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11 Feb 2013 17:14 #94104 by Rickie The Grey
Replied by Rickie The Grey on topic Hungry for Change

Reliah wrote: Call me crazy, but I love documentaries.
Today, I was watching one called Hungry for Change and wondered if anyone else has seen it and any thoughts you may have about it.
It's currently on streaming Netflix.

I finally watched it.

First: I am responsible for what I put in my mouth. I know my weakness and eat things I shouldn't for pleasure and stress release. I need to be better in touch with my natural appetite.

Second: The food business is very very good (it's a science) at appealing to our desire and hungar triggeres.

As clever as they are I am responsible for me and have to learn to turn a deaf ear to the advertising seduction of the food industry. Are they devils selling taste bud tantalizing processed and manufactured food in the pursute of profit. Yes! Should buyer beware. Yes!

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11 Feb 2013 22:24 #94132 by Wendaline
Replied by Wendaline on topic Hungry for Change
I thought it was a fairly good watch (I'm trying to remember it, it was a year or so ago). Our food culture is pretty warped and sometimes hard to navigate. People like to point out common sense and personal choice (which I agree with!) but it's hard when our kids aren't taught what food is and how it's made. Many don't know how vegetables grow, how a porkchop is made, or even how and why milk is created (it's not the prettiest process).

Has anybody seen the movie Barnyard? It's a childrens movie and the main character is supposed to be a Bull but he has UDDERS and is colored like a dairy Cow. Does anybody else see what's wrong with that picture? I call into question Nickelodeon's intelligence.

Farmageddon is another good documentary if anyone is interested. It's also on Netflix.

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