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06 Nov 2015 03:50 #207849 by Archaic Smile
Drawing requests! was created by Archaic Smile
I'm absolutely an amateur, but I like to practice my drawing skills. Is there anything that you all would like me to draw? Post below, with any references, and I will draw, scan and post!

I draw using pen & ink (black and white) and colored pencil, so tell me which one you would like me to use.

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06 Nov 2015 05:23 #207862 by Cayce
Replied by Cayce on topic Drawing requests!
That's rather kind of you! I feel kind of bad putting in a request being so new to the temple, but I love seeing custom artwork! Many of my friends are artists, and I love commissioning them when I have the time/funds.

Soo.. I've always wanted a family crest, just never been able to nail one down, or have one created! I see a circular seal in my mind. Here's some details, if this interests you in brainstorming. These are just random things that mean a lot to me, I'll give you the freedom to mix them together and choose black/white/colors!

Last name: Luin
Favorite color: Blue, light blue esp. Purples are awesome as well.
Heritage: Celtic
Imagery: Jediism inspired, celtic roots, knight/protection/safety.
Random: Femininity.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have! :)

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13 Nov 2015 20:20 #208806 by Competent
Replied by Competent on topic Drawing requests!
If you are still doing this, I would love an illuminated manuscript of the Jedi creed. :)

If you would do this, I would be really thankful :)

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