How to become a Jedi Knight.

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23 Feb 2007 18:01 #102 by Rev Hornbeck
How to become a Jedi Knight. was created by Rev Hornbeck
How to become a Jedi Knight.

Whether you are already a Jedi from another organization, or new to the Jedi and Jediism, I thank you for Joining. Must of us as humans are seeking knowledge and understanding about ourselves, the universe in which we live, the meaning of life, and some times we are at a loss to find the answers that we seek.

The path of the Jedi is not for everybody, and will be unique to each individual Jedi, so there is no fixed curriculum (at this time) for your training, but you will be trained at a more personal level. There will be some standardized reading assignments for you to read, but on the most part the training will be different for each Jedi.

This is the path that has no ending. We on the path of the Jedi never stop learning, we never truly master a subject. No matter how much we know or think that we know, there will always be something new and exciting to learn. It is only when we unite with the Force that we will some day know and understand all things past, present, and/or future. Some people will not believe that, but it is true, and it can be true for you if you are willing to put forth the effort to learn.

I am Bro Jack and I welcome you to the Temple of the Jedi Order or TOTJO. It grieves me to have to greet you in such an impersonal way as with this form letter I am using. I am unemployed, and I have been one of the top greeters here at the TOTJO for some time, but as I need to free up more computer time for my job searches, I simply cannot always afford the time to personally greet ALL of the new members on a one-on-one bases, but I will continue to greet as many of you as I can.

I welcome you here with all my heart. We are all like brothers and sisters here, so I will always refer to all my fellow TOTJO members as family. I am very happy that you have joined us. In spite of being busy, I continue to post in the forums and work with my Apprentices (Padawans). It takes time to grow and develop in all the good ways needed to become a Jedi Knight, so please follow the advice below.

As a new member what do I do now?

1. Be patient. Rome was not built in a day. In fact you will learn techniques to develop that patience. I know because I am working on that myself.

2. Poke around and carefully read the posts. You will find many links and references to many very valuable resources on-line, and in books that you can purchase or borrow from a public library. Becoming a Jedi Knight is not an easy thing to do, but with all the hard work and dedication that you exhibit, you will become a Jedi Knight, but you will receive this achievement based on your merit. It takes a seed a long time to become a mighty pine tree, and for the tree to become a forest. You are a seed and your potential is that of a mighty forest and beyond. Indeed your potential is unlimited when you think about it. We, and the way we think and live determines our potential. We can build up walls that will hinder us, or we can pull the walls down. The human mind is very powerful, but also very delicate.

3. Ask plenty of questions. Don't worry about asking stupid questions, because I already beat you to it, I had some really stupid ones, and stepped on some toes in the process.

4. Please, take the time to get to know us before you start to consider who you want to have as a Master. When you pick one, you are entering into a relationship that will impact you for the rest of you life. Chose wisely, you can always change Masters, but you will always take with you something that you picked up from your previous Master. We are all different, and so is our individual teaching styles.

5. After carefully selecting your Master simply ask him/her to be your Master, and then you will just take it from there.

If every thing in this world were easy, it would be a very boring place to live. The path of the Jedi will be unique to all individual Jedi, so it seems that sometimes we just have to play it by ear. Since the time that the Temple of the Jedi Order was first founded, the Jedi never really existed, so there is no road map or checklist to go by (at least not yet), so above all things please be patient. You will grow and develop, and you will be prosperous if you keep a level head on your shoulders, and follow your Masters loving guidance.

When you have a good solid foundation, you will not fall when the winds of adversity persevere against you.

\"Never give up. Never give in\" (Jack Hornbeck 2004)

The Force is with all of us.

With brotherly love.

Bro Jack

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