirt in there eyes for kicks and giggles

I didn't see any open wounds to put salt in .
So it was my next best option


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28 Jul 2020 04:01 #353527 by Rex
Replied by Rex on topic Force Powers
Stop spamming your video links

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28 Jul 2020 07:14 - 28 Jul 2020 07:22 #353528 by Edan
Replied by Edan on topic Force Powers
Please keep the thread on topic. If anyone has a problem please pm me.

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05 Oct 2020 20:29 #355082 by ZealotX
Replied by ZealotX on topic Force Powers

forceuser wrote: I just made a quick video today on .
God and the force . if anyone would like to look at it.
It's just my personal understanding of how they're tied in with everything we do in life.

And nothing is outside the limits of let's call it the force to be able to do and physical form.

Isn't the imagination wonderful?

My BS meter is in the red right now but I'm trying to ignore that I'll just try to speak to a couple things in the video.

1. It's not that God and the Force are connected. The understanding of God is based on superstition. The greater your spiritual understanding the more you realize and understand that God isn't an imaginary person you can talk to who can do magic tricks. The word "God" in Hebrew is El. El mean power. Power just another word for force.

2. Because "gods" in general, as a whole concept, have been largely misunderstood, there is no reason to separate them from ourselves as external personalities. The "spirit of God" is the same spirit that connects us, but in the bible's moral dichotomy the children of God are separated from the children of the devil by their actions which betray their spirit like Jedi vs Sith.

3. The idea of creating suffering just so you can provide the pizza is twisted. As a parent, I would never starve my children just so they could feel like they owed me their lives because I finally fed them. They already owe my their lives if they are my biological children. If you are trying to force a "Father" to exist then you're going to keep bumping your head against the wall by asking questions. The reality is that what's good for one person may be evil for someone else because what one person adds to themselves may take away from someone else. There isn't a third party doing it to us. It's just us. We are all connected and part of an equation constantly trying to balance itself.

4. You are sensitive. That doesn't necessarily equate to a deeper connection. I can watch a TV show where a fictional character dies and depending how people talk about them passing it tugs on my emotions. Consciously, I know it's not real. Subconsciously, I have memories of my own of people passing, whether I miss them or not. You can feel that loss. And depending on how your neurons are connected, your memories of people are also connected, so you can see images of people, places, etc.

5. However, human memory also deeply involves the imagination because we don't truly remember everything we experience. The brain uses your imagination to fill in the gaps. This is normal. But since your imagination is engaged it also means you can insert your imagination to believe you know things about people that may or may not be true. Your imagination runs off your subsconscious mind which is still processing a LOT of information below your awareness and so all the probabilities about people are getting compiled into these profiles by your brain. The accuracy of the profile will simply match how much your brain knows about them. Since you aren't aware of this subconscious processing you're not really "thinking it" and therefore, you're just seeing/experiencing the results. It's like watching a movie your brain cooks up while you sleep. Yes, people have dreams when they're sleep and you can have dreams (called visions) when you're awake. But it's not necessarily "The Force" trying to show you something. However, since we are animated and conscious extensions of the Force the subconscious can be influenced. But that influence is less likely to be more than your own brain interacting with you.

6. Your imagination is magnificent. Hold on to that. When your mind gets an idea it produces the same sort of stimulation that someone has when they're haunted or having, for example, a night terror. In order words, your reality blurs and the imagination seems like its leaking into your physical reality. Now obviously a night terror is frightening and I hope you never experience that. I have had two of them and those memories stick out like sore thumbs even though they seem to come 10 years apart which hopefully wont happen again since I'm no a CPAP machine (although not as much as I should). But I don't mind telling you, what happens during the night terror is that what I see happening looks real, looks like I'm awake but the difference is I'm not breathing so it feels like I'm dying. You can't scream or anything. And so what people tend to see is something like a ghostly hag that presses down on your chest. I say this only as an example of how powerful the mind is. But aside from having a good imagination you're also a good storyteller. But people are either going to love or hate your stories because more logical thinkers are always going to smell BS and want to call you on the parts that are your imagination.
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