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You arrive for an ordinary intervention and one shoots you with rifles. How would you react? Suppose this happens once, then twice and each time during mundane interventions?
What will be your reaction next time? You will probably be nervous, suspicious and unfortunately you will over-anticipate during the next intervention for fear of dying.

If such a thing happens that person should immediate resign or retire.

This may sound harsh, but if a doctor kept dealing with the same ailment such that his prescription to anyone with similar symptoms was the same, then that's not a good doctor. Being tired, lazy, traumatized, stress, are not at all good excuses to endanger human life. I don't even like how hospitals force doctors into these long shifts where they don't get the same amount of sleep they recommend to their patients. If they treat all these patients based on previous patients then none of them are getting the individual care they need. Many things can present with the same symptoms. Doctors need to run tests and actually read and analyze the results. It's not the patient's fault if the doctor is not in top form. Should they die because of it? Or suffer in pain?

There are some jobs that have little room for error. Imagine an astronaut who who forgets his gloves on a space walk, a deep sea diver that doesn't pay enough attention to his air supply, people responsible for the safety features on your car. If you work at McDonald's fine. Maybe the customer drives away pissed they got the wrong thing, maybe they come back.

George Floyd can't come back.

If a person isn't fit for a job that involves life or death situations, then they shouldn't be allowed to do that job. You need permits even to go fishing. When doctors make a mistake they can get sued along with the hospital. Doctors have to pay for liability insurance to cover these potential instances so that they are prepared. Imagine if the hospital simply lied for them, covered everything up, no doctor was ever disciplined, bad doctors were moved to another hospital instead of being fired.

Catholic priests who molest children... they were often simply moved to a different parish. What does that do? Doesn't it simply endanger a new group of children? Isn't it reasonable to say that person may not be fit to handle the whole celibacy thing? And maybe, because of that, they shouldn't be in a position of power and authority?

How can you serve and protect me if half the time I'm wondering if I need to call the police on the police? You know a doctor is serving you when they have a good bedside manner. Waiters are typically courteous, especially if they want a nice tip. But police officers often act the opposite, like we're there to serve THEM and we have to be courteous and tip toe and be extra polite so that WE (The customer) don't get murdered on the spot.

So forgive me but I don't want to hear anything about "tragic accidents". There's a really good way to avoid not getting hit by an ACME anvil dropped from a 5 story window. It involves, not dropping an anvil from a 5 story window. You can't just drop anvils and then be like "accidents happen". If "accidents" keep happening to the brown coyote and no one else, they start to look less and less like accidents.

So if you want less people to die from "knee to the neck" syndrome, maybe don't put your knee on someone's neck. No? Maybe... if you're jumpy, don't tell the guy to get his license and registration when you know 99.99% of people keep it in the glove box where they have to reach for it. Maybe if you're jumpy don't imagine that someone telling you they have a gun that they're licensed to carry is simultaneously threatening to shoot you with it, in front of his girlfriend and her child. I guarantee, I would never and don't even own a gun, but if I was ever going to shoot a cop I wouldn't announce it to the cop when he has faster access to his gun than I have to mine. And because that officer didn't have common sense an innocent man had to die right in front of a child?

If this many mistakes happened around nuclear weapons we'd all be wearing radioactive suits, longing for the good ol days of COVID-19. It doesn't. If most of the "mistakes" kept happening to people with your name you'd probably be scared and would want answers why. So at some point you have to blame the system and say that it is broken. This is what allows these "tragic mistakes" to happen when they don't happen at nuclear plants and with nuclear weapons. For all the components that have to be made and put into a car or plane, most of the time it's the driver's fault. And when it's the manufacturer they have to pay. They have to fix it. We're dealing with a broken system and at the same time leaving it up to that same broken system to fix itself.

Truly, I wish there were 10 alternatives to riots. And anyone who is caught burning down a business should be arrested and charged for arson. That is a crime. But how worried are you about the collateral damage when Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts led to somewhere between 183,535 and 206,107 deaths. CIVILIAN deaths. If you're problem is innocent civilians getting caught up, what about all the innocent people AND THEIR FAMILIES who lose a son, a father, a provider, a friend, a husband, all because a police officer likes to drop anvils from 5 story windows?

