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22 Sep 2009 13:39 #25965 by Cypher
Replied by Cypher on topic Aikido
I will be beginning Aikido soon. :)


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23 Sep 2009 10:57 #25992 by Jaden
Replied by Jaden on topic Aikido
I always wanted to follow aikido but I could not afford, here its really expensive. I did my best to find some book but here its quite impossible. Does anyone have an aikido book to learn the moves from it? Its not the best way to learn but there is something...

If you have a digital copy please PM me or upload it here if its allowed...

Thanks in advamce :)

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23 Sep 2009 13:11 #25994 by Cypher
Replied by Cypher on topic Aikido
It's displeasing to know that the resources are unavailible or out of reach to somebody. :(

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23 Sep 2009 13:36 #25995 by Mouse
Replied by Mouse on topic Aikido
hello Jaden good books the truth for finding books to tech the movments thear is non. In all may years i have not founed a desent book for that. the books are grate for the phliosfety and descosing things and perhaps for studing the movmemt you alredey now. but not for learning the movments thear is way to moutch that a book cant tech or show frome a still pitcher and writen words.

now i can direst you to some vearey good youtube videows that can tech you some of the basicks. but to realey learn you nead a partnear and a techer. I understand it can be expensif. but some techers are willing to work with you in finding otherways to pay for classis. ie clening the dojo, dowing some of the paperwork that is always nedid to be dun, making a website and mantaning it, making flayeres and pouting them out. go tock to the techer theay may be wiling to work with you. most dojo's will but some wont or are not abel to at the time. and if the case hapens to be that the techer is onley in it for the money then somthing is missing. yes thear neads to be anof money to pay the billes and rent but if the techer is onley in it for the money and even if theay are a good techer thear is still somthing missing.

I ame wiling to helpe in aneyway i can. whot area are you in i may now the dojo and can give you some advice on how to aproutch the dojo hed.

in the mean time look at theays videows theay will helpe.

this fellows videows are vearey good i hiley reckmend them. the movment he is teching in this video is 1 of the basicks Ikkyo witch means the first imoblishean thear is alout of movments that come frome this 1 movment it is a vearey inportent 1

the first seareys of teckneaks that come frome this movment are


look up theays 4 and studey them first theay are some of the basicks and if you can lern theam you have just goten you first steps in the dore for learning the movments of aikido

hear is some of Ikkyo and the difrent atacks that you pratios it frome rembet this is onley 1 movment and it has almost endles posabileteys to it thear is maney more movments then just this 1.

the mane thing i cant stress anof is saftey donot go fast it tacks a long time to lern how to feaill your partnear and to no when anof presher is anof it is vearey easey to inger somwon searsley with this. it may look simpel but it is harder than it looks.

the hardest part is not the movment it is learning to relax and not tray to mussel the movment. the movment wil not work with mussel onley when you relax and let go will it work smouvley and not become a wrestling match.

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  • Kana Seiko Haruki
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23 Sep 2009 17:35 #25998 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic Aikido
When I did Aikido - the first 10 sessions were free (each session was 3 hours long) there after - £2 a session (mainly to pay the rent of the hall for the evening)

Obviously books or even dvd's cant beat the actual hands on training of any martial art - however - im wondering if youve tried amazon for books or even dvd's - possibly ebay ? there are bargains to be had on these places.

I think I have an aikido book somewhere - if I find it - i'll scan it and pdf it - but this wont be for at least a month due to person reasons and lack of pc access for a short while beginning early next week.

In any does find free files/downloads and or links - please contact one of the Masters for them to check it out - if necessary (perhaps advisable) copy the file and then rehost it on for us (post the link here for us) that way we wont get into trouble for linking to other sites (one of the issues of posting links im afraid)


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