I'm quitting smoking.

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26 Feb 2013 16:13 #95839 by Atomic
Replied by Atomic on topic I'm quitting smoking.
You can totally do this. The quality of your life will dramatically improve.

BTW, I have several vapor kits in my drawer from tradeshows that I work every year. If you want them, they're yours.

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26 Feb 2013 17:50 #95846 by RyuJin
Replied by RyuJin on topic I'm quitting smoking.
Will power has a lot to do with quitting successfully...your will has to be stronger than your addiction ...unfortunately for some the addiction wins out...most of the time it's because they don't have a strong support group pushing them...nor a goal driving them...you guys certainly have the support group, best of luck to you.

My stepdad was one of those people that could/did quit cold turkey....when I was young he was abusive and on more than a few occasions i'd swear he tried to kill me, but I did develop a very strong will because of it...perhaps that was his intention....

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26 Feb 2013 19:56 #95868 by 666
Replied by 666 on topic I'm quitting smoking.
I quit couple of years ago, I keep myself clean for about 6 month, and then stupidity, make me smoke again.

I use chantix to quit, and really was smooth, you take 2 pills/day, and the first week, even you can keep smoking, second week, with any carving, any pain, is like I never smoked....

I take the pills for about 4 month

I start smelling everything, and also hate smoke smell, BUT

for some reason I say, lets try to see what happen, was like the first time...

and I think at that moment, I HAVE THE CONTROL, so i can smoke 1 , time to time....


no I can not quit, and I can not afford chantix anymore.

If you like to quit, ask your doctor about chantix, easy solution

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