And if you have a better solution (preferably one we haven't tried 10 times before) please tell us. Because even though I don't like riots it creates political pressure when otherwise the majority doesn't fear getting voted out of office by the minority. In other words, There is usually no recourse to change the broken system without asking the majority for help. And if they don't or wont listen... if they're too busy not seeing or caring... if they're too busy calling the police on you RIGHT NOW, then what can you do? The resulting frustration of so many people will eventually hit a boiling point.

People are always so quick to say what others shouldn't do, but not what they should do and help them do it. BLM was peaceful and tried its best to keep all of their protests that way. But did people listen? Or did people assume that if someone threw something it had to be one of BLM's protesters and not someone coming to agitate? And during this riot we could clearly see a masked person with an umbrella breaking windows and being confronted by the peaceful protesters at the risk of that protester's safety. That man was obviously not with the protest and fled once he got too much attention.

And did you know that the worst riot in the history of the United States was whites destroying practically an entire town of black businesses? The most economically successful African American town. That was Greenwood, in 1921 Tulsa, OK. A black man tripped into an elevator and likely reached out to grab something to protect himself. That something happened to be the arm of the elevator operator; a young white woman. The store clerk reported it as assault and/or rape and the segregated white community lost their minds trying to get to that black man to lynch him. In the end they rioted and over 800 people were injured, at least 37 died, and many people lost everything. That black community even had its own airplanes that the whites stole and used to drop bombs on the town from the air. You can google this and look at the pictures. They speak a thousand words. It looked like the aftermath of a war.

Any loss of life is tragic. Instead, of killing yourself over the loss of property though, black people are told to "pull ourselves up by our boot straps". This is the general answer to any and all economic hardships we face. And it's always made to be our fault. But if a riot causes property loss to (I'm guessing) a white woman, her death is not her fault? I'm sorry she did that, but it's hard to empathize fully when we don't get the benefit of that same level of empathy. For black people the first thing that usually happens is that people start picking apart the life of the victim to see if they were guilty of anything so that people could point to something they did wrong.

Oh, he was caught with a (single) fake $20. Oh, he had on a hoodie. Or my personal favorite, Oh he smoked weed. Maybe he even sold it. Why? Why? They are attacked so that white people will feel less sorry for them. Meanwhile, if you're white you can apparently take over government buildings fully armed for war and not get shot. It's amazing! I've seen videos of unarmed black men getting shot in the back and on the ground. What about them? What bout their families? What about their lives? Why are we even talking about the collateral damage of a riot that happens in response to one of these injustices? Deal with the injustices and there will be no reason to riot and no one killing themselves over their property loss as a result. If you care about that woman, then care about the police officers AND the people who deserve their day in court, not execution.
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I feel much pain and empathy for all the injustices going on in the world.
I'm sure most people here have had greater injustices.
I remember reading a newspaper article on my grandfather after he died it mentioned in World War II he was part of the Battan death march.
And was a prisoner of war for 42 months and he was on the burial detail then was sold into slavery to Rinko coal company .
That used to bother me but it seems like maybe that falls into more of the human trafficking.
I have only seen a very small amount compared to others. When I was in school I was part of the desegregation where we Were bused to the other side of town for years.
It seems the discrimination is in just about everything we do in life.
From the color of our skin which is obvious.
To when you talk . people say , O where are you from?
Even from well meaning christians I'm sure
Will say " You know all you Jews are going to hell right"
We just hired someone else for the job.
Even in economics I've Heard powerful people talk about controlling people with fear and food
So they control the markets so one day the market goes down so they can buy companies for pennies on the dollar.
And that's why we are on a fractional banking system for those who are familiar with currency.
But it seems like the people who are really running the world put these obstacles in front of us so we always have something to occupy our minds were fighting for injustice we're fighting for our team we're fighting for our school colors it goes on and on never stopping.

Just my 2 cents if somehow we could gather around a positive purpose and direct our energies on not thinking about what's wrong.

Because it seems like when we do that or thought and energy keeps producing more of that.
If we can get together as one as a people and stand up for pro equality .
pro freedom
pro Justice for all
And things like that maybe the separation and segregation lines will be erased.

Just my 2 cents

